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Farming Together With Interstellar People

 by Sleeping Kitten

和星际人民一起种田 By 猫眠儿

Year: 2021

Genre: BL, interstellar, farming, game, non-human ml, god mc, beastmen, disease

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 276 (Complete)

Translator: Addis

Editor: CaiCat,  GaeaTiamat

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~



Agricultural Deity Bai Li was reborn in the Interstellar era when land is scarce. In order to appease his soul restless for farming, he turned his attention to the virtual reality world.

With only 6,666-star coins left in his wallet, he bought a 5,000 virtual reality game builder and rented a cheap room for 1,000. Thus Bai Li started a small farming game.

Land to plant, money to earn, Interstellar People come together!

He created in-game purchase packages: the first bought package was 233, the fertilizer combination set, 666 and the gold tool set, 888.

Plant the biggest fruits, raise the strongest livestock, develop a small village into a big city by farming, and the winner of the annual harvest competition would also get a mystery prize.

At first, players who got into the game by mistake said, “Farming? What kind of smart and hard behavior is this? Still want to cheat me to spend money, you wish!”

After playing for a while because of curiosity, “Mom! What kind of fairy game is this?! I want to farm! I want to raise pigs! I want to be rich! How can I compete with others without kryptonite?”

Some time later, Admiral Wen XingYao’s trumpet was exposed, full of farming thoughts, and the latest one was: I have reclaimed the most land, grown the biggest potatoes, raised the fattest pigs, and sold the most money, can I marry the cutest you? @BaiLi

Interstellar People: Hahahahaha what kind of earthy love story is this? Wait! Did you propose to LiLi with our permission?


Bai Li, an Agricultural Deity from the immortal world, traveled to the Interstellar era where land is scarce and his farming soul is burning. In a world full of were-people, he is a rare human who does not have an animal form. He entered the ‘Virtual Reality Game Design Competition’ and created the farming game ‘Carefree Farmstead’, leading Interstellar people to farm and explore in the game, so that they can gradually understand the charm of farming. The game would lead Interstellar People to grow and explore in the game, and let them gradually realize the charm of farming. Farming, food, infrastructure, life …. Inadvertently, the interstellar people’s real life takes on a new twist.

This article is smoothly written and the plot is easy and interesting, shining from fantasy into reality and discovering the true meaning of life. In the end, the protagonist realizes his dream through his tireless efforts and brings a great change to the whole world. A rather special farming infrastructure article, worth a look!

Chapter 1: Starting Over

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant to the Regional Editor:KarateChopMonkey


[The death of the empire, the silver star shines forever!]

Bai Li just logged on to StarNet and was struck by the bold, dark red font on the front page, so he clicked on it and scrolled down to see the comments section filled with smoke, where the cranky interstellar people were already cursing.

It couldn’t be helped. Who let the “Empire Express” not be human? How dare they make up a lie that the Empire’s Admiral had unfortunately passed away a few days ago? The bottom of the text had a long-distance photo. Although the image was blurry and low in resolution, one could vaguely make out a young, silver-haired man with an overwhelming aura.

This young man was the war god of the empire, the interstellar’s battle force. In the final showdown with the Zerg five years ago, he had gone by himself to kill the queen, ending the war with a final victory.

After staring at the picture for a few seconds, Bai Li, who had come back to his senses, unconsciously pursed his crimson lips. If possible, he also hoped that this hero of the Empire had not died young because of the horrible genetic breakdown disorder, as the text said.

Even if he wasn’t born and raised in Interstellar.


Yes, that was right, Bai Li wasn’t the original soul of this body but inexplicably woke up in it this morning. When he woke up, he could no longer find where the original soul was, leaving only an echo of consciousness in his empty body:

“Try to live.”

There was no way to return to the immortal world for the time being, plus this body just happened to fit perfectly with his soul, and he could still get some of the memory fragments by carefully recalling. Bai Li thanked the original soul who had disappeared in his heart and made the decision to stay temporarily.

If the original soul came back in the future, he would have also accumulated the power to go back, and if he could return the body intact, that would be the best. Bai Li raised his hand and looked at his slim and thin arm, and began to miss his body that was full of divine power and could make the seeds he had just sown grow small shoots with a wave of his hand.

The current situation was that his max level was destroyed and he had to start over. The difference was too great!

Oh, no, he shouldn’t say max-level, he hadn’t been officially upgraded from ‘Agricultural Deity’ to ‘Shennong’1 yet!

Although they were similar, the order was different, so the two represented a considerable difference in meaning. Previously, Bai Li’s identity was a small Agricultural Deity in the immortal world, responsible for teaching the people of the mortal world farming, plowing, leading them to rely on their own hands to eat, and work hard to get rich. He himself, in the process, slowly accumulated experience and hundreds and thousands of years passed. His divine power accumulated day by day, and soon he was only one step away from becoming Shennong.

Becoming a Shennong meant he would have a statue for the mortals, incense for its offerings, and as long he used his divine thoughts, he could make grass flourish, and show everyone a bountiful harvest scene.

Recalling the good life of several predecessors after they became Shennong, Bai Li was so envious that he drooled. But soon, his face fell.

After all, he was a whole ocean of stars away from the savory life of his dreams. He didn’t know if he could achieve this ultimate goal in his lifetime.

Bai Li was only sad for a short while, then he picked himself up again. It was okay that his environment was strange, it wasn’t the worst that his god power had shrunk, but it was a big deal to start all over again!

Feeling a little hungry, Bai Li first went to the drawer to get a light pink strawberry flavored nutrition solution. He opened the plastic seal at the mouth and sucked it into his mouth. Yikes! This taste…he’d better drink it later.

Sighing, he continued to fiddle with StarNet. The StarNet was similar to the 21st century network, so Bai Li had a little bit of experience and was a little bit familiar with it, and knew how to operate it.

Since he had already clicked into the “Empire News” homepage, he could just scroll down a bit. The page automatically jumped down one page, revealing two and a half pages of information.

[What will happen to Interstellar cuisine as crops decrease again?]

[The Imperial Research Institute successfully developed a new generation of fully automated planting robots, the price of agricultural planets may rise again.]

[The 5th Virtual Reality Game Design Competition is officially open for registration, ten million prizes are waiting for you to win them! To register:…]

Bai Li’s attention was firmly glued to the first two messages, remembering what he saw when he woke up, before he pulled back the curtains, and rather irritably scratched the short, dark hair on top of his head, managing to turn what had been a fairly fresh hairstyle into a bird’s nest.

The location of the room was relatively high, looking down on a world of silvery gray metallic luster, like a giant beast made of steel, that opened its mouth and roared silently. There were all kinds of transportation in the sky and on the ground, but the road had almost no pedestrians.

The greenery made up of flowers and trees was likewise absent. Greenery only appeared on privately owned agricultural planets. The means of farming in this world was very different from Bai Li’s original world. Whether growing crops or breeding animals, it was restricted to agricultural planets only, and the operation of planting and breeding wasn’t done by humans, but the owner of the planet, who would buy the appropriate planting robots, set up the relevant program for them, and make everything fully automatic, efficient planting and breeding.

In other words, as long as the agricultural planet was equipped with planting robots, when it was harvest season, the owner of the planet would be able to sit back and enjoy the benefits.

This kind of spend two, get tens of hundreds of years of continuous inflow of funds, those sober-minded families, who wouldn’t scramble to buy agricultural planets? No wonder the prices kept rising!

—The crops’ taste had been decreasing, but who wanted to drink nutrient solution when they could have fresh produce?

No, this can’t go on, Bai Li decided internally, this planet was definitely not the place for him to stay. There wasn’t not even a piece of land here, how could he plant a farm? If he couldn’t grow a farm, how could he upgrade and try to become a Shennong?

It was time to check the price of an agricultural planet online.

However, without waiting for Bai Li to click on the search box, the ring-band light brain on his wrist emitted a ‘ding’ message alert, and the content of the message was quickly displayed in front of Bai Li’s eyes.

“Hello, Mr. Bai Li, a citizen of the Empire! The welfare housing you currently enjoy will expire in three days, please move out as soon as possible within three days. If you need to look for suitable housing, we recommend you to check the rental websites such as 0Home and An0K, and finally, happy 18th birthday in advance! —Sweet and Sour Pork Star Empire Welfare Department.”

Bang! Thump. Originally sitting on the metal chair, the teenager accidentally knocked the chair legs on the ground, making a heavy sound. Then he was like a rabbit, leaving the chair in place and bouncing twice before he could stand. Only from his confused eyes could one see that the fright he had received was far less than what was shown.

How did this happen? Was the original soul of this body actually living such a miserable life? There were only three days until he was homeless. What kind of human misery was this?!

A great and powerful Shennong couldn’t be this unlucky…right?

Bai Li didn’t believe it and opened his optical computer to check the balance of the original soul’s account, but after seeing the number “6666” on the top, he paused for a few seconds and shed tears belonging to the poor.

Very good, this number was very auspicious, but very insulting.

Not to mention buying an agricultural planet, he may not even be able to find a new place to live.


Three days later.

“Please just install the machine in this corner.”

In the small bedroom, Bai Li, with a gentle face, directed three tall men in overalls to install the gaming pod and the virtual reality game builder. One pair of eyes repeatedly pretended to inadvertently glance over the black hairy ears peeking out from the top of one of the men’s heads, flashing occasionally with a small spark.

Most people in this world had Therian genes in them, and when the genes awakened they had the ability to bestialize. After a successful awakening, they could easily hide the characteristics belonging to the Therian, but there were special cases, such as those suffering from genetic collapse disease, where in the early stages of the disease, there would be uncontrolled emergence of beast characteristics.

The owner of the hairy ears uncomfortably sidled up to his companion’s side and quickly jerked his ears with a little sourness, suppressing the uncontrolled irritation that rose up inside him and silently fixed the machine for the last step.

This man was a veteran from the military who was re-employed to this easy to grab job because he couldn’t control his temper. The Imperial Research Institute had said that keeping yourself busy and fulfilled could effectively alleviate the aggravation of genetic breakdown disorder.

Bai Li laughed silently and returned his gaze with embarrassment. He almost forgot that the ears weren’t intentionally exposed by the other party, but by necessity.

The machine was quickly installed, and the already small corner of the bedroom seemed to be more crowded.

“Mr. Bai, the gaming pod and E-class virtual reality game builder you purchased are all installed.” The hairy-eared staff handed Bai Li a thick manual and continued, “This manual contains specific instructions and precautions for use, so you can briefly browse through it before you turn it on. If you have any other questions or problems, or if you need to upgrade the machine, you’re welcome to contact us at any time, and we will reply as soon as possible.”

The virtual reality game builder Bai Li purchased was the lowest grade, E, and the registration limit for players was only a mere 500. If he wanted to increase the number of registrations, he needed to spend money to upgrade the builder, and the next level of virtual reality game builder alone cost 100,000 stars, a price Bai Li couldn’t afford now.

“Okay, thank you.” Bai Li took the manual from the other and smiled as he sent them out of the neighborhood gate. Because of the homelessness warning three days ago, Bai Li tried his best to find the cheapest neighborhood on the “Sweet and Sour Pork Star” and found a new place in the neighborhood for a thousand stars per month.

Then, he found a solution to his dilemma of having no land to grow. Since there was no land for him to plant in reality, he went to the virtual world. The virtual reality game of autonomous construction, he could let his restless soul farm there to temporarily appease it.

So, Bai Li gritted his teeth and spent a full 5,000 stars to buy an E-class virtual reality game builder, which also came with the cheapest gaming pod. This operation successfully turned his savings from four to three digits, with a slightly mocking “666”2 lucky number.

Bai Li watched the installation crew leave and turned around to go back to his low-cost apartment. Just a few steps away, he felt his feet seemed to hit something, and looked down to find a balled up light orange kitten. It gave a “meeow ~.” Such a tender cry, it sounded harmless and innocent.

“Huh, a warm light beast?” Bai Li blinked in slight surprise.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Shennong has at times been counted amongst the Three Sovereigns (also known as “Three Kings” or “Three Patrons”), a group of ancient deities or deified kings of prehistoric China. Shennong has been thought to have taught the ancient Chinese not only their practices of agriculture, but also the use of herbal drugs.[1] Shennong was credited with various inventions: these include the hoe, plow (both leisi (耒耜) style and the plowshare), axe, digging wells, agricultural irrigation, preserving stored seeds by using boiled horse urine, the weekly farmers market, the Chinese calendar (especially the division into the 24 jieqi or solar terms), and to have refined the therapeutic understanding of taking pulse measurements, acupuncture, and moxibustion, and to have instituted the harvest thanksgiving ceremony (zhaji sacrificial rite, later known as the laji rite).
  2. If you have used our Chinese Slang Glossary, you would know that 666 / 6: It is used to describe a person doing something very cool. For example, if Person A did something very cool, Person B would say, “666.” Or “You are so 6.” Unlike in the US where 666 is the ‘number of the beast’ or Satan.


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