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Chapter 29: Here You Go, White Peach Oolong

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, has white peach oolong milk tea


“Huh?” Gu Ang stammered with a red face.

This was the first time he’d been in this situation and could not respond. He also found it strange, obviously his own brain was quite good, but when it came to Ye Fei, his brain short circuited, became rash, and completely lost what an Admiral should have.

This person also could not give him some face and wanted to make it clear.

Bai SiNing sensed the inexplicable atmosphere and squinted, “I always feel that you two are not the same as before. So Ang, are you really filming God Ye?”

“Yeah.” Gu Ang nodded, admitting generously, “A friend of mine likes him and wants a picture of him.”

Bai SiNing was curious, “Which friend? Do I know him?”

“Why do you care so much?” Gu Ang looked down and quickly saved the photo.

Although it was a sneak peek, but the angle was unexpectedly appropriate, the lens was pulled very close, skewed Ye Fei in frame, showing his Adam’s apple, with his shirt buttons slightly undone. He looked forbidden and sexy.

This angle could not be resisted. This person was really good-looking. He lowered his eyes for a few seconds, put away his communicator, and raised his eyes to meet Ye Fei’s playful eyes, “What is it?”

Ye Fei said with a smile, “If you said you wanted a picture, I would have my photo ID sent to you.”

“No, one is enough.” Gu Ang raised his hand and refused.

Ye Fei: “One is enough, your friend’s like is not good either.”

Gu Ang said back, “You’re so proud of yourself.”

He decided to be careful with his words these days and not to let Ye Fei catch any more leverage.

Bai SiNing interjected, “So you two don’t fight anymore?”

“When have we ever fought?” Gu Ang wrinkled his eyebrows.

“So there hasn’t been a fight, I’m going to update the forum on the progress.” The little gossip maven updated the latest news in that poll reply, and the original sunken post surfaced again.

Bai SiNing was surprised, “This double Alpha absolute love of the vote, actually rose to 20, shocking.”

Ye Fei understood but pretended to be confused, “What double Alpha love?”

“That means you two are a pair of alphaa but got votes, a full twenty stupid eggs voted, it’s ridiculous.”

Ye Fei pressed down the corners of his mouth and regained a murderous look. How about picking an auspicious time to kill Bai SiNing? Inside these twenty silly eggs, there was his vote.

Gu Ang was too lazy to listen to the gossip. He had the thought of rushing to the boss after class to confirm, even after walking all afternoon. As soon as Wang Chuang said class was over, he ran away as fast as he could.

Ye Fei raised his eyes to look at the back of the speedy departure, pinching his communicator in deep thought. The informant sent a reminder that the occupation of the ancient castle had begun.

At the store again, Gu Ang walked in this time with ease. Now he was familiar with it, so he was no longer shy like he was at the beginning.

“Did you find the photo?” The uncle greeted the visitor as soon as he saw him, and greeted him in a familiar way.

Gu Ang nodded his head and turned out Ye Fei’s photo, just as he was about to compare it, the top half being these eyes and the bottom half being his own face.

Before the words came out, the boss spoke out, “Yes, yes, this handsome man came here the other day, the moon was dark and windy, and scared me.”

“Bought brandy, right?” Gu Ang’s heart was sure, somehow a little nervous.

The boss nodded, “Yes, and asked me if an omega could use it. I thought it was strange. I said it was a masking agent, and an alpha or omega could use it and he paid the money and left.” After saying this, he gave a tsk with his tongue, “He looked really cool, even if he was a little fierce.”

Gu Ang thought, Why did Ye Fei ask that? Is it because he’s afraid he’ll have a problem with the smell?

So, Ye Fei knew that he differentiated into omega? Then why not make it clear. Also, he used ordinary brandy to cover his own smell, was he afraid that the mark would be exposed? He must know that he could identify the difference, in fact, was he deliberately confusing him?

One by one, the questions came to mind, there was no way to answer them. But the evidence so far showed that Ye Fei and the mystery man were not unconnected. After clearing up this matter, he had to plan how to reveal the man’s deceit.

Dog ex-husband, trying to play tricks with him. He was so naive.

Gu Ang bought a bottle of brandy and smelled it again carefully for a long time.

It was indeed the smell of the man on the rooftop. The brandy of the small store was the ordinary aroma, and had a cheap smell. At first he was in a rut and chaotic so he did not perceive the difference. But later, when he was a little more conscious, he could tell the difference, but he didn’t expect to wind himself up.

He pulled a piece of white paper and wrote with a pen.

The mystery man, brandy masking agent, Ye Fei, brandy, the face that looks like a composite…

So complicated, Gu Ang rubbed his brow, unable to figure it out.

The uncovered bottle of masking agent emitted the smell of alcohol everywhere, quietly dispersing in the small room, smoky and dizzying. It was just that even though it was a poor substitute, it still made him miss the intoxicating scent of Ye Fei’s pheromones.

The mere memory of it made his mouth dry.

Gu Ang sat on the bed for a while and fished out the kettle to boil some water.

While waiting for the water to boil, Gu Ang leaned over the small table and slid his fingers unconsciously, when he suddenly felt a small piece of dry, dead leaf. Gu Ang dropped his eyes and looked over, it was a few tea leaves that had fallen next to the teapot.

He picked it up and sniffed it, it was like… his own pheromone.

Where did this come from?

Gu Ang rummaged around and finally found a pile of bags behind the small sofa in the living room, filled with ten bags of tea, one unpacked, nine intact. On the small letters written: white peach oolong tea leaves.

Gu Ang felt it mind-boggling, this person bought this for what? It was difficult not to be, was this Ye Fei’s meal replacement?

A replacement for … himself?

Gu Ang’s ears were a little red. He had always been straightforward, countlessly doing what he wanted and this time it was finally the other person’s turn. He clicked on Ye Fei’s dialog box and sent a message to the person: [You have something dropped in the dormitory, come back to get it?]

Ye Fei was speeding up to the ancient castle, just hastily scanned the message.

When the battle was over, he’d break it down with that person. He changed his disguise and entered the broken old fortress. When he opened his eyes, an unknown statue was standing in the middle of the ancient fortress, cobwebs covered everywhere, full of debris and dust scattered all over the place.

The atmosphere of ruin filled the entire hall.

“According to the direction of the last world, the way to occupy this hidden coordinate point should be…”

“Smash the statue and activate the signal transmitter hidden inside.” A slightly hoarse voice suddenly rang out in the secretive hall, stirring thim.

“Who is it?” Ye Fei asked in a deep voice, having already deduced a few things in his heart.

From the time he entered the ancient castle, the entire space was so empty that he could not smell anyone’s scent. So silent, it can only be the “Shadow” family, who was good at assassination.

The Shadow Family, independent of the galaxies, belonged directly to the Emperor’s elite assassination unit. Specializing in the assassination of all those who dare to rebel against the imperial power, to protect the majesty of the imperial family.

“Before exposing yourself to your family, shouldn’t you introduce yourself first?” A figure carrying a wine cup made of eerie white bones slowly walked out from behind the statue.

“Are you the second oldest of the Shadow Family? Or the fourth?” Looking at the other party carrying a wine cup made of human skull, Ye Fei confirmed some of his suspicions.

It was rumored that the Shadow Family would always cut off the heads of their approved opponents to decorate their training rooms. The man in front of him, holding a wine cup made of human skulls, must be a great enemy that the other party had killed.

Shaking the wine cup in his hand, the other party puffed out a laugh, “So smart?”

“Looks like I guessed correctly.” Ye Fei clenched his hands into fists, his body tensed up, and always remained ready for battle. However, the other party sat straight down on the ground, not showing any semblance of readiness to fight.

Taking a sip of the wine in his glass, the man showed an extraordinarily intoxicated expression. “Your first strike was when you killed Lu Changqing of the Lu Family during the fight for the 13th mark. With what I know about him, there are not more than three opponents who can defeat him and even make him not even have a chance to escape. The Ke family’s crippled madman …. The Fang family’s chick who is good at setting up formations …. And…” The man took another sip of his glass of wine, “The strongest person of this generation of the Ye family, right Ye Fei?”

Hearing this, Ye Fei also felt a little off.

This person seemed to have done his homework, and the moves were meant to come at himself.

Ye Fei did not answer, with a face that did not belong to him, expressionless look at each other.

“The disguise is a fake? Of these three, only you, Ye Fei, will compete for marker point number two, the pharmaceutical lab. Being in Red Flame, you are not close to the water, not very scientific.”

Ye Fei still did not say a word, coldly raising his eyes, unwilling to admit his identity.

Secret wars had always been unscrupulous. Some people were willing to make a big show, but more choose to deliberately shadow. Because once their identity was exposed, then the opponent would do whatever it took to find their weaknesses and exploit them.

And his own weakness, Ye Fei’s heart softened soft, still owed him a message that he had not returned.

Thinking of this, he was full of killing intent, trying to lock the target firmly.

But the other party’s figure was like an illusion, simply could not catch a break.

“Nervous, want to make a move on me?” The man sitting on the ground smiled faintly, then pointed his finger around. “You feel well, the ancient castle, there is a surprise I bring you oh.”

The sound of rustling electricity came out, echoing in the large hall, looking extraordinarily discreet. Ye Fei was startled, as the man’s voice just fell, dozens of amazing aura from all directions suddenly burst out, and towards their direction overwhelmingly.

Ye Fei collected his expression and immediately struck out ruthlessly.

A fist then blasted towards the opponent.


A loud sound, but the hand that threw the punch did not feel the expected touch. The powerful blow struck the plaster statue behind it, splattering pieces all over the ground.

“Hiss ….” Ye Fei sucked in a breath of cold air as his knuckles connected to his nerves began to ache.

His right hand was attacked by the electric wave machine gun buried under the plaster, and the back of his hand burned. He realized that the person in front of him, who could not perceive his breath at all, was using holography to give projection here.

Ye Fei froze, so how could the other person know what he would say?

Before Ye Fei could say anything, the figure in the hologram gently stroked the white bone wine glass in his hand and spoke, “You are wondering how I know what you are going to say when I am obviously pre-programmed with a holographic projection in advance, right?”

Without waiting for Ye Fei to answer, the man explained to himself. “Just need to speak in advance to get your attention, and then according to the character traits to make a design to guide the dialogue, it is easy to be able to complete. Of course, I said all that, just to wait for my men to rush over, as well as… The machine gun’s backstabbing only ….”

Ye Fei heard this, his face instantly sank.

Where to rush to, it couldn’t  be for Gu Ang in the dormitory…

The last time he removed the grudge for Gu Ang and killed Lu Yan’s son, Lu Changqing, he believed that no one would suspect him. After all, the grudge from the previous life had long been buried into this vast interstellar, silently.

He never thought that so soon, the fascination would be broken.

Ye Fei heart beat faster, could not delay any longer, and had to hurry back. He settled down and started to break out. The burning wound began to attack slowly, he was a little dizzy, like facing dozens of top fighters, all supported by willpower. He had only one thought in his mind at the moment, and that was to immediately get to Gu Ang’s side.

The struggle between the several great families standing at the peak of the entire empire, even one wrong step would end in pieces. Such a dangerous task, absolutely could not let the just differentiated Gu Ang get involved.

With this belief in mind, Ye Fei opened up all his strength and knocked down all the people around him who were ready to intercept him on the spot. He drew his miniature particle gun from his back and aimed it at the enemy without the slightest hesitation.

Leaping out of the fortress, Ye Fei fled through a side path and headed back towards the school.

At this moment, on the other side, the long-haired teenager with the white bone wine glass, nestled in his chair, dropped the report he was holding on the table. He gently stroked the wine glass in his hand, while using his mouth to lightly kiss the location of the white bone lips, his face distorted.

Slim fingertips outlined the face of the white bones, the skeleton was only the empty shell, and one could no longer see the appearance of Lu Changqing. The teenager with similar eyebrows to Lu Changqing murmured in a low voice and said, “Brother, I’ve probably figured out the murderer who killed you, and the people he cares about. Next, I will personally break Ye Fei’s most cherished person into pieces in front of him, so that he will also feel the pain of losing his lover. When I kill Ye Fei, I will come down to accompany you. My unworthy brother ChangQing… My beloved brother ChangQing…”

The old castle was a long way from Red Flame, and three hours later, Ye Fei finally made it back to 404. With an uneasy heart, he opened the door with shaking hands and saw Gu Ang, who was lounging idly on the sofa drinking tea.

“You’re back?” Gu Ang smiled brightly as if he had caught someone in the act.

“Mn, you…” Ye Fei was relieved to see that the person was safe and sound.

Luckily, nothing had happened.

Gu Ang muttered in a low voice, “Are you okay? I heard that just now in front of the school, a dozen people were shot down by the head of the school’s security section, saying that they were enemy star spies or something…”

Ye Fei froze, and only then did he realize that he had been trapped by the other side. The man had used the trick, probably to see who he cared about most.

And he was so full of thought of Gu Ang that he rushed back, which was exactly what the other wanted. Now the other side was afraid to catch the evidence, could be certain this was where the person he cared for most was.

Gu Ang, his weakness.

The pain of the wound on his hand was getting stronger and stronger, Ye Fei hid his hand behind his back to keep Gu Ang from finding it.

Gu Ang was still accidentally involved in a thousand calculations. 

Ye Fei tried to maintain his composure to change the subject, “You sent me a message today that I left something behind?”

Gu Ang raised his teacup at him and blinked slowly, “Yours, the white peach oolong.”

The author has something to say: 

The characters are a bit too many, to help you recall, Father Gu cheated with the person named Lu Yan, Ye Fei did the task to kill Lu Yan’s eldest son, Lu Changqing, this is the appearance of the younger son.


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April 2, 2023 9:58 pm

It looks like fate is determined to have GA involved.
I need to go back, as I don’t recall this family feud and Father Gu cheating.
Thanks for translating and editing (whilst sipping white peach oolong tea).

April 3, 2023 7:02 am

I think that in a war field where he is fully involved, it would be impossible for Gu Ang not to get involved. I hope that with this mutation, despite the pheromones affecting his condition, he will be much stronger and will beat the enemies. It’s getting interesting this hidden fight, I want to see where this all ends! Thanks for the chapter!!!

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