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Chapter 2: Warm Light Beast Supreme 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant to the Regional Editor: KarateChopMonkey


A Warm Light Beast, a common immortal beast in the immortal world, was very similar in appearance to an orange cat, but there would be a small pinch of warm yellow light on the tip of its tail, and when its skin was touched it would carry a slight, comfortable warmth.

It was this small glow that had a strong role in promoting the growth and development of plants.

Bai Li recognized it immediately because Warm Light Beasts were categorized as an immortal beast that was naturally good at caring for crops, and it was a perfect match with an Agricultural Deity, who was responsible for planting. In the immortal world, there were almost always one or a few with each Agricultural Deity, but he himself had not yet had the time to raise one.

Now in the unfamiliar world of the future, he ran into a single Warm Light Beast, and Bai Li was a little excited.

After waiting in the same place for a while and not finding the possible owner of the cat, combined with the light layer of gray on the cat’s fur, and the hungry and somewhat weak body, he concluded that this should be a stray cat, and made the decision to take it home.

“Little poor thing, just follow your father, ahem, brother, and he will take good care of you.” Bai Li wrapped the kitty, which was only the size of his palm, in his arms, and while putting his hands on it, he continued, “I hope when you grow up, you have some conscience so you can come and repay me.”

There was an old saying that the gift of life should be given in return, in helping with farming or other tasks, he was still very welcome.

The cat in his hand was still purring, comfortable and unaware that its future had been clearly arranged.

While Bai Li picked up the delicate kitten, the three staff members who left were discussing him.

Three tall men sat in rows on the autopilot flying car.

“Hey, old bear, ever think that little fox-eye smile is pretty good?” The one sitting in the middle elbowed his companion on the left.

The man called “Old Bear” first shook his black hairy ears on top of his head, reacted for a while, then matched the little fox eyes with Bai Li, and subconsciously retorted, “Nonsense. Mr. Bai obviously has peach blossom eyes! Uh…”

Realizing that he had been led into a ditch, Xiong Pili slapped Mo Zhu on the back of his head. “Zhu, it was said during staff training that we can’t talk about customers casually. Be careful of losing your job if you get a complaint, it’s hard to find a job these days…”

Mo Zhu moved exaggeratedly to the other side to dodge. “Oops, this is only us three now, I just said it. You have to agree that Mr. Bai’s smile has a sense of healing.”

Not waiting for Xiong Pili to answer, he spoke of his own feelings at the time, “Old Bear, you know, those like us are in a situation where it is easy to get angry. Several times I clearly felt the fire burning me, but, at the time, seeing him smile at us, this fire was quickly gone. I didn’t want to show my bad side in front of him. What if I scared him? It’s really strange, this didn’t happen when we were with other customers.”

Xiong Pili was about to nod his head and say he was too, when another one who hadn’t spoken seconded the sentence, “I also had this feeling.”

The three of them were silent for a while, and Xiong Pili, who couldn’t think of a reason for half a day, became a bit cranky and guessed wildly, “It can’t be that Mr. Bai is an Ancient Blue Star person so he can smile and calm us down, right? I’ve never heard of an Ancient Blue Star person having such an effect!”

Ancient Blue Star people was a collective name for a part of the people who were unable to genetically awaken. On the surface it wasn’t visible, but just these four words, it meant that these types of people had a soft physique, while their battle power was about equal to none, in the universal Interstellar simply couldn’t go to war, and was completely ruined existence. It was only five years ago, after the end of the war with the Zerg, that the situation of this group of people slowly got better.

Although they no longer received cold looks wherever they went, some discrimination still existed. Even Xiong Pili subconsciously identified Bai Li as a war scum when he speculated in this way, and there was a contempt in his words that even he didn’t notice.

“Then I don’t know, maybe it’s just because he’s good-looking!” Mo Zhu shrugged and changed the topic, “Anyway, more and more people have signed up for the ‘Virtual Reality Game Design Competition’ over the years, and our company has been generating revenue every year, but why hasn’t there been any particularly fun games? Like, I have to play ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Void War’ every night, and although the environment simulation and the war is not much worse, after playing a couple of hours I can feel the negative emotions subside, but this is simply a cure for the symptoms and not the root cause of the damn genetic collapse disorder. It’s no help at all!”

After he finished, a fist was viciously dropped on the armrest of the seat, made of an advanced synthetic material metal surface, which successfully created a deep pit.

If Bai Li was present at this time, he would show a particularly surprised expression. He didn’t think that even an ordinary staff member in the Interstellar era had such a strong power… 

The two people with Xiong Pili were used to such developments and said without raising their eyelids, “The company rules say that damage to public property will be compensated at the price. Remember to pay the fine when you get back.”

“I know, I’ve never been fined before, I guess our company can earn a lot just by collecting fines.” Mo Zhu waved his hand in depression and shrank back into his seat.

“Indeed, those games play more of the same. There’s nothing new. I have long been tired of playing, I really hope that this year’s games can be a little different ah…” Xiong Pili gave a long sigh, as he suddenly remembered. “Hey, didn’t Mr. Bai also buy a virtual reality game builder? Although it is said to be the lowest grade, E, it should also be enough to enter the competition, right?”

“Before, in order to install the gaming pod at home, I added his optical computer communication number. When I go back, I’ll ask what game he intends to make. Maybe it will bring us a new experience!” Xiong Pili got excited, so his mouth rambled on.

The other two didn’t object to this decision at all, and urged him to ask now, but they were overruled by Xiong Pili on the grounds that “Mr. Bai is probably getting familiar with the usage of the gaming pod and builder at this time,” and finally planned to ask at night.

After all, it was because Bai Li gave them a good impression that they thought the other side would be a unique existence. At that time, that unique existence of theirs, Bai Li, was distressed just looking at the StarNet shopping mall purchase page, and the wide range of young cat food pictures below, none of which he could afford to buy.

…It wasn’t that he couldn’t buy it, but to buy cat food, he would starve to death because he had no money to eat.

Even now, he still had a lot of nutrient liquid stocked up, but to eat, he had to spend money to buy more. Before he was really earning money, Bai Li couldn’t guarantee that 666 stars could last a month or even longer, and it could only be saved.

Hey, if this time, his infinite storage space had also followed, it would be great. The space had all the treasures he saved during his time as an Agricultural Deity, including but not limited to all kinds of food, vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants and their seeds, as well as the goodies he exchanged from his fairy friends, which he also put in the space. While thinking this way, Bai Li felt a familiar wave coming from deep inside his soul. “Huh.” His body paused for a few seconds, and suddenly something appeared in his hands.

It was a jar of snow-white mellow spirit goat milk.

Bai Li looked at the object in his hand and his face turned green. His storage space actually came with him? He just didn’t think of this himself, and when he thought back to the first few days of swallowing nutrient solution with difficulty, Bai Li really wanted to dive into the space of the grain pile to have a good cry, ah.

He was too dumb! How could he forget about this big baby!

Upon this discovery, the Qi that lingered around Bai Li, the invisible light grass and wood clear spirit Qi wavered a little, almost like a bean candle flame almost blown out by the wind.

After discovering that his soul had long been marinated in an Agricultural Deity’s unique grass and wood spirit aura, Bai Li kept this aura circulating throughout his body, and tried to let it slowly grow. However, he had no fields to plant for the time being, so the process was very slow, but it was better than nothing.

After confirming that everything in the space was in good condition, Bai Li breathed a huge sigh of relief. After all, with the storage space, life would be a lot less stressful all of a sudden. At the very least, he no longer had to drink nutritional solutions that didn’t suit his taste. However, there were more important things to do now.

He looked down at the little kitten who had his eyes closed and his little head arching around in his hand. He reached out with his other hand and poked him on the tip of his ear and got up to warm up the goat’s milk. After he brought the cat home, Bai Li discovered that the kitten was also a miserable one. It was obviously a Warm Light Beast, but seemed to be born with a disability. The glow on the tip of the tail of a normal Warm Light Beast was a warm yellow, but he was silvery white and cold to the touch. The actual Warm Light Beast was orange all over the body, while on its forehead there was an obvious silver vertical line between the eyebrows.

The goat’s milk was quickly warmed up. Watching the little orange cat’s head buried in a small bowl as it sipped, Bai Li planned to give him a name.

“You look so special, maybe you’ll be a more powerful presence of a Warm Light Beast? Well… let me think about it. I have to give you a more powerful name…There, I’ll call you ‘Supreme’?”

When he said this, Bai Li couldn’t help but use a finger to poke around on the little kitten, but the other side thought he was playing with him, and wasn’t at all angry, as he drank goat’s milk at the same time he gave a very cooperative twist.

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll take that as a yes, and you’ll be called ‘Supreme’ from now on!” Bai Li withdrew his fingers in satisfaction, and thought from the bottom of his heart that the name he had chosen was really great.

The small amount of goat’s milk quickly bottomed out under the storm’s inhalation, and a wet little cat’s face lifted up. With the angle of looking up, Supreme crooked his head while he looked at the human who gave him a very comfortable feeling. He gave a small mew and step by step moved towards the other.


After having drunk the goat’s milk, Supreme soon felt tired and was put to sleep in a second by Bai Li in a nest made of old clothes.

After wiping the dust off Supreme with a soft cloth, Bai Li finally had time to check the manual for the gaming pod. Since the manual was too thick, he only read the first few pages, and after knowing how to start and operate it, he laid down in it with confidence.

Three days ago, he had made a casual glance at the ‘Virtual Reality Game Design Competition’, so he understood the meaning of virtual reality games, and also looked it up on the StarNet, and soon had an idea in mind.

Since he couldn’t get an agricultural planet for the time being used for farming in reality, he would move the land to virtual space. He had inquired, and the contestants who designed virtual reality games would be placed on the official website, and through the official website they would gain players. In the game, players could buy a variety of items with real money, and the contestants were also able to share.

The ratio wasn’t low for the money split, three to seven. The game organizer would get three, and the contestants would get seven.

Bai Li stroked his chin and smiled.

He wanted to farm and make money. He might as well let this group of lovable interstellar people farm, and give him money for it!


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