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Chapter 14: Digging a hole required

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat



A head from the half-open door peeked out, wasn’t expecting so many people to actually be standing outside the door, felt scared and shrank back. After a second, only half of his head came out of the door and asked, “What’s going on? Why are there so many people here?”

When they saw Bai Li show up, the players who almost believed that ‘a player got two game qualifications by unorthodox means’ knew that it was all a misunderstanding just now, so they waved their hands one after another and took a few steps back while still waving their hands to give Bai Li some of fresh air.

However, they couldn’t leave. Their eyes looked straight at the ripened, golden wheat in front of Bai Li’s house, their noses sniffed in that direction, and they had intoxicated expressions.

Bai Li really suspected that what he planted was not actually wheat, but catnip, and this large group of players in front of him were actually slightly rough-looking cats of various colors…Their expressions were all the same.

“Ahem. You guys…Is there anything else?” This was the first time he had seen so many people since he had crossed over.

“…So what, brother…What is this? It smells weird…” A person who was standing at the forefront asked the question in his heart on behalf of everyone. There were big question marks in his small eyes.

They knew they were playing a farming game, but in fact most people had no concept of farming. Most of them couldn’t even recognize all the crops and vegetables. For the players present at that time, their purpose in the beginning hadn’t been to sincerely play the game, but to find fault.

Later…after doing the weeding, it was inexplicably fragrant.

In front of the nine ripened wheat plants…They had all thought weeding was the most interesting way to play, but now…They were wrong again. It was really better to plant things in the ground, ah! It was amazing how planting could produce such fragrant treasures!

Bai Li replied, “This is wheat. Don’t you know it?”

“Wheat? How can it be? How can it be wheat? Wheat doesn’t smell this good!”

“That’s right, you can’t fool us, I bought a packet of wheat flour from StarNet yesterday, and the smell…It smells like air. There’s no smell at all!”

“What’s the benefit of lying to us? Brother, tell us the name of the plant, don’t lie!”

Bai Li did not expect the players to react this way. Obviously he was telling the truth, but none of them believed it. He turned his head to look at Wen XingYao next to him, and keenly caught a hint of laughter in the other’s eyes.

Having noticed his gaze, Wen XingYao looked over, shrugged his shoulders and gave him a “sorry” look. He had accepted the fact that it was wheat, but the others…well, obviously, they didn’t agree.

“This is really wheat…And this smell, it’s also just what is emitted from the body of the wheat. It’s the unique smell of grain. It shouldn’t smell too exaggerated, right?”

As with all the plants in the game, Bai Li set everything with a one-to-one resemblance to reality, not only in their form, but even the smell and taste were the same as he remembered. Therefore, after he saw the ripened wheat, he didn’t have a big reaction and was very calm.

Compared with Bai Li, the other players, one by one, were all jumping to their feet, stimulated by the scent of wheat. They felt so fragrant one moment and so hungry the next.

It was obvious that they hadn’t eaten before they got into the game!

When they heard Bai Li say that the golden plant with the enchanting fragrance was actually wheat, they didn’t believe it, but when Bai Li looked at them seriously, without a trace of weakness after lying…could it be that…this was really wheat?

While the players were doubting their lives, Bai Li started to act. He took out the scythe and swish swish, swish, swished a few times without blinking his eyes to harvest the wheat that was growing in the ground.

Watching the wheat disappear from Bai Li’s hands and the land revert to its unused state, the crowd of onlookers occasionally let out “Ah…!” “No…!” With such sighs, it was as if Bai Li was cutting off not wheat but their lives.

Bai Li pretended not to hear, but his hands moved faster.

Bai Li took a look at Wen XingYao’s field next door, and saw that the second time he planted corn. The corn stalks were already as tall as an adult’s calf, so he knew he had used a Magic Spring Water.

…Even for the wheat he planted, had used Spring Water. This person was really too generous, so much so that he was a little embarrassed.

Unfortunately now there were so many people there, so Bai Li thought it wasn’t good to discuss with him that he shouldn’t water his land. After he thought about it, he stepped forward and said, “Don’t gather here, these are really ordinary wheat seeds. You can buy them from the village chief. It’s only one copper coin. If you like, buy them and plant them yourself. In addition to wheat seeds, the village chief also sells many other kinds of seeds, and you can just buy according to your own preferences.”

When they heard Bai Li’s words, even if everyone didn’t want to admit it, they had to accept the fact that the nine plants were wheat. When they heard that wheat seeds were available from the village chief, almost everyone decided to buy eight or ten of them later, and plant them themselves.

The crowd finally left.

“Demon Xing, you watered my ground with Magical Spring Water, right? Actually, you don’t have to water it, just let them grow slowly.”

“Why? Anyway, I have a lot of spring water here, and can’t use all of it. If I give you a little water, there shouldn’t be a problem.” Wen XingYao waved his hand indifferently, and thought it was just a trivial matter.

Bai Li could see that Wen XingYao really didn’t care at all, but he felt sorry because of this little kindness. He decided to ‘open a back door’ for him.

When he had opened the door earlier, he happened to hear how someone was questioning Demon Xing’s use of the backdoor. In that case, he would simply give the ‘back door’ argument some truth.

He reached out a hand and pushed. There was an almost invisible, light green light that moved in Wen XingYao’s direction. It soon enveloped his whole body, and then gradually faded into his body.

A cool breath poured in from the sky, and stimulated Wen XingYao’s body with a jolt, and he immediately connected the change in his body with Bai Li’s behavior just now. “You…” What did you just do to me?

Why is it so comfortable? It’s like my soul is a lot lighter.

Bai Li smiled and finished his words, “I added a gain state to you. For the next two hours, the fields belonging to you will be twice as efficient in planting. The harvest will also be doubled, and the quality of the crops will also be improved, so make good use of those two hours, ha.”

That gain state was actually Bai Li moving a small portion of his grass and wood spirit Qi and adding it to Wen XingYao. In addition to the above-mentioned effect, the player themselves would also gain great benefits; it would refresh the brain and soothe emotions. If it was used in reality, it may also be able to heal a body’s dark wounds.

“So good!” Wen XingYao’s eyes lit up. He was at the height of his interest in farming, and the state Bai Li gave him was simply delivered to his heart, so he accepted it with a smile on his face and didn’t protest a bit. He even said, “It seems that when I didn’t deny that I went through the back door, I was quite right!”

In fact, he was too shocked to forget to retort.

Bai Li smiled and didn’t say anything. Wen XingYao said goodbye, as Bai Li left him alone to go to another area where the other players were. Wen XingYao knew Bai Li’s identity and guessed that he might have gone to observe the players’ paths and their needs, so he didn’t follow him.

In front of him was a field of corn that was growing happily, and he had more important things to do. After he stared at the corn stalks for a while, Wen XingYao suddenly moved and took out his hoe to continue digging holes.


Bai Li did not know that after he left, Wen XingYao had the idea of expanding the planting area and soon put it into action. He walked on the path for a while and finally saw the players.

At that moment, the smaller group had surrounded the deep pit.

Only to see one of them give a command. All of them had an extra block of earth. As they held it in their hands, they stared at their black history with formal expressions. If the pit wasn’t filled, the face that was lost couldn’t be recovered.

“Brothers, later I’ll shout ‘one, two, three.’ Let’s throw the earth down together and see if we can fill up this pit. Everyone, remember to throw accurately, throw it into the ground, and strive to turn this place back into a flat spot! Our houses depend on this throw. It’s success or failure in this fight!”

“One – two – three!”


After the first wave of throwing, the pit was filled by about a quarter. They continued to make efforts, and after four waves, the original pit disappeared, and the ground was slightly raised.

When they saw this, everyone crossed their fingers.

“It’s OK, right? The pit is filled, so I can put out my little bamboo hut, right?”

“And my hut, where are my neighbors? Let’s come together to plan the placement of the houses!”

“Hmm? Little X, why are you still throwing dirt into the pit, enough is enough, the pit has been filled!”

Little X, “But I think it feels good to pile the ground higher, ah. To stand tall to see far. Don’t worry, where I’m piling is my piece of land. I won’t interfere with you.” After he said that, he purchased another 5 cubic meters of soil and threw it all down in one breath.

A small dirt slope was formed with the naked eye.

Others, “…”

Good man, this was to live higher than all of them!

How could this be? The appearance of an earthbag on the ground was not only an eyesore, but later they would have to look up to this hut. When they thought of the “high above” existence, they were very resistant to it.

They couldn’t stop, they could only join in.

So, all of them silently acted. Whenever Little X bought 5 cubic meters of soil, they did too without even looking at the pile for their own tasks. It didn’t take long for what once was a deep pit to become a trapezoid.

As he looked at the hillside not far away, small thatched huts, small bamboo houses, small wooden houses, and small tile houses appeared like mushrooms after a rainy day. Bai Li’s smile dropped off his face and his lifted foot no longer took a step out.

This group of players, why did they always show such great enthusiasm at strange points?


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Hahhahahahhaha everyone trying to be higher than the others lol 🤣🤣

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At the end, nobody is actually farming!

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Thanks for the update!! ^^)❤

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Well they do not know the joy of farming yet.

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Modern agricultural art, very interesting and funny!!! Thanks for the chapter!

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I gotta admit, terraforming is just as fun as planting in farming games, whenever it’s an option. Maybe he should add a resource mine for people who just want to dig. Satisfy their little dwarven souls.

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Bruh, there’s always gamers out there that want to find every glitch and play the game in ways the devs never intended. Gamers embrace the chaos.

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Are there no planners here?! 😁
Everyone just jumping into activities with no idea of what they’re really doing 😄 Bai Li has his work cut out abd the face of the environment is taking on a new look.
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