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Chapter 41: Longing to Spend the Rest of My Life With You

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, racing with time


That pop-up was in color, standing out, and instantly grabbed everyone’s attention.

Bai SiNing froze, blurting out, “A threesome? Who’s with who?”

His voice wasn’t too loud, but it fell on everyone’s ears, each with an embarrassed expression.

Lin XiuYong changed his face, his tone sour, “I’m talking about the three of you, passionately gnawing at each other.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!!!” Bai SiNing strained his neck and retorted fiercely, “I’m a CP fan! How can I be rumored with the main character?! It’s all because of that weird bug! It’s almost winter, and the bugs are rushing to catch people and suck their blood before winter.”

Gu Ang wrinkled his brows, staring at the wound on Bai SiNing’s stomach. What a coincidence, another one of the same, “Have you seen the bug?”

“No, but I was in a daze in the middle of the night and I felt something biting me.” Bai SiNing tried to remember, “That mouth was so sharp that it poked in, it hurt like hell. But after a long day yesterday, I was so sleepy I couldn’t open my eyes.”

Lin XiuYong was completely speechless. Fuck your pointy mouth, that was this old man’s canine teeth. Yesterday after the game, Bai SiNing dragged him and begged him to help cut Nightlight’s CP video. Not wanting to reveal where he lived, he followed Bai SiNing home to get it, messing with the video footage and accidentally messing with it into the wee hours of the morning.

It was so late that he stayed there for the night.

Bai SiNing helped him make the sofa bed, the mattress was so soft that he wasn’t quite used to it and tossed and turned until 2 or 3 o’clock. In the middle of the night, Lin XiuYong remembered many memories of the past, which had Bai SiNing in it.

So he quietly went into the room to get a look at the sleeping man. He did, indeed, like Bai SiNing. He’d known this man for a long, long time, so long that probably Bai SiNing himself didn’t even realize it. It just wasn’t quite the right time to confess, and he thought it would be nice to get along as friends.

The man slept in a bad position, lifting the covers wide open to reveal a large patch of his waist. In the moonlight, bright and shining, like the curved moon.

Lin XiuYong sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down, originally just to help him with a quilt. Not expecting the man’s natural military breeding, he reacted alertly and hooked his legs into the air, pinning him between his thighs, making him unable to move.

Lin XiuYong was a little helpless and unable to break free, almost suffocating. His lips pressed against that thin waist, so he revealed his canine teeth and bit down.

The pain made Bai SiNing release his leg and Lin XiuYong was finally freed. He straightened up, glancing at the bite mark on his waist, and the inexplicable desire to bully surfaced again. Anyway, it was in an out-of-sight location and the man’s nerves were too thick to notice.

So, Lin XiuYong pressed back into that position and rolled heavily to take another bite. The wound wasn’t shallow, a small one deep in the waist.

Little did he know that he had underestimated Bai SiNing. This guy woke up in the morning to take a shower and the hot water got on his wound and he wailed in pain.

Bai SiNing asked him after showering, “XiuYong, did you get bitten yesterday? I have a wound on my stomach, the same as A’Ang’s neck last time.”

Lin XiuYong had little expression, and the fake words all sounded like the truth, “Mutant insects, I guess, they’re pretty normal.”

He didn’t realize that he and Ye Fei had used the same excuse. Sure enough the colder the surface, the more doggy the inside. But after all, the two criminals present were a little weak, and unspoken glances were given to each other, and a tacit understanding arose when their eyes met.

Gotta say something, hurry up and get this thread turned around.

Lin XiuYong was about to speak when Bai SiNing stole the conversation, “Brother Lin, you’re lucky that you’re the only one present who wasn’t attacked by that bug.”

Lin XiuYong: “…”

Ye Fei could barely hold back a laugh and helped him out, “Mn, his luck is pretty good.”

Gu Ang rubbed his neck, “What the hell? Did the bugs invade recently?”

“Maybe, it’s not very peaceful.” Lin Xiuyong shrugged his shoulders, “Everyone be safe.”

Ye Fei stroked the wound on his wrist, remembering again the restless last night, his lips on Gu Ang’s neck, kissing it with abandon. He suddenly thought of what to get Gu Ang for his birthday.

As the crowd was leaving the stage, Gu Ang turned his head and asked, “What are you guys doing standing there, aren’t you going to leave?”

Ye Fei pulled Bai SiNing, “I have something to talk with the both of them, go back first.”

“Mysterious.” Gu Ang muttered, shoving his hands in his pockets and walking away with an arrogant look on his face.

Bai SiNing asked, “God Ye, what do you want from us?”

Ye Fei glanced at Lin XiuYong, not yet sure if the other man was a friend or foe. But seeing as how he was still nice to Bai SiNing, thinking that the birthday shouldn’t be a big deal.

Ye Fei strode over to the next less crowded corner before speaking softly, “It’s Gu Ang’s birthday tomorrow, and I want to help him celebrate. After all, turning eighteen is considered a rather important day.”

In his last life, he missed out on Gu Ang’s more youthful teenage years. In this life, he wanted to make up for it all if possible.

Bai SiNing’s eyes lit up. Oh my god, the CP he was high on was spreading sugar again! Remembering each other’s birthdays and offering to host a birthday party was some kind of absolute love!

“It’s Brother Ang’s birthday! It’s a good thing you reminded me, otherwise it would’ve been a real crime.” Bai SiNing enthusiastically returned, “Why don’t we throw him a big party, or go out on the planet for fun?”

Ye Fei rubbed his brow, “You don’t have to worry so much, help me invite a few of his friends, and I’ll do the rest.”

Lin XiuYong looked at Bai SiNing with excitement and wanted to stay out of it, but pushed himself in again, “I can provide technical support if you need it.”

“Thanks, please.” Ye Fei’s mind flashed back to the explosion that had nearly shattered the lab clean. He hoped Lin XiuYong wasn’t as bad as he thought he was.

The next morning, Gu Ang was still asleep when he received a call from Qin LeHe, “Happy 18th birthday, baby!”

“Mom, you’re a little too early.” Gu Ang rubbed a half-open eye, “Thank you.”

Qin LeHe laughed, “What are you going to do for the day?”

Gu Ang grabbed a handful of hair and fell back onto the bed, “I don’t know, going blind, probably having dinner with a friend.”

“I’m on a business trip with your father, I’ll make it up to you when we get back.” Qin LeHe said with a slight apology, “If you want any gifts, I’ll buy them for you.”

Gu Ang was helpless, “No, I don’t lack anything.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the communicator alerted the card of a transfer of a million star coins.

“Knowing you don’t lack anything, you’re given the money, buy what you want.”

“Hmm, got it, thanks mom.” Gu Ang had something else on his mind, “By the way, this time on a business trip, did Uncle Lu also follow along?”

Qin LeHe said in surprise, “Are you clairvoyant or smooth-witted? How come you know all this?”

Gu Ang’s otherwise cheerful morning was instantly downcast. That pair of dog men really found excuses to cheat no matter what time of day it was. You’re bringing your wife with you, don’t you feel bad? Or do you find it more exciting? He didn’t care to talk anymore and ended the conversation hastily, “Mom, I’ve got a bit of work to do here, so I’ll hang up now.”

Hanging up the phone, Gu Ang got up from the bed and saw Ye Fei, who was on the phone on the balcony. He sat on the edge of the couch waiting for his call to end, ready to ask about the progress of the investigation.

Ye Fei said very little, as if the other man was checking in with him. He leaned against the railing and responded intermittently, almost with a few words, “Hmm… Quickly… Okay… That’s it.”

Gu Ang stared at his back, wide shoulders, narrow waist, and long straight legs. This man even had such a charming back.

Looking at him, he froze, caught up in some past memories. If only there hadn’t been a divorce with Ye Fei.

“What are you staring at me thinking about?” Ye Fei waved a hand in front of his eyes.

Gu Ang snapped back, “No, I was going to ask you if there’s been any progress on the matter of my dad cheating?”

“I asked my dad to look into it, it’s going to take some time.”

Gu Ang frowned slightly, “Your father, Uncle Ye was clear on the ins and outs of this matter?”

“It’s okay, he won’t talk much.”

Gu Ang was worried not about how much he didn’t talk, but just subconsciously trying to earn a good impression with Ye HongFeng.

Although it was hard to say if there was a future with Ye Fei, it was a bit embarrassing to have a family scandal known before the eight characters had been exchanged. Gu Ang, whose face was bigger than the sky, was annoyed that the story had reached Ye HongFeng and that he had to seek help from the other man.

Gu Ang scratched his head, “Your dad is so busy, why would he want to help me?”

“He watched your game yesterday, and liked you quite a bit, he thinks you’re great.” Ye Fei understood what he was thinking, and relieved him, “Don’t feel the psychological pressure, he can’t help but feel sorry for you when something like this is happening to your parents.”

Gu Ang picked up on something, “Why would he feel sorry for me…”

“Well don’t think too much about it, I’ll let you know if there are any results. It’s time to go today to collect your awards from the Games.”

Ye Fei, fearing that he would continue to ask, hurriedly rushed out the door.

Red Flame Mecha R&D Center, where yesterday it was Jiang RuiYuan, who was the commentator, today it was Dean Jiang. She sat in front of the large photonic computer, her hands tapping on both keyboards, sifting and analyzing the huge amount of data from inside the computer.

Next to him, Gu Ang, Ye Fei and ten others stood there, not daring to speak and disturb, each like a statue standing there. They were clearly informed that the top ten in points could approach Dean Jiang to receive their exclusive mecha. But now, what was the deal?

Ten minutes had passed… Jiang RuiYuan was tapping away at the keyboard.

Twenty more minutes passed… Jiang RuiYuan’s fingers hadn’t stopped yet.

An hour passed, and finally someone couldn’t look away… 

“Dean Jiang, can I go to the bathroom?” Bai SiNing raised his hand tremblingly and asked a question.

“Uh, oh? Huh?” Jiang RuiYuan jerked her head up, then pushed her glasses back. “Sorry, I got caught up in reading your Red Flame research material. Go to the bathroom while the rest of the class takes their measurements and then set up the mecha according to your individual needs.”

After saying that, Jiang RuiYuan looked at the list in her hand, “Student Gu Ang is first in points, so I’ll help you set up as first priority. Other students will need to wait a bit.”

Top mecha designs involved confidential personal information, so no one else was usually allowed to look on the sidelines while the mecha was being designed. Gu Ang nodded and walked along, stepping up to the test bench to begin the test.

Gu Ang had fought with Jiang RuiYuan in his last life. She usually looked nerdy and cute, but was really involved in the mecha parts. Even if Gu Ang was flamboyant in his last life, he was cleaned up by her.

Jiang RuiYuan tapped her plain hand on the keyboard, and a white light fell from above Gu Ang’s head. Dozens of mechanical arms reached out from all directions, taking measurements in different ways. Gu Ang’s heart sank as one of the tests was a blood collection.

It seemed that the matter of his pheromone disorder should not be able to be hidden from Dean Jiang.

Sure enough, Jiang RuiYuan, who kept swiping the data while sitting in her chair, frowned, “There’s something wrong with your hormones.”

Competent, decisive, and tolerant of half-hearted questioning.

“My Alpha pheromones and Omega pheromones are currently in the middle of a fight, and both pheromones are growing at the same time.” Gu Ang didn’t hold back a bit and told the truth.

“Interesting, I have a bold idea…” Jiang RuiYuan suddenly stood up and walked quickly to Gu Ang, pulling him in front of her with one hand. Jiang RuiYuan spoke slowly, “No one can harness both Alpha and Omega hormones, which are currently intermingling and fighting each other in your body. Just the thing for my newly developed pheromone engine. Would you be interested in being my guinea pig?”

“What engine?” Gu Ang felt a little dizzy. How did the pheromone get involved with the engine?

Jiang RuiYuan suddenly changed her face and patted Gu Ang’s shoulder with a smile on her face. “You’re still young and not in that much of a hurry to use a mecha right? Considering you’re still growing, how about I design your mecha a little better? Maybe you’re a little overloaded with physical fitness right now, but a mecha like this would definitely be able to match your strength later on.”

She had the look of a mom buying clothes too big and lying to you that you’ll fit just fine after you grow into your body.

Gu Ang asked with a strange look on his face, “But don’t custom mecha users have to come inside your institution every two years to retest their strength and then modify and enhance their mecha?”

“You know about custom mecha, huh? No way, don’t be ridiculous, there’s no such thing.” Jiang RuiYuan waved her hand without a red face and denied everything, and even reprimanded Gu Ang in reverse for not knowing anything.

Gu Ang: “So what are you trying to say?”

“Harnessing a mecha now is too heavy for your body and mind, and would require you to practice for two more years.”

Gu Ang gave her a suspicious look, “What mecha requirements are so strict? Show me the parameters and I’ll confirm them myself.”

After excusing herself for half a day, Jiang RuiYuan finally handed Gu Ang the plan parameter sheet with some embarrassment, “Actually, right, the parameters sometimes don’t mean everything, have you ever heard of explosive seeds?”

Gu Ang looked at the data on the table and sucked in a breath of cold air. The tester was indeed advanced enough to perfectly test the current physical condition of Gu Ang. Looking at his watch, there was an improvement over his physical fitness as a five-star Admiral before crossing over. But even with such a terrifying physical quality at the moment, the test showed that there was still no way to use the mecha that Jiang RuiYuan had designed.

“…Your engine, so swarthy?”

Jiang RuiYuan took the form and explained, “The pheromone engine, which uses two distinct and complementary types of pheromone, Alpha and Omega, as materials, are completely annihilated thus bursting out with extremely terrifying energy. Not to mention a mecha, even a planetary star war fortress can be fully powered. So if the mecha itself isn’t strong enough or if the mecha didn’t use the energy enough, then it could just let that energy blow right through.”

Gu Ang still didn’t understand, “No, it has to be Alpha and Omega hormones combined, so it can only be used by people like me?”

Jiang RuiYuan tsked, “Stupid, nowadays mecha pilots are mostly Alpha, I just need to prep the Omega pheromone inside the engine and it would solve the problem perfectly, but…”

Jiang RuiYuan’s horribly manic expression swept over again, glancing over Gu Ang nonstop. That look, like a medical student staring at a frog that had been waiting to be dissected, “Still, hormones from two different people are ultimately too flawed to release more than 30 to 40 percent efficiency… Only you!!! You have both hormones! Without a repulsive reaction, you can release the entire energy of the hormone collision annihilation to its theoretical maximum! It’s also because of such a terrifying energy that only material like a black dwarf that has survived the entire death process of a star can be harnessed. This also leads to the fact that the pilot must be physically very strong to be able to harness this mecha.”

Jiang RuiYuan was trying desperately to convince him word by word to try to cooperate and to harness an invincible mecha.

Gu Ang was silent. Honestly, as a former interstellar fierce Alpha, and as a soldier, harnessing the strongest mecha had never been one of his biggest dreams. It was only this time that the individual points he had earned at the school games were too exaggerated, and the friendly sponsorship of Dean Jiang RuiYuan made it possible to complete such a unit that existed at the top of the pyramid.

It was impossible to say that he wasn’t impressed.

Gu Ang suppressed the urge to be a guinea pig with a bite and asked sensibly, “So how long do you think it would take me to harness?”

Jiang RuiYuan pushed her glasses and looked at the data on the table and replied in the affirmative, “By my projections, if you keep up the amount of training you’re doing now, you’ll be good enough to pilot this mecha by the second semester of your sophomore year.”

Gu Ang hesitated, “What training…”

There was the illusion of being a sheep in a tiger’s mouth.

Jiang RuiYuan explained, “The two hormones in you are constantly fighting inside you trying to overpower each other, but instead of weakening the two hormones, that fight is causing the two hormones in that you are constantly adapting to each other in the fight, and then evolving. And the improvement in the quality and quantity of hormones side-steps your own continued physical progress.”

Hearing this, Gu Ang finally understood. Even if he let himself go, he would be able to grow naturally by virtue of the constant battle of hormones within his body. What kind of a strange explosive he had differentiated into?

Since nothing needed to be done, a two-year delay in the gift only wasn’t out of the question.

Gu Ang nodded, “Okay, then let’s go with your idea for the mecha.”

Jiang RuiYuan stammered again, “I’m basing these numbers on the fact that the mecha isn’t equipped with any weapons… Such a mecha would definitely have some unique weapons, or else it would be the greatest desecration of this mecha, don’t you think?”

Gu Ang: “…”

You were just telling me I didn’t have to do anything until my sophomore year, and now you want to add weapons weight? Women, the set was really deep.

A mecha was usually equipped with a weapon weighing anywhere from thirty to fifty percent of its own weight, while a mecha with a unique weapon would even ride on a weapon weighing one hundred and two percent of its own weight. The more weapons it had, the more intimidating the self-weight was, and the higher the demands were on one’s strength.

Gu Ang did a little mental math, and if he started working out now, there was still plenty of room to train with a body that was just now eighteen years old, “Okay, I’ll practice. But don’t add anything as you please.”

“It’s a pity not to install a handheld planetary annihilation cannon with that much power…”

“I know…”


After a Q&A, Gu Ang was now feeling on top of his head, regardless of how big the load really was, he figured he could do it. It was rather the kind of madness that gamblers exhibited when they reached the last moment.

“Uh-huh, that’s fine! Let’s set it for the first semester of sophomore year then. I’ll give you the mecha delivery.” Jiang RuiYuan could not easily catch a suitable mouse and hurriedly took out the agreement, “Sign it!”

Gu Ang wrote down his name and had the illusion of being punked. Forget it, he could only wait until next year when he could have an unbeatable mecha, and practice a little harder. Mn, at least it was a gift to receive an unbelievably unexpected mecha on his birthday.

Previously, Gu Ang, too, had never been exposed to such an amazing combat mecha. Gu Ang’s heart was impatient enough to want to see it in the flesh, but unfortunately it would have to wait another year. He was about to leave the testing room when he remembered something else, “What about the school’s winter break assignment if I get no mecha now?”

Jiang RuiYuan just finalized this scientific breakthrough, her mood was just great, and gave a small hand wave, a very rich woman atmosphere as she said, “Just give them my name, and any mecha that was publicly owned Red Flame you can drive! No charge!!!”

Gu Ang thought, Oh, okay, your call. He emerged from inside the door and was about to head out when Ye Fei met him in the doorway.

Ye Fei took Gu Ang’s wrist, his fingers tightening with some force, “Don’t go, let’s have dinner tonight.”

“Hmm? Why are you suddenly so enthusiastic today?” Gu Ang hesitated.

Ye Fei wasn’t, like, going to spend his birthday with him, was he?

Bai SiNing hooked his shoulder, “It just so happens that everyone is here, so we’re getting together tonight.”

Lin XiuYong nodded, “Moon River House, it’s very close.”

Gu Ang muttered, “You guys had this all planned out?”

“Geez, it wasn’t like you’re going to be poisoned.” Wei YangZe lazily came over, “I’ll give Liang Xin a call, and we’ll go together when we’re done with the mecha.”

Gu Ang was pushed by a group of people and obliged, and by the time everyone had finished testing, it was already six o’clock in the evening. He was half pushed and followed along to Moon River House. There was some anticipation and fear of disappointment about his birthday.

After his rebirth, except for his family and only Ye Fei, who he wasn’t sure if he had come back too, everyone else was in a new and unfamiliar state, and his heart felt empty. He longed to be like the old days, every birthday spent with friends and his lover. But no one mentioned it, so he didn’t say anything.

It seemed a bit pretentious to ask if the others prepared anything.

The group moseyed into the booth, and within moments the food began to be served. Everyone was gossiping about how they were in the mood to pick a mecha today, with a lot of hot chatter and unrelated trivia.

Gu Ang lowered his eyes and fiddled with his meal. Sure enough, he was overthinking it. No one would remember his birthday.

Last time Ye Fei thought he said he saw it on the sign up sheet, he probably just mentioned it off the top of his head and turned the page and forgot about it. Now Ye Fei wouldn’t say happy birthday to him on time every year at zero hour like he used to do.

Gu Ang thought back to the last birthday he spent with Ye Fei, when the two were in a border crackdown and in harsh conditions. After fighting the invaders all day during the day, bleeding and barely defeating them, both were exhausted. Gu Ang went back to camp and went limp, not even bothering to move his fingers, and fell asleep on his bunk.

In the middle of the night, he was woken up by Ye Fei, his entire body still dazed.

“Light, it’s almost midnight, happy twenty-sixth birthday.” Ye Fei looked down and touched him on the lips. He really felt a bit sorry, “I didn’t think this fight would be over after almost two months, and I didn’t have time to prepare the gift.”

Gu Ang shook his head, dazed and hugged him back, “It’s good to have you here.”

He had seen so many die young in those days that he felt lucky to be alive.

Ye Fei took a straw ring from the side, awkwardly crafted and woven into the shape of a heart, “It’s a bit rustic, don’t mind it. There’s nothing around here, so let’s make do for now and go back and make up something else for you.”

Gu Ang was surprised, and it was hard to imagine a towering male god like Ye Fei doing this kind of childish school boy stuff. He laughed when he pictured that scene, a large pair of hands going around and around in the grass, trying to weave in love.

Gu Ang was a little more conscious, “How did you make this?”

“Learned it from the medic who was with the team.” Ye Fei glanced at the watch in his hand, “It’s midnight, Light.”

Gu Ang looked at him, “Mn, you’re here this year too.”

Ye Fei looked down and kissed the person again, “Happy birthday, I love you more than every year in the past.”

Ye Fei was most afraid of talking about love. This man usually didn’t talk much, but when he said something meaty, coupled with that low voice, it simply made his legs weak.

Gu Ang pressed his lips against his and held the man tighter, “I hope you’re there every birthday after.”

In hindsight, Ye Fei did what he hoped for. He was there, he just didn’t remember. All those later memories have been dusted off in this vast river of stars. And he, and Ye Fei, were no longer relevant.

Gu Ang sighed slightly and served himself a bowl of soup and was about to drink it when the lights in the room suddenly went out. The large, somewhat empty room plunged into endless darkness.

“What’s going on? Power outage?” Gu Ang asked as he held steady without moving.

A silence fell on all sides, and no one made a sound.

Gu Ang raised his voice, “Why aren’t you guys talking?”

The answer to him was still a silence, like he was the only one left in the large private room.

Gu Ang rang the service bell next to him, and there was also a delayed response. Strange, where were the people? Had he seen a ghost?

After a few more moments, a sudden burst of light beams were cast down from the roof, forming a huge curtain of light, as if ready early, and the introductory music crescendoed. Gu Ang adjusted his sitting position, propped his elbows on the table, and looked at the light screen. Another version of himself appeared before him, the teenager in school uniform, engaged in a fierce fistfight with someone on the back hill.

The next second, the scene switched back to him rescuing Bai SiNing from the mecha.

Gu Ang froze, “This… a holographic projection? Who made it?”

No one answered him, only faint music played in the background.

The scene changed rapidly, from a single person to a double, with another figure beside him — Ye Fei. The man wore the same uniform as him, they attended classes together, left classes, and lay in a bed in his dorm room talking. It was all very everyday minutiae, but in every frame, there was love.

Gu Ang’s face reddened slightly. Whoever made this thing was out of their mind. Since when did they share a bed and talk… 

The scene switched, with himself and Ye Fei standing under a vast starry sky, with an infinite river of stars shimmering in the background. Large swaths of nebulae moved, and Ye Fei pressed the back of his head with one hand and hooked his chin with the other. The man dipped his head slightly and took his lips.

Gu Ang even turned a complete red in the ears, “!”

What the fuck was this shit again?

The image showed the two kissing so hard that they seem to have forgotten time and were frozen there forever.

It looked quite romantic under the pretty expansive starry sky. Slowly, a group of people came out from all around to surround the two men with a strong huddle of eating faces. It was the same gang that was at dinner tonight. A human voice rang out behind Gu Ang and he looked back at the picture of someone pushing a cake out, singing a happy birthday song while looking at him playfully. The candlelight flickered and overlapped with the people in the holographic projection, none of them missing, all present.

Gu Ang felt both amused and touched, feeling a slight wetness in his eyes, like they were fogging up. Turned out no one forgot, turned out everyone remembered.

“Happy birthday, Brother Ang! Do you like the present?” Bai SiNing grinned and came over to him, wrapping his arm around his shoulders and sounding indebted, “It took our boss a lot of effort.”

Gu Ang opened his mouth, only to realize his voice was a little muffled, “Who made this?”

“I came up with the idea, produced the script, and tech support Lin XiuYong  helped me make the footage.” Bai SiNing was satisfied with the preparation of the gift and watched the looped footage with endless reminiscence.

Gu Ang kicked him lightly, “You’re chucking personal stuff. What’s with the scenes in that part with Ye Fei? Ridiculous.”

Lin XiuYong brushed it off, “He threatened to add it, I’m just a ruthless tool man.”

“You have to believe a CP fan head, what can’t be done?” Wei YangZe was also amused by the juggling Bai SiNing to the point of laughing and handed over a bag.

“A gift from me and XinXin, hope you like it.”

Gu Ang reached out and took it, biting his lower lip before pushing down all of that overwhelming emotion, “Thank you guys, I had a great time.” He subconsciously sought someone in the unlit room by candlelight and locked eyes with Ye Fei, “Have you seen this video before?”

Ye Fei shook her head and whispered back, “It’s the first time I’ve seen it, too.”

Gu Ang let out a soft “oh” and glanced at Ye Fei again.

Bai SiNing and Lin XiuYong prepared the video, and Wei YangZe and Liang Xin bought Lego models. What about Ye Fei?

He wanted to ask, didn’t you get me a present? But he had no position to open his mouth. Gu Ang blinked and squeezed out a smile, “Blow out the candles, the wax is dripping onto the cake.”

“Come on, come on, Brother Ang make a wish first.” Bai SiNing stared at the seeding and stirred to liven up the atmosphere. He also found it strange how Ye Fei came empty-handed when he had obviously planned to celebrate his birthday.

Gu Ang closed his eyes, and many snippets from the recent past flew through his mind. A walk-through from before the crossing, to after the crossing. Making a wish. What kind of wish? He sighed slightly inwardly, crossing his arms and resting them reverently against the tip of his nose.

The first wish was for his mother to live a healthy and safe life. The second wish was that all his friends would be happy and prosperous. Third wish, he hoped… Hopefully, he and Ye Fei, could one day break through all the barriers and reconnect. Though it was difficult, he spoke this wish to the gods with an anxious heart. If there was a god, he would exchange his life expectancy for these wishes.

Gu Ang opened his eyes and blew out the candle with one breath, and the room’s lights then turned on. In front of him were smiling faces, piled together, giggling at him.

“Thank you guys, really.” Gu Ang said from the bottom of his heart. He couldn’t say anything melodramatic, but the burst of emotion in his heart rose up and he could only keep saying thank you.

Bai SiNing touched another small box over, “Brother Ang, eighteen years old, and a little present for you to go back and open.”

Gu Ang alerted like a guard dog, his eyes widening slightly, “What are you up to again?”

Lin XiuYong answered, his tone clear and cold, “Eighteen plus, don’t ask.”

Gu Ang reacted in a second and rushed at Bai SiNing with another kick, “Do you have itchy skin?”

The entire booth was filled with mirth and laughter as the group cut the cake and drank a lot of alcohol, each falling into a slight drunken stupor.

Later, Gu Ang stammered a bit, “No more drinks, you guys keep filling me up.”

“You’re the birthday boy, if you don’t fill you up, who will?” Wei YangZe poured him another full glass, “One last glass, drink up and we’ll let you go.”

Ye Fei reached out and took the cup, “He can’t drink, I’ll help him.”

Bai SiNing coaxed, “Oops, heartache, heartache, God Ye doesn’t hold back.”

Before he could finish his words, his ear was gently pinched by Lin XiuYong, “Talk less and get hit less.”

Ye Fei tilted his head, his Adam’s apple rolled, as he downed his drink in one gulp, looking very relaxed.

Gu Ang looked sideways at him, his eyes a little confused, “You don’t have to help me, it’s not like you’re anything to me.”

It was a sour, sour poke to the heart.

“Alright, everyone pull out.” Ye Fei looked at his watch, it was eleven fifty, leaving him with little time, “Be safe on the road.”

The six were divided into three groups each saying goodbye at the entrance of Moon River House.

Gu Ang walked crookedly, “Let’s go back to the dorm.”

“There’s no rush, I’ll take you somewhere.” Ye Fei reached out and wrapped his arms around the man who was almost sliding down, “Can you walk? It’s close.”

Gu Ang slurred, “Why can’t I go? I’m a good drinker. Tell me, are you going to sell me out? Everyone gave me a gift, but you. Lack of heart, big dumbass.”

It was a drunken spilling of the beans, and the words were full of resentment. Gu Ang he really did care about it after all.

“Mn, I’m the dumb one, you’re the smartest.” Ye Fei coaxed him, heading to the open field next to him, “There’s a present, I’ll give it to you in a minute.”

Gu Ang came to life, “Where’s the gift?”

The two stood in front of a mecha, Ye Fei opened the passenger door hatch and shoved Gu Ang inside, “Get up there and sit down.”

He got himself back to the side of the cockpit, closed the hatch and started the mecha. Gu Ang froze and watched him swing the console, moving with skill and a handsome flip, “Where did you get this mecha?”

Ye Fei’s eyes stared straight ahead as the mecha slowly rose, soon breaking through the clouds and heading into a star trajectory. Only after everything went well did he slacken off and reply, “It’s my dad’s.”

Gu Ang leaned back in his chair and laughed, “You stole your dad’s mecha, bad boy.”

“Gu Ang, look outside.” Ye Fei spoke up to remind him.

Gu Ang looked out, a dark background with stars of light tearing out of the blackness and slowly peeking through. Distant celestial bodies loomed, with great swathes of variously shaped nebulae passing by, mecha tiny as a speck of dust. Gu Ang froze, he had seen this view countless times before, but none of them had ever left him with such a stirring sensation.

In the midst of the vast galaxy, he and Ye Fei wander like two particles alone, without purpose, without journey. If they were just small and shallow human beings in the universe, then why did they  have to carry so much of a heavy past? He envied the spinning planet, the glint of a drifting nebula, even the dust that fell down and disappeared. With his beloved, fading in this vast universe, wasting away in these long years. And what a romantic thing it should be.

“Ye Fei…” Gu Ang choked out before continuing, “Thank you for bringing me here.”

Thank you for showing me the planets we once fought on or passed through. Thank you for bringing the beauty of our past experiences together to the forefront once again. And thank you, at this moment, for being there for me.

Ye Fei dropped his eyes to the passing of time, seconds to go before the clock points to the early hours. He counted the minutes silently and spoke at the point of the card, “Gu Ang, happy birthday and I hope you have a happy new year.”

He was a little sorry that he hadn’t been able to call him Light. But the next year, and the next, there was a chance.

“Mn, I will.” Gu Ang blinked, feeling his vision blur a little. He’s been getting more and more pretentious lately, being moved to tears every now and then. Whichever capacity Ye Fei was motivated by, he did deliver on his promise.

Every year at midnight on his birthday, he was there.

Ye Fei pulled out a neck choker, a gift he’d had made overnight. There was a soothing feature set in there for Omegas rutting that would take some of the pain the next time he was affected by Alpha pheromones. An auto-call mode had also been added so that he could be notified first if Gu Ang sensed he was in danger. And most importantly… On the inside of it, he ordered the word Ye Fei to be engraved with the finest carving knife.

“Don’t be angry, I have a gift for you.” Ye Fei looked at him deeply, seemingly trying to imprint the man into his pupils. “You didn’t like either the white peach oolong or the brandy agent I bought earlier, so I’ve prepared a new one.”

Gu Ang took it and placed it around his neck and gestured, “Wouldn’t it be a bit dainty for me to wear it?”

Ye Fei shook his head, “No.”

Gu Ang’s mouth was disgusted, but his movements were quick to put it on, and he couldn’t help but blush a little as the black neck ring pressed against his neck. The material of the neck ring was unusual, somewhat cool, somewhat soft, and each time it rubbed over the glands on his neck, it gave the illusion of Ye Fei’s lips brushing over it. Just the mere thought that it was a gift from someone he liked felt like an aphrodisiac every time he touched it. He inexplicably felt some dryness, slowly steaming up from deep within, “What does this thing do?”

Ye Fei spoke faintly, his eyes resting on the still-healing wound on his neck, the mark of his bite, “For protection against bug bites and to increase physical fitness.”

“Oh, does it look good?” Gu Ang unbuttoned his shirt, impatiently exposing the neck ring to a greater degree. The blindingly white neck, the pretty collarbone, and a little red canine puncture wound set off the neck ring in a very erotic way.

Ye Fei had a selfish desire to use this and tie up Gu Ang for good. Lasso his body and brand it with his name so that Gu Ang’s entire being was completely his.

“It’s nice.” Ye Fei’s eyes deepened and his voice was low, “Is it bad if I ask you to wear it all the time?”

Gu Ang looked back at him sideways, feeling a plausible affection running through his eyes. He was probably really drunk and saw a very, very deep love in Ye Fei’s inky eyes. With reluctance, fondness, and very deep and strong emotions. Him and the deep starry sky in the background melted together, intertwining into a beautiful dream he didn’t want to wake up from.

As if compelled, Gu Ang nodded slightly, “Okay, I’ll keep it on.”

Ye Fei stopped talking and just stared at the man quietly, outlining everything about him beautifully with his gaze. From the tips of his hair, his brow, the upturned ends of his eyes, his slightly thin lips, and his… Ye Fei squinted slightly and saw that at that moment his name was right on Gu Ang’s gland, as if he was stroking it back and forth.

Each time the movement wiggled, the carved name rubbed against the Omega’s delicate glands. It was as if, himself, he was marking him with abandon, kissing him, possessing him.

I’m just a dark mortal at heart, using every vile means at my disposal. I long to be able to spend the rest of my life with you.


Author’s Note: 

FYI, Ye Fei driving drunk mecha, was bad, don’t learn! Driving irregularities and two lines of tears for loved ones!


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