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Chapter 163: Into the eyes, on the heart.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

With more people the screening speed was really a lot faster. They shared the work, and the efficiency reached something Bai Li by himself couldn’t manage. It had increased by ten times at least. After only two hours of work, the five people had done the initial screening and deleted those who came too late to sign up, the registration form was not filled out with the specific content for the live, and those who did not fill out anything.

After that, Fox One and Fox Two wanted to continue to help Bai Li. In accordance with what was said before, they were interested in the content to be picked out and placed at the end for Bai Li and Wen XingYao to choose. Fox One and Fox Two readily agreed.

After the first step was completed, Bai Li called for an intermission to let everyone take a break, eat and drink, and then moved on to the next step after they had had a breather.

Taking advantage of this break, Tang Ying asked Wen XingYao to take him to his bedroom on the pretext that he had something to do.

Bai Li thought the two were planning to discuss when to leave, smiled and let them talk as long as they wanted, without worrying about what they were talking about. The screening of the anchor with everyone’s help had saved a lot of time, so there was no rush.

When they arrived at Wen XingYao’s room, Tang Ying closed the door and directly pressed the question, “XingYao, what’s the situation between you and Bai Li…?” He didn’t say it explicitly, since he figured that Wen XingYao could understand what he meant.

However, he overestimated Wen XingYao’s emotional intelligence. He watched as Wen XingYao raised his eyebrows and looked at him in confusion. “What situation? You called me up just to ask me such a strange question?”

Tang Ying was confused by this rhetorical question, and only after a long time did he continue, “What is so strange about this question…? I want to ask why Bai Li chose you to make the final selection with him? You aren’t one of the game anchors. At best you are better than me, Fox One and Fox Two. How can you be held so high?”

Now Wen XingYao understood. This was envy and jealousy, ah. He looked at Tang Ying and said in a rightful tone, “I’m not a little better than you guys, I’m a lot better. In the game, Bai Li and I were the first and second to enter the game, and our small huts were placed together. In reality, we also stay together every day. In terms of the length of time we’ve known each other, if I say second, no one dares to say first. That’s it. Do you still think I don’t deserve to be chosen by Bai Li?”

“Why does it sound strange when you say it? But it does make sense,” Tang Ying muttered. “It’s just that you aren’t acting like the old you. You weren’t this talkative before. Now that you’ve made it clear, I’ll get right to the point. I actually suspected that you two were having an affair, but it seems to have been a misunderstanding. Haha!”

“Having an affair?”

“Why, don’t you get it? I meant that you liked each other and were dating.” Tang Ying thought he had more written experience than Wen XingYao, so he enthusiastically popularized it for him.

However, he had no idea that this little ordinary explanation was like a thunderbolt in Wen XingYao’s mind. Like it…So that’s how it is. In that instant, he seemed to understand why he had been paying extraordinary attention to Bai Li for a long time. He was in his eyes and heart.

Without waiting for him to digest the sweet things that he suddenly noticed, Tang Ying broke off without looking at him, “XingYao, I know I just told you this, but don’t go to Bai Li and say it to him. It would be bad if he misunderstood me. I have to ask you one more thing. I’ve come to see you on purpose, but you should give me a precise time. When are you going back to the military headquarters?” 

Forget whether XingYao was acting strange, Tang Ying’s heart was actually in a panic. From the way Wen XingYao was behaving, it looked like he had no intention of going back to the military, but instead acted like he was family, entertaining them together with Bai Li and even taking care of the cooking.

“Don’t worry. I will definitely go back this month.” Wen XingYao said.

Tang Ying’s eyes were dark. It was only the beginning of the month. This person wouldn’t go back until the end of the month, right?

“My current situation isn’t too stable. Although my Genetic Collapse Disorder hasn’t continued to attack, I can’t control my human form for a long time. According to my estimation, I may need to stay with Bai Li for about ten more days before I can barely return to my original state.”

This state referred to being able to control his emotions and also being able to switch between human form and beast form at will.

Tang Ying was slightly relieved, ten days was better than twenty days, so he could accept this result. 

Besides…Wen XingYao pondered in his heart, he could not easily perceive his own true inner thoughts. Of course, he had to work hard in that direction, and before leaving, he hoped to express his feelings with Bai Li, then ask him what he thought.

The two of them chatted some more about the military department, but when they saw that it was taking a bit too long, they headed downstairs to the living room. The other door opened with a click, and the fox cub, who had mastered the art of opening doors, opened his door himself.

“Che!” The fox cub looked up at Wen XingYao, and his milk voice was full of show-off flavor.

Wen XingYao snorted coldly in his mind and ignored this cocky, show-off fox cub. Since he couldn’t change back into his human form, there was nothing to show.

Two people and one fox went downstairs together. The atmosphere downstairs was a lot more lively than before they left. Mainly Fox One and Fox Two were talking, while Bai Li occasionally replied with a few words to them.

“Hahaha! The session of this fellow netizen’s thoughts is so odd. They live on the beach to collect shells, and then use the shells found to make crafts?”

“’What do you have? Come and see what I found!’ It says it is intended to do ‘big appetite king eating broadcasting.’ It also says this live content was very popular in the Ancient Blue Star period. The problem is, he can’t get a particularly large amount of food for a while, so he hopes Mr. Developer will help him contact all the players in the same village. It’s best for everyone to save him a bite or two for his mouth, so that it’s easy for him to do a live broadcast to attract viewers who don’t have to play.”

“Ho! Good guy. That one is planning to engage in a no-brainer! I have another person here, but he is a perfect match. This person intends to live cooking dark cuisine, although I do not know what that is, but the ‘dark’ is two words, so it should be a more horrible existence, right? Two people doing so, and then eating it would be considered a mutual achievement.”

“Poof Haha! Here is a professional who does image design. Wants to ask if they can go to the game and cut the players’ hair. They’ll just put the stall at the entrance of the village, with the NPC old king as a companion. He even thought of a sign. It’s called ‘village mouth perm king master’!”

“My mom, ah! I feel this game is so interesting! Fox Two, when we finish here, we’ll go back to play, right?”

“Yes, I also have a billion heart feelings.”

Bai Li witnessed the birth of two promising players and encouraged them with their ideas. However, he also told the two beforehand that they would not necessarily be assigned to the same village after entering the game, and that they would have to level up to 30 before they could meet in the game.

“Don’t worry Mr. Bai, it’s just level 30. It’s a small thing.” Fox One showed off his biceps, indicating his combat strength.

Bai Li saw him like this, and knew they had misunderstood again, so he hurried to give them a reminder, “In Carefree Farmstead leveling up is different than in other virtual reality games. You don’t fight monsters to upgrade, you need to keep planting and harvesting. Each harvest of the same crop can give a corresponding experience, and once that experience has accumulated to a certain number, the character will only go up one level.”

After the words were said, Fox One and Fox Two looked at each other, and even the movements of their hands stopped. However, they soon regained their strength and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Bai. If the others can do it, of course we can. When the time comes, we will work hard to plant the fields, and strive to level-up as soon as possible.”

At the same time, they also quietly glanced at the courtyard. They thought that Bai Li, as the game’s developer, was too serious and responsible. In order to perfectly restore the farming scene, he also experimented in reality.

With current technology, machines had long been fully automated. For the owners of those agricultural planets, who wasn’t buying a lot of farming robots to take care of their fields. They had high efficiency and a large output, not to mention, they could completely nip any problems in the cradle.

Mr. Bai wasn’t like them. He not only dug in the earth and sowed seeds himself, but also usually took care of them himself. The weeding and insect repellent work were all done by him. Mr. Bai, was really a respectable game developer, ah! Their impression of Bai Li was solidified at that moment.

When Wen XingYao came downstairs, he saw the scene of two people casting adoring glances towards Bai Li, while also having small question marks on their heads. He wondered what had happened after he left.

The current situation didn’t allow him to ask questions, because when Bai Li found he was back, he raised his hand and called them to hurry over. “Come and see. I found a live for the fortune teller. He calls himself the game NPC’s Fortune Teller’s ‘Become a Disciple’. What is this? What is this?”

How come he didn’t know that NPCs in the game could actually take on disciples? After he took a screenshot of the application form and sent it to the group, Bai Li decided to ask the others what they thought. The answer was in that post, and Bai Li and the others were curious enough to click in and read it.

The owner directly used their game ID, 50 Liters of Tea, as their nickname in the forum. They told the whole story of their encounter and interaction with the NPC The Fortune Teller on the main floor. 50 Liters of Tea lived in the 66th newbie village, which was similar to Mushroom Village in terms of terrain. It was also a combination of large flat land with a few rivers outside the village. He had been interested in the Fortune Teller since the day he witnessed the encounter of the player Tiang Meng in Mo Song’s live stream.

His interest wasn’t about the Fortune Teller as a person, but his ability to tell fortunes, read feng shui, and determine whether a person was a good or bad person by their face, which was so cool. Such a cool skill, he wanted to have it too!

So 50 Liters of Tea didn’t even want to plant or complete the Village Chief’s Residence task. He just went on the road of no return and looked for traces of the Fortune Teller. He met the Fortune Teller at 2:00 that morning in the depths of the forest heading towards the village, and at that time, he just lunged at the person, and after he successfully stopped him, he asked if he would like to teach himself a few skills.

It didn’t have to be too complicated, and after learning the essence of the skills he could go out and surprise people. To make the story more convincing, 50 Liters of Tea posted a transcript of their chat according to his memory at the time.

50 Liters of Tea, “Sir! I finally found you! You don’t know how hard it was to find your trail! Fortunately I didn’t give up!”

The Fortune Teller, “Thank you for your help. Fortune teller, diviner, fortune teller, feng shui reader. Which one do you want me to help you with?”

50 Liters of Tea, “Hey, sir, don’t be so formal. There’s no hurry, let’s chat and get to know each other first. Look, sir, I have big eyebrows, smart and smart. Do I look like your lost pupil?”

The Fortune Teller, “You’re joking. I don’t remember taking on any disciples. Which one do you want me to read for you?”


The Fortune Teller would only repeat the same phrase for several questions in a row after that. But if fellow netizens thought 50 Liters of Tea had no chance of success, they were very wrong. 50 Liters of Tea clenched his fist and said that as long as the skin was thick enough, there was nothing that couldn’t be done.

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