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Chapter 164: The fortune teller was a person of destiny.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

When his fellow netizens first started reading, they laughed out loud. They thought that the owner would definitely flop, and not only would he not be able to learn from the Fortune Teller, but he would even miss his fortune telling time because of too much nonsense.

But soon, the smiles on their faces were replaced by amazement.

After the nth repetition, the Fortune Teller’s answer finally changed.

The Fortune Teller, “Little friend, although this old man cannot take you as a disciple, the old man once wrote his life’s work in a book. If you are a destined person, you will be able to pull this book out of the box that this old man brought.”

This statement was followed by an explanation from 50 Liters of Tea’s narration.

[The case that The Fortune Teller brings contains all the kind of goods he is able to sell at that time. And, God forbid, what he sells is actually different every time, as in the case of the incense bag bought by Tiang Meng last time, and the golden toad mentioned, which I have never seen.”

Is that what fellow netizens were concerned about? Not really! They just want to know if he ended up buying the book written by The Fortune Teller himself or not. Or was he the right person for The Fortune Teller or not?

50 Liters of Tea’s smugness was almost coming out from the words, [Ah Haha! How do I have the face to call myself the “Open Door Disciple” of The Fortune Teller? Heh, heh, heh…]

The fellow netizens simply want to “pooh-pooh” his face. Obviously The Fortune Teller had said that he wouldn’t accept people as disciples, so how could he call himself that? What face!

However, the majority of the players were still envious of him for having such a strange encounter. Fellow netizens and other players lamented. Sometimes, it was okay to be thick-skinned. That luck fell from the sky to this big thick-skinned!

50 Liters of Tea got from the Fortune Teller a book that was called “The Fortune Teller.” The whole book was bound with cotton thread, the cover was plain and the color of the paper was old. A large part of them had rough edges or folded and curled traces. The book was kept in the box for a long time.

The old book was marked with a bright enough price of 50 gold coins, a hard amount to save for a new player who had only been in the game for a few days. However, before he could make up his mind to look for the Fortune Teller, 50 Liters of Tea had a liver level comparable to Mushroom Village’s What Are You Playing? 20 out of 24 hours a day were spent on growing vegetables and practicing life skills. The first day he opened the yard to 100 pieces of land, crops were collected and sold, sold and continued to plant, then planted and sold again. The result of that continuous rotation was that he saved more than 20 gold coins in just three days.

At the same time, he also didn’t forget to spend the diamond coins to exchange 10 gold coins every day, adding up to just over 50 gold coins. 50 Liters of Tea was certain that in his village, he was the Fortune Teller’s destined match!

This became an iron-clad fact when he found the book “The Fortune Teller” in the Fortune Teller’s chest.

50 Liters of Tea proudly gave a show and presented the cover of the book he bought. The contents of the book he wouldn’t show to his fellow netizens. This was his hard obtained, important knowledge. His future was counting on them to “eat” it. Although he was dazed by the contents of the book, he was also confident that he would be able to learn something sooner or later.

However, 50 Liters of Tea felt that practice was also important in the process of learning, so he told his fellow netizens at the end of his post that he had also signed up for the Carefree Farmstead anchor recruitment, in the hopes that he would be selected as an anchor. Even if he wasn’t selected, he would work hard to become an “honorary NPC” in the game. He also made himself a signboard, and planned to go to his village entrance to set up a fortune telling stall. His fees wouldn’t be as high as his Master’s were. Only 1 gold coin was enough…

The signboard read, “A cup of tea, a pack of cigarettes, the east end of the village to sit for a day.” It might have been coarse looking, but upon closer look, someone wearing sunglasses with crossed feet like a “charlatan” was printed on the paper.

The fellow netizen exclaimed on the spot, [OMG!]

[I laughed so hard that my next-door neighbor thought someone with Genetic Collapse Disorder was in an advanced stage and was turning into a beast and sending sonic attacks around!]

[I’m laughing my ass off! This one is also a talent! What the hell is he thinking? Is he ready to grab business with NPCs?]

[The Fortune Teller: I’m glad I didn’t take you as a disciple, otherwise it would have been too much bad luck!]

[The owner is the 66th newbie village, right? Just as I am. When the opening of the building comes and you notify a few brothers to come over to you to support your field…]

[I don’t know if the owner’s calculations are accurate. If not, can you fake a penalty, ah? There are also a lot of things you can buy from the Fortune Teller. Do you have items?]

That question was followed by 50 Liters of Tea’s reply, [Thanks for the reminder! It just so happens that I learned the ‘woodworking’ life skill, and I’ll try to learn from my master a few more times while I’m at the stall. Trying to learn more from him! I believe that in a short time, I will be able to make something similar to the item he sells…]

“Seriously? This brother, ah!” Mo Song was the first to view the whole post and was the first to speak in the discussion group. “I’d like to see if he can learn to make a flower. Even if he only learned a little, the entertainment should be quite big. Now I understand the audience. Everyone likes to get together, and don’t mind watching the hilarity. Especially the first professional to start!”

Wen Chen and Zheng Yi also expressed their views, with the thought that the player 50 Liters of Tea’s idea of “live fortune telling” was quite interesting, and it was unique among the large number of applications. He had even done the preparation work, so if his application was rejected, they would feel a bit sorry for him if his application was rejected.

Song Xinran and Jiang Huaibi, who had never met the Fortune Teller before, were very curious about his existence. Now that they learned that such a player had gotten the Fortune Teller’s handwritten notes and was planning to open for business, they successively let out a sigh of regret. Why was such an interesting player not in their village?

If he was in their village, his stall would be absolutely surrounded by a lot of people.

On this matter Tang Ying, as well as Fox One and Fox Two, didn’t express their views. The former because he wanted to focus on current things rather than some illusory fate, while the latter wasn’t even in the game yet  and also wouldn’t necessarily get into the 66th novice village, so they didn’t want to raise their views in those conditions.

However they were also curious. The Fortune Teller, he sounded like an amazing person, ah! When they went back later, they would go to the forum to search for the relevant content on the Fortune Teller.

The fox cub “ow’d”, and gave a very curious look. Occasionally, his big fox eyes would flash with a few moments of thought. What exactly were these people talking about? It seemed very interesting.

Wen XingYao was concise and said only two words, “I agree.”

Bai Li’s fingers unconsciously pressed against the fox cub, as if he was giving him a massage, but all he could think about was the news he had just read from the forum.

He did remember that there was a book called “The Fortune Teller” in the items sold by the Fortune Teller, but how could he not know that this book was actually written by the Fortune Teller himself? If his memory was correct, it should have been bought for 10 coins from a pile of old books in front of a bookstore at the post-autumn harvest celebration after he went down to the world to help the humans in that world achieve a three-year bumper harvest.

This “The Fortune Teller” was a new book, but the book was the same as the one Bai Li had, both in terms of the content on the pages and the appearance of the book itself. The Fortune Teller was the only one who had ever written a book. He had never added it to the Fortune Teller’s language library. The NPCs in the game had actually added their own drama? Was this  because of the recent virtual reality game builder upgrade? Had they become more intelligent?

Bai Li thought the player called 50 Liters of Tea, should be the Fortune Teller. In order to get out of the game, the other side actually made such a terrible decision. The poor 50 Liters of Tea was still in the forum announcing their deeds, and trying to make sure everyone knew.

If, some time later, that player actually learned that the book he bought for 50 gold coins, “The Fortune Teller”, was actually an ordinary item that randomly appeared in the box. Bai Li didn’t know if he could withstand that kind of blow.

When he went online next, he needed to adjust the probability of that item quietly, to keep it from becoming a big road product, Bai Li thought.

However, 50 Liters of Tea wasn’t a bad deal. The book wasn’t written by the Fortune Teller, but instead it was penned by a very famous master of numerology in that other world. If he could read through the entire text and understand most of the content, he really could do fortune telling for other people.

 Was this also considered to be a good thing? Or maybe it was serendipitous?

“Since everyone thinks this player has a good idea, let’s make sure he does,” Bai Li said.

That player also used his unique idea to attract the attention of all the judges.

After deciding to include 50 Liters of Tea in the final list of hosts, a few people buried their heads and looked at the applicants again. Since the number of applicants was still high after the initial screening, they came up with an idea to group them according to their village numbers, and put their application forms together for each village where there were several players who had signed up, and focus on the selection that way.

Mo Song and the anchors worked together to select candidates from the villages that had fewer applicants. They soon pulled out the ones they thought were good, and then handed them over to Bai Li and Wen XingYao to discuss and select the five most suitable people to fill out the final list.

The ten people were busy until 23:00 late at night, halfway through a hasty dinner with nutrient solution, to get done before the arrival of March 5 to finish all the work, when all the anchor candidates had to be picked out. After that, as long as Bai Li boarded the official website backstage, issued the relevant announcement, and set up the self-service signing mode, everything was done.

Jiang Huaibi posted an emoji of a hamster rolling around in the discussion group.

Song Xinran also felt the same way. “Yeah, these ideas are less repetitive, and I have to make up my mind what they will be like when they are live. Whether they will be boring or interesting, before I can make a decision.”

Zheng Yi smiled lightly and said, “Everyone’s imagination is still quite rich. With today’s Genetic Collapse Disorder being so common, that they can still maintain such an optimistic and energetic attitude to life, I’m not worried about beating this disease.”

Wen Chen, “What impressed me more were the food preparation anchors. Dark cooking, flipping sugar cakes, N ways of making milk tea, and the possibility of eating raw sea fish… If I could, I wish I could get to level 30 sooner and go to the villages where these anchors are located and do a tasting of the food they make.”

Mo Song immediately sent out a thumbs up emoji. “Brother, if you are desperate enough, even with the dark cuisine, you aren’t afraid that after eating what that person made, that your character in the game might be mutated?”

Wen Chen hurriedly withdrew the message he sent and re-sent it after modifying it. Others in the discussion group watched as the “dark cuisine” disappeared from the message.

“…” This Carefree Farmstead anchor was a good one!

“Thank you all for coming to help me out today. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to finish this huge amount of work without you,” Bai Li said in the discussion group. “After this, I will give you all a small gift in the game. You remember to check in your backpacks later!”

Bai Li was planning to do a secret operation, and let the gift fall directly in their backpacks.

Who could resist a “lucky gift” in the game? Bai Li’s words were quickly replaced by drooling starry-eyed emoticons.

It didn’t matter what the gift was, the main thing was that they liked doing this job. It would be great if he could continue to find them next time he had such an opportunity.

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