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Chapter 63: AU Extra 5: Chocolate Wine Heart

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

Han Tian pushed his cigarette into the ashtray, and looked at Qiao Xi in silence.

“Uh… I really just made a mistake… I didn’t think…” Han Tian’s silence made Qiao Xi even more nervous.

“Why do you want to apologize?” Han Tian suddenly snapped.

“Huh…?” Qiao Xi scratched his head and whispered, “Because I wronged you.”

“… Actually, it’s nothing.” Han Tian’s voice became extraordinarily low. “Besides, have you ever thought that I might not really be a good person?”

“No, no.” Qiao Xi shook his head. “Even if you are a demon… Ah, no, I don’t mean that… I mean, even if you’re really not a good person, but, what you haven’t done is what you haven’t done, and I can’t accuse you wrongly.”

Han Tian was silent again.

After half a minute, he reached out and rubbed a handful of Qiao Xi’s fluffy-looking hair and said softly, “It’s okay. You were just doubting me, I gave you proof, and you accepted it.”

Speaking of “proof”, for no reason at all, Qiao Xi’s face turned red.

And Han Tian’s hand rubbing around on top of his head also made him blush even more. 

“So what, in the future you have to prove, don’t… Don’t use this way, you, you say it properly and I’ll listen,” Qiao Xi muttered.

“Just now what way?” Han Tian asked rhetorically.

“Just, uh, using your mouth to put candy in my mouth or something… It’s too, too weird.” Qiao Xi turned red and muttered.

However, it doesn’t seem to be a curse?

At least for now, he was still standing here normally.

“Well…” Han Tian looked at him thoughtfully, a wry light flashed in his eyes. “You don’t like this way?”

This demon said this while moving his finger to Qiao Xi’s red lips and gently rubbing it.

“That…” Qiao Xi’s face turned red.

He took a step back and tried to finish his sentence, “We use our hands to pass things there! If you want to prove that it’s just a piece of candy, you can tell me and then hand it to my mouth.”

“Oh…” Han Tian looked like he understood. “So, you guys use your hands to pass food there?”

Qiao Xi blinked, thinking that Han Tian’s question made no sense at all. “Yes.”

“But,” Han Tian said with a bit of an unquestionable tone, “here, if we trust each other, we often pass food by mouth!”

“Eh? Is that so?” Qiao Xi was stunned. Is this a habit in the human world? How come I never learned it? —Of course, it doesn’t include that I fell asleep in class while the teacher was talking about this section…

“Of course,” Han Tian said with conviction.

“Oh…” Qiao Xi scratched his head.

“So yeah, that act just now, besides proving it, is to express our trust in each other,” Han Tian said seriously.

Before Qiao Xi could react, the demon added slowly, “Do you think that you are not worthy of my trust?”

Qiao Xi was shocked and thought, No, I have to trust you in order for me to catch you in the act!

Without even thinking, he blurted out, “No, of course you can trust me!”

“Mn.” Han Tian nodded. “I think so too.”

“So, we can still pass the food between us in this way, no problem, right?” Han Tian asked calmly and naturally.

“Ah… No problem…” Although Qiao Xi always felt that there was something wrong, in this situation, he could only say with a hard head, “No problem.”

The corner of Han Tian’s mouth curled slightly and he asked, “Did you cry just now?”

“… What? Me? No, no!” Qiao Xi hastily denied it. He didn’t want to remind Han Tian of those unpleasant past events again, so let him think he didn’t know anything.

“Then what happened to your eyes? So red?” Han Tian touched the corners of his eyes again.

“… Smoked by smoke. Yes, I’m allergic to cigarettes.” Qiao Xi looked around, saw the ashtray, and casually made up an excuse.

“So.” Han Tian laughed out loud. “Then I’m really sorry, I rarely smoked in the first place, and I won’t smoke anymore.”

After hearing this, looking at Han Tian’s smiling face, Qiao Xi suddenly felt, Ah… This demon is actually quite considerate at heart… Besides, he smiles so well and draws so well… Maybe he’s not such a bad demon?

Seeing that Qiao Xi was silent again, Han Tian asked softly. “Hmm? What are you thinking about?” 

“Oh, nothing.” Qiao Xi covered up in a panic, then said casually, “Well, I have wronged you today, do you need me to make it up to you?”

Well, back in Angel Academy, if Miquel wronged me for not finishing my homework or something, he would always give me half of his cupcake afterwards as compensation.

“Compensation?” Han Tian repeated these two words, licked his lips and said, “How do you want to compensate me?”

Qiao Xi scratched his head. “When you pay me a salary… I’ll buy you candy?”

Qiao Xi remembered very well, the agreement said that the salary is settled by week! Seven more days, and I’m no longer a low-level angel of poverty!

Han Tian laughed out loud., “You want to give me candy? You don’t have to wait until you get paid, just use the chocolate in your room.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened with delight. “Eh? The chocolates in my room, can I use them all?”

“Yes.” Han Tian raised his hand and poked his cheek again. “They’re all yours. Bring it to me, keep it for yourself, it’s all good.”

“Really?!” Qiao Xi’s eyes were bright, he looked like he wanted to run back immediately. “Then can we go back a little earlier?”

Han Tian nodded. “Of course.”

After coming out of the dark alley, Han Tian led Qiao Xi, said hello to Evans, and left.

Qiao Xi looked at Evans who was sitting alone on the couch drinking, and thought to himself, Well, I must report to Miquel tonight and ask him to find out if Evans is a demon.

After they returned to Han Tian’s apartment, Han Tian walked to his bedroom while dropping the words, “I’m going to take a shower first, you come to me later with your ‘compensation’.”

Qiao Xi froze and then understood. “Oh, chocolate, right? Okay.”

After saying that, Qiao Xi ran into his room, uncovered the blanket covering the chocolate, and took two deep breaths into the rich aroma—it was so comfortable that his eyes even squinted.

He really wanted to peel all these candies right away. Still, he didn’t forget his business: first, he turned on his communicator and gave Miquel a report on the day’s progress.

“So, that’s it, Han Tian and this Evans are especially close, and I always suspect that this Evans is also a demon,” Qiao Xi emphasized.

“Oh… The name Evans sounds, well, familiar,” Miquel said, “I’ll check out the identity of this Evans. Also, are you saying that you accompanied Han Tian to the painting show today and then to the bar—he trusts you that much?”

“Yeah…yeah.” Qiao Xi was slightly flustered. For some unexplained reason, he didn’t really want to tell Miquel that he had signed an agreement with Han Tian and that he was now his assistant.

“Oh, so you’re doing well.” Miquel exclaimed, “That’s great. I was worried that you’d only be able to tie him up with a spell and bring him back, and that you wouldn’t be able to get any evidence at all.”

After being praised by Miquel, Qiao Xi said with a little bit of smugness, “I’m not good at exams, but I’m very good at combat!” 

After cutting off the communication, Qiao Xi turned his attention back to the plate of chocolates…

Well… Let’s take them all and let Han Tian choose the ones he likes first.

With that in mind, Qiao Xi reluctantly sniffed the chocolates again, carried the silver plate full of colorful candies, and knocked on Han Tian’s door.

The door was unlocked and opened with a light touch.

There was no one in the room, there was only the sound of rushing water coming from the attached bathroom, and it looked like Han Tian was still in the shower.

Qiao Xi looked around and put the plate on the coffee table.

Just when he hesitated to go out first, the sound of water stopped.

Han Tian, with a towel wrapped around his waist, stepped out of the bathroom.

Although he had already seen it once in the morning, now there was another version with moisture. Qiao Xi could not help but purse his lips, wanting to move his eyes away but could not, wanting to speak but did not know what to say.

Finally, he could barely hold in a sentence. “Why aren’t you wearing clothes again?”

Han Tian froze for a moment and replied, “You wear clothes when you take a shower?”

Qiao Xi turned red and said, “I’ll get dressed before I leave the bathroom.”

Han Tian frowned and said, “That’s your habit,” while pulling out the drawer and taking out the loungewear. “This is my room.”

With that, he let go of the towel and began to get dressed.

Qiao Xi, who thought he was going to see something big, widened his eyes and cursed in his heart that oops demon was shameless while desperately imagining that a certain part would be the same as the statue’s in the back garden? Will it be even more spectacular than the statue’s?

However, what made him happy—or disappointed—was that a second before the towel fell, Han Tian turned around, leaving him with only a back view.

Although the back is also very beautiful, but, but I still feel a little short of it… Qiao Xi skimmed his lips with slight regret.

Han Tian put on a light gray loungewear, came over, sat on the sofa, looked at the silver tray on the coffee table and said, “Well? You brought it all here? Don’t you love to eat it yourself?”

Qiao Xi stared at the colorful chocolates, and his tone a bit regretful and “righteous”, replied, “Well, I said I would make it up to you, you pick first, I’ll eat after I’m done.” He now has chocolate in his eyes and heart, and can’t even think about how Han Tian knows he loves chocolate.

Han Tian laughed and said casually, “I choose first? Then give me the dark gold one with the rum inside.”

“Wow.” Qiao Xi pushed the plate a little bit in Han Tian’s direction.

However, Han Tian just looked at him and didn’t do anything.

“?” A question mark appeared on Qiao Xi’s face.

“Why do I have to do it myself? Aren’t you compensating me? Shouldn’t you take it and give it to me?” Han Tian asked.

“Oh…” Qiao Xi thought the man had a point, so he picked out the chocolate and handed it over.

Han Tian raised his eyebrows. “Peel it off.”

“… Oh.” Since he had already taken it and handed it over, it seemed logical to peel it open for him?

So Qiao Xi withdrew his hand and used his white fingers to start peeling the dark golden sugar paper with little skill.

Watching Qiao Xi’s movements, Han Tian suddenly asked, “Have you ever eaten wine heart chocolate before?” 

“Mn, I have.” Qiao Xi nodded his head while peeling. “I evolved… No, when I graduated from middle school, in order to reward me, my senior gave me one, it was so sweet and delicious.”

Other than that, he has never eaten this kind of chocolate with alcohol again. Perhaps it was because the Angel Academy forbade cadets from drinking alcohol, and there were never any alcoholic chocolates inside the daily sweets.

As for the one Miquel gave him at that time, I don’t know where he got it from. Perhaps, Miquel brought it back from the earthly realm?

“Okay, peel it!” Qiao Xi pinched that chocolate and was ready to stuff it to Han Tian.

“Hmm? You are going to stuff it to me with your hand?” Han Tian asked with a frown.

“Eh?” Qiao Xi looked at him blankly, his hand frozen in the air.

“What did you say at the bar?” Han Tian dutifully prompted.

Qiao Xi remembered the conversation and asked uncertainly, “… With… Here?” His other hand subconsciously pointed at his lips.

Han Tian nodded slowly, his eyes deep and dark. He lifted his hand and brushed his fingertips over Qiao Xi’s lips.

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September 11, 2023 12:28 pm

QX is really the dumbest and most gullible ~ whether as a Demon or Angel 🤦‍♀️😄
His poor little brain can’t help but go south every time HT is in a state of undress.
I’ve a feeling he’ll be well acquainted with the larger aspects of HT before too long 🤭
As for the chocolate; he’s going to eaten alive.
Heads should roll in Heaven, for ever sending out Angels so ill equipped to deal with the culture of life on earth!
Thanks Addis and Kiramekineko for the chapter.

September 11, 2023 2:42 pm

WX31 said it well👍🏻

It makes QX appear adorable like a bumbling puppy 🐶

September 11, 2023 9:23 pm

They’re both so naughty 😂

Official LMW release!

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