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Chapter 175: Forum Horror Story

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The Blind Box Conference at the 55th Newbie Village, now known as Carefree Village, was just the beginning.

The players who had just entered the game had been very enthusiastic about the game, and this enthusiasm was reflected in how they farmed and did tasks. As long as the number of lazy people in a village was within an acceptable range, it was almost time for them to complete the first design option for the Village Chief’s Residence task in the next two days.

Sure enough, after Carefree Village, there were other villages that came in one after another. Some of these villages successfully completed the process of changing their names, receiving gifts and opening blind boxes live, but there were a few villages that were stuck in the process of changing their names.

For those players, they wanted to change the village name but got a [That village name has been used] message, so they brought their depression and anger to the game forum.

[I took the name ‘Peach Blossom Village’ and it was used. Changed it to ‘Apricot Blossom Village’ and it was still used. Then changed it to ‘Pear Blossom Village’ and it was still taken over. The ‘Chrysanthemum Village’ was even taken…Think about it or forget it, it is not necessary. So family, what else can I name the village? QAQ!]

[I envy the big brother upstairs (I read your basic data before replying). I am different since I thought of so many names. I tried ‘Peachy Village’, ‘Food Village’, ‘Cleverly Wonderful Village’, and ‘Interstellar Agricultural Demonstration Village’ successively. These are not a series of names, but they were all used. Finally, I had to take ‘Cooked Rice Village’, and was almost beaten by the whole village. Sobbing. These guys don’t look at the way they usually eat, they are just working hard!]

[I envy the simple and memorable names you can take upstairs…I’m still bald now, like our planet with a food name. It always feels a bit uncomfortable, but before I thought of a good name they were all snatched up. Now well, blind, hey…]

At this point, a forum fellow netizen used the “Luoyang shovel.” They put the shovel down, shoveled up a certain post from half a month ago, and came to inform those cries from the first places, [Do not cry. I’ve shoveled up the post of What Are You Playing? That the big man used the forum to ask for the name of the village, so hurry up and copy the answer. You’re quick to have it, slow to get it!]

Many people remembered that the big man did send such a post, where many fellow netizens enthusiastically gave advice, followed by thousands of layers. Excluding the duplicates and those where they simply couldn’t use the name, who was to say? There might be one or two hundred that can be used as the village name, right?

Especially once they had gotten on the forum to cry, the players became happy. Now their village name was saved, so they quickly dried their tears and ran to choose a concubine…Oh no, it was to choose a name.

There were several catchy and good names that had caused several people to fight for them, but in the end they were picked up by the people who took the names directly from the quarrel and secretly ran online to change their own village name, which caused a lot of cursing.

This time, the players who had the qualifications to change the name had a more painful experience. If you find a name you like, do not have a moment of hesitation, directly rush to grab it, ah! Maybe a second later, the name will be taken away by others!

Whenever a player succeeded in changing the name of the village using the name given by fellow netizens in the post, they would leave words of thanks on that floor as if they were performing some kind of devotional ceremony. On the one hand, they really thanked the owner for saving their bald head. On the other hand, they also left a mark to let the latter know that the name has been used and others didn’t have to consider it.

Later, another player left a reward of forum coins for the owner on the floor that was selected.

The forum coins could only be exchanged for various goods and game peripherals provided by the official owner of the forum, the Holographic Game Design Competition, but they could also be withdrawn directly after paying part of it. It wasn’t too different from normal currency.

Someone had started a trend, and subsequently other players of the same village also sent rewards, one after another. Individually, it didn’t look like much, but together it could be hundreds of thousands in income. After that, other village players also learned the method, both to get their village a name, to express their gratitude to the enthusiastic fellow netizen, but also, to some extent, to play a role in the promotion of their village.

Later, more and more fellow netizens left village names in that post, with the thought that they might be able to earn a fortune while helping. And that post, a few years later, was also known as the game forum “gold,” the heaviest of the posts.

Of course, that was an afterthought. Let’s not mention it.

After a burst of soldiers and horses, everyone completed the tasks to meet the requirements of the village chief and officially finished changing their name, so they could proceed to the next step.

A number of players in the forum got on their high horses and gloated on the sidelines, as they made fun of those few players for being flustered. It wasn’t at all in line with the game’s laid-back, self-effacing purpose, and had the demeanor of a game bigwig.

Those teasing words were seen by one of the finished villages with the first style house, who hadn’t yet completely quit the forum. Those people sneered and left their own prophecy, [Heh, we are still lucky to have so many names to choose from. When the next three styles of mansions are completed one after another, let’s see if you can still find a few good names. Be careful when you are picked bald…]

Seriously, this was simply a forum horror story, ah!

At the same time, regardless of the previous exit flirting, or the silent spectators who watched the hilarity, they all were hit by a jolt of fear, and they reacted to pat their chests to appease their thumping little hearts.

Yes, what were they gloating over? Those people at least had an official village name. They hadn’t even completed the task yet. Those who chose the first few styles were less stressed, those players who chose the most difficult palatial residence by this time had put on masks of pain.

Ahhhhhhh! They didn’t expect that while they were frantically collecting quest materials that they would have to help keep an eye on the available village names. Otherwise when the quest was completed, they wouldn’t get a good and memorable village name, and that would be too bad, ah.

The completed village with the first style house saw the players’ reaction and were finally satisfied with the pace of their relatives, and left the game forum in high spirits.

On the other side, Zhu MoLing, who had re-entered the game, listened to the daily reports of Fox One and Fox Two.

“Hmm? A child from our side family is actually the disciple of the person who adopted me?” Zhu MoLing learned from Fox One that Song Xinran had come to Bai Li’s house as a guest, and became interested in a few points about his identity.

“Yes. He followed the elders of the family once during a family dinner a few years ago. Fox Two and I recognized him, and directly identified ourselves to him to avoid unnecessary trouble. That kid looked like an honest one, and also promised us that he wouldn’t say anything outwardly that he shouldn’t, so we should be able to trust him,” Fox One said.

“Well, that’s good.” Zhu MoLing nodded. He no longer continued that topic, but talked about the game. “By the way, how is your material collection? Remember to give me extra, ah. I went to the village chief to check, and there were dozens of players ranked in front of me. We three still have to continue to work hard. I also went to the game forum to take a look, and found that a village name can’t be repeated, and many suitable village names have been taken. I don’t know when our turn comes, if there will still be a few good names left.”

“Patriarch, don’t worry. Fox One and I will go collect materials later. I will make sure you become the first in contributions before the task is completed. As for the name of the village, according to the progress of our village, there is still a long way to go. That issue isn’t urgent, we can take our time to think,” Fox Two said.

Zhu MoLing was very satisfied with the positive attitude of his two subordinates, and said thoughtfully, “Besides you two, I will also try to collect materials. By the way, the money transferred to you before, have you received it? The money isn’t much. In a few days it should be used up, so you remember to mention it to me when you run out. I will transfer another amount to you. Even if it is enough, you guys accompany me in the game activity funds.”

After hearing Zhu MoLing’s words, Fox One and Fox Two’s expressions went blank for a moment, then the same thought came to their minds. In the Patriarch’s mind, 500,000 star coins could only be considered “not much?” Plus the Patriarch hadn’t forgotten that as his subordinates and bodyguards, they were already receiving a very high salary, ah.

Before they would say that their degree of kryptonite was, on order, still light. This was being forced to be kryptonite, ah!

Ah, this sweet, and painful trouble.

“Thank you Patriarch, the money is still enough!” Fox One and Fox Two said in the same breath.

Zhu MoLing was very satisfied, and waved his hand to disband the team, admonishing the two to do what they should do.

Fox One and Fox Two left Zhu MoLing’s house with strange expressions. It wasn’t until they had walked some distance away, enough to make sure Zhu MoLing couldn’t hear their conversation, that Fox Two asked softly, “Fox One, how much of the money the Patriarch gave you, did you spend?”

Fox One looked up at the sky. “Just that bit when I got the money. I bought 100 costume surprise boxes in one go. After that I used it piecemeal. Now there are still more than 400,000. I estimate that I can spend this money for several months.”

The game store only sells the necessities of life, such as furniture, fertilizer and spring water. The Patriarch gave too much. They simply couldn’t spend it all!

Their Patriarch also said that the money would be spent in a few days. Were they really playing the same game?

“Hey, forget it. Everyone plays the game in a different way. Let’s just spend the money at our own pace, and save the Patriarch some trouble.” Fox One set down the decision.

As for Zhu MoLing’s way of spending money, they weren’t allowed to have a say. Anyway, the Patriarch had money, more than enough!

Fox Two listened to the straight talk. When the two were about to part at a fork in the road, he raised a question, “Right. Fox One, you talked about when we finish the Village Chief’s Residence task, what name will our Patriarch give the village, ah?”

This question stumped Fox One for a moment, then he confidently guessed, “It should be called ‘Heavenly Fox Village’, or it will be called ‘Fox Village.’ Don’t you know, for our Patriarch in taking that name it really doesn’t take much talent. They will look at our name and will know it well.”

As long as those two names weren’t taken, it was a 99% probability that it would be one of them.

Fox Two remembered the names of the two brothers, and nodded heavily in agreement.

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