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Chapter 176: Dream Linkage

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Ever since the Imperial Research Institute published the test data of each virtual reality game that had gone online that year, the word of mouth about Carefree Farmstead had been in a state of fermentation.

At first, the fellow netizens who had never heard of the game had a certain perception of the game. This game was farming? How boring was that? And those items in the game store looked ordinary. They weren’t as gorgeous as the weapons in other virtual reality games, but they were actually so expensive. You still want to cheat us out of our kryptonite? Oh, funny!

Although these people weren’t interested in the Carefree Farmstead attitude, they were still curious about why such a seemingly boring game had up to a 90% “Spiritual Pacification Estimate.” So, they took from an informed fellow netizen and the recommendation of a game player, and they found the live broadcasts of the game Carefree Farmstead.

After that look, they decidedly found the true meaning.

The hard work of planting, the joy of harvest. They looked at the game anchors who had smiles of delight on their faces, and the fellow netizens who seemed to feel the same, and were a bit sad that the ripe crops were mercilessly sold.

On calm afternoons, the riverside fishing spots were crowded. When a big fish came out of the water, there would be a cheer. With good items, there would be small tricks to make the fish take the hook, and every time there was a lively discussion on the pop-up screen.

The older fellow netizens were very interested in these live broadcasts, and all kinds of gifts were thrown at them with a swish.

Slightly younger fellow netizens preferred the shows about treasure hunting and exploring in the forest, as well as digging in the mines and having a lucky encounter with the mine elves. Every time a special ingredient was found, or a special gem was dug up, the live broadcaster would get a large number of gifts and a loud cry of “hurry up, hurry up,” which was also a sweet annoyance.

There were some fellow netizens who had a strong desire to know about livestock farming. From the construction of chicken villas, ducklings and goslings, to fully automated rearing, as well as the pink and tender pigs. Pigs could be sold for many copper coins a catty after they were raised, and they expressed a hundred thousand elements of curiosity. Some viewers even boldly predicted that raising pigs was the wealth code of this game. The more you raised, the faster you would get rich.

Mo Song also made a visit to the live themes of the game. His game had reached level 20, the players’ piggy bank. It was his fellow netizen’s 100,000 who had said, “if you really want to get rich by raising pigs, then come to the game to try, ah.”

His fellow netizens were so angry that they threw a bunch of “stinky tofu” and “snail powder” gifts to express their inner discontent. If they could really get into the game, who would come to watch the live stream?

Such content belonged to the mainstream of the Carefree Farmstead live broadcasts. The anchors also had their own live features. The program selection was sufficient, and the audiences said they simply couldn’t get tired of watching. Some of the non-mainstream live content also had large audiences.

But if someone was to count where the most traffic was for live was, it was for “culinary delicacies.”

After they experienced the 30% taste and smell sync, the Interstellar people, who had long been poisoned by nutrient solutions and natural food without taste, had tears of sorrow flowing from the corners of their mouths.

[AH! This! Is! A! Freaking! Divine! Game! Why does the food in this game have such a rich flavor that my poor imagination can’t even imagine? It is no exaggeration to say that when I lay in the gaming pod and ate my first bite of white steamed bun, my whole body went limp and weak. My mind only remembered the sweet and delicious taste. This…and it is only 30% of the consumption effect? I won’t believe it, unless I go into the game and take another bite! I want more…]

[Help! I’m addicted to this game! I’ve tasted at least 100 kinds of food since I started watching the live stream. Some they made themselves, more from the item Food Basket, but whether it’s the former or the latter, it tastes the same, woo-hoo!]

[At one point, I thought I would spend a day eating all the food that had appeared in this live stream, and as soon as there was a repeat, I’d quit and go to the next one. Now, three days have passed, and I still can’t get out of this live room…]

[Believe it or not, I have almost fifty Carefree Farmstead food-related hosts in my favorites list, and I didn’t even let go of the one who was live cooking dark food. In order to watch these live streams, I took my annual leave from work, and every morning when I open my eyes, I click on the first live stream, seamlessly until I go to bed at 2 am. I have never been so serious except when I was in my student days!]

[Watching Carefree Farmstead’s live food broadcasts…even the nutrition solutions became more delicious. In just a few days, I’ve gained a whole five pounds, it’s horrible!]


Counting the bouts of wailing that appeared in the starblog and game forum, fellow netizens realized that the game Carefree Farmstead was simply toxic! It wasn’t a boring farming game, it was a treasure game that all Interstellar people were waiting for and hoping for. Some didn’t want to play, but once they played, their souls were hooked!

The Interstellar people were inexplicably divided into three camps.

The first camp was the lucky players who had already grabbed a place in the game and entered the world of Carefree Farmstead to have fun. The second camp were the cloud players and fellow netizens who knew about Carefree Farmstead as soon as the game went online or before March 5th and wanted to grab a slot in the game but couldn’t do so.

The last camp were the remaining people who learned about it through the Imperial Research Institute’s published test report, the first time they knew there was such a game. At first they felt disdain, but after watching the lives, these fellow netizens decided to become fans.

The recent mania that had appeared on Starnet had a minimal impact on the first camp. People from the second camp turned it into self-serving water, as they frantically promoted the game Carefree Farmstead and various live streams related to the game to people from the third camp in all corners of Starnet. With their efforts, most people, except the marginal poor Starnet user Interstellar people, were aware of the game and opened their mouths wide to say “I want to play” once they learned about it.

However…There were only 1 million game quotas, and except for the spots remaining in the hands of the game’s developer, Bai Li, there were no extra quotas to take out for those people to experience.

The game had been up for so many days, and the mood of wanting to play the game finally transformed from quantitative to qualitative. A third camp member yelled out, and left bold words on his starblog, then ate the game in question on the spot.

Next time never change your email, [@Carefree FarmsteadV Ow, ow, ow! I can’t stand it! It’s not farming, it’s not fishing, it’s not mining and gathering and cooking and woodworking! The game quota cannot come around. I am the first in reality, where practice can always be the same! Look, brothers and sisters, I have already bought the tools. Wait for it, I’m about to become a farming big man! [Photo] X3]

The fellow netizens were curious and opened the picture to find three screenshots of a list of paid products on Taotao.

In the pictures, there were: N large round flower pots (color and style were also different); N large bags of fresh soil from an agricultural planet; N large bags of universal fertilizer from the agricultural planet; N buckets of clean mountain water; 20 bags of seeds of various vegetables; and nine different shapes and functions of farming tools.

Those who didn’t understand, thought that this was wholesale, those who did know already showed an astonished expression. It looked like that old man was planning to start a farming life in reality! In his own home!

After they realized what that big brother intended to do, the majority of his fellow netizen first habitually frowned. They thought that this person was full of nothing to do, to actually whimsically plant on his planet of residence. Wasn’t this a waste of time as well? To go to all that effort when you could watch a few games live. Didn’t it smell?

However, when they calmed down and thought about it carefully, they had a slight feeling of being moved. They’d learned from the players of Carefree Farmstead that turning over the soil in front of their homes, planting something, it feels…It seems like it’s not impossible?

The torn people were still considering the consequences of doing the same, while the decisive people had run to Starnet to place an order.

Duan Yue, was a mediocre store owner on TaoTao. The store was handed down from his parents, and he usually sold some vegetables and crop seeds, as well as a variety of common farming tools from the Ancient Blue Star. The former generally got large orders, which were purchases from various agricultural planets. These orders were usually arranged in hundreds of thousands of packages, and they were ordered for a whole year. After he packed them at home and delivered the goods, he wasn’t busy for about a year.

The latter words were because now there were more convenient and fast farming robots. Ancient Blue Star farming tools had long been outdated, and were out of style, so the monthly sales weren’t high. Customers who bought them generally used them as collection items.

Who didn’t not have a special collection hobby?

With the above two sales situations, made it so that inside the store wasn’t too busy, Duan Yue only needed to spend a little time every day to manage the store, while the rest of his time could be used to pick feet.

He surfed on the starblogs, flooded the game forum, sent pop-ups and gifts during the live broadcast, and even entered a virtual reality game to play for an hour. All of these weren’t a problem.

As early as a month ago, Duan Yue knew about Carefree Farmstead, also tried to grab the game quota, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the hand speed, and twice he was unable to grab it. While he waited for the next game quota to be released, his recent routine had become to watch various Carefree Farmstead game lives and pay attention to the news related to the game on Starnet.

When the Imperial Research Institute’s test report came out, he was undoubtedly very proud that his favorite game was actually such a great game, so he was even more enthusiastic about promoting it to his friends and family.

When a fellow netizen proposed to learn from the players in the game and plant in reality, Duan Yue laughed and said that buddy was really a talent. At that time, he didn’t realize that something was approaching him.


The sound alert representing a new order coming in on the workbench began to ring wildly, one after another, without breaking off at all.

Duan Yue ran over on his hands and knees to take a look, and found that the sales of goods in his own Taotao store had actually exploded. Only then did he realize, after the fact. His own store, it seemed, and Carefree Farmstead were linked?

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