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Chapter 177: The first batch of wine was made.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The crazy fellow netizens were like locusts crossing the border, and no grass grew where they went. The soil necessary for planting, the stock was unavailable in seconds. After they consulted customer service, it said that they had to go digging for it now, so buyers were advised to wait patiently for a period of time.

Nowadays, there were fewer people who needed to use flower pots, so after the stock pots were snatched up, fellow netizens had a brainstorm. They played with the idea of soup pots, buckets, plastic pots, and drinking cups. After these were also out of stock, there were people who had a bright idea to buy up cement, bricks and other materials that could build a pit on the spot, intending to do it themself, while they waited for the abundance of food.

No pots, no buckets, building their own containers…

Fertilizer and spring water were barely considered optional things. The former wasn’t used for the growth of plants and would only have a little impact, the latter could be exchanged with the water at home instead.

As for the farming tools, that spot was robbed no matter what. The fellow netizens said they could use materials readily available at home to DIY some. The shape wasn’t important, digging the soil was.

The most important thing was still the seeds. Compared to the grain seeds, the seeds of vegetables and some fruits were more popular.

Because the goods were prepared in the early morning, many stores lazily marked their shelves with “999,999,999 +” or a larger number, while fellow netizens also had 13 numbers in mind, as they feared that the seeds wouldn’t live, although newcomers wouldn’t buy too much. So they bought the top ten to twenty packets. In the end, it actually became the easiest item to buy as the “essential item for farming.”

Those who were suffering were those who opened a store to do business.

Duan Yue was one of them.

With an intoxicated face, he woke up from the dream linkage with Carefree Farmstead, and he was faced with an endless number of seed orders, as heavy as a mountain and as vast as the sea.

From 9:00 when his fellow netizens “I’ll never change my email next time” message was sent out, until 23:00, late at night, he spent the whole day, except for the necessary time for eating and running to the toilet, on a non-stop cycle of packing and shipping, packing and shipping.

Even the body seems to have a memory. Packing to a person’s back, even if the head was empty, the hands could automatically find the corresponding seeds according to the order, do the packaging, and then send out through a special logistics channel.

As he worked hard, Duan Yue deeply regretted it. Had he known that there would be such a day, he would have been equipped with a special shipping robot instead of just saving money. Now, well, he had a similar situation to the store owners who had broken through the robot manufacturer’s door. He wants shipping robots, but it had to wait until early tomorrow morning at the earliest.

He had to send the goods overnight!

His hands were sore, his heart was tired. How could these fellow netizens be so crazy? Obviously, one by one, these Starnet messages appeared in TaoTao…

Duan Yue muttered while he worked, even as he didn’t forget to save some vegetable seeds for himself. When the shipping robot was in place early tomorrow morning, he also wanted to try. Hehehe!

Bai Li learned about this news only after he quit the game that night. He nodded his head in approval. “This group of fellow netizens, they have a lot of ideas.” 

Wen XingYao, who had visited his fellow netizen’s “Next time I will never change my email” blog and saw the comments underneath, said, “This group of fellow netizens are very thoughtful.” From his tone of voice, Wen XingYao heard something, so he turned back to a lion and took the initiative to put his tail into the hands of his boyfriend, then controlled the tail tip flame to maintain the right temperature, before he asked, “What is there to tell? Why do you say they are very thoughtful? Bai Li, did you find something?”

It was no wonder Wen XingYao would ask that. As the person who paid the most attention to Bai Li, even as early as Song Xinran, when Tang Ying and Song Xinran talked about the issue of the change in the taste of vegetables after growing them by themselves in reality, he noticed that Bai Li’s reaction at that time didn’t seem to be the same as usual.

However, many times Bai Li’s emotions were light, while he had a casual and laid-back temperament. Wen XingYao couldn’t guess Bai Li’s thoughts at the time, so he temporarily held down his mood and just waited for the right time to ask in detail.

The result was that Bai Li took the initiative to bring up the topic.

When he heard Wen XingYao’s question, Bai Li, while he played with the big tail in his hand, replied, “It’s not really a discovery, I just think that it’s not a bad thing to grow things yourself in reality. Although it will take more time than in the game, there is a high probability that they will harvest natural food with a bit of flavor like Xiao Song did, right?”

That possibility could only be described as great. However, it could be a wrong guess about why the vegetables he and Xiao Song grew had more flavor than the ones from the planets where they were usually planted, or maybe it was just a chance situation. There was no way to guarantee.

After all, Bai Li himself knew why he could grow vegetables so tasty and fast in reality. In addition to his own experience, it was also in large part because of the grass and wood clear spirit nourishment. Every time he took care of those precious vegetables, he would habitually use a little bit of grass and wood clear spirit to cover their roots, so the vegetables grown would be delicious.

In addition Song Xinran, practically lived with him not long ago, and a master and disciple when they got along would inevitably also be covered with some grass and wood clear spirit. Although the amount was small, for plants it would also have a considerable impact. Maybe if Song Xinran planted vegetables on an agricultural planet they would also be delicious. There was also that possible reason in his head.

Bai Li did not explain all of that to Wen XingYao. The grass and wood clear spirit was already miraculous because of its ability to cure Genetic Collapse Disorder. If it had the added function of making vegetables become tasty again, he was afraid that the whole Empire would explode, right?

He still had to take his time and see if there were details he hadn’t discovered.

Wen XingYao, on the other hand, had been thinking about what Bai Li said. If things really developed as Bai Li speculated, then he had a feeling that this would become a new trend. Those Interstellar people who had long been bored with the taste of food in reality would definitely start farming like crazy.

However, now was only the beginning. Those netizens who bought related materials in a big way, now a large piece was to follow their lives. Until the results were in front of them, the attitude towards this couldn’t be considered serious.

Never mind, let’s take it one step at a time and see.

After that, the two stayed in the living room for a while. While they occasionally started up a talk about the game, more often than not they just quietly stayed together, and sat together in a harmonious atmosphere.

This made Tang Ying, who was passing by the living room because he wanted to go to the kitchen to pour a glass of water, not want his eyes to see. He came and went in a hurry, without even a glance in the direction of the sofa.

He couldn’t imagine that when being in love, Admiral Wen XingYao would actually look like that. If the military department, those who worshiped him saw that, how great of an impact would it have on their outlook on life?

Wen XingYao didn’t know that his adjutant’s heart was thinking that way, as he accepted the feeding of grass and wood clear spirit from his boyfriend. When he felt the power in his body was once again solid, he knew the date of his temporary departure would get closer and closer. He suddenly changed back to human form and pulled Bai Li upstairs. “Come on, let’s go play the game.”

March 12 was a very special day for Ni Jiang, a player living in Mushroom Village.

A week ago, she completed a task set by the Flower Lady, and got the recipe for “Hundred Flowers Brew.” After that, because she was curious about what “wine” actually tasted like, she and a few friends shared a small jar of peach blossom wine. Ever since then, they had started to order the Hundred Flowers Brew, which was not even a shadow yet.

After she got the orders, it was natural to collect the materials to make the wine.

Ni Jiang spent most of her day collecting, and also got friends to take the initiative to send a variety of flower petals – peach, pear, rose, osmanthus – a total of four kinds. According to the amount of petals, she would brew a wine with each of them.

The wine jars while they brewed couldn’t be put into her backpack, so for this reason, she also spent a lot of coins to add another room to her hut, reserved for brewing and storage. After a week, under the mysterious game addition, dozens of hundred flowers brew…Oh no, it should be called Flower Brew.

Once again, Ni Jiang, Small Butterfly, Jiao Jiao and Meng Ears were all together, each with an eerie green light in their eyes, as they stared unblinkingly at the large wine jars that filled the room.

Jiao Jiao was the one who liked the smell of wine the most among the four, so how could she hold back when she saw such a sight? She didn’t expect the wine jar to be so big. Compared to it, the small wine jar that they drank before with the peach blossom wine was a younger brother! How many jars could this big jar hold?

Small Butterfly walked over and carefully shook one of the wine jars. “Yoo-hoo, it’s so full! You’ve put enough ingredients into it, but…but…how can you tell which kind of wine is in all these jars?”

Ni Jiang proudly crossed her arms, gestured in Meng’s direction, and explained, “Thanks to Meng. She reminded me to mark the wine jars. Look carefully at the clay seal on the wine jar. I put a flower petal on the top of each of them. Pink is peach, white is pear, red is rose, and yellow is osmanthus. Although it isn’t too obvious, at least they can be distinguished.” 

She said it was actually a modest element, and after her guidance, the others also found the small mark located on the clay seal. According to the appearance and shape of the four petals as they were spread out, it was clear that Ni Jiang had carefully adjusted them. If they were hand-applied, the effect they now saw simply couldn’t be achieved.

Ni Jiang’s face was happy, both from the success of the brew, and the joy of being recognized by her peers.

After that, it was time to share the wine.

Since a lot of materials were needed to make a jar of wine, Ni Jiang discussed it with her buddies and decided to price the wine at 5 gold coins per jar.

As Ni Jiang’s good friends and the first customers to place an order, Small Butterfly and others had the right to get a 20% discount on their first order. Five jars of Peach Blossom Wine per person would be 20 gold coins. Three people together would need 60 gold coins.

The money in the purse they gave to Ni Jiang earlier wasn’t enough, so the three of them added some more before loading their respective wine jars into their backpacks.

After she bought a Peach Blossom Wine, Jiao Jiao took aim at the other three kinds of wine.

“Hey, JiangJiang, I also want one jar each of the other wines. I want to taste them. Once I drink them, I’ll come back to you…” she said, and took out 15 gold coins.

As a veteran player who had been playing for more than a month, it was clear that Jiao Jiao’s pocket was bulging. After planting a few rounds on a hundred plots every day, the harvested crops when sold could earn a lot of gold, plus through collecting or other life skills she could get items and materials that were sold with money, even without diamond coins for exchange, she also saved a lot of money.

Buying a few jars of wine was easy.

At that moment, Jiao Jiao had a “thousand gold, hard to buy my favorite” feeling of happiness.

“Hey? I thought I was giving you a 20% discount. You can give me 12 gold coins and that’s enough.” Ni Jiang looked at the amount of gold coins and shook her head to say no.

The result was that Jiao Jiao directly put the money into her arms, “Aiya. Aiya. Just the peach blossom wine is taking advantage of you a lot, the other wines don’t need a discount. Your sister is not without money. You take it.”

After that, regardless of Ni Jiang’s reaction, she ran over and put the three jars of wine she liked into her backpack.

“Hahaha! That’s right, what’s the point of being polite to us?” Meng Ears and Small Butterfly followed suit and ran to collect the goods after paying 15 gold coins each.

Ni Jiang was both moved and amused by the trio’s behavior, but finally took the money and watched the girls do their “self-help shopping.” After the money and goods were received, the crowded room became quite empty. Ni Jiang counted the number of jars left and said, “The number of peach wine brewed is the most. After you bought 15 jars there are still 9 jars of peach wine, 5 jars of pear wine, rose wine there are 4 jars, and 10 jars of osmanthus wine, for a total of 28 jars left. I plan to ask people in the neighborhood if they want any. If they do not want it, I’ll go over and set up a stall at the evening market today.”

It was always possible to sell. After all, it was a rare commodity. The three didn’t have any objection to Ni Jiang’s decision and said that they could accompany Ni Jiang and help her look after the stall or shout in the street if necessary.

If no more customers came to the door, they could also perform a live “drink broadcast.”

But…was it necessary to have a drink?

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