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Chapter 178: Departure to sell wine.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Lin XiaoHu was a junior soldier in the Astra Military, with the game ID of Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain. As one of the lucky first 300 people to enter the game, Lin XiaoHu had always been grateful for Carefree Farmstead.

At the beginning, he had been working out like crazy in other virtual reality games because his Genetic Collapse Disorder had just entered the middle stage, so he had only started Carefree Farmstead with the idea of completing a task. As a result, the game gave him the hope of relieving his illness.

Lin XiaoHu himself had the distinct feeling that his Genetic Collapse Disorder was slowly improving. Even if it wasn’t fast, it was always good news. This made him pay attention to the information related to health and wellness on the Starnet while he played the game more seriously.

For example, before he went online today, he turned to a certain report on the Starnet from the Ancient Blue Star period, which wrote about the dangers of drinking.

“A small drink is good for the soul, being drunk hurts the body.”

“Don’t drink and drive, don’t drive to drink.”

“Although the wine is good, do not get greedy for another cup.”

“If people drive while drunk, a family will suffer heartbreak.”


In addition to these simple and memorable phrases and sayings, the report explained in detail the consequences of alcoholism on the body. The consequences, such as the loss of sanity, limpness, confusion, vomiting, and the likelihood of waking up with a splitting headache, were all explained.

After he read the entire article, Lin XiaoHu could easily substitute alcoholism for an episode of his Genetic Collapse Disorder. The latter didn’t seem to be very different from the former, as both involved not being sensible, wreaking havoc all around, and being likely to hurt those close to them. It was just that symptoms were deeper for one. There the person would regress to infancy, in the other they lost the power of aggression and were at the mercy of others…

As he watched, Lin XiaoHu’s fist hardened. He thought that “wine” could really bring bad things, ah! Although he had never drank, he was determined. Even if he happened to encounter it in the future, he would never drink half a sip!

He was full of resentment, but he had never thought about using only a small amount. Although drinking had many harms, it wasn’t all bad. For example, proper drinking could also promote blood circulation and enhance heart function.

With the strong idea that “drinking is bad,” Lin XiaoHu boarded the game and had just opened his door to see four female soldiers from the military department walk past his house. He recognized one of them as Small Butterfly, his next-door neighbor and he greeted her loudly, “Small Butterfly, where are you going this morning?”

When she heard someone call out to her, Small Butterfly stopped in her tracks, followed by Ni Jiang and the others. The girls had just come out of Ni Jiang’s house and were looking for potential customers for flower wine when Lin XiaoHu took the initiative to bump into them. When they saw that, the four girls quickly went forward to surround Lin XiaoHu in a group.

The military department was full of men and women, both yin and yang, but this was also the first time Lin XiaoHu encountered the situation of being surrounded by girls. His face immediately reddened, he felt helpless and his eyes didn’t know where to look.

The usual chatting and bullshitting wasn’t a problem as the military didn’t see a difference between men and women, but when he was close to them, or being surrounded, it would still cause him to feel a little nervous.

However, as the head of the military department, the fierce females had fierce female friends. Small Butterfly didn’t notice Lin XiaoHu’s shyness and nervousness. She very brightly patted his shoulder, and to help the little sister yelled, “Tiger, you came out just in time. My sister made a new drink. It’s called Hundred Flowers Brew. For the time being, there are only four flavors, peach wine, pear wine, rose wine and osmanthus wine. The peach wine we have tasted, and the taste is not bad. How about it? Do you want to buy some?”

With Small Butterfly’s words, Lin XiaoHu’s face became more and more stiff. When Small Butterfly finished speaking, he shook his head no at first, and in turn persuaded several people, “No. No, wine is not a good thing. Drinking too much is not good for your health! Small Butterfly, you should not drink too much.”

The four of them, “???”

What the hell? This wine was produced in the game! What was the harm of drinking in the game? If they couldn’t drink in the game, then where else could they go to drink? In reality, there was no wine, so the original taste of wine was only here!

Small Butterfly and the other women had brains full of question marks. They thought this was really outrageous. How could someone in the game advise people not to drink it?

Even if it was true that too much wine hurt the body, this was in a game and that simply couldn’t be established, right? There may be people who get drunk, but if it would cause hurt…an injury was only to the body formed with data. On the other hand, drinking in the game was better than drinking outside. At least not in the real sense of hurting the body.

Lin XiaoHu continued to persuade them, “Really, you have to believe me. Drinking even a small amount can cause a lot of harm. You actually want to sell wine in the game? Really…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the back of his head was slapped by Small Butterfly impatiently, “I said, did you forget that you can open alcoholic beverages from the Food Basket? I’ve never had beer, rice wine, or wine, but I know players who have opened them. I don’t know if there are any restrictions on this, but we’re allowed to drink a little every now and then, right?”

“Just a small amount.” Ni Jiang added. “I have also checked the content about drinking on Starnet, and concluded that there are advantages and disadvantages to drinking. How can you rashly make a generalization? Tsk, Big Brother, you can’t do that…”

She has reason to suspect that drinking a little wine was also good for the recovery of Genetic Collapse Disorder!

Lin XiaoHu was so disliked by the girls that he couldn’t say a word. While he felt that they seemed to make some sense, at the same time, he felt that they were really fierce. Should he just agree with them and take their business in order to get away?

However, before he could think of a reason, Small Butterfly waved her hand and summoned her companions, “Hey, let’s go. In order to avoid encountering those who don’t know what they are doing like this stupid tiger, let’s go straight to the evening market and set up a stall! I don’t believe it. The wine is so good, but no one has come to buy it yet!”

Before they came out of Ni Jiang’s house, the four women did one more thing, that was they opened the clay seal of one of the jars of peach blossom wine, sniffed the smell of the wine intoxicatingly, and drank a small cup each to make sure that the taste was the same as that of the peach blossom wine rewarded to Ni Jiang by the Flower Lady, before they came out to peddle with confidence.

Lin XiaoHu could only watch as the four girls gave him a disappointed look one by one, before they left with a smile on their faces. He was left alone, standing in the same place, posed with an ErKang’s hand meme. 1

He wanted to say something, but hadn’t prepared the right words. He even wanted to apologize to the four people that he didn’t deliberately mean to say that, but because of a moment of hesitation he missed the best time. He could only watch the four people walking farther and farther away, towards the direction of the village entrance.

They were ready to go to the evening market to set up a stall, right? Well, he hoped the women’s business would be successful.

Lin XiaoHu felt that if he told Small Butterfly that he didn’t say it intentionally, it was likely to make the women more angry. That girl was very scary when she was angry. Forget it. He did not take Small Butterfly’s sales pitch to him to heart. He thought that because he probably ran into them and mentioned it casually, that she was going to set up a stall at the evening market.

He didn’t think any longer about the encounter while the four people started out with the intention to sell it cheaper to their brothers in the military. As a result of Lin XiaoHu’s response, the women simply gave up and set off directly towards the evening market.

This also led to, when the other players from the military department found out that this day’s evening market included the sale of good drink, and they rushed over, the drink had long been grabbed and gone. After they inquired about the reason they didn’t get to drink the wine and found out it was actually related to Lin XiaoHu, many people chose to find Lin XiaoHu offline to break his head, which made him so busy that his time to play the game online was reduced by half.

Lin XiaoHu felt such regret, ah. He should have known about it. Why bother at the beginning? Wine really was the source of all evil!

Of course, this is an afterthought. Let’s not mention it.

When Ni Jiang and her group of four people arrived at the entrance of the village, the evening market of Mushroom Village had just started. After two or three months of development, Mushroom Village’s evening market formed by the players already had a certain scale.

From 18:00 to 21:00, was the agreed evening market time decided by the players. During that time period, the busy day players ushered in their regular rest time, and as long as there was nothing urgent on hand, they were happy to run to the evening market to stroll around.

They would fish for an entire day, go gathering, or mining to get the items for stall sales, then  they would happily get to bargaining back and forth with interested sellers, and exercise their mouths at the same time as they earned a fortune. Or they could directly light a coal stove, and street cook all kinds of delicious food, which practiced their life skills, while meeting the appetite of others, but also earned large numbers of copper coins. It could be said to kill three birds with one stone.

Even if they didn’t want to buy things or sell things, players could also get together as a group to exchange their farming experiences, as well as game related information.

A few days earlier, there was a player with an item [treasure map] in the vicinity of the evening market who openly recruited a few teammates to run out together to explore. The result of the treasure map was to find the “treasure”, but it was actually the NPC Naughty Boy who accidentally discarded a ball. The players brought him back to the Flower Lady. The former was surrounded by a solid beating by mixed sex, who also counted into their journey of hardship and finding the “treasure” as part of their depression.

This anecdote had become the focus of discussion in the evening market for the past two days. Although they didn’t discover a powerful treasure, the players’ enthusiasm for treasure hunting had been completely stimulated. They’d actively run to the Naughty Boy to do his tasks, as they tried to find the real meaning of the treasure through the [treasure map].

Plus today, there would soon be a new topic in the evening market.

In order to make today’s stall run smoothly, Ni Jiang and her small partners in the evening market found a relatively large open space, and then took from their backpacks wood to build a 20 cm high platform. They didn’t know what they used to do before, but it was just right.

The wooden platform was covered with a huge red cloth, with delicate embroidery on it, which Ni Jiang had cajoled out of Tang Ying’s hand. After that, they took out four jars of each of the four flavors of wine and arranged them one by one in a neat square.

Just as the other three felt that everything was ready, they saw Ni Jiang take out another jar of wine. At that moment, she looked at them with a smile, and then a hand knife went past, and the clay seal was sound and open. The jar of peach blossom wine fragrance floated and curled, then soon diffused away.

Small Butterfly froze for a moment, then suddenly laughed and did a fist clasp admiration pose towards Ni Jiang.

You know what to do to attract the attention of passersby. It was said that “the fragrance of wine was not afraid of the alley.” Now the scent of the wine was actively exposed, the customers should also come to the door, right?

As she was thinking that, she saw a player close to her stop in his tracks and sniff around as his nose flared up and down, and he mumbled, “Hmm? What smells so good?”

Ni Jiang hurriedly showed the most appropriate smile. Come over and do business!

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Translator Notes:

  1. 康手的表情包 ErKang is a character from a Tiawanese show called My Fair Princess,, and most of his scenes have been immortalized in memes of him using his hands in all different ways. Zhou Jie as Fu Erkang


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