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Chapter 18: Krypton doesn’t change lives

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Really, it’s not your fault at all, I accidentally scared you, so don’t feel bad, Supreme. We should go eat dinner.” Bai Li looked helplessly at Supreme, who had pointed his cat butt at him, and coaxed softly.

It was only today that he learned that kittens also had hearts of glass. He wouldn’t make a sound at him, but would only cower in the corner with a heavy cloud hanging over his head, all morning.

Supreme’s state gave Bai Li a special heartache, but he also told himself that the next time, he wouldn’t suddenly kiss him!

Supreme didn’t move. Bai Li sighed silently, and continued with a new round of comfort.

It took a full half hour of coaxing and praising, and Bai Li was almost dried up, before the kitty hesitantly turned his head around and gave a soft meow, and looked carefully at Bai Li, his round cat eyes still full of apologies. The smile on Bai Li’s face was even more sincere, and he was determined not to let the opposite side see a hint of laughter in his eyes, in case the kitty misunderstood and thought he was laughing at him. It would be difficult to explain!

After dinner, Supreme jumped on the bed of his own accord, curled up in a pancake shape by the pillow, and seemed ready to sleep. When Bai Li saw this, he didn’t bother him. After the kitten fell asleep, he gently entered the gaming pod and continued to enrich the game content of Carefree Farmstead.

The beep sound indicated that the gaming pod had gone into operation. The original quiet kitty sleeping next to the pillow slowly opened his eyes. The little cat’s eyes shone with a solemn light, with the courage of determination. The cat’s tail waved, the small body dropped to the ground noiselessly, and stepped with elegant cat steps towards the five flower pots at the balcony.

During the walk, a small silver flame on the tip of its tail lit up steadily.

The human had replaced the dead seeds and put in new ones. What Supreme wanted to do was to practice quietly on his own while the human was busy. How to contain the seeds, so that the next time the human came to check on the “homework.” He must not be embarrassed again!


After the gaming pod started, Bai Li did not enter the game directly, but entered a space similar to a parallel world of the game, where the scenery was the same as the game, except that there were no other players, only Bai Li.

Now, most of the players had played the game for twelve hours. The NPC village chief had sent out most of the newbie tasks, and the fastest progressing players had received the sixth task, which was to build a suitable fence outside their own house, to enclose their ‘territory.’

This task was added by Bai Li halfway through the game; a small optimization of the game.

After that, there were tasks for players to fill the hut with living supplies, make a meal by hand, solve the problem of food and clothing, and then guide players to exchange and trade with each other, and the farming life in the game could officially begin.

This was the early stage of the game, Bai Li didn’t intend to make it too complicated. When the players were a little more familiar with the game play, it was time for them to play freely. But before that, he had to add the character level settings. 

As the player’s character level increased, the plant seeds in the village chief’s store would be unlocked in batches and available for purchase, and this was not affected if the player had gotten seeds in advance beyond the character level by doing quests or opening gift packs, etc. They could also be planted. After every successful batch of crops, a player could increase a corresponding amount of experience value used to upgrade the character.

Based on the above settings, Bai Li added a few more restrictions. When a player obtained seeds beyond his own level, the seeds were only allowed to be planted by that player and could be disposed of at will after harvesting. Low-level players cannot get seeds of crops beyond their own level by buying them from other players, or by getting gifts. There were only two ways to get high level seeds, one was to do quests, and the other was kryptonite.

Not coincidentally, both of these depended on luck.

Bai Li held his chin and thought. When the levels were high in the future, he could also add an achievement or title. Perhaps players would be willing to be crazy about farming because of a good title?

Laughing at his own thoughts, Bai Li stood in place for a while.

After he stopped laughing, he continued to think about what else could be added to the game.

Having observed the game during the day, Bai Li found that players seemed to have more enthusiasm for the lesser-available items. The closest example he had was Demon Xing, a man who spent tens of thousands of star coins and swept through the game store. Whenever he opened a rare item from the Golden Tool Set, Bai Li noticed a more genuine smile on his face and a softer aura around him.

However, Krypton didn’t change fate. Demon Xing’s luck wasn’t very good, so many Golden Tool Sets had been opened but only three or four gold items came out.

Demon Xing had such a performance, but was still calm. There was another player who only bought a single Golden Tool Set, but got a gold kettle. The person was still happy, and immediately rolled in the grass for five minutes. When he stood up after rolling, his head was covered with a lot of grass clippings and mud spots, but he didn’t care. He casually pulled other players to him and actually turned it into a group.

For the other players around, not only did this reaction not seem exaggerated, but they also went forward and shook hands with the person. It was said that by doing so, some luck may rub off, it was a kind of metaphysics.

As he was thinking of this, Bai Li dug deep into his memory, counted out a batch of items suitable as small rewards, entered their appearance and efficacy one by one, then set up the corresponding program. When the player submits their task to make the NPC feel very satisfied, the NPC will randomly reward an uncommon item, including but not limited to: precious seeds, delicious food, special recipes, houses with a small amount of ornaments, etc. Also, Bai Li intended to add a new batch to those rewards every once in a while.

Well, to make believers full of expectation with a sense of freshness was what a qualified Agricultural Deity should do.

It took almost two hours to add in the changes. After that, Bai Li boarded the game again, harvested the corn that had already matured on his land, and replanted a new batch.

His land was only 9 pieces at the beginning, but next door, in one afternoon, Demon Xing had actually expanded his land to 5X5, a whole 25 pieces. At this time, all 25 plots were planted with corn by him, and the tall and large corn stalks, with the sunlight spilling down, cast a huge shadow.

Thinking about every time he was online, Demon Xing was always there. And this time Demon Xing was not there, Bai Li’s mood was slightly subtle. The two of them were strangers who only knew each other in the game, so how could they care about when the other was online?

The other players had to go offline because the six hours were up, and there was no one else in the game. Bai Li did not stay long, and did what he had to do to get back offline.

The gaming pod slowly stopped running with another beep.

A small orange figure leapt in from the balcony before the pod door was opened, then jumped onto the bed with a bounce that didn’t match his size, closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

Bai Li didn’t notice. He saw that Supreme was still sleeping, so he quietly went to the bathroom to wash up. When he was done, he also went to bed very carefully, as he tried not to wake up the sleeping kitty.

The lights in the room turned off automatically. In the darkness, the ‘sleeping’ kitten’s ears twitched and he buried his head in his arms.


On the third day of the game, Bai Li opened his eyes to the morning light. He felt a small spot of heat near his stomach, and raised his eyes to the pillow to look, but didn’t find Supreme’s figure.

That little cat. Yesterday, he kicked him in the face, today he rubbed his stomach. Where would he hit him tomorrow? He was sleeping so badly, however he had been sleeping normally last night before he turned off the lights…

This time Bai Li didn’t hesitate to put his hand under the blanket and poke Supreme’s butt, which successfully woke him up. This was followed by changing clothes, washing up and eating breakfast.

After breakfast, Bai Li went to observe the growth of vegetables on the balcony. Without waiting for him to say anything, Supreme approached the pot on his own initiative. He controlled the small flame on the tip of his tail, then slowly and rhythmically swept it over the pot, a process that lasted exactly one minute.

“Meow! Meow!” How about it? How about it, human, am I not very powerful, ah?

The non-speaking kitten expressed its eagerness and excitement with a purr.

Bai Li actually understood the meaning of the sound. He smiled, stroked Supreme’s head, and praised, “Supreme is amazing. I only taught you once and you learned. You are really the smartest kitty (Warm Light Beast) under the sky!”

I’m not a kitty, stupid human!

The thought only appeared in Supreme’s head for a second before it was shattered into crumbs by Bai Li’s fancy rainbow farts. The kitten’s head was spinning, and he thought he was really great!

Bai Li thought, you can’t just praise, with no real reward. So with a slight movement of his fingers, he concentrated a wisp of grass and wood clear spirit energy into his fingertips and reached out tentatively to Supreme.

His intention was to use his fingertip to tap Supreme’s brain, and give him the grass and wood clear spirit energy, but Supreme’s reaction was even faster than he had imagined. As if he had seen some supreme delicacy, his two front teeth eagerly pulled Bai Li’s hand, and then the cat’s mouth opened and actually took Bai Li’s fingertip into his mouth.

Bai Li froze as he was licked, then quickly drew his hand back. Supreme, who had successfully eaten the wisp of grass and wood spirit, was gleefully baring his teeth, not having realized that his actions had scared the human.

Supreme could actually feel that aura! Surprised by this discovery, Bai Li couldn’t help but look at Supreme with an exploratory gaze, only to find that the other party was as drunk as he was, with his feet falling all over the place, but he still leaned towards him step by step.

Bai Li, “…”

He should be overthinking it. Supreme just had a little greedy mouth. Maybe he was just a little more sensitive to the aura of grass and trees.

“You, ah. You, ah. Why am I so anxious? The next time I give it to you, the next time cannot be like this, ah.” Having successfully convinced himself, Bai Li leaned over and picked up Supreme, who couldn’t walk, and went directly to the gaming pod.

The game could be played, and the field could be planted.

When Wen XingYao regained consciousness, the residual feeling of relief almost was a spot of weakness. This feeling, could he say it…It was like doing a full set of horse kill chicken, or the effect when he played in a virtual reality game all day and night to feel good.

Where did the deputy send him, and how did he get the idea that his Genetic Collapse Disorder could be cured?

Wen XingYao was ready to contact the adjutant to ask about his health, but when he entered the chat page his hand abruptly shook and he accidentally cleared the screen of the previous chat.

“…” All right, so he hadn’t really recovered completely.

The cleared content wasn’t on Wen XingYao’s mind. If there were really urgent matters that needed to be dealt with, the adjutant would definitely wake him up in reality, not leave him a message on the StarNet.

After he instructed the adjutant once more to urge the warriors to get in on the game to experience more, Wen XingYao entered the game without any burdens. He had planted a batch of corn before going offline, and wondered what kind of corn was growing now.


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When will Wen Xing Yao realise what’s happened to him and that he’s Supreme outside the game? Who’ll be more shocked, him or BL?
He needs to meet Tang Ying.
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