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Chapter 191: Relief and reluctance

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

With the darkening of the sky, the March event “The Battle of the Vegetables” came to an end. One competition was half an hour, ten times was five hours. Plus the time used up in the middle of doing tasks, players spent almost six or seven hours a day on the event. After so many hours, at first glance it was actually a little scary, but after all that grabbing, the players were scratching the back of their heads as if to say, Huh? We actually grabbed the items for so long? Every time we enter the map it always feels like it’s just starting, and it’s already over…

No feeling. We really had no feeling. What was time? Our eyes were kind of full! Grab it all! Steal everything!

So, with all the players actively participating in the event, by the night of the third day of the event, almost no one was going to the Village Chief, because during the day they had used up all ten opportunities. The rest of the time was spent sharing their experiences with their peers and fellow netizens in the forum.

[Hey, the feeling of attending a full three-day event from start to finish is also great, right! Although I don’t have enough kryptonite to use the event items every time, and although there were a few spots of laziness and partners in an easy or difficult position, I still saved more than 5,000 points in these three days! While I can’t think about those expensive items, as long as I am fast enough, many of them are available for me to exchange. Beautiful…]

[As a player who just entered the game this month, I watched a lot of last month’s ‘corn masters’ live. At that time, I already felt it was quite interesting, but I didn’t expect that participating in an event would be even more fun. Although I lost the trust of most people in this event…]

[Is it surprising that three days have passed so quickly? In these last three days, I really looked forward to the time passing quickly, so that I could properly pass this crisis of trust, but when this activity was really close to the end, I actually had some reluctance? What’s going on…]

[I just shared the same feeling with my partner, who gave me two words. ‘Jitterbug.’ And now I give the same word for upstairs. We are all captives of LiLi…]

Bai Li, “????” I’m not, I’m not! I’m not going to capture any of the players!

When he touched the fish in the forum post to brush such remarks, Bai Li almost jumped up. He was obviously kind, sincere, and it was always for the sake of the players that he worked as the game designer, ah! It was just an ordinary event. He wouldn’t make it so complicated! After he psyched himself up, Bai Li simply quit the forum and focused on farming.

As time passed, zero hour of March 18 came with anticipation.

After the experience of grabbing items at the end of last month’s event, all players in the game knew what to expect, so once the time came, they directly called up the redemption page and quickly clicked on it.

The game slot, bring it to me!

Tree house! Pet eggs! Bikes! Mounts!…Bring it to me!

Some item quantities were too small, and they moved too late to grab them as the balance quickly became “0.” The players froze briefly, then directly skipped over it, and continued to exchange, until the balance of all the limited items became “0.” The players who had grabbed with red eyes slowly stopped their hands to check what they had actually got and how many points were left.

If there were still points still left, they could continue to pick and choose to exchange for unlimited items. If the points were all used up, then they would turn to the forum and directly start to show-off.

The courtyard of Bai Li’s house was very lively in the early hours of the morning, with Bai Li, Wen XingYao, Tang Ying, Song Xinran, Mo Song, Xiong Pili, Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi, a total of eight people, gathered together and seated under the vine shelf as they waited for the redemption time to start, and brought out their pets. A bunch of furry and slippery pets were now playing happily in the yard.

As several people laughed and ate, the pets’ tender barks occasionally came, all in perfect harmony. When it was still one minute from 24:00, eight people concurrently stopped the action of their hands and their expressions tensed, as if they were studying imperial events, as their minds reviewed what they intended to exchange. When the time was up, no one needed to be reminded, they skillfully began to rush.

If their actions of clicking on the system panel could make a sound, then a cacophony of finger clicks would definitely resound over the courtyard. However the image of everyone quietly and silently raising one hand to frantically click on the invisible panel like that was eerie enough to make people feel weird.

This quiet scene lasted for a full three minutes before it was broken by Song Xinran’s long exhalation.

Song Xinran was the one with the least points among the eight of them, so he was the fastest to complete the exchange. He was followed by Mo Zhu, then Ji Yingqi…When everyone had finished, they smiled at each other and talked about what they had gained.

Xiong Pili, “I exchanged a pet egg. The bicycle has been mass produced in our village, so I didn’t exchange it, then I exchanged 10 surprise packs and an immortal seedling. I have less than 1,000 points left, but I’ll go pick some other items later.”

Mo Zhu, “Haha! I grabbed the tree house. Mr. Bai even put a question mark on the icon. Is it a random opening of different tree houses? I’m kinda looking forward to it. But after grabbing the tree house I didn’t have many points left, and exchanged for a few more sets of nutrients. I trust Mr. Bai’s recommendation.”

Mo Song, “I exchanged a mount egg, and I still have one spot left in my pet bar. In fact, there is not much difference between a mount and a pet, and it also has an additional riding role, which feels more cost-effective than a pet egg…”

Afterwards, the others also took the initiative to announce their hauls. When they looked at the satisfied expressions on everyone’s faces, it was clear that they had successfully snatched from the majority of players, which brought the event to a perfect conclusion.

There were no surprises. Everyone redeemed the Surprise Pack. Although they didn’t have much need for new game slots, they had a certain obsession in gambling on luck, and always had the hunch that they would be the lucky one, and so spent 1,000 points without hesitation.

“Master, what item did you redeem?” Song Xinran asked Bai Li.

Now it was just Master and…uh, Master’s Husband (?) who hadn’t said what they had exchanged. When he thought about that, Song Xinran sheepishly glanced at Wen XingYao, and guessed if he said that word the spot, it would make him flip out.

Wen XingYao was so focused on Bai Li’s reaction, that he didn’t notice Song Xinran’s little look.

Bai Li said, “I redeemed the evolution liquid. This is the item I wanted most, and I will try it first to test the effect, ha!” As for the trial pet for evolving, he had only one pet so far, the panda cub. Who else could he choose if not it? He didn’t know what the evolved panda cub would look like.

The people were silent, thinking that their game developer was too strange, taking the lead to make it odd.

After Bai Li’s voice fell, Wen XingYao naturally took over, “I also exchanged an evolution liquid, and since my points were enough, I directly exchanged two.”

The crowd was silent again. They hadn’t expected that there was a werewolf here. Not only did he have more points, but his hand speed was also super fast. What else could they do? There was no other thing to do but to feel envious. However, what they didn’t know was that Wen XingYao actually had his own troubles. He was the one who had three pets and only two bottles of evolution liquid, which meant that one of the pets wouldn’t be able to be evolved. Plus, he would have to wait for a month at a minimum to see if there was still evolution liquid to exchange for in next month’s event.

If his heart was heard by the other people, it would usher in a beating (although not getting beaten). I know you’re a great high player, but you don’t have to be so showy!

At this time, the game forum was almost completely dominated by players of Carefree Farmstead. The first 50 pages of posts were all chatting about what item rewards they redeemed with their points. One of the posts was: “Is the nutrient solution worth redeeming?”

The owner posted ten minutes before the official opening of the exchange, and according to him, he never could make up his mind whether to use 200 points to redeem the nutrient solution or not, so he came to ask the opinions of other players and fellow netizens.

The most beautiful field snail in the Tang family fortress, [Exchange it. What is there to hesitate? We want to exchange it, cannot exchange it! I remember this new nutrient solution has five flavors, and then each flavor only has 5,000 units. Such a small amount will certainly be grabbed in minutes, right? Why is the owner still hesitating here?]

Ye Quyuan, [If it was me, I wouldn’t exchange it. Don’t forget, all the new flavors developed by Tasty Foods this year have been turned over. I’m afraid they will fail the data provided by LiLi to them. I will wait to buy it after it goes up for sale!]

Want nutrients, [If you do not want it, I want, ah! This way, 200 points for a batch, I will realistically pay 200 star coins for a batch. If nothing else, I just want to collect from the Carefree Farmstead periphery…]

[The upstairs is going to laugh me to death. When did nutrient solution become the periphery of Carefree Farmstead? They are at most in a cooperative relationship with LiLi! But I feel that the owner can still change a group to try. Anyway, only 200 points well…I decided to exchange for the watermelon flavor!]

Jojo, [Hee hee! we don’t need to exchange. Just received a system alert. The 50 players who entered the final will each get a set of five flavors of nutrient solution. LiLi is really good! He directly solved my difficulty in choosing!]

After that, more gamers appeared in the post. Some of them intended to exchange one batch to try, and some intended to wait and see for the time being. According to enthusiastic statistics, the number of the former was far less than that of the latter, and there were quite a few players who gave up this physical item.

Even the owner of this post decided to give up on the advice of the latter and use the 200 points saved to exchange for other more valuable items. The time slowly came to 0:00 on the 18th. The forum was quiet for a few minutes, and the most discussed post was topped by other game related posts.

However, this lasted only two minutes, as the dumbfounded players who intended to redeem the nutrient solution but didn’t grab it before others returned to that thread, and after swiping a large number of question marks issued the harshest question, [Is this what you call not redeeming nutrients?]

[Is this what you guys are saying when you don’t intend to redeem? Twenty-five thousand batches of nutrients, and in just a few seconds of work, they’ve all been snatched up! Those of us who really wanted it, we didn’t get anything! You guys, you really have no heart!]

This was followed by a dense stream of sighs, from all gamers who said in their posts earlier that they wouldn’t exchange for the nutrient liquid. If those people who were aired out didn’t come out to speak again or indicated that they didn’t make the exchange, things would have almost ended here.

However, the Interstellar was so vast, there were always those Interstellar people who had nothing better to do and loved to show off. They not only spoke up, but also went too far and posted screenshots of the successful redemption.

[Hey duck, accidentally slipped. [a set of milk tea flavored nutrients].]

[Well…I just tried to see if I could grab it, and I really could. [Two sets of cucumber-flavored nutrients].]

[You really believe that we say no is not interested, ah? Soldiers are not tired of fraud understand? [one set of each of the five flavors].]


In order to trick people to give up the exchange of nutrient solution, these people had really done everything, it was estimated that the whole life of their heart was used in it. The fellow netizens who were watching the post spent a few minutes trying to understand what happened, then they all laughed out loud. They browsed the post from beginning to end, nodded their heads and said that this play was really more exciting than a court battle!

At the same time, Lei Bao and many employees of Tasty Foods who were also concerned about the redemption of their company’s new nutritional liquid, were relieved to find that the liquid had been snatched up in just a few seconds.

They were worried that there would be no publicity this time, that consumers wouldn’t have any expectations for the nutrition liquid, and that even if it officially hit the shelves afterwards, it would take a long time for word of mouth to break out. Now it was good that the nutritional solution hadn’t even hit the shelves yet, but it was already known by many people and was being discussed enthusiastically.

When the results of the exchange came out, Lei Bao laughed aloud a few times, then lowered his head with a demented face and stroked the mount egg in his arms. Haha! In another ten days, he would also be a person who had a means of transportation in the game!

The two people who were rewarded with game places by Lei Bao, Yu Xiaoyue and Qiao FengYing, made a special trip down the line, tilted their heads and poured down a few of the new nutritional fluids produced by their company. When the refreshing cucumber flavor and sweet watermelon flavor exploded in their mouths, the two people who lived under the same roof together let out a long sigh of pain.

This time, the nutritional liquid, the taste would definitely amaze those players!

On the forum, the players who didn’t grab the nutrient solution whimpered, but it didn’t help. They could only put their hopes on the Surprise Package that each person could exchange 10 for 100 points each. The system would automatically calculate the number of redeemed 10 million Lucky Packs, but only 90 game quotas would be included in the redeemed packs. After all, the number of players now hadn’t yet reached one million.

A player had only ten chances, not too much, not too little. However in the face of the ten gift packs in front of them, players were timid. Bulging Belly, March, Shaded Nettle, and Skilled Target were sitting around a square table with their respective prize packs neatly arranged on the edge of the table.

Bulging Belly still remembered how his own food basket was repeatedly snatched by these guys in revenge, and this time his tone of voice couldn’t help but be a bit grim, “Why don’t we start with Skilled Target? You have the most points among us, and you were lucky enough to grab a mount egg. Now is the time when you have the best luck. Don’t miss this opportunity.”

Skilled Target leaned back tactically, “No, no. My luck is just average. March and Shaded Nettle also grabbed pet eggs. You guys go first!”

The two people whose names were called shook their heads like rattles and said modestly, “Our luck was used up during the item grab. Let’s save up, haha, let’s save up!” Then together they looked at Bulging Belly, the only person in the room who hadn’t grabbed any of the eggs.

Bulging Belly, “…” Okay, I get it, I’m the one who made a fool of myself.

A pushback was destined to become a round, and no one in the room wanted to be that first to open the gift bag. Finally, after some discussion, they decided to use the spoon handle pointing method. They placed a spoon in the center of the table, plucked the spoon handle to make it turn, and whichever direction of the handle pointed to was whoever would open a gift bag first.

This cycle would continue until everyone had finished opening their gift bags.

Skilled Target ran to the kitchen, found the largest spoon and placed it in the center of the table. The four looked at the spoon and all gulped unconsciously, as if the direction the spoon was pointing afterwards was the right direction for their lives.

“Then I’ll spin it first, haha! And whoever it turns to will do the next spin,” Skilled Target said.

The remaining three had no objection, and things were happily decided.

However, when Skilled Target’s finger was about to touch the handle of the spoon, March suddenly stood up and shouted, “Wait! Let me go wash my hands first!”

After that, she hurriedly ran to wash her hands, and along with the sound of water, they could hear her intermittent speech, “Hey, wash your hands. Maybe you can wash away the blackness on your hands, make it a pair of little red hands!”

Three people, “…”

Well, let’s line up and wash our hands first.

The first to have to open a package was Shaded Nettle. He resigned himself, picked the large gift bag placed at the front, and after pulling open the ribbon, the items inside burst out onto the table, but there was nothing like what he was most looking forward to. But that was normal. How could such a precious game slot be drawn at once? There were still 39 gift packs between them and there were opportunities after that.

After a few seconds of pity, Shaded Nettle turned his attention to the pile of items. As he reached out to pick them up and put them into his backpack, he reported their names and functions.

“Coffee Tree Seeds. I remember the village chief didn’t sell them, right? Unfortunately, you can’t plant it as a fruit tree, you can only plant it in the ground, and you can harvest it four times in total. Pet Rations, all pets are suitable, after feeding can increase 5 points of pet goodwill. Hair Dye – Green, disposable item, can give hair a new hair color after using. Welp, who likes green hair…? Prospector, with 24 hours of usage time, can detect more precious and rare ores and gems in the mine cave. Hmmm…Unfortunately I didn’t learn mining life skills. Belly, if you want, we can exchange then, ah…The Door To Your Home is Always Open…Huh? What is this thing? After using it, you can enter other players’ yards without permission and have all the rights to operate the land and yard it belongs to, but only for 30 seconds and it can be used a total of 30 times. Oh, oh, oh! I know what this is for!”

Shaded Nettle quickly guessed the purpose of this item. Wasn’t it the derivative of the event? When the event was over, players with that item would be able to enter other people’s yards and secretly pick their labor successes while they weren’t not looking! Hey, hey, hey! A realistic version of stealing vegetables, he loved it! He smiled and laughed as he looked at his three friends with an impish gaze. In the previous three days, they snatched a lot of vegetables from his hands…

Now, the opportunity for revenge was right in front of him. It just depended on whether he could hold it or not…

Bulging Belly and the others looked at Shaded Nettle’s smile, and were shocked. As soon as he said the words, along with his reaction, they made the connection. They looked at the palm-sized, similar to a door sign which read, “The Door To Your Home is Always Open,” they had a breathtaking array of expressions. Such an item was destined to set off a storm in all the villages. They were convinced! By the way, they also wanted such a fun item!

Let’s hope this item was a regular item, the kind that had a high probability of being unwrapped from a gift pack!

The four of them recalled Bai Li’s generosity and said that the 100 points were worth it, and then they got more involved in the spooning activity.

In the spacious and bright room, from time to time, several people exclaimed with regretful sighs. In addition to the “The Door To Your Home is Always Open” event-derived item, the four people drew another item called “Close the Door and Let the Dog Loose.” The use of this item was that if someone walked into the yard, for example, if a stranger entered the yard to steal vegetables, as long as their hand touched the side of a crop, their buttocks would have a dog bite, a painful feeling. If they insisted on stealing vegetables, the pain would last for five whole minutes, but if they gave up and quit in the middle, the pain would disappear quickly.

This was a time-limited item. Each one could only be used for 24 hours, that was, to protect the vegetables in the field for 24 hours without being stolen too badly.

“Aha! I drew a total of seven vegetable thieves and eight dog setters. Come if you dare, I’m not afraid of you!” March was worthy of being the first to wash her hands, and with the outburst of the little red hand, she actually became the biggest winner in the room. She had already decided that if someone dared to come when she was home to steal vegetables, she would use “Close the Door and Let the Dog Loose” so it was free of her hands, and then take her 210 chances to steal vegetables. She would patronize those people’s homes one by one, and if once was not enough to steal, she would do it two or three times. She was bound to steal the vegetables in the fields of people.

The other three got items that were less than March’s, and at this time, they were angry, and said silently, Well, well. Then let you go. We go to find others to start it!

At the same time, other players opened their redemption of the Surprise Packages and used their own metaphysical means.

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