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Chapter 192: One million star coins

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

1:00, The 66th Newbie Village. 50 Liters of Tea was carrying a homemade signboard that had been used for some time. His footsteps hurried as she rushed to the entrance of the village located in the east. He had been live fortune-telling for some time. The results weren’t good or bad, but it was the first time that at 1:00 in the middle of the night that he decided to set up a stall here.

When he arrived at the destination, he put down the sign to look at the words on it. “A cup of tea, a pack of cigarettes, the village to the east to sit for a day.” It didn’t seem very suitable for what he intended to do after. So he thought about it, stuffed the sign back into his backpack, took out another wooden board of the same type but with no writing, and muttered “I’m glad I prepared a few more,” while he used a tool to carve words on it.

Because the current signboard was only for temporary use, he didn’t pay much attention to it, and soon, the signboard with “Metaphysical items jumping sale, each for 5 gold coins” was officially completed. Several lines of text were twisted, but the number “5” was deliberately circled and very eye-catching.

He put the sign aside, then 50 Liters of Tea took out a huge piece of fabric, and started to put all kinds of trinkets on the fabric.

A few piles of gold, with uneven patterns on the surface of the rounded pyramid-shaped lumps; a dozen messy stitches, with the threads not even tightened on the small pockets of coarse cloth; a few pieces of smooth pebbles with polished surfaces, but the tops seems to have no specific pattern for the stone pieces; a few surfaces with a turtle shell pattern, even the shape was similar to a turtle shell, but the fake turtle shell was made of wood…

A whole stall was filled with these strange-looking items. When placed in the evening market, the players wouldn’t even bother to glance at the handmade products.

Just look at their names. “gold toad (fake),” “incense bag (fake),” “jade pendant (fake),” “turtle shell (fake),”…All of them had the word “fake” after them, which made the regular customers of 50 Liters of Tea, who were curious and came over to watch, laugh out loud. “What’s going on? Our village fortune teller, you can’t keep your stall open and are planning to start a fake business?”

Most of the players who often came to 50 Liters of Tea for fortune telling were interested in metaphysics. They not only came to 50 Liters of Tea for fortune telling, but also to keep an eye on the movement of The Fortune Teller in that village, and once they found each other’s presence in any corner, they would rush over. Therefore, they had patronized The Fortune Teller’s stall often and had a certain understanding of the items he sold.

And now 50 Liters of Tea put out these small items with the word “fake.” With The Fortune Teller, they were all the real thing!

The players let out a “tsk” of amazement and sympathized with The Fortune Teller, who had really taught his pupil and starved his master!

50 Liters of Tea heard these people even spit out the word “cheat,” and hurriedly waved his hands frantically to attract their attention and to explain himself, “It’s not as exaggerated as you say, ah. I just do a small business to earn a little hard money! You can see for yourselves, although they are only my handmade fakes, but they still have some effect, okay? Now that you have redeemed the Surprise Pack and need good luck, just pick two from my stall and take them away. You can’t afford to lose, you can’t afford to be fooled!”

After he said that, he casually picked up an ugly incense bag (fake) and showed it to the onlookers. An incense bag could increase 1 point of luck for 1 hour. Although it wasn’t comparable to the real one which increased 3 points for 24 hours, it was still 1 point of luck, which was better than nothing.

The key was that it was cheap! Just 5 gold coins to buy one. They had been playing the game for most of the month, so which people lacked that 5 gold coins?

The players were really encouraged and gathered around. They grabbed all the dozens of incense packs within a few minutes. The later ones sighed with pity when they saw that the packs were sold out.

50 Liters of Tea, who had managed to earn dozens of gold coins, continued to make efforts and greeted, “You are all here. Give the other items a look, ah. Anyway, it’s all for 5 gold coins a piece. Don’t forget, my master’s golden toads cost 10,000 gold coins to buy one, but I have a few of them here at a good price!”

The players looked at the golden lump that looked like a mosaic that was held in the hands of 50 Liters of Tea, and all of them put on a mask of pain. Where did that thing look like a toad except for its color? It was just inexpensive, how could it be called beautiful?

But the fact was, this thing really was a golden toad (fake), and the benefit was that for 5 minutes it would attract money. Although these four words didn’t have a specific limited scope, still the players aspired. This was “wealth” and “treasure.” A good omen, ah!

So, there was a new round of looting. Golden toads, jade pearls, and turtle shells were all robbed in a very short time, and 50 Liters of Tea quickly earned a pot full of money.

If it wasn’t for the inappropriate location, 50 Liters of Tea would like to take those gold coins out of his backpack and count them one by one for a few rounds. Hey, hey, hey. So much money! It wasn’t in vain that he had been up early these days. In addition to completing a number of activities, he was constantly making these good treasures.

Unfortunately, his craft wasn’t very good, otherwise he could also take the opportunity to sell them for a higher price. 50 Liters of Tea didn’t feel that he was a shady merchant, since those items had their nature clearly written in the description. He and the players who came to buy them were in a legal transaction.

After he sold the stuff, he decisively put the stall away and headed home. Before he came out to set up his stall, he had purposely left one of each item, and later he arranged for his ten large gift bags!

The scene that happened at the entrance of the village had been posted on the forum by a player who came to hear about it but didn’t grab anything. Because of the sourness and depression in his heart, that player couldn’t help but mock with a few words.

[Humph! It’s just a bunch of inferior imitations, do you really believe that they can bring good luck? Don’t say that good luck didn’t come, bad luck came to your door itself, oh.]

[Fortunately, I walked slowly and did not buy these items, otherwise I would have died of heartache when I calmed down. Although 5 gold coins is not much, I also planted one seed by one seed, ah!]

The players in the other villages didn’t understand the situation of the items offered, and that they were really distorted by what this player said. They were thinking that 50 Liters of Tea had made a bunch of garbage that didn’t serve any purpose and sold it at a high price, so they were cursing him as a liar and a charlatan.

50 Liters of Tea received the news after he opened his own gift packs. He was just a young boy who loved to play and enjoy the hilarity. He had never been mocked by a group before.

A player from the same village had successfully opened a game slot after using the item purchased from him! And there were two different people!

There were only 90 game slots in ten million packs, and to have two in the same village, plus both had bought cheap torrents of items from 50 Liters of Tea and managed to open a game slot, so he could imagine how high the odds were.

At that moment, everyone who entered the thread went crazy. They were both amazed at how a player’s randomly crude item could have such a huge effect, and envious of the two players’ good fortune. This was a game quota, hey. It required 6,666 real points to exchange for it, but now they only spent 1,000 points to get one, plus at most a few gold coins. This was a sure-fire deal ah.

The post was refreshed with several thousand followers a minute, and the number was constantly rising. The player, 50 Liters of Tea, was called a “charlatan” at the beginning, and identified by everyone as a “gold-digger.” Now the players from the 66th newbie village stopped their hands from unwrapping the ribbons of their gift packs with the same intention. They planned to go to 50 Liters of Tea to buy an item before continuing the sacred process.

50 Liters-Gold-Digger-of Tea, I’m not, I’m not, you guys don’t give me nicknames ahhhhhh!

He looked at his backpack that was filled to the brim with items unwrapped from his gift bags and instantly felt unfulfilled. Whoops. The other people were able to draw game slots with the items he made, while he didn’t get anything even with four. Shouldn’t that mean it wasn’t his item that was the cause, right?

However such a judgment, even if he said it himself, at this time no one would believe it. The man and the items he produced had now become symbols of good luck, and even if they really didn’t work, there were people who would come and buy one as psychological comfort.

50 Liters of Tea had a feeling that in the next few days, he would be forced by everyone to make those items. Hey, now that there was time, should he first give the sign a color? Or take the opportunity to increase the price?

…Forget it. The latter was even. He had to operate in good faith.

The game quota was something the players temporarily didn’t want to venture into, but the lottery draw for the game quota had people taking the initiative to come out. The people who had been offering high prices for game slots in the forum were moved by the wind and they contacted those two players urgently, asking them if they were willing to sell them their game slots.

One of them said that he was going to leave his game slot to his family and refused directly. The other one, on the contrary, said that he could sell the slot as one person was full and the whole family wasn’t hungry.

Then, several tycoons launched a bidding mode and finally it sold for one million star coins. After he handed over the money with one hand, the tycoon left an “I’m going to play the game first” message and ran away.

This outrageous price once again shocked the fellow netizens, and some of them asked in confusion, [There will be new game slots released next month. Why are these tycoons not willing to wait for another half month?]

In the opinion of Interstellar people who were from ordinary families, trading a million for half a month wasn’t a worthwhile deal.

The last question was answered by a certain loser, [What’s money in front of life? The Interstellar has such a large population, and we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to grab from millions of people by then, so it’s better to buy them directly to save time and effort.]

Pervaded by the sour gas of the fellow netizen: [ojbk.] 1

After they said those stimulating words, that tycoon Judas wasn’t satisfied, and left a floor of messages.

[By the way, if there are still people who want to sell game slots, you’re welcome to contact me. The price will be according to the number this time. One million now, no matter how many I receive.] This time, the reason why he gave up bidding was actually because he was informed of the origin of the person he was bidding with, and knew that the other party’s Genetic Collapse Disorder was already infinitely close to the late stage, so he made a concession.

This person had already achieved his goal, after which it should be his turn.

When Bai Li woke up in bed the next day, the game places that were either drawn or redeemed had their respective destinations. He, on the other hand, fell into silence when he unconsciously stretched his back and accidentally hit another’s flesh and body. In the middle of the night, why did Wen XingYao use that excuse that he was too sleepy to walk bullshit, and convinced him to somehow let him sleep in his room?

Now waking up, how embarrassing, ah….

As a result of Bai Li’s movement, Wen XingYao also showed signs of waking up. He was the first to realize where he was, as he smiled and greeted Bai Li, “Good morning, boyfriend.”

Since he had just woken up, Wen XingYao’s voice was a bit huskier than usual, like waves lapping on the shore, with white-golden sand rolling slowly with the waves, it was wrapped in a deadly sensuality and lazy tone, so that those who heard it couldn’t help but squint their eyes and want to hear him say a few more words.

“Uh, good morning.” Bai Li tried to suppress the heat that came up to the tip of his ear, and moved back without a trace, as he said, “It’s time to get up. Let’s have breakfast later.”

He said this with the intention that the two of them should wash up together, and then use the food they made a few days ago and put in his space to save. The two of them would be able to get up and get dressed as quickly as possible that way. He left him with the words “Take your time, I’ll go make breakfast for you,” before he opened the door to the room and left.

Bai LI hadn’t expected such a reaction. Still, when he thought about it, it did seem like something Wen XingYao would do. After he got up from the bed and sat dumbfounded for a while, Bai Li suddenly laughed lightly and shook his head. He wasn’t going to dwell on the other’s thoughts.

“XingYao, you’re up, huh? What are we going to eat today?” After having lived in Bai Li’s house for a while, Tang Ying had become a qualified dry-meal person. Before eating, he could even ignore the dog food Bai Li and Wen XingYao fed him together.

“Hmm.” Wen XingYao responded easily, “Let’s have fried noodles today. It just so happens that last night’s shamrock was a success, Bai Li should like it.”

Tang Ying didn’t care whether Bai Li liked it or not, he only knew that his mouth was drooling. “Yes, yes. Fried noodles are good, fried noodles are delicious!”

Wen XingYao was buried in the kitchen, when he heard the words, the footsteps stopped. He looked up and gave quite a speechless glance to Tang Ying, as he sympathetically said, “Then you eat a little more today. We have to leave tomorrow to go back to the military.” He was afraid it wasn’t possible to eat and drink so freely in the future.

“Go back to the military.” Those big words were like a huge mountain pressing down on Tang Ying. The happy expression on his face immediately froze, and there was a tendency to crack. He finally remembered his purpose of coming over and began crying and laughing.

Although Wen XingYao had finally given in, and leaving was a good thing, how could he be so sad? He wanted to say, “Can we just let Wen XingYao leave and I’ll stay here?” Tang Ying thought it was fine because he didn’t have much to do in the military department anyway.

Unfortunately, this could only be thought of in the mind. He was Wen XingYao’s adjutant, whatever Wen XingYao was needed for, he was still the adjutant for the same reason, right?

So, as he ate breakfast, Bai Li found Tang Ying’s reaction was strange. In front of a large bowl of fried noodles, it was eaten one by one. The bowl of sauce and minced meat was not spared a drop. He had the thought that once the man had eaten that meal, he would never eat it again.

At the other end of the table, the black fox cub, Zhu MoLing, Fox One and Fox Two, were also given  small bowls of noodles and they ate them with a grunt, not even noticing the reluctance and love on Tang Ying’s face.

After everyone finished eating, Bai Li reminded Wen XingYao and Tang Ying to not forget to pack their bags. He himself was headed into the gaming pod. In the early hours of the morning, they finished redeeming all the points they had on hand, then went offline to sleep without even having the chance to open their Surprise Packs.

Bai Li presumed that by now the players in the game should have found the small gifts he prepared for them, right? The small gifts for this month’s activities would continue until the end of the month. However, when he went online and looked at the bare vegetable patch that had been stolen from in front of his house, he realized that he shouldn’t be too happy after all.

“The Door To Your Home is Always Open” and “Close the Door and Let the Dog Loose” were two items that he forgot to give to his family first. He forgot to arrange the latter for his own yard first. Now, without a dog to guard his yard, these crazy villagers had stolen all the vegetables from his land!

Turning his head towards Wen XingYao’s yard, he found that his situation was no different from his own, and only then did his heart feel a little better. The couple should share the blessings and sufferings together!

At that moment, Bai Li saw Jiang Huaibi come running from a distance. Her posture was relaxed and leaping, and she walked with a bounce. However, when she saw him standing in the yard, she stumbled and almost fell on the dirt road. Then her expression became hidden, as if she was hiding something from him.

Bai Li realized that perhaps Jiang Huaibi had a part to play in turning his yard into this, so he deliberately put on an expression of “I have seen through everything” and looked at Jiang Huaibi in an inscrutable manner.

Jiang Huaibi really fell for it. She shrank her neck like a small quail as she moved in Bai Li’s direction step by step. At the entrance of the courtyard, she turned towards Bai Li and greeted, “Li…LiLi, ah. You’re online so early, ah. Why not sleep more?”

Bai Li smiled and looked at her but didn’t say anything.

Sometimes, when a person was angry, an angry face wasn’t the most terrible, but rather it was pretending that nothing had happened as he still smiled. The way he looked at her with bright eyes, was more likely to make people scared inside.

Jiang Huaibi had done “heartless things,” and naturally she was afraid of “ghost knocking.” This time she couldn’t help but tense up. Her lips opened and closed, and her brain immediately spit out her bad deeds.

“I stole three vegetables from your yard, namely cantaloupe, peppers and beans, but I didn’t steal the other vegetables! The three vegetables are still lying nicely in my backpack, if you really mind, I’ll return them all to you! QAQ!” she said, as she pretended to pull something out of her backpack.

Bai Li interrupted with a laugh. “Okay, okay. I just scared you on purpose. Why are you so reactive? It’s just three vegetables. I don’t need to be angry with you over them, right?”

“Really, really?” Jiang Huaibi’s eyes were still hanging next to two heaps of tear bubbles. “Then can you first put down the hoe you are holding? I’m a little scared.”

“Oh, this, ah. I forgot.” Bai Li obediently put the hoe back into his backpack, and turned back with his two empty hands. After that, he lightly reminded her, “My Surprise Packages haven’t yet been opened, and when the items are unpacked, Heart’s Jade, you should not mind if I come to your house to experiment, right?”

This meant that he also planned to go to Jiang Huaibi’s house to steal vegetables.

Jiang Huaibi didn’t say anything. Originally she was righteous, but since she took the initiative to expose herself and was caught in flagrante delicto, Bai Li wanting “revenge” was also very easy to understand. She nodded and agreed to Bai Li’s words, but also asked, “Well, LiLi, do you want to know who else has come to your yard? I have actually seen a few people.”

Bai Li refused with a shake of his head, “No. Luckily I only have a hundred plots of land in this yard and haven’t had time to expand it yet, otherwise it would have been robbed even worse.”

He was still very clear about his own situation. With his game developer status, if not for the fact that no player had yet reached level 30 where they could roam around all the villages, his yard wouldn’t necessarily be only on the Mushroom Village players would patronize.

Jiang Huaibi wasn’t stupid, but on the contrary was quite smart. She quickly understood what Bai Li meant, as she covered her mouth and snickered. When she saw that Bai Li really didn’t blame her, she put her heart down and leapt into her yard after saying goodbye to Bai Li, and planted the ground in front of Bai Li.

While she was planting, she also asked, “LiLi, which kind of vegetables do you like? I will plant some for you, to save specifically for you to steal!”

Bai Li almost died laughing, and chose strawberries that Jiang Huaibi could plant at her current level in reply to her. Jiang Huaibi planted with enthusiasm, and Bai Li also began to clean up the wrecked land in his yard.

A few moments later, Wen XingYao also came online. Like Bai Li, he looked at his yard for a while, and when Bai Li laughed and explained the cause and effect of this matter, he had a “vicious” smile on his face and started to open his Surprise Packages. 

If it was just that the vegetables were stolen, then he could steal them back. 🙂

The current situation of Bai Li’s yard was just a reflection of the use of those two trick items. How do players play these two items into a flower? They also need to move to the forum, where the real world was.

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Translator Notes:

  1. A kind of-dirty way to say “okay” in Chinese. Can be translated into “O-the-fuck-kay” in English. “JB” is short for dick in Chinese, and it’s put between OK and became “OJBK”, in order to emphasize the okay-ness. beyond ok. Totally ok. Very ok. Just ok.


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