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Chapter 28: Surprise Wonderful Night

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shepherd’s purse, purslane, dandelion, burr medic… 1

After a light rain… Even before the rain stopped, the small forest outside the village had produced abundant wild vegetables. This wasn’t reality. As long as they could be called ‘wild vegetables’, regardless of their seasonality, they could be found in this small area.

The players who stayed up late felt that today was a lucky day. Not only did they experience the first rain in the game, but they were also able to come to the rain-soaked grove and happily dig up the wild vegetables that emerged from the soil.

They were like little mice who fell into the oil bottle. They were full of heart, while their eyes were full of the wild green vegetables. So, following the search for rainwater containers, they looked up the tools and storage supplies suitable for digging wild vegetables.

Tools were fine. With a sickle or hoe being just fine, but the storage supplies…barrels and pots had been taken to fill with rainwater, it was really pretty stretched.

The player, who was in a panic because of the lack of containers, was worried about the wild vegetables being snatched up by the livestock around, while he quickly searched the game store.

Soon, he found a suitable tool –

Food Basket.

Well, the name included food, and for it to be used to put the wild vegetables in was really proper.

The ground was full of wild vegetables, but with a visible bald place. The player didn’t care about others, just spent 10 to buy a food basket item, also did not care what the cloth was covering, stuffed it into his backpack, and then held a small hoe as he made a mad rush to the team.

At this point in the game, there were more than forty players, but with so many players, the competition was also very fierce. When there was a surplus of wild vegetables, they could harvest peacefully, but as the ground grew less and less wild vegetables, many players began to fight for the wild vegetables, grabbed at them but were scolded, scolded but then fought, and after a fight they would bury their heads to find the single wild vegetables.

This time no one bothered to think about how these wild vegetables should be eaten. It was not a problem. They only had one thought in mind, that was, to grab, ah!

Opportunity couldn’t be lost, they wouldn’t lose out again!

Soon, the wild vegetables were dug up by the frenzied players. Everyone leaned against the tree trunk and contentedly counted their harvest, which held both surprise and joy.

“Haha! I dug a total of 27 wild vegetables. These are enough to fry a plate of vegetables anyhow, right?”

“Hey, I dug 34 plants. Please contact me if you know how to cook, I would like to use all my copper coins to ask you to help me make a dish!”

“I dug…What? Why is there a recipe in my backpack? ‘Stir-fried mushrooms’…What’s this?”

“A recipe!!! Why do you have a recipe? Tell me where it came from, I want to have a recipe too! QAQ!”

“Ah! I actually have one, but mine is a ‘wild vegetable omelette’…How can I do this without eggs?”

“I know where these recipes are from, it’s just we were busy digging wild vegetables and we randomly dug them up, no one actually noticed? I also dug up one. It’s called ‘cold capers.’ Which brother has extra capers? I’ll take one at a high price!”

“Take one, ah? Brother I dug a lot of capers, if you help me, then we can share equally, right?”

A few people were happy, and a few people were sad. The players who were lucky enough to dig up recipes and also had all the ingredients were so happy that the corners of their mouths were grinning to the roots behind their ears. The same was to dig the recipe, but the material was lacking and they wanted to get together with the players who learned the recipe in silence, and their hearts shed silent tears.

The most miserable only ended up with wild vegetables. Originally they felt that they were covered in overnight riches, but found that the riches of the people around them made them the poorest, the difference between the two words could not be said.

This was not the end.

After everyone had learned the recipes they had accidentally gotten, counted the wild vegetables they had dug, and made a deals with a person who had the recipe, someone in the crowd gave a loud “ah” again.

The player smiled at everyone and then joyfully took something out of his backpack.

There were green leaves wrapped, the top was lifted a small piece, revealing a bright yellow, oily piece of flesh inside, a gust of wind blew, a rich aroma also drifted out from the broken mouth, sweeping the entire grove. All the players who smelled the aroma and saw the ‘beautiful scenery” were unconsciously swallowing their saliva, and their eyes were more eager.

Being stared at by so many hungry eyes, the autumn wind swept away the leaves with more or less regret in his heart. He was one of the poor little people who didn’t dig up a recipe, but he kept rummaging in his backpack unbelievably, and then… He then found something he had never seen before.

It was Simmered Chicken? 2 The name sounds like a food item. Was it hard to dig up wild vegetables in the grove, in addition to digging up recipes, but also directly digging up finished products?

And according to his observation, other players did not say they dug up any food, then was he the only one among the players? How precious and rare ah! Autumn Wind Sweeps Away Leaves jumped in excitement, and chose to self-explode, take the chicken out of the backpack, and show off.

Then he regretted it.

These people’s eyes, how could they be so scary, like they wanted to eat people? Oh no, it wasn’t cannibalism, they were trying to eat the chicken in his hand.

“Autumn Wind! Is this food? Where did you get it? It looks so advanced and especially delicious!” Autumn Wind Sweeps Away Leaves stood next to his game friends who would not allow him to put the chicken back, their pair of eyes glued to it and asked the question that everyone wanted to ask.

Autumn Wind Sweeps Away Leaves shrank his neck back weakly as he replied, “I, I do not know ah, may also be dug out from the soil?” 

He really didn’t know anything. If he had known, he wouldn’t have brought out the chicken! He secretly hid in the house to eat it! However, it was too late to regret now…

“Impossible, right? We have so many people here, how come you are the only one who has it? The probability is too low! Think again, did you do something else while you were digging for wild vegetables?”

The players did not believe this statement, digging wild vegetables when digging a recipe, was already a very magical thing, if this digging again finished products, the players do not need to go to planting in the future, directly squatting in the grove?

“Other things, ah…” Autumn Wind Sweeps Away Leaves went into contemplation, his brow deeply wrinkled, as he thought back to what he had done, and suddenly a flash of insight, said, “I remember, I had just started digging wild vegetables, but did not find something to load them into, I went to the game mall to buy a food basket, when there was indeed something inside, but I did not pay attention to … Maybe this simmered chicken came from the food basket?”

When he said this, some players had already followed his guidance into the game mall and managed to find the ‘food basket’ at the end of the product list.

“The basket is a small basket used to hold dishes, lift the cover to get random food. It has a very low probability of getting a precious recipe. Price…It’s only 10 star coins! This is not the same as a free gift, I’ll buy 10 first! Hey? Hey? You can only buy ten a day? That’s perfect, I’ll buy them all!”

The next second, the player’s two hands each had five small bamboo baskets. He smiled and said to the others, “I’ll test the water for you first and see what kind of dishes I can open!”

Without putting the baskets on the ground, he took them in his hands and began a difficult performance. The cloth coverings were lifted almost uninterruptedly, and the food inside revealed themselves.

“Crispy fried dumplings, sweet and sour pork, small wontons, patted cucumber, fresh meat buns, suck it up! Vermicelli casserole, lemon-flavored boneless chicken feet, jicama, milk candy, freshly squeezed orange juice. Wow, wow, wow!”

Ten dishes. There were main dishes, cold dishes, hot dishes, even drinks and a small dessert. After the meal was arranged, it could be said that none of them were chicken, it was simply blood money! The owner of the food felt his arms were glowing at the moment, and as he slowly and methodically put the food back into his backpack, he looked up and said, “What are you waiting for? Go buy it!

“Yeah, yeah, you guys go buy it!” Autumn Wind Sweeps Away Leaves had already opened the chicken, and was holding a chicken leg nibbling with great interest.

Yes, why not go buy it?

It was really too much of a shock. They all froze.

This…Did the game’s designer install cameras in their houses? How else would that person know that they were crying and drooling because they couldn’t cook, and envied the players who could make normal food on a daily basis? Then they felt the warmth. The mall actually shelved such a magical item!

Please take apart the camera.

…Forget it. Don’t dismantle it. So when they want something in the future, they can run to the camera and cry. Maybe the next day their wish will be satisfied!

The focus continued to return to the new commodity.

Food basket, oh, what a simple and plain name! However, what those words represented was the heartfelt dream of all players, ah. That there would be such a day when they could freely taste all kinds of delicious food and fill their mouths, which were so bland that they were tasteless, with the fragrance of food. Even if it could only be realized in the game, there was still no regret for them in this life.

When the players woke up, everyone’s hands were hanging full of baskets, no more and no less than ten. The crowd looked at each other and wanted to say all the things in the words.

“What a coincidence, you also buy so many, ah.”

“Yes, it is not cheap, of course, we should buy it all and eat!”

“Wait to open out the food. I, Kang Kang, which should I eat first? Ah, I really didn’t expect, I can also have such a luxurious time!”

The rain was still drizzling, but everyone could no longer wait. Three or two groups rushed to a certain roof, and then religiously opened up the basket of vegetables belonging to them.

“Autumn Wind, is your chicken good?” Autumn Wind Sweeps Away Leaves’s friend curiously poked around.

“Delicious, of course delicious. The chicken meat is fresh and tender, I take a bite and the juice flows out!” Autumn Wind Sweeps Away Leaves’ eyes were glowing as he seriously described it, but he couldn’t afford to take out the uneaten chicken to share with his friends. Anyway, his friend could open other dishes through the food basket afterwards, so he shouldn’t keep staring at him, right?

He’s got nine baskets hanging from his arm, too. Ten chances a day, and not one to be wasted!

“Then I also want to open the chicken, I just don’t know if I have this luck.” The friend whispered. Then he closed his eyes and chanted a few words, and reached his hand to the cover cloth.

Some people were eavesdropping, and quietly the simmered chicken was added into the list of food that must be drawn.

After that, there were shrieks in mid-air.

“Ah! I drew fried rice cake with crab…Crab…Is that the thing I was thinking of?”

“Garlic open-back shrimp, oooooh, the plate looks so good, I can’t even eat it…Hey, it smells good!”

“Spicy crayfish…The front, you guessed it right, there is indeed Zerg, ah, I really did not expect Zerg could actually taste like this!”

“I opened out two glasses of beer. You opened out the crawfish, whether we have a table or not, I already feel that these two things super match!”

“Your mother! Why, why, why, why! Why do I have ten food baskets, five of which are white buns? Originally it was my favorite, but now when I see them I feel so let down! Oooooooooo…”

“Hmph! You have buns which are still good. Look at me, three cups of plain water! What do I need this for? I can just drink the stream water when I’m thirsty…The designer is not a human being, he is the devil, the devil!”

“Yuck, how can the designer be the devil? He’s obviously a god, a god!” Only an immortal could create such delicious food just by imagining it!

“Hahaha, that is the huge gap between us and him.”


The aroma of food gradually diffused away, and ironed out everyone on that cold night. All in all, most of the dishes opened from the food basket were good value for money, except for a few people who were unlucky enough to open duplicate food or even white buns and plain water, but after that, they also ate the food they wanted with the help of others.

Of the ten foods, everyone had the foresight to pick only three or four of them. The rest were well hidden, and ready to eat during the day when online. The food that was picked out was discussed and decided to be shared together, so that everyone could eat several times the variety of food, and everyone was happy.

After almost two hours of late night snacks or breakfast, the rain gradually showed signs of abating, while the players ate till they had round bellies. They patted their bulging stomachs contentedly and exclaimed, “What a thrilling night! It’s a good thing I didn’t go offline, or I would have missed it. You know, if those people come online later and then find out what they missed, will they cry out?”

The question was just asked, and everyone’s movements stopped in unison. It took a few seconds before someone weakly asked the person next to him, “I remember you have a good relationship with that person, why didn’t you go and inform him?”

Normally speaking, those who could grab the qualification of Carefree Farmstead game so quickly were the old players in the forum, who have played many games. In the games they played in the past, if a world BOSS or some limited-time mission suddenly appeared, the players’ first reaction was definitely to go offline and notify the gamers they knew well, instead of playing on their own until the event was over and remembering what exactly they had forgotten in the back of their minds.

However this time, apart from the players who were already online, no new players came online and, obviously, those who were online didn’t even think to inform the latter. The face of the elder brother who was asked was a mix of red and blue. Only after a long time did he say, “I just…I forgot about it!”

“Yes, yes. We forgot. So many good things came out, it made my head faint!”

“Yeah, I forgot too. I was just thinking about picking up all the wild vegetables.”

“… After all, it is about thinking about how to eat more delicious food.”

So, those people should not blame them for this harmless little mistake. Right?


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Translator Notes:


  2. Jiaohuaji, also known as Changshu Jiaohua Chicken and Simmering Chicken , is a famous traditional dish in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province. The cooking method is to first brush the processed chicken with juice, and then use lotus leaves, lard net oil and yellow soil layer. Wrap them in layers, and finally throw them into the firewood to simmer.


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It is very interesting and funny to see them fight over food. Thanks for the chapter!!!!

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Thanks for translating and editing.

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The recipe is different. I Googled and in a part of China they really do eat the soil! It’s not a new concept either, with Greeks and Native American Indians having done the same.
I’ve heard of Lard, but not lard net oil.

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when you see your reflection in the mirror
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