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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Yes.” Lu AnHe casually answered as he held a hand on the door frame, noticing the other party because he spoke and showed a smile.

It was like he was thanking him for his response.

Lu AnHe froze, nodded at him, and only then walked out the door.

Ye Ling’s personality was more cheerful, so Lu AnHe had a few words with him before.

The two of them chatted when Ye Ling said that Ji Meng and him were professionals, and he was not as friendly and familiar as Lu AnHe, but he wasn’t aloof. As long as someone talked to him, he would respond seriously, even if the topic may not be what he likes.

“He was admitted from the common area, so he was a bit introverted at first when he enrolled,” Ye Ling thought about it and added, “Maybe also because of his name, some people in the common area you know, would attack someone for the most frivolous things.”

“So he barely spoke at first, but still tried to make an effort to get along with everyone, and after noticing that the atmosphere here is obviously much better, now he occasionally joins in on some topics that interest him.”

So this is the topic he is interested in. Lu AnHe thought as he walked.

After coming back from washing up, people came to greet him from time to time. Because the training will soon be over, no one had to sleep in a bunk together, but were free to share a double dormitory with better conditions.

After all, he was the most outstanding person in the training period, and many soldiers came to him to ask him to share a dormitory with them.

He himself wasn’t really particular about it, he was pretty much the same as anyone else. He had a good personality anyway, basically he wouldn’t have a problem with anyone he shared a room with.

But he didn’t bother to dwell on this kind of thing, after all, it wasn’t a big deal, so he just smiled and casually made a few jokes to cover it, and told them he didn’t really care, he wasn’t picky, just come to him when they decided on a winner.

Someone interjected, “Then does following you allow you to eat those snacks you ‘smuggled in’ from time to time?”

Although not something particularly rare, here after all, compared to other locations, the future would certainly be more and more harsh until the end of their training, items from the outside gradually becoming rare.

Lu AnHe scolded him, “Do you think I’m an online supermarket, how can I get it just like that?”

Everyone was laughing and joking, only a new recruit named Yi Nan, who couldn’t read the atmosphere, had to keep asking Lu AnHe who he finally decided to share a dorm with. Lu AnHe was a bit helpless, but still lightly covered up the past.

Before turning off the lights, he subconsciously glanced at the corner of the bunk. Ji Meng had fallen asleep, quietly, not disturbing anyone, the surrounding noise seems to have nothing to do with him, he wasn’t affected at all.

A few lively soldiers looked like they didn’t want to sleep too much, and were planning to come over to Lu AnHe for a chat, one of them having a loud voice, “Old Lu you tomorrow—”

Subconsciously, Lu AnHe lowered his voice a little, as if he didn’t want to disturb others, “Tomorrow’s business will be discussed tomorrow. I’ll sleep first.”

Probably because of Lu AnHe’s strong appeal in this group of people, hearing him say so, the other side went ‘oh’, then very naturally stopped talking, “That’s okay.”

The original buzz quieted down, and soon everyone stopped talking.

The night was getting late, but Lu AnHe had a few rare moments of sleepiness.

He felt that he always read people very accurately.

For example, when he saw Major He knew that the other party was certainly not as cold and heartless as he appeared, but also made up his mind to go to the base in the future; for example, Ye Ling looked like a very honest person, everything was written on the face, including the undisguised ambition and passion.

And now, he thought Ji Meng… was very clean, with no impurities at all, like a teenager who was full of vigor.

It must be great to work with him, Lu AnHe thought, the other must be a trustworthy comrade.

If he could get to know him better, maybe the other could also be a close friend who he can talk deeply with.

He was right about people—

The last day of training, this day the instructor specially ended the training early and brought all the people who came in this batch to the unique underground mecha vault of the training department.

“I hope you understand that this is not like school!” The instructor looked solemnly at the young faces in front of him with his hands behind his back, “Most of the mechs in the school are training mechs! Since you were assigned here as the best, in order to bring out the best in everyone, the training department has naturally arranged for the latest and best actual mechs!”

As he spoke, the magnificent doors behind him slowly opened and a mech on a fully automated track caused many recruits to let out a yearning cry of amazement.

“It’s the Q-series that the Institute just passed multiple tests on!” Someone couldn’t hide his excitement, “It’s not even mass-produced yet, and here it is!”

“And that one at the back, the arsenal is the multi-track vortex acceleration cannon that I’ve been coveting for a long time!”

“I’ve even thought of a name for the mech I’ve been dreaming of if I ever get to drive it!”

The instructor let the crowd talk for a rare minute before coughing and drawing everyone’s attention back to him.

“As you can see, these are mechs that are completely in sync with the base and have the best performance in every aspect at the moment.” The instructor spoke, “If you have enough strength to stay… it can be yours.”

The atmosphere became more and more enthusiastic.

“Of course, the number of top mechs is limited, so surely not everyone can choose the one they want.” The instructor turned his words around, “What you can pilot will be up to you.”

Someone asked a question, “Report! Is it a re-run of the general ability test?”

The instructor glanced at him and shook his head.


“What was the point of having you guys set training for so long?” He asked rhetorically, “Your every move is on our radar, and your physical functions and general standards have been done a lot these days.”

“So, we have been secretly recording and scoring these days for a long time, each person has their own corresponding score,” he shook the light brain in his hand, “the results are already on it.”

Many soldiers looked at the instructor incredulously, they knew nothing about the scoring criteria, and they didn’t expect that this matter wasn’t told to them in advance.

“Well,” the instructor paused and moved on to the next topic, “tomorrow the training will be over and everyone knows that they will be divided into dormitories.”

“I will only give you ten minutes to group yourselves, two to a dormitory. Report your choices after ten minutes, and then according to the same dormitory situation and the overall score of everyone in my hand—”

“Assign your own mechs.”

“Future training will also mostly be in groups of two, and since there are currently only four top-tier mechs that can be assigned to everyone, and the batches of mechs are different, the subsequent training content may not be the same for everyone.”

Someone hissed.

If one had a top mech, the intensity and depth of training would definitely be different from everyone else, and as each other’s roommates, two people would receive the same training as a unit.

There would be a final test at the end of the school year, and having experienced a higher level of training would definitely give you an advantage, so what originally sounded like a simple assignment of assigning dormitories suddenly became tense.

Four top mechs, in other words, if you could live with four of them, no matter what, you would benefit.

Not to mention that it was still unknown who the four people were…  

“Don’t say fair or unfair, nothing is absolutely fair.” The instructor said indifferently, “The score will be announced after everyone has finished grouping themselves, and the clock will start.”

As soon as he finished his speech, everyone immediately got noisy.

Although Lu AnHe didn’t seem to be very disciplined, bringing snacks and coming up with nicknames, his strength when he came in was obvious to all. Whether it was mental strength, physical strength, or professional ability, all were excellent, which made the instructor turn a blind eye, even if he had a lot of words to tell him.

In addition, he wasn’t showing off, and could talk, and had long been acquainted with everyone, a group of people or jokingly or seriously come over and talk to him.

“Brother Lu, Brother Lu look at me.”

“Old Lu, I’m capable! Take this brother!”

Ye Ling’s overall strength was also very strong, but he didn’t care too much about this, and also joined in on the joke, “Old Lu, you know I’m really obedient, choosing me or not is secondary, I just want to live closer to you…”

Lu AnHe slapped him on the shoulder, “Okay, don’t tease me. You guys choose first, don’t mind me, I’ll talk later.”

Someone laughed, saying that this was like waiting for the final selection of concubines. Lu AnHe pointed to his nose and said if you say one more word and you’ll lose all your benefits, the other side heckled and closed his mouth, and found someone else to team up with.

After all, the roommate bonus was good, but for the final test they still had to rely on themselves.

Five minutes passed, and a large part of the people had chosen. Ye Ling had a friend he wanted to take care of, spo he didn’t hesitate to group with him, others also chose their own roommates, so only a few people were still thinking about what to do.

Lu AnHe was in a daze when he suddenly heard someone call his name.

“AnHe!” He turned around and looked at Yi Nan, who had asked him more than once last night, and somehow the smile on his face made Lu AnHe feel a little tired, “You don’t have a roommate yet?”

“Consider me,” Yi Nan squinted at him, “I think brothers staying together for mutual benefit is fine.”

Lu AnHe recalled that Yi Nan wasn’t too bad during training, but somehow there was nothing that stood out.

Probably because Yi Nan kept talking to him last night to make him a little annoyed, Lu AnHe inexplicably recalled the quietly sleeping person in the corner, wondering if they had been too noisy last night.

He smiled politely, “No, I think you’re pretty good, but we’re probably not that similar.”

This was already a clear rejection, but Yi Nan seemed to have been born without the skill of reading the atmosphere, so he still tirelessly stuck to him, “What similar? Believe me, as long as the two of us live together, we would definitely be the best in the end.”

Lu AnHe raised his eyebrows.

He was good-tempered, but there was no need to waste his time on this kind of boring discussion.

He stood up and wanted to go elsewhere, “It’s still early from the end, the road is still long, how dare you boast that you must be the best?…”

Yi Nan wanted to catch up and continue to persuade him, but as a result, he just put a hand on Lu AnHe’s shoulder, which the other avoided. When Yi Nan saw him act like this, he became more anxious. He didn’t understand why this person who usually had a good personality was now stubborn and donkey-like.


Lu AnHe quickly walked forward, while Yi Nan shouted “hey”, catching up anxiously, “Wait, what is there to consider?”

He used a little force, trying to grab Lu AnHe’s shoulder to pull him back, when Lu AnHe finally turned around with an impatient frown, “There is nothing to—”

As a result, he momentarily walked without looking at the road, inadvertently bumping into someone as he turned around.

“I’m sorry—”

Before Lu AnHe could react, the person who was bumped into opened his mouth first to apologize.

He didn’t pay any more attention to Yi Nan, and looked at Ji Meng who apologized somewhat embarrassed.

Just now he turned around quite sharply, so the hit was probably not light.

“I’m the one who should say sorry.” Lu AnHe hurriedly said. He wanted to ask something else, but suddenly found Ji Meng standing alone, looking at a group of soldiers who had already formed up.

The two of them were talking as if they were invisible, but Yi Nan was still very persistent in wanting Lu AnHe to agree, and didn’t even look at Ji Meng, nor did he greet him, but continued to tirelessly push, “So we have a deal?”

“No deal.” Lu AnHe didn’t turn around, just looked at the person in front of him.

Ji Meng’s hair color waslight, the contours of his features were also very soft. He heard what Lu AnHe just said, smiled, showing one side of the tiger teeth, “It’s okay.”

Lu AnHe looked at Ji Meng, recalling what he thought about last night, and he suddenly felt that he could also pick a good roommate.

He didn’t think much about it, reached out and pulled the teenager who was ready to leave and asked bluntly, “Do you have a roommate?”

Ji Meng stopped and shook his head.

“Then do you want to consider living with me?”


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