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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han’s tone was natural, as if he was asking how the weather was today.

He YunTing’s eyebrows twitched and he still looked calm, as if he had just heard a question about the weather. But He YunTing was a little puzzled.

Mr. Lin has a cleanliness problem, so why did he suddenly take off his gloves in front of him?

Mr. Lin also smiled at him.

Mr. Lin had just slept in his bed.

Mr. Lin hugged him for a long time earlier.

Mr. Lin… He was very nice.

Mr. Lin asked him if he liked him.

Of course, these words in He YunTing’s head right now, didn’t seem that way to Lin Han.

What was He YunTing thinking right now?

Why did He YunTing show a puzzled expression?

When did He YunTing move him to his bed?

He YunTing’s susceptible period suddenly came so he hugged him, and he just didn’t push him away.

He YunTing… He YunTing isn’t so bad.

So Mr. Lin then intended to read his heart.

He YunTing’s mind began to run at high speed, trying to find evidence of his liking for Lin Han from the above-mentioned pile of conditions. His eyes showed a rare look of confusion, as if he couldn’t define these two simple words. His life seemed to be filled with other things, various combat skills, driving training, tactical strategies, but only the tip of his heart was still empty.

Because he was too careful, he didn’t even know how to fit a person, to place him in that soft place, to protect him from the wind and rain, for him to be invincible. He YunTing couldn’t distinguish between these various emotions, so instead of asking him to give a result now, he might as well go to the training ground to practice.

But no matter what, Mr. Lin was definitely different.

He was different from the first moment he saw him.

Lin Han watched He YunTing’s every move.

From the change in his eyelashes and pupils when he first heard the words, to the confusion that slowly appeared on his face a few seconds later, he took it all in.

In fact, he wasn’t sure.

In other words, he suddenly asked this question, also with the nature of a test, or rather, a little teasing.

This wasn’t a word that anyone would believe, an engineer who specialized in mecha, relying on his own mind-reading skills, wanted to ‘bully’ the noble Imperial General.

But He YunTing hadn’t been able to give an answer, so Lin Han heart suddenly felt bottomless. He even felt that he had changed, never cared before, but now wanted to find out what was going on.

He YunTing’s mind made him become less calm, or the hug before made him have other thoughts. When did he actually want to use mind reading to spy on others and ask such questions? Lin Han had no reason to feel guilty, but really wanted to know the answer.

He leaned forward, pulling in the distance from He YunTing, and pretended to get his dinner, his fingers inadvertently brushing the back of He YunTing’s hand.

And at this moment, He YunTing also opened his mouth.

Lin Han saw his own reflection in the other’s eyes, pure and clear. He flinched a little, just about to give up this irrational thought—

“I don’t know.”

【I don’t know.】

【But Mr. Lin’s pheromone is so sweet.】

His voice and heart sounded in Lin Han’s ears at the same time, and then overlapped.

Lin Han jerked his hand away in a sudden panic.

“I don’t know.”

And He YunTing, very honestly, decided to repeat his first inner thought again.

Only then did Lin Han feel the bitterness of self-inflicted sin, and he lowered his eyes, no longer looking at himself in He YunTing’s eyes. Whether from the words of He YunTing’s mouth or the thoughts of his heart, putting pheromones aside, He YunTing still didn’t have a definite answer.

Lin Han didn’t know what others were like, just felt a strange sense of loss fiercely.

What was this?


But He YunTing hadn’t said he liked him in the first place, it was him who asked first.

“I see.” He said, smiling at He YunTing, “I was just wondering. General, don’t take it to heart.”

Lin Han picked up the dinner that He YunTing brought for him and stood up, “I will go to my room then. If the General has any work-related matters, you can ask Lieutenant Colonel Lu to let me know, I will be at your beck and call.”

He was in a bit of a mixed mood, and even began to have a subtle hint of displeasure, which should be angry at the fine calculations, but he was mad at himself. Angry at himself for not being calm enough, for losing his mind.

“Oh.” He YunTing, who was completely unaware of Lin Han’s journey at this moment and instead still felt that his answer was very honest, nodded his head, “Okay.”

When Lin Han was about to turn around and leave, He YunTing called him again, “Mr. Lin.”


“Can’t I contact you directly?”

Lin Han didn’t know He YunTing’s current brain circuit and was confused, “?”

“I mean, for work matters, I don’t need to go through Lu AnHe, can’t I contact you directly?” He YunTing said a rare long sentence to express his confusion.

Lin Han, “Huh?”

Seeing Lin Han dazed, He YunTing also added, “Because today I’m really thankful to Mr. Lin.”

Lin Han opened his mouth, “…It’s fine.”

He YunTing asked again, “So can I contact you directly?”

He thought, after hugging, their relationship should be a little closer.

Lin Han remained frozen in place, “……”

So, Lin Han’s heart’s nameless fire, after He YunTing’s words, which were like a small fire extinguisher, were poofpoofing constantly, and finally the small fire was put out.

“…Whatever.” Lin Han went back to his room.

After the first round of selection was over, the special mecha master could finally be activate, and Lin Han’s job was to overhaul the mecha that needed to be driven by the recruits before the second round of selection began, and to repair them whenever necessary.

Sometimes the mecha’s programming or operation had to be temporarily rewritten according to each individual’s needs and mental strength.

This wasn’t a difficult task, because the mecha for the recruits wouldn’t be an exclusive advanced mecha, but the key was that there were many batches and types of mecha, which were tedious and detailed, and the mecha master must be familiar with each mecha in order to accurately know the repair parts and quickly adjust them.

Lin Han started working on this project the next day.

When he first faced the newcomers, many people’s eyes went straight to the fact that such a beautiful Omega was a specially hired mecha engineer.

But after all, they were still on He YunTing’s turf, so they didn’t dare to say anything. At most, there were a few bold ones who weren’t afraid to look at Lin Han when he came over, and then they were successfully criticized by the instructor by name, and finally turned into a record of demerits and handed over to He YunTing.

So at the end of the selection process the next day, in addition to eliminating another group of people, He YunTing looked at the string of records in his hand with a grim expression and wrote down all the names in his head one by one.

Lin Han himself didn’t care about the eyes of others, only concerned about his own work. After the completion of his work, he went back to the office prepared for him in the base, and then came out when there were new emergencies.

These past two days he didn’t talk to He YunTing. Originally, they had different statuses, so if one of them insisted, there really was nothing to talk about.

Although Lin Han allowed He YunTing to contact him directly, and not through Lu AnHuo, He YunTing had been really busy these two days, and Lu AnHuo still became the messenger between the two people.

Mr. Lin became more and more courteous, while the boss was more impersonal, the relationship between the two gradually receded to the state of almost strangers.

Especially He YunTing, these two days he transformed into a workaholic. There was even a day he went directly down to the first base inspection, with a cold face pulled out several Alpha recruits, who didn’t really make any big mistakes, and designated a few training sessions for them, which if they failed, would have them immediately packed up and eliminated.

Whether it was true or not, the base recruits were silent, and no newcomers dared to covet that exquisite looking Omega in the mecha division anymore.

There were also private rumors that the General really had a cold face and cold heart, and he was very scary.

Today’s Lin Han also finished his work early before planning to return to his room.

He clearly felt that when he passed by the group of newcomers, no one dared to stick their eyes on him anymore. Lin Han lamented in his heart that the selection was really harsh. But when he thought of harshness, he had to think of He YunTing.

This thought disturbed him a bit, perhaps because of the ambiguous hug, or his curiosity that made him ask, which eventually ended up in a disagreement between the two.

But he probably understood why Lu AnHe could follow the other man for so long, and hide snacks under his nose, and sometimes call him “Boss” not too respectfully — He YunTing’s appearance actually didn’t fully represent him personally, just as Lin Han wouldn’t have expected a few days ago, that this man would be with an almost helpless confusion, just wanting to beg him for a hug.

Still, He YunTing didn’t smile.

Nor did he like him.

Lin Han waved these inexplicable thoughts away from his mind and walked back alone after finishing his work.

The base was huge, and he was a little irritable, so he decided to go back later and wander around the base. He was wearing the white uniform of the Institute, so even if no one knew his name, they could still guess his identity.

When a soldier saw him, he saluted respectfully, and Lin Han nodded his head in greeting.

The base was new to Lin Han, and he wandered around alone for a long time, seeing many new things, finally feeling better, before he started to walk back. As a result, before he could walk a few steps, he met an acquaintance.

“Mr. Lin!”

Lin Han turned his head in response to the sound.

“Mr. Lin, what a coincidence.” The man wearing a pair of old-styled glasses saw Lin Han come over, and even pulled his uniform logo, “I’m the teacher General found for you to teach you to dance, do you remember?”

Lin Han was silent for a moment, “I remember.”

“I heard from the base next door that you were here, but I never saw you.” The teacher’s behavior was much more natural than before, because he was in the base. Lin Han was just about to say a few words when he heard the man continue to ask, “So is Mr. Lin going to continue learning to dance?”

“…” He didn’t expect this person to be so persistent, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Oh, that’s a shame.” The teacher cared about this matter firmly and sounded quite regretful.

Lin Han looked at him and suddenly recalled the way He YunTing had clumsily taught him at the dinner party that day. He looked down and pondered for a moment, but finally hesitated to speak, “Wait a minute.”

The teacher turned around, “What is it Mr. Lin?”

“General He…” Lin Han spoke slowly, took a breath with his tongue against his palate, and adjusted his tone before continuing, “He asked you to teach me, but did he also learn?”

Lin Han remembered that the last thing he said when he sent this man out the door was to tell him to teach He YunTing first and then come back to him.

This man was also straightforward, he said whatever he was asked, and the General didn’t put a gag order on him anyway, so he told everything, “Yes. I relayed what Mr. Lin said to the General when I got back that day. But these days he’s too busy to have time, he was attending my lessons the first few days.”

Lin Han was stunned, “He… He’s really learning from you?”

“Yes,” the other nodded, “I really didn’t expect General to want to learn this, but I taught him anyway… He has no basic knowledge at all, but he’s working very hard.”

“…I see.” Lin Han pushed the tip of his nose with his index finger, “I’ll go back first then.”

Lin Han walked alone on the way back to the first base. He felt that he was still smart. But he just couldn’t figure out He YunTing. He obviously didn’t like him, but he used a poor excuse to invite him to come, and, moreover, he really went to learn dancing.

What did he learn to do?

It was really not for a chance to have a relationship with him in the future…?

But Lin Han quickly denied this idea. He was a noble Imperial General, even if it wasn’t for him, he would often go to such occasions in the future, it seemed that learning to dance wasn’t meaningless.

But if it was based on the condition that it has nothing to do with him learning to dance,’ Lin Han found himself not only relaxed, but even more blocked.

What exactly did he want to do?

He clearly didn’t like him.

Lin Han also didn’t understand his own thoughts. He had always been calm and didn’t get angry with people, and he felt there was no need for that. It was he who had to take off his gloves to listen to He YunTing’s heart, and now he was the one who was torn.

Even after he reacted, he found that he had actually walked up to the door of He YunTing’s room. Lu AnHe said, recently every day after five o’clock He YunTing would not be in the command room, but would go back to his own room, so Lin Han, if he needed anything, could go directly to him.

This sentence sounded like a hint, but Lin Han hadn’t come once in the past few days.

And now, he was standing at the door.

Lin Han’s mind was in turmoil, his heart was clogged, and there was a wave of nameless emotions that came from nowhere. He relieved himself and kept giving himself excuses. He needed an answer and wanted to ask He YunTing why.

There were many questions, and he would get He YunTing’s answer one way or another.

Lin Han took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” A male voice came from inside, and Lin Han recognized it as Lu AnHe.

“It’s me, Lin Han.”

The room was quiet for a long time before Lu AnHe said “Haha” twice, “Wait! I’m coming.”

Lin Han listened to the sound of footsteps coming closer to him, and the tension in his heart actually began to rise. He felt like he had come to ask for a favor, but he couldn’t say he was angry, and what’s more, He YunTing had clearly done him no wrong.

But if he didn’t come — Lin Han thought, his heart would probably be blocked even longer.

Consider himself capricious.

Lin Han pursed his lips and waited for the door to open in front of him.

Lin Han hadn’t seen He YunTing for days.

In the minute he waited for the door to open, his mind was still wondering how he was going to ask? Where to start? Because even he himself didn’t know what answer he wanted — according to this reasoning, he shouldn’t be angry.

But he recalled the man’s words, and He YunTing’s cold tone of ‘I don’t know,’ he felt a little bit uncontrollable and a strange irritation rose up in his heart for no reason. These emotions were even a bit strange to Lin Han, and even he himself didn’t understand how to deal with them.

So there was only one way left, find He YunTing.

The door opened with a bang.

He YunTing’s room was very dark, the moment the light and shadow staggered, Lin Han didn’t see anyone right away. But when he looked at it clearly, he saw Lu AnHe walking out with the medicine change box, which was stained with a little bit of dried blood.

He YunTing was putting on his shirt, not moving much, and his entire body carried a familiar cold aura.

“Hello, Mr. Lin!” Lu AnHe greeted with a mid-air wave, then walked out squarely without looking at them, closed the door for them, and fled the scene like lightning after leaving Lin Han and He YunTing’s line of sight.

Lin Han took a few steps forward, his lips tightly pursed.

The shirt He YunTing had changed into was still stained with blood, which reminded Lin Han of the horrible wound on his right shoulder.

But He YunTing’s expression still looked calm, the wound was obviously deep, but he never changed his face.

That was why this person was really strange.

Lin Han kept flashing back to the shoulder injury he saw that day, and then compared it to He YunTing who didn’t say a word at the moment, and some emotion overtook his desire to come to him for an answer and rushed straight to his mind.

When Lin Han walked up to He YunTing, he wanted to say, ‘How’s your injury, has it gotten better?’

He was too late to ask for an answer, the only thing left on his retina was the other party’s deep wound, his heart felt like it had been stabbed by something, and those unexplainable emotions before he came faded away silently, as his entire person gradually calmed down.

He looked at He YunTing’s right shoulder, eyelashes trembled a little, his eyebrows furrowed, his tone trembling at the end as he said, “Does it… hurt?”


The author has something to say: 

Han Han: Aggravated

The old He: Aggravated


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April 2, 2022 10:54 am

Lin han is a smart guy, he appears smart, and he thinks so too. But the foolish thing he did is that what he heard just the fragments from a second after a brush on the skin. He should listen more, complete version. And then he just try to reason, making assumptions in his own.

Sue R
Sue R
April 2, 2022 10:56 am

They both were confused by their own mind lol.

April 2, 2022 11:49 am

These 2 are already masters of dancing… around each other!
This is the problem when 2 romantically challenged, inexperienced in feelings, people get together.
Lin Han now seems to have overtaken He YunTing though.
Does Lin Han still intend to help, usung his ability, and if so, when will he tell the General.
Looking forward to more!
Thanks for translating and editing.

April 2, 2022 5:37 pm

Thanks for the chapter! That was mean Author!

May 19, 2022 8:10 am

They the same lol, the same confusion mess😂

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Yanno HYT to me seems lack understanding of the so called emotions. He’s been on the battlefield for so long, so long that he forget human interaction needs s deeper emotions.
He’s to apathetic. I guess no one taught him these so called emotions since childhood. Poor guy

September 17, 2022 1:25 pm

This is why communication is key. Thank you so much for translating❣️

October 20, 2022 7:56 am

I don’t get why he’s so angry. ML said he doesn’t know, not that he doesn’t like him. He’s read his thoughts so he should know he’s attracted to him. He should be able to put two and two together and figure out he genuinely doesn’t understand his own feelings. He has no experience so he doesn’t know if what he feels for MC is like.

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