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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Even Wen TianYao began to panic. His knees went weak, and he took a step back without even reacting, but he was able to hold his composure. Wen TianYao quickly stood still, “General is the supreme commander here, if you go out, and can’t return, what do we do?”

“Defense shields open to the thickest, change the main gun from the electromagnetic cannon to projectile cannon to save energy,” He YunTing while giving instructions to Ye Ling, smoothly tidied up the folds of his collar, “The prince wants to go with me? Or do you want everyone to be stuck at the leap point together so that you can still let the Zerg have a pick when you give them dinner?”

Even though the expression on his face didn’t change, those present who knew He YunTing, for him to say such barbed words, knew it almost meant that he was already very angry with Wen TianYao.

Obviously Wen TianYao wasn’t stupid, he was subconsciously discontent for a moment, but still did a good job of expression management, “Then what can I help with? Not to mention, an Omega like Mr. Lin should stay on the battleship if he can’t pilot a mecha.”

“As far as I know, you have not only brought your cronies with you when you boarded the ship, but also your own mecha,” He YunTing said, “No one will be able to take care of you at that time, so I ask Your Highness to let them protect you and stay well inside your own mecha.”

Wen TianYao’s mecha, which he had when he came of age, was the top of the line at the time, but compared to the well-defined mecha of melee, distance, or defense, His Highness’s mecha was an all-rounder, but it wasn’t outstanding in every way, or, to put it another way, it was not useful. —But for those who didn’t actually need to fight in a battle, it was enough.

“But…” Wen TianYao wanted to say something else.

“Mr. Lin is a pillar of the nation.” He YunTing swept over him one last time, not wanting to pay any more attention, and refocused his gaze on Lin Han.

Others had no time to care, then he would devote himself to protecting.

He was still waiting for an answer.

The battleship began to slowly rise, and with both the defensive shield and the attacking main cannon turned on, the entire battleship swayed much more than when it came to start up, accompanied by the yellow sand stirred up by the engines, almost blocking half of the view.

“I’m coming with you.” Lin Han was unwilling to make He YunTing wait too long, “General doesn’t need to protect my safety specifically, just focus on defeating the enemy.”

He YunTing’s impatience was then smoothed out, his eyebrows remained emotionless, but his voice eased up a bit. He raised his hand as if he wanted to do something, but finally withdrew it as he said, “Okay.” 

The lower levels of the battleship had already started to activate the emergency procedures after hearing the order and proceeded to prepare all the mecha still on board — because not only M2742, all the mecha, regardless of function and rank. No one would give them time to train anymore, and the battle near at hand would force them to adapt.

He YunTing began to give orders to Ye Ling and Lu AnHe. Lu AnHe had been with him the longest, so he understood many things without needing to explain, so it saved a lot of words.

“In short, keep the minimum energy consumption towards the leap point, make sure to keep enough energy for firing the P-1 fusion particle beam cannon.” He YunTing finally ordered, “…At all costs.”

“A message requesting assistance has just been sent to the Empire, but even if we set out at full speed, the time to reach the leap point is still too long.”

He YunTing raised his jaw to look at the five giant mechanical sand worms still approaching on the display, his tone sank as he said to Lu AnHe, “If someone really can’t be saved, don’t go and save them. Remember, the ultimate goal is for most of them to be able to complete the leap and go home together.”

Lu AnHe only pursed his lips and looked at him, and he didn’t speak, since there was no need to speak. There had been criticism about why a general’s adjutant rank was only a lieutenant colonel, but anyone who had spent time on the base knew that it was Lu AnHe’s own choice. It was a tacit understanding that came only after living and dying together.

“I trust your judgment.” He YunTing finally said.

What trade-offs to make, what decisions to make, he trusted him with those.

He YunTing didn’t specify when he would return.

Lu AnHe put his legs together and gave He YunTing a military salute, “Yes, sir.”

He knew the risks He YunTing was about to face, and he knew He YunTing’s plan.

——Because in his plan, there was no consideration that he could make the leap in time. He would need to face five giant Zerg single-handedly, and while he was taking on the enemy, the battleship was retreating at full speed… 

The mecha’s speed was no match for a full-speed battleship, and it wasn’t known yet how many Zerg were at the leap point. If there were few, then the battleship was quick to solve the problem and wouldn’t wait in place for He YunTing, and would directly open the leap; if there were many, then after one P-1 type fusion particle beam cannon, this leap point would be directly damaged and making a leap from it would be impossible.

“Even if… Even if we can’t make it, communications must not be broken,” Lu AnHe said, “The support unit will be the first to make contact and get a location, hold on… It’s going to be okay.”

Lu AnHe looked down and repeated again, “It’s going to be okay.”

He didn’t want to have to suffer again.

“Yeah.” He YunTing simply responded. He YunTing spoke into his communicator. “All mecha in position, have the pilots come up to the top deck.” 

The next second, he opened the door of the captain’s room.

He YunTing stood in the doorway, his voice still low and calm, never fearful, while behind him was the still dilapidated sky of yellow sand and the aggressive giant Zerg. Against the light, he shielded himself from the danger that was about to sweep over him, called out “Mr. Lin” and said, “Have you thought about it?”

In the brief silence, Lin Han hooked his lips very shallowly. Those horrible Zerg seemed less intimidating at the moment.

He took two steps forward and without hesitation, and grabbed He YunTing’s hand that was holding the mecha key tightly — that was the action He YunTing wanted to do just now but couldn’t complete, and the question he asked him before the Zerg appeared.

He asked He YunTing if he wanted to hold it.

Lin Han’s voice was calm and gentle, “Let’s go.”

And in this moment, he heard the voice of He YunTing’s heart that hadn’t had time to change.

【No matter how you choose, I hope you will be safe.】

All the pilots were already standing by their mecha, making their final preparations.

He YunTing walked out of the captain’s room step by step.

No one averted their eyes or spoke up.

They no longer wondered why Mr. Lin was walking to his mecha with the General, they only wanted everyone to be safe at this moment.

“Boss, take care.” Lu AnHe said this time instead of calling his rank, he used the title he most often shouted.

He YunTing nodded very gently.

Lu AnHe turned his head again and looked at Lin Han with a somewhat strange look. Not like mourning, but like a kind of oiled, overwhelming relief and joy. “Mr. Lin, take care.”

Lin Han didn’t understand why Lu AnHe was showing such an expression, but still smiled at him to try to reassure him.

He YunTing walked to the heel of M2742, which turned around and frankly faced all the stares. He was tall and long, with a straight back, like a flag that would never fall.

Some people followed him, some spit on him, some wanted to bring him into the fold as a powerful tool in the struggle. But no matter what others thought of him, he stood there, with all his own sharpness and glory. He YunTing’s expression remained cold, the color of his blue eyes were like a distant nebula frozen in ice.

He raised his hand and gave a full, proud military salute to all those watching him, amid the smoke and fire of the battleship’s speedy journey.

Wen TianYao suddenly had a moment of shame.

Everyone returned a salute to him, and just as they were bending down and bowing their heads, they suddenly heard a strange sound. A figure rushed violently toward He YunTing with a highly abnormal posture and speed, holding some sharp weapon in his hands, or whether these hands were the murder weapon itself——

“Watch out!” Lu AnHe was the first to speak. He thought it was another murderer similar to the previous one. But while the previous perpetrator at least had a weapon, this man now seemed to be trying to fight He YunTing with his bare hands.

But He YunTing’s movements were faster, he dodged in a flash, intending to raise his hands to subdue the other party.

The other man was agile, as if he could guess what stance He YunTing would take in return, and rushed forward even more quickly to fight with He YunTing. He was wearing only thin clothing, which seemed to be full of weaknesses, but also no weaknesses — he was a weapon in itself.

He YunTing was too late to speak and dodged the man’s incredibly fast attack, while pulling out his sidearm and pulling the trigger on the other man without hesitation!


The sound of gunfire rang out, along with the smoke coming from the muzzle, the other party’s left arm was hit, and the bullet shot straight through. This was a close range shot, as long as it hit, no matter who it was would be seriously injured, at least mobility would be greatly impaired.

He YunTing slowed down, wanting to see who the murderer really was, and why pick such a time to strike.

He just moved his wrist… 

The murderer, who was shot accurately, stood up without saying a word, covering his left arm, which was bleeding. As if he had a bizarre ability to recover, he flung the blood from his left arm as if he hadn’t been injured, splashing it on Lin Han’s white uniform.

Then, as earlier, a strange hiss came out from his throat and he lunged at He YunTing more fiercely.

“Who is this?! Quickly restrain him!” Lu AnHe shouted loudly and also took out the gun at his waist. It wasn’t until then that Lin Han saw the face of the assailant.

The other man’s figure could be described as thin, his expression stiff and hideous, and he didn’t say a word. And there was a deep, old scar on the back of his neck on the gland.

——He had seen this man before, it was Qi JiaZe.

Already then, he showed a strange form, but at least he could understand Qi Jiamu’s words and struggled to call the other man, brother.

It was too late to think about why he was here, Lin Han, his face still stained with blood, searched for the figure in this group of newcomer pilots.

Qi JiaZe was no longer like an Omega, or even a normal human. He was similar but not the same as those who assassinated He YunTing before. He was no longer a soft Omega, his entire person was like a trained weapon; he didn’t know pain, and didn’t know tiredness, and would only want to kill the person in front of him.

This wasn’t the way to go on, there were still Zerg in front of the battleship, and such a seemingly prepared assassination was carried out on the deck… 

He YunTing shot back while quickly approaching M2742.

“Mr. Lin, follow me.” He said to Lin Han, “Let’s look for an opportunity to go up.”

Lin Han then gave up his search and followed him closely.

But Qi JiaZe was surprisingly exceptionally difficult to deal with, no matter how much He YunTing attacked him, even having been shot three times, yet it was as if just when He YunTing was close to being wounded by him—

“A’Ze!” Qi Jiamu gritted his teeth and rushed to He YunTing, calling his name over and over again, and then held his brother in her arms and said to He YunTing, “General, you have to go! I can hold him.”

He YunTing, with a cold face, still wanted to fire a shot at Qi JiaZe who was re-winding, but was stopped by his brother, “Please, please don’t shoot—”

The not-so-normal Omega seemed to move to a halt the moment he was held by Qi Jiamu.

And He YunTing didn’t hesitate, decisively looking for the moment. He didn’t shoot again, without saying anything, grabbed Lin Han’s waist, and ascended to his mecha as fast as possible.

Qi JiaZe had not given up trying to kill He YunTing, but was so tightly held by Qi Jiamu that only an unbearable, low, muffled sound could escape his throat, and he couldn’t produce a full syllable.

M2742 started up as fast as it could — the more important target was still ahead, so it couldn’t be trapped like this.

“There are some things that you should have noticed, Mr. Lin.” He YunTing calmed his breathing and began to advance the mecha.

The roar of the engine was deafening, and because it started so fast, even though there had been a cushion, it couldn’t stop the extremely strong pushback feeling.

“If I can get rid of these bugs in front of me, I’ll tell you properly.”

As the mecha rose and left the ground, Lin Han looked back.

The Omega had failed to attack He YunTing and was trying to attack the others like a madman, while Qi Jiamu kept calling his name, saying “A’Ze” and “Brother is here”.

Lin Han remembered the frail teenager he had seen before.

At that time, his pupils were only slightly shrunken, but when he looked over again, Lin Han found that… 

The young man’s eyes, at some point, had turned into vertical pupils.


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April 19, 2022 10:47 am

Thrilling stuff. It seems like the omega-not-omegas have been taken over by Zerg? Or are they experimental hybrids?
Lin Han is best with He YunTing and they seem to draw strength off each other. Hoping they and Lu AnHe all make it back in one piece.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
April 19, 2022 11:37 am

I’m not happy with Lin Han 😤 why he didn’t say anything about what he saw in that Omega earlier. He can read mind but has no instinct.

April 20, 2022 1:17 am

Thanks for the chapter! Scary, what happened to the guy…

April 24, 2022 1:10 pm

Are they… Turning omegas into zerg?

June 14, 2022 9:49 pm

Thank you for the chapter.
I can’t wait to find out what’s going on with the Omegas.

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