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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen sat down on the sofa. His heart was beating madly. His hands were clenched into fists where they rested on his knees. His eyes stared straight at the door.

Bai Jiao walked to the door, smiled at him reassuringly, and opened the door.

Shouts of joy burst into the room. Maine stood at the front, followed by Long Teng, Huo Feng, Mu Lin and Gu Luo, like the best man’s group.

All of Xie Sen’s attention was drawn to Maine, who was wearing the same white suit as him. The suit was perfectly cut, and showed off Maine’s tall figure to the fullest, while inside the suit was a high-collared jacquard shirt with a dark pattern that was elegant and noble.

Xie Sen was still thinking about whether to get up to greet him, but Maine was already striding to stand before him. He got down on one knee. Xie Sen clearly saw the smile in Maine’s eyes.

“Nervous?” Maine took his hand, and kissed the back of it. “Leave everything to me. Don’t worry.”

Maine got up after the kiss, bent down, picked him up and walked out. 

He grabbed Maine’s shoulders. “Can’t I walk by myself?”

Mu Lin laughed at the door. “When a male picks up the female, if he lets his feet touch the ground, he’ll be questioned about his ability.”

Maine nodded, “He’s right.”

Xie Sen suddenly realized that this ritual had some things in common with modern marriage, ah! And his role…was the bride! He silently gritted his teeth, and resisted the urge to jump.

Because he was being held by Maine, he could clearly feel Maine’s strong muscles. He thought about it. Even if he and Maine exchanged roles, and he came to meet Maine, he couldn’t walk out with Maine in his arms.

When he thought about it, the trace of embarrassment disappeared. Anyway, it was about him and Maine getting married no matter what his status was. Besides, in the eyes of the rest of the world, that’s what was normal. He was a female now!

“Tired?” Maine put him in the back of the shuttle, then sat down next to him and touched his face.

Xie Sen looked over, and took his hand. “No.”

Long Teng was in the driver’s seat, and Bai Jiao was in the front passenger. Long Teng turned around and laughed. “Start!” The shuttle whooshed out.

The shuttle traveled fast. It circled the main city then headed straight home.

When the shuttle was about to land, Xie Sen looked out the window excitedly. He wanted to see how the venue was set up in advance. Maine cupped his chin, and pulled a little. He looked at Maine in response. “What’s wrong?”

Maine didn’t say anything. Instead his hand slid to the back of his neck, and he lowered his head to kiss him. By the time the kiss was done, the shuttle had smoothly landed.

Xie Sen gasped and laughed. “You still want to keep it a secret?”

Maine’s fingers wiped at his lips to remove the ambiguous glow. “I’ll show you.” He took the lead in getting off the shuttle, and turned back towards Xie Sen.

Xie Sen took his hand and jumped off the shuttle. He was greeted by a large red carpet that looked especially festive. He glanced up and was stunned in place.

On both sides of the carpet stood the contract beasts. They stood two by two, opposite each other and looked especially formal. All the contract beasts had red silk hung around their necks, very much like ancient time’s wedding party dress. Pink bits were floating in the air.

Xie Sen raised his hand to catch the pink. Only then did he see clearly that it was a piece of paper cut into the shape of a flower petal.

This seems to be an omen. Paper petals started to flutter and fall. The petals were made very realistically, and at first glance, it was as if he were standing under a peach tree being blown by the wind. It was all beautiful falling colors.

Xie Sen looked up. The flying eagle beast soared in mid-air with the big crab on its back. From time to time, crab pincers extended and retracted. Xie Sen quickly realized that it was the big crab’s pincers that were pushing out and sprinkling the petals.

He was touched and also wanted to laugh.

Maine coughed lightly. “It was their idea to ask me for help, so I suggested some improvements.”

Xie Sen looked at the cheesy, and extraordinarily festive wedding scene. He couldn’t help asking, “What was the idea?”

Maine said, “The flower petals were changed from bright red to pink.”

Xie Sen, “…Good idea.”

At that moment the music started, and Maine said, “Let’s go take our vows.” Maine led Xie Sen up the aisle, and the pink petals followed them as they sprinkled everywhere they went.

The contract beasts on either side of him roared their blessings as he walked by, the excitement in their voices was unmistakable.

At the end of the red carpet was the oath table. Xu Da stood in front of it, as he watched them with a smile, flanked by the friends invited by Xie Sen. With a sweep of his eyes, he knew that everyone was there, even Lanny, who came from far away Blue Planet, and brought Simeon along.

They stood in front of the oath table at the head of the line of contract beasts. Little Silver abruptly opened its shell towards the oath table, and the light on the stage suddenly brightened and shone with colorful light.

It was as if there was natural custom lighting, and the atmosphere instantly became more romantic.

Xie Sen blinked his eyes to adjust, and watched the home-made romance with amusement and emotion.

Xu Da calmly took out a pair of transparent lenses, put them on, and spoke with a big smile. “I am honored to have been invited by Mr. Maine to be the witness for this wedding. Welcome all guests.”

The cheers and applause, as well as the low growls of the contract beasts, were particularly lively.

Xie Sen gave Maine’s fingers a firm squeeze. Maine’s thumb rubbed gently and soothingly on the back of his hand.

Xu Da looked at Maine and Xie Sen, spoke to them both by name, and then asked Maine, “Do you wish to be mated with Xie Sen? In sickness and in health, or for any other reason? To love him, to care for him, to respect him, to accept him, and to be faithful to him forever until the end of your life?”

Maine’s tone was sure, and the two words were so sincere that they trembled, “I do.”

As the words fell, a sourness rushed straight to Xie Sen’s eyes and nose. He took a deep breath, blinked his eyes, and forcibly suppressed his tears. If he hadn’t come to this moment, he wouldn’t have thought that he would have reacted like this.

Before this, if someone said he would be moved to tears by two words, his reaction might have been, how could that be?

He didn’t know if it was because of his new body, or because he didn’t know himself very well, but when he heard Maine say ‘I do,’ he really wanted to cry.

Xu Da looked at Xie Sen again and asked the same question.

Xie Sen said it quickly, even before Xu Da had finished his lines. “I do.”

Xu Da paused, as his friends broke out in good-natured laughter.

The pop-ups in the studio were all hahahas, [The anchor is too eager!]

[The anchor is really good! I envy Maine!]

Maine’s eyes were tinged with laughter, and he looked at Xie Sen with affection and total focus. Xie Sen turned his head and met his eyes. He blushed slightly, and the two kissed amidst the applause of blessings.

Xie Sen heard nothing of what Xu Da said next. His whole mind was on the lingering kiss, and the two parted only after a long moment.

The sounds of their surroundings re-entered Xie Sen’s ears, and he was a little embarrassed to think of how close he had just been to Maine.

Xu Da laughed and said, “Congratulations.”

Xie Sen said sincerely, “Thank you.”

Xu Da looked at the guests. “Next, everyone is free to play with the contract beasts, and take pictures. But please keep on your best behavior. The lunch buffet starts at 11:30 sharp.”

As soon as his words finished, the sound of birdsong came from behind the crowd. The crowd turned to look back and was instantly stunned.

Some of the guests were surprised. “Is this a specially arranged program?”

There were two groups of birds in the air. They flew towards the crowd from far and near as if they were wavy lines, and when they reached the sky not far from the crowd, the two groups became one, and formed a complete vertical circle that rotated clockwise.

Xie Sen immediately saw Tuan Tuan, the only bird among all the birds, with a tuft of white feathers on its head.

Tuan Tuan flew from the highest point of the circle to the bottom, not following the line of the arc, but went slightly downward. The rest of the birds also adjusted their positions, and in the blink of an eye, the circle became a huge peachy heart.

Tuan Tuan was at the point where the heart dropped inward. After the shape was set, the birds chirped in unison with a clear and pleasant sound.

Xie Sen couldn’t understand what the rest of the birds were saying, but he could deduce from Tuan Tuan’s words that they said the same thing as Tuan Tuan,  “Happy wedding!”

Xie Sen recovered from his surprise and waved at them. “Thank you, I enjoyed it.”

Tuan Tuan flew up to Xie Sen. It sounded excited and proud, “A’Sen, this is my gift, do you like it?”

Xie Sen rubbed its head feathers. “Thank you. I like it very much.”

Tuan Tuan chirped happily, and flew to stand on the nearest big tiger’s head.

The pop-ups in the live stream instantly exploded. [This is too handsome!]

[Ahhhhh! It must be rehearsed by Tuan Tuan. It’s so clever, so romantic!]

[I’m getting married next month. Anchor, can I book this contract beast wedding package from you?]

[Don’t think about it, the anchor can’t see the pop-ups. Maine suspended the gift broadcast in the morning, even if you brush the watermelon rain, the anchor can’t hear it, and it’s impossible to say yes since he can’t hear it.]

[Boing ~ blue thin mushroom.]

Lanny walked up to the two, his eyebrows slightly raised. “Congratulations. You really opened the eyes of the people.”

Xie Sen smiled, “Thanks, I thought you couldn’t make it.”

Lanny, “I’ve seen your food live.”

Xie Sen, “You didn’t come just to eat, did you?”

“Of course not,” Lanny said calmly, “Besides eating, I have to take some away. For our previous cooperation agreement, the plant variety is too small.”

Xie Sen lost his smile. “You really don’t know how to euphemize.” Few people could say so calmly they intended to eat and take. “Today there’s no talk about business.”

Lanny nodded, “I’ll go see the contract beasts. I’m still curious.”

The guests almost all played with the contract beasts, and Xie Sen saw at a glance that the guests had also released their own contract beasts, so there were at least forty of them on the grounds.

He knew without looking, that the audience in the live room must be screaming.

He stared at the guests around the grounds. Many of them were military personnel, business bigwigs and friends. He thought about it, and blocked the audio of the live stream.

The pop-ups were just what Xie Sen expected. Upon seeing the many contract beasts, the audience kept screaming, [Aaaahhhh! It’s heaven! My dad just asked me why I was plastered to the wall, and now he’s here with me!]

[The contract beasts are so handsome! The guests are also handsome! Who is that blue-haired, blue-eyed beauty? Kneeling for contact information.]

[Does anyone know the tall male behind him? Although he has an expression like wood, he also has a taste, ah!]

[Zhao team Qi Shao look at me! I’m a hardcore fan of the Special Operations Team!]

Zhao Hao walked over to Xie Sen. He said congratulations first, and Xie Sen teasingly said, “Thanks. Every one of you coming over is quite a statement.”

Zhao Hao smiled lightly and looked at the playful contract beasts, “Give us another chance, last time the Special Operations Team only succeeded in bonding with five. I have three men who are very capable. if you give them another chance, they will definitely be able to bond.”

Xie Sen was very impressed with his three men, and the most impressed with Qiao Ke. He looked at Qiao Ke who was trying to approach Big Tiger and smiled, “OK, but the contract beasts are only residents here. I can’t make any decisions, if they don’t agree.”

Qi Shao also walked over. “Congratulations.” He put his arm around Maine’s shoulders. “Good job, graduating and having kids. Nice move.”

Maine looked at him and in a rare good temper, didn’t directly slap his hand away, he just said lightly, “Envy can’t join.”

“Tsk, deceitful.” Qi Shao took off his hand, and looked at Xie Sen. “Can you let me communicate with LIttle Horn?”

Xie Sen looked at him in surprise, and Qi Shao said, “Hao and I often go out on missions together to train. Even if we’re slow, we figured it out.” He looked at Little Horn on the grounds. “It’s dumb as hell. If it can communicate, I have a way to make it smart.”

Xie Sen chuckled, coughed lightly, and thought out loud, “I’m not sure how long it will take, but if you want to try, you’ll have to let him stay with me for a while.”

“Okay, let’s wait until you guys get through your honeymoon.” Qi Shao said, then rushed to the side of Little Horn, pulled the rhino’s tail, and quickly jumped on the rhino’s back. Little Horn instantly began madly jumping up and down.

Xie Sen was speechless. Qi Shao, this pair of contract beast and beast master was definitely the most tossed pair he had seen. He withdrew his gaze, and took Maine’s arm. “Where are we going for our honeymoon?”

Maine stroked the side of his neck. “Where do you want to go?”

Xie Sen said, “Blue Planet! It’s nice there, and you can play in the water.”

Maine, “You can’t handle interstellar travel right now, but if you like the water, we can go to Sun City. The rogue forest outside Sun City is downstream. There’s a big lake in the middle, and a lot of small lakes around the outside of the city that aren’t dangerous if you don’t go deep.”

Xie Sen’s eyes lit up. “Okay then. Sun City.” The choice of places was too small without leaving Brandt Star, so it was good to find a location with water.

At a quarter to eleven, someone rang the doorbell. Maine signaled to Long Teng, who quickly opened the door and brought in a bunch of waiters. They were of high quality. They looked curious, but didn’t stare, just moved quickly to set up the hot pot tables and stools.

The tables were the same as the mandarin duck hot pot tables from the big food event. The waiters set the tables into an oversized unenclosed circle with four exits, each equidistant from the other, with food racks placed at the exits.

The waiter poured the soup base into the mandarin pot then put the remaining soup base in a pot at each table near the exit, so that the soup base could be topped up at any time. After doing that, the waiters left.

Long Teng quickly took out of his spatial pack all kinds of food that had already been processed, including cabbage, chard, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and other vegetables. As well as all kinds of meat, fish and eggs.

In addition, there were transparent glass bottles of juice, red watermelon juice, yellow orange juice, blue blueberry juice, pink strawberry milkshakes…It looked particularly appetizing. There was even a large bowl of ice cubes next to them, with a spoon in the bowl to add ice at any time.

It was eleven o’clock and everything was ready.

Maine looked at the guests. “Thank you for coming to the wedding. Lunch is a hot pot buffet, and there are bottles of juice, so make yourselves at home.”

“Yes!” The guests shouted and applauded wildly. This was definitely the most luxurious wedding banquet they had ever eaten.

They couldn’t wait to get their plates of food. Long Teng couldn’t resist pouring a glass of orange juice, which he had never had before, and took a sip with a big smile. “Yummy!” He scooped a large spoonful of ice into it, and took another large sip. “Yummy!”

Xie Sen laughed at that. “Eat first. You won’t be able to eat anything after drinking like that.”

“No,” Long Teng said. “I can eat into the night. I can eat especially well!”

Long Yu poured juice for An Ming into a cup. When he heard his words, he slapped him on the back of the head. “Brat, is being able to eat something to be proud of? Don’t shout so loudly.”

Long Teng covered the back of his head with the spoon. “It’s just awesome.” He pointed to the strawberry milkshake, and enthusiastically recommended it. “Father, Dad will like to drink this. It has a light sweet and sour taste.”

Long Yu had just touched the orange juice, but his hand moved to the strawberry milkshake. “This isn’t your own favorite drink, right?”

Long Teng, “No, I like watermelon juice best.”

Long Teng craned his neck to look at the strawberry milkshake, and when he saw An Ming take two sips, he smiled proudly. “I told you Dad would like it!”

He looked around, saw that Bai Jiao was choosing the food, took a clean cup and poured another milkshake. “A’Jiao should like it too. I’ll take one to him.”

Maine asked Xie Sen, “What do you want to drink?”

“Orange juice. I’ll get some vegetables.” Xie Sen said, as he carried the plate and headed for the nearest rack of bok choy.

The pop-up screen in the live broadcast room was already filled with ‘drool’ emoticons.

[I want to go straight through the screen to the scene!]

[Why is the anchor blocking the sound? I want to know what each of these good-looking juices are. I have seen the anchor drink orange juice, the rest I have not seen.]

[Every day to send a torture from the soul. How can I be friends with the anchor, huh?]

The lunch lasted a long time, although certainly not as exaggerated as Long Teng suggested, it did last well into the afternoon, and didn’t break up until after 2:00.

Since it was a buffet style, there was always a lot of walking around. The guests knew each other, and chatted with each other while eating, so time passed much more slowly, so it took nearly three hours to eat, which wasn’t too long.

Xie Sen didn’t stick around until the end of the show. He was used to napping, and affected by his pregnancy. Together with the day’s mood ups and downs, by one o’clock he was too sleepy. However his guests were very understanding, and let him go and rest.

He took a shower and went to bed. Maine waited for him to fall asleep, before going back out to entertain the guests.

Xie Sen slept until 3:30 when Maine woke him up. He rubbed his pillow and asked in a daze, “What time is it?”

Maine took him in his arms, and rubbed his face gently, “3:30. You can’t sleep anymore, or you won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

Xie Sen rolled over, and buried his face in his chest, as he avoided his hands. “Have all the guests left?”

“Mn. They brought a lot of gifts. Want to get up and see?” Maine’s eyes darkened slightly as he stroked behind his ear, as he tried to stimulate him to wake up.

Xie Sen rubbed his face, as his spirits returned a bit. When he sensed Maine’s body had instantly tensed, he couldn’t help but smile. As he thought about the day, he half opened his eyes. Only then did he notice that Maine’s suit jacket had been removed, and he was only wearing a dark print, high-collared shirt.

The top two buttons of the shirt had been unbuttoned. Maine had never liked clothes that bound his neck, so while the buttons had been meticulously fastened during the wedding earlier, Xie Sen figured that he had wanted to unbutton them for a long time. He reached in at the edge of the third button and touched it. He undid the third button, but before he could continue, his wrist was caught by Maine.

Maine’s voice was extraordinarily husky, “Still awake?”

Xie Sen’s ears and heart tingled at the same time. He braced himself and kissed Maine heavily on the neck, regardless of the hold on his wrist. “I’m awake. I missed you.”

During this time, Maine had been keeping in mind that the baby was fragile in the first trimester, so the frequency of their intimacy had been greatly reduced, and each time they didn’t have much fun.

Xie Sen thought, today was their wedding, that evening was their wedding night, and even if it was still early, it didn’t matter, he must do something in line with the day’s purpose. Looking at gifts later was fine.

When he opened his eyes, he was pinned down on the bed by Maine, who was using a measured amount of force to keep him confined, but without letting him feel any pain.

Xie Sen remembered reacting more strongly and more freely than ever before, and even in his dreams, he could still hear the sound of his and Maine’s excited gasps.

Dinner wasn’t served until eight o’clock, and when it was finished, neither of them was sleepy, so they began to look at the gifts. There were many kinds of gifts, including decorations, food, practical items, and even baby toys.

Lanny gave two gifts. One was a variety of dried seafood, and the other was a black pearl nearly two centimeters in diameter, in a box that said Blue Whale.

Xie Sen immediately understood that this gift was brought to him by Lanny from the blue whale. He put the black pearl in his palm, looked at it for a while, then said to Maine, “When the baby is born, let’s take him to Blue to play, and see the blue whales.”

Maine, “Okay.”

Xie Sen’s wedding made headlines the same day. Whether it was the ceremonial team of contract beasts, the heart-shaped show of birds, or the buffet lunch with a wide variety of dishes, it was all talked about and sat firmly in the headlines for days on end.

In the midst of the netizens’ talk, Xie Sen pulled some strings, and Lanny and Ma Qun signed an agreement regarding the import and export of plants.

Lanny finished talking about things and didn’t stay long. However before he left, he asked Xie Sen to come to Blue to play sometime, and tell him beforehand so he could prepare a reception.

The next time Zhao Hao brought his men down, in addition to Qiao Ke, the other two beast masters smoothly bonded.

Xie Sen saw the change in Qiao Ke, and the big tiger actually recognized Qiao Ke, but he didn’t want to leave the accommodation!

Qiao Ke was very disappointed. Xie Sen also didn’t know how to comfort him. The big tiger had basically recovered from its mental condition now, so it wasn’t important to it to make a contract, and it loved the live stream business deeply.

After Zhao Hao left with his people, Xie Sen asked Big Tiger why he wasn’t willing, Big Tiger’s tone was rare and deep, “Leopard and Spot are going back to the forest soon. If I’m not here, the live broadcast will be ruined.”

Xie Sen began to self-criticize. He was the anchor, was he too negligent? Did Big Tiger not think it could last with him?

The python poked its head into the conversation. “Don’t worry about going, I’m here!”

Big Tiger’s deep tone suddenly disappeared without a trace, and it jumped up in place, “I’m not leaving, haha! I’m just waiting for Black Leopard to leave so I can take over the live room. You all will have to listen to me. We’ll dance together and be the biggest entertainment anchors!”

Xie Sen, “…” He began to sympathize with Qiao Ke.

Black Leopard was disgusted. “No taste,” he mused, and then said, “I’ll be back to visit often.”

“No, no need!” The big tiger said. “If you miss me, I’ll just come to see you.”

Black Leopard, “Heh, afraid that I will see the live room in bankruptcy and beat you up?”

“No way!” Big Tiger tilted his giant head. “After you leave, the popularity will definitely be higher.”

Xie Sen decided that if he found a giant tiger beast again, he would be the first to recommend it to Qiao Ke, since Big Tiger really looked like he didn’t have any interest in a contract.

On the fifth day after the wedding, the two went to the hospital for a checkup and learned that Sen’s health was good, as was the baby’s, so the two immediately made the decision to start their honeymoon.

The two contacted Xu Da and Huo Feng to help look after the contract beasts, and made a point of telling the contract beasts what to do before they left.

After the honeymoon, Xie Sen’s belly had a noticeable bulge and he started to get drowsy. Maine was very careful not to let Xie Sen do anything.

After Xie Sen noticed his anxiety, the two of them had a good talk and life resumed to normal.

A week before his due date, Xie Sen was taken to the private hospital of the Bai family, and on April 25th, Maine’s 19th birthday, the baby was born.

Xie Sen didn’t feel any particular pain, and couldn’t help but blush at the memory of how his doctor had once said that proper intimate activities during pregnancy would facilitate the birth.

During the second trimester of his pregnancy, he was so sensitive that he was even afraid of himself, and he and Maine were tired from being together almost every day.

Maine leaned over and brushed his wet hair. He kissed him on the forehead, his eyes red. “Thank you. I love you.”

Xie Sen’s eyes were sore as he looked at Maine’s 0/10 energy prompt. “I love you too.”

“Oh my God!” Dr. Bai’s excited voice came from the side of the bed.

Xie Sen’s expression changed, and he turned his head to look over the side of the bed. “What’s wrong with the baby?” Maine also immediately looked over.

Dr. Bai couldn’t hide his excitement. “He’s awakened! It’s the first time I’ve seen a baby awaken at birth!”

The baby was wrapped in a soft white blanket. Xie Sen could only see the blanket since he was lying down, not the baby. He reached out. “I want to see him.”

Maine carefully brought the baby to Xie Sen’s side. Perhaps because of the influence of the energy, even though the baby was just born, he was already beautiful, with white skin that was only slightly red, and a layer of soft black hair on his forehead. But now he frowned and closed his eyes. He made a choking sound in a small voice that sounded soft and milky. Especially pitiful.

Xie Sen’s heart was suddenly a complete mess. He reached out and gently grabbed the baby’s little hand that had broken free. The baby hummed softly, and the choking sound gradually stopped. His brow relaxed, and he slowly opened his black eyes.

Maine looked at them with a doting expression.

Dr. Bai said, “He remembers your smell, and likes you a lot. Let’s see what his beast master is when he’s not feverish anymore.”

Half an hour later, the baby’s shirt was pulled off. His right shoulder was white and tender, while there was a green pine tree on the left.

“Oh, it’s actually a female plant beast master!” Dr. Bai was surprised.

“Awesome!” Long Teng’s eyes shone brightly. “Will the baby also have many plants?”

Xie Sen wrapped the baby up. “I don’t know. Everyone is different.”

Soon, Mu Lin and Gu Luo arrived at the hospital, and on the same day, the Brandt Star headlines were dominated by news about the new baby.

“Good news, Xie Shen had a smooth delivery, and the baby was born awakened. A female plant beast master!”

Once the news came out, the netizens were instantly boisterous. [There is another plant beast master!]

[Hahahaha! I’m only sixteen this year! When the baby is eighteen, I’ll only be thirty-four, still very young. Baby, I’ll wait for you to grow up!]

[Go away! The baby is mine!]

Xie Sen spent a week in the hospital, and after his body basically recovered, he and Maine took the baby back home.

After the baby fell asleep, he watched the news for the first time after the birth, and was shocked to his toes by the overwhelming declarations of [group stealing baby] and [baby wait for me to grow up]

He calculated the average life expectancy and average age of marriage in the current era, and felt deeply that such shouting might not be a joke! He immediately felt a sense of crisis and  responsibility as a father. He clenched his fist. Who dared to hit on his baby, he’d deal with one by one!

Maine took his hand and spread his fingers. He read the news, looked cold and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

Xie Sen kicked his feet. “After the baby is grown, I’ll start looking for people to cut up. As long as I train well, no one can be my opponent. I’ll protect the baby with you!”

During his pregnancy, the plants he provided to the Institute had matured one by one, and the Institute had launch after launch, with all of the discoveries of the plants credited to him.

He had nearly a million energy as a result, and activated another three hundred types of plants.

He had so many plants, and so much energy. As long as he could train properly, his combat power was absolutely explosive!

However, there was one more big thing. He looked at Maine. “Have you thought of a name for the baby?”

Maine said, “Xie Qiong. Wang Jing Qiong. You decide the nickname.” 1

Xie Sen was surprised. “You’ve already thought of it?”

Maine nodded. “I thought of it before he was born, he’s our treasure.”

Xie Sen smiled. “Okay, let’s call him Bao’er!” 2


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Translator Notes:

  1. 琼 = Qiong = exquisite, beautiful, 京琼 = JingQiong = Big Jade
  2. 宝宝 = baobao = treasure, baby


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April 23, 2023 9:35 am

The beast wedding of the century. My imagination says that every wedding of their friends will include all of the beasts as well. It will become normal to hold events and invite your beast’s friends to attend along with humans.

Maine will be a wonderful father. He has taken care of XS, from the beginning, even though he had that tough outer (cold) shell. So impressed with his evolution that bloomed from XS’s love.

Good job, author.

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