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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Ye Shao stared at Long Yuan’s burning eyes and couldn’t help shaking, and he could not help but take a step backward. His wet black hair stuck to both sides of his cheeks, and excessive water drops rolled down his hair strand, fell along his pointed jaw, and then along his white neck, slowly flowing into his already wet shirt collar. His eyes inadvertently glanced at Long Yuan’s raised penis under the water. His body suddenly tightened and his eyes quickly turned away.

However, Long Yuan had already walked up to him. He clenched his fist and waved it towards Long Yuan without reservation. But the next second, Long Yuan firmly grasped his arm and kissed the back of his hand.

The kiss was so soft and precious that Ye Shao couldn’t help shaking. Long Yuan raised his head slightly at this time, and his eyes, under his thick, steamy eyelashes, had completely turned into a dark blue color. In the middle was a burning blue flame. He was staring at him like a beast staring at the most delicious prey, which made Ye Shao unable to move at all.

Long Yuan once again hooked the stiff Ye Shao into his arms and deeply kissed him. He swept his white teeth with the tip of his tongue. Ye Shao couldn’t even think. This time, Long Yuan even put his hand under Ye Shao’s shirt and gently rubbed the pitiable little nub there.

Being deeply kissed by Long Yuan, Ye Shao had begun to breathe a little erratically, and all his spots on his body were being taken care of carefully. He only felt his brain go blank, and his flexible waist began to soften. His body had been leaning towards Long Yuan involuntarily. His dark eyes were covered with water and misty, looking at Long Yuan’s head in front of him, and his arm involuntarily encircled Long Yuan’s shoulder.

Until the small penis stood up in his hands, the hot palm had opened Ye Shao’s buckle belt flexibly, stretched in from the corner of his white inner chamber, pressed on his buttocks, squeezed the plump buttocks into various shapes, and even wiped the light wrinkles between the two petals from time to time.

Long Yuan kissed down Ye Shao’s neck, bit his Adam’s apple, and leaned over to hold the pink spot that had risen slightly. Through the wet shirt, he couldn’t help turning the tip of his tongue around that point. Then he held the tip and grinded it with his teeth. The point that he was sucking on grew pitifully. The other side was also kneaded by the other hand, he even maliciously used his fingertip to play with the upturned point and heard the host’s whining. After that, he rubbed it with his palm.

Kneading Ye Shao’s penis with his palm caused it to leak with a warm liquid. Using it as lubrication, Long Yuan moved into the light point with a finger. With Long Yuan’s movements, the white inner chamber constantly changed shape. Finally, the cheeks were moved aside by the impatient big palm, revealing the red hole in between.

When Long Yuan felt the tight inner wall wrap his finger, his crotch became a little harder. He took a thick breath and took a heavy bite on Ye Shao’s nipple, and then calmed down. He wanted to enter Ye Shao’s body and dry his tears. Although he longed to have Ye Shao now, he didn’t want Ye Shao to be injured.

Under Long Yuan’s movements, the tight inner wall finally became soft, and even began to clench around the fingers that Long Yuan put into it. Long Yuan put in a second finger…then a third…

When the hole became so soft that it could easily accommodate three fingers, Long Yuan couldn’t help turning Ye Shao over again, pressing him against the wall of the pool, aiming his crotch, which was far thicker than three fingers, at the once closed mouth and slowly pushing in.

Ye Shao only felt a hot rush into his body, and behind him came the discomfort and pain of being stretched out. His confused mind finally sobered up a little, “No… no, it hurts… Get out of there!” Ye Shao twisted his flexible waist, but that only let the penis, which was already half in, enter further.

Long Yuan stretched out his hand and firmly clasped Ye Shao’s waist. “Dear, let me in.” Although he said so, his lower body was completely pushed into Ye Shao’s body without any pause.

“Mn, ah.” Ye Shao frowned and held his hands on the wall of the pool. His slender waist and legs were slightly sagged, but his hips were higher.

Long Yuan looked at Ye Shao’s slightly trembling waistline more darkly. He could not help reaching out to lift up the white shirt stuck on it, and stroked his thin waist. Then his big palm slid down Ye Shao’s beautiful waist line and placed it in on his buttocks, he broke the two white and tender buttock petals to both sides, revealing the pink entrance that devoured his huge member. Several shallow thrusts rocked the mouth, and then Long Yuan suddenly pulled out his entire member… and pushed it into Ye Shao’s body in one motion.

“Ah, mn…” Ye Shao gasped for a moment, and his hand was shaking.

This was no doubt the same as an invitation message for Long Yuan. He began to hold Ye Shao’s buttock flap and collided their hips together. The fiery intestinal wall tightly entangled Long Yuan’s member, it looked like countless soft little mouths sucking on the swollen penis. Long Yuan couldn’t help but speed up and thrust more vigorously.

The sound of flesh pounding against flesh was mixed with the sound of water, making it sound extremely lewd.

Ye Shao’s face was red, his mouth was open and he gasped. He could even feel the blue veins on the thing that had entered behind him. The soft inner wall was constantly rubbed, and it began to heat and scald, and even get numb. A thin electric current climbed up along his tailbone. After Long Yuan entered, Ye Shao’s soft penis began to stand up again, and a little white liquid began to drip from the tip.

At this time, Long Yuan suddenly pulled out his swollen member, and Ye Shao immediately felt the emptiness behind him, and the acupoint mouth clenched more fiercely. It seemed that he was eager to swallow something, which made him itchy. His red face was even darker. He propped up his sore and soft body and tried to hide away. 

However, Long Yuan pressed him to the wall of the pool and forcibly removed his pants which were still on his legs. Then he was propped up with two long legs and pushed into the front of him, “What are you running for, hmn? I’ve already eaten you completely, and I’m still restless.” As Long Yuan said, he gave a heavy push and stabbed his protruding member in Ye Shao.

“Ah, mn…” Ye Shao couldn’t help moaning and groaning, and the ending voice rose vaguely. With a tremor, the intestinal wall began to wriggle excitedly, swallowing and massaging the huge object.

Long Yuan took a breath and began to attack that point. One hand kept caressing Ye Shao’s upturned penis. When Ye Shao couldn’t help being in his hands because of the accumulation of pleasure, he quickly stroked a few times and pushed inside of Ye Shao’s body.

After letting Long Yuan vent for a time, Ye Shao had a trace of charm in the corners of his eyes. His moist black eyes were mistily looking at Long Yuan standing in front of him. His red lips were slightly swollen, and the pink tip of his tongue could be seen inside his mouth.

Long Yuan’s mouth was dry when he was looked at by Ye Shao with that feeling in his eyes. He could not help but bend down and kiss Ye Shao’s slightly opened lips. His member, buried in Ye Shao’s body, swelled again and firmly blocked the hole.

Long Yuan grasped Ye Shao’s slender waist and started a new round of pillaging.

“Ah, mn…” Ye Shao frowned. Under the collision of Long Yuan, this beast, his inner wall felt sore and astringent, and his whole person softened. The skin on his buttocks had been beat slightly numb by Long Yuan’s member. Long Yuan’s penetration almost reached his abdomen. The hole went soft, and the pink soft lining was constantly taken out of the hole by Long Yuan’s large-scale movements, and then pushed in again heavily.

The pleasure came from a place of shame, and he could almost hear the sound of the water being rubbed into himself.

Ye Shao slightly turned his head to avoid Long Yuan’s lips and tongue, gasping heavily, and his body began to tremble slightly under the pleasure.

However, Long Yuan attached his head to Ye Shao’s ear, and his deep voice was like a demon playing a degenerate magical tune. “Hmn, comfortable? Since that time, I have wanted to do this to you-” Long Yuan suddenly pulled out. “I’ve endured this for so long, so — I’ll send it in heavily. You have to be responsible for me. Feed me well.”

“Er… ah, ah…” The intense pleasure almost made Ye Shao’s scalp numb. Against Long Yuan’s arm, his legs were as white as jade, and his toes, which were like white peas, were all curled up in a ball. His penis, which had been propped up on his abdomen, also spewed out a stream of white turbid liquid.

His soft and hot inner wall began to twitch at the same time. Long Yuan was almost sucked out by the inner wall. He tightly grasped Ye Shao’s waist and suddenly accelerated his speed then finally, he reached the depth of Ye Shao’s body.

Long Yuan held Ye Shao, who was completely paralyzed in his arms, kissed him on his sweaty face several times, and then pulled out his member that had just softened and began to harden again. As soon as he pulled out of the hole, a trace of white liquid flowed out of the unclosed small mouth behind Ye Shao.

Long Yuan walked up to the bath with Ye Shao in his arms, then placed him on a soft cloth bench beside the bathroom, then raised one of Ye Shao’s legs, put it on his shoulder, and buried his member into the hole.

“……Ah! No… no more… ah… Hold on…” Ye Shao began to struggle, but the rebellious hands were quickly grasped by Long Yuan with one hand and pressed over his head. The inner part of his body was attacked by Long Yuan fiercely without reservation. The flexible waist and limbs unconsciously twisted with Long Yuan’s movements. His chest was decorated with kiss marks, his two upright pink nipples stood trembling, as if waiting for the caressing mouth and giving permission to the intruder.

Long Yuan was tempted to bow down and kiss a little bit on his left chest, and his movements under him became more and more fierce. “This is not enough, Ye Shao. I don’t feel full yet. Do you remember what I said on Alpha that you should be punished? I let you go that time, so -” Long Yuan sat on the bench, lifted Ye Shao’s body and let him sit on his own body. “You should give me back twice as much this time.”

So, this time it’s because of what happened earlier?

Ye Shao gasped, feeling that Long Yuan’s member was deeper because of this position.

Long Yuan hugged Ye Shao’s waist, lowered his head and kissed his chest. His two hands had been holding Ye Shao’s waist. His member was constantly moving upward, pushing into Ye Shao’s already wet and soft hole, and bringing out the liquid that he had left there not long ago. The high temperature and the thick white liquid instantly made Ye Shao and Long Yuan’s connection point become a mess.

The sound of water coming in and out of the cave was very clear in the open bathroom. Ye Shao’s mouth calmed down and his body began to tremble. “That’s enough… “

“Not enough. I’m far from satisfied.” Long Yuan continued to push hard into Ye Shao’s body to feel the feeling of being wrapped by the hot inner wall. Then he put his head to Ye Shao’s ear, holding the soft tip. “Do you feel it? I’m in your body… You belong to me, Ye Shao.”

The hot liquid poured into the depths of Ye Shao’s body again, “Ah…” Ye Shao held his head high, his narrow jaw slightly tightened, his fingers tightly clenched the muscles of Long Yuan’s back, and his crotch was also warped, spraying a sling of white milk on Long Yuan’s honey colored smooth abdomen.

Ye Shao felt that his abdomen was slightly protruding, and his buttocks were all wet and sticky. However, the penis belonging to Long Yuan, which was buried in Ye Shao’s corridor, slowly stood up again.

“Mn..” When he was crushed by Long Yuan on the bench, there was still a blank in his brain just after his orgasm. Only when the person lying on him thrusted again in his body did he react a little, but it was too late. He had not come out of his orgasm, and was pulled into the next motion of thrusts by Long Yuan.

“Ah, um…”

Ye Shao was done over and over again before he fell asleep and woke up again, there was still something in his body that made him feel ashamed. His abdomen had obviously swelled up. When he moved gently, a lot of liquid flowed out of his body through the movement of the object behind him. The cloth under his body was already turbid and wet with solidified white liquid.

Now as Long Yuan moved, the shameful and blushing sound of water rang all the time in his ears. Long Yuan gasped heavily and the thick white liquid rushed into Ye Shao’s body again.

With a satisfied expression on his face, Long Yuan picked up Ye Shao, who had fallen asleep again, and brought him into the bath which kept the original temperature because of the influx of new hot spring water. He carefully cleaned up the white liquid in Ye Shao’s body and covered it with a white bathrobe. He casually put on one too, then he carried Ye Shao to the wall on the left side of the bathroom, pressed on a certain place above, and immediately a door sliding to the right appeared on the wall.

Long Yuan walked into his room with Ye Shao in his arms, put him on his big bed, kissed him on his forehead, and finally opened the quilt, hugging Ye Shao and sleeping with him in his arms.

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Black Lotus On The Halfmoon
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