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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Ye Shao woke up with pain all over his body. The pain felt like his waist was breaking. Moreover, there seemed to be a heavy object lying on him. His waist, which could not bear any more weight, became even more uncomfortable. What’s more, the place behind him was numb and painful. His back hole had been invaded excessively and couldn’t close completely. It seemed that even his penis was a little swollen; it was not only the back hole that had been excessively worked.

Ye Shao moved his fingers. Although his consciousness was still a little drowsy, he couldn’t sleep. His long eyelashes trembled, revealing the black eyes with a trace of fog under them. The big palms originally placed on his waist immediately pulled him to a burning chest, staying plastered on his skin. His swollen lips were quickly kissed and then blocked by a hot breath.

Ye Shao’s consciousness returned and he finally came to his senses. He raised his limp arm, pushed Long Yuan’s arms away, and half-sat up. His waist was about to break, and his face turned white. The violent movements made the bathrobe that Long Yuan had put on his body, which was only slightly tied around his waist, suddenly untie. The silk bathrobe immediately fell off his shoulders, revealing a lotus root like arm and a chest full of red marks. Even the small dent in his abdomen was covered with traces, all of which showed how much love the body had suffered last night.

Long Yuan didn’t stop Ye Shao. he only half supported his body, his eyes dim and enjoying the beauty of Ye Shao unintentionally. With a trace of dark blue in his eyes, his gaze glided down Ye Shao’s half open bathrobe and settled on the part covered by the quilt that had been forced to commit suicide last night.

Ye Shao was aware of Long Yuan’s eyes, and his body immediately became stiff.

Long Yuan withdrew his eyes, then reached for his necklace on the top of the cabinet, took out his communicator from it and put it in front of Ye Shao.

Ye Shao tied up his bathrobe at the moment when Long Yuan turned around. He was about to lift the quilt and leave, but was stopped by Long Yuan’s action. He looked at Long Yuan suspiciously, “What are you doing?”

Long Yuan clicked on the interface that popped up in mid air on the communicator, and a news item popped up…

“About the Prince and the daughter of the Duke of Feist…”

Ye Shao didn’t look at it any more. Instead, he clapped Long Yuan’s hand, and his black eyes froze on Long Yuan. He simply lifted up the quilt, and his slender legs were about to step on the ground.

Long Yuan stretched out his hand to pull Ye Shao in, he pressed him under his body, put his hands and feet against his struggling body, and then put the communication device in front of him again. A low voice gently brushed his ear, “The engagement was cancelled yesterday.”

Ye Shao paused for a moment, then struggled to escape. Unexpectedly, Long Yuan had no more strength at this time and Ye Shao was able to escape.

Ye Shao jumped to the ground with bare feet. He leaned forward slightly because of the discomfort and almost fell down. However, Ye Shao quickly stabilized his body and walked towards the door. However, when he stood in front of it, he stopped slightly.

“I’ve had my clothes placed in the next room, and I’ve let the people who serve outside off today.”

Ye Shao opened the door and walked out without looking back.

Long Yuan’s eyes closely followed Ye Shao until the slender figure wrapped in the thin bathrobe disappeared behind the door. He put down his arm supporting his head, and then reached out to touch the place where Ye Shao had just laid, there was still warm body heat on it. Long Yuan had a possessive smile on his lips and held the flat sheet in his hand.

In his deep eyes, the light of a predator watching its prey flashed by.


Outside Cerulean, a black hole suddenly tore open in the dark universe, and a shadow jumped out of it, dragging its long tail like a comet and sliding towards Cerulean.

It soon penetrated the atmosphere of Cerulean and fell into the vast ocean. However, when it was more than one meter above the sea surface, it stopped abruptly, and then became parallel with the sea, and flew towards the distance. Under the sunlight, the round object was like a pearl out of the water.

The sea surface was separated, like a thin slit, due to the airflow of the object, and the waves on either side reached a height of more than ten centimeters.

After climbing onto the steel land under the transparent light shield, the black shadow disappeared into the lane beside the harbor, slowly turning into a slender shadow. Then it merged with the shadows on the wall, and quickly ran along the wall towards the place where several tramps were lying.

The shadow stopped behind a tramp who was leaning against the wall. Slowly, a thin black line appeared on the tramp’s neck. Then it was hidden under the tramp’s skin. The tramp’s body jerked, and then there was no movement. Thin black lines ran up the tramp’s head under her thin skin.

The random memories in the tramp’s brain were continuously inputted into the body of the black shadow along the black lines. The black film gathered back the black line, and then returned to the sea along the original road and flew away in another direction.

If one looked at the black shadow’s route from a high altitude, they would see that it was heading in the direction of the only land on Cerulean, which was also the place where the ruler of the planet lived.

The shadow quickly disappeared at the junction between the sea and the sky.

The sky gradually darkened, bright lights-like stars instantly lit up the night sky.

The public suspension shuttles, full of returning citizens, drifted slowly in the air. In the sky full of lights, a dark light flashed by from time to time.

Outside the Baron’s house, as usual, there were no aircraft or public floating vehicles passing by. The chestnut short haired man led his convoy out from the side of the Baron’s house, ready to patrol according to the usual rules.

A few thin shadows came out of the trees, and quickly attacked the legs of the people walking behind the team. Then they wound up the legs and buried into the skin along the bottom of his pants. The eyes of several men entangled by the black shadow suddenly lost their sober luster and became like a puppet. The wooden puppets moved towards the people in front of them.

Since their pace was still the same, the people in front of them did not notice that the people behind had been controlled. The shadow repeated its actions and took control of several others. Finally, only the chestnut short-haired man walking in the front was left.

The chestnut short-haired man finally realised something was wrong, but it was too late, a thin black line wrapped around him, quickly controlling his brain nerves, his face expression gradually becoming dull.

It seemed that they had finally selected a satisfactory prey this time. The dark shadows hiding behind the trees all rushed into the chestnut short-haired man, controlling him to walk towards the Baron’s house, while the others still followed the same route, moving forward in a wooden way.

The chestnut-haired man walked into the magnificent building of the Baron’s house, went outside the Baron’s bedroom and knocked on the door.

The Baron, who was playing with the beautiful girl he had just got, narrowed his small eyes and looked at the knocking door unhappily. He casually put on a pair of trousers, went to the door and opened it. Just as he was about to crack his head, he tried to slap the chestnut-short haired man who disturbed his interests. But his raised hand was suddenly caught.

“What’s the matter? Do you dare to rebel?” The Baron’s voice was so sharp that he almost jumped up. When he looked at the man angrily, he suddenly saw the black thing coming out of the back of the man’s neck, which was constantly surging.

The Baron’s scalp went a little numb. He pointed to the man’s back with trembling fingers. “You, what’s that behind you?”

But he was soon rendered speechless, as the surging shadow fell on his face as fast as possible, and into his eyes. The Baron’s eyes soon became as dull as the short chestnut-haired man standing outside. After a while, his eyes suddenly turned a little silver.


The author has something to say: 

Ye Shao: Are you satisfied?

Long Yuan: My mother is a man.

Author: Card! Card! Card! Where did you get the script? Wrong, wrong!!


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November 5, 2020 7:22 pm

Enemy is lurking😲😲

November 5, 2020 9:52 pm

Thank you!

November 5, 2020 10:01 pm

Ufff… for a moment there I thought that the Baby will get discovered and treated as a parasite, but fortunately (or not) that’s not the case. Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 6, 2020 6:51 am

Baby shouldn’t be hungry anymore……so much to eat. 😉
Good that the “Parasite” mentioned in the title of this chapter is not related to our cute Baby.
Thank you very much for your hard work.

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 6, 2020 1:11 pm

Another enemy this is good thank you

January 4, 2021 10:09 pm

Woah… This shadow is so powerful. I reaaallllllyyyyy love his power. I thought the baby was found first and the scene became a big surprise.
I am awed. I’m liking the shadow now 😮

Thank you so much for the translation! ❤❤❤

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