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Chapter 43: Helping Each Other Out

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

QC: Kirio 

Ye Shao felt that he must have fallen ill. Since Long Yuan had said that sentence, something was wrong with him. He would let Long Yuan have his way whenever he pulled him into his arms. Even when he slept on the bed in Long Yuan’s palace at night, when Long Yuan cuddled against his waist, he would obediently rest his head on Long Yuan’s chest. Breathing in LongYuan’s scent, he would feel his heart swell and then race, beating out of control.

He was originally worried that his stomach would get bigger and bigger. Fortunately, after that day, his stomach only grew a little bigger and it stopped. He just felt that his uniform was a bit tighter. To be safe, he still stayed in Long Yuan’s quarters. As for the matter of his disappearance, Long Yuan just pretended to issue an order, claiming that he had sent Ye Shao out to deal with something and he would not come back until a month later. 

No one knew that Chief Guard Ye, who was ‘sent out’  to run an errand by His Royal Highness, actually did not leave the palace, but hid in His Royal Highness’s chamber. The two people hugged each other to sleep every night.

Ye Shao propped his hands on the edge of the bed and held his head up to endure Long Yuan’s overbearing, possessive but loving kiss. His face was dyed a thin flush of red, his long lashes trembled, and his obsidian eyes were masked with a thin layer of mist. After such a long time of permitted kissing, Ye Shao’s lips turned bright red.

Long Yuan’s eyes were heavy as he looked at Ye Shao whose face was slightly bewildered after the kiss. His palm was on Ye Shao’s slightly round abdomen and he kneaded a few times with dissatisfaction. Then his hands slid down Ye Shao’s waist and fondled his perky buttocks. His growing erection was obvious.

Ye Shao opened his eyes slightly, and his bright red lips were slightly open, gasping for air. The crimson color on his face became deeper because of Long Yuan’s action. The beautiful face was even more gorgeous at this time, just like a blooming peony. He held down Long Yuan’s palm that felt around more and more wantonly, “N-no, you can’t…”

He had known for a long time that this man’s sexual lust was overpowering. Although he had done it with Long Yuan twice, he would end up unconscious after being held, and each time more intense than the last… The second time, he only woke up after noon. His waist was so sore that he could hardly walk. When Long Yuan indicated that he wanted to embrace him for the first time in his chamber, he was flustered and lied to Long Yuan that they could not have sex until the baby was born.

Although Long Yuan spared him, his gaze became hotter and hotter every time he looked at him.

“When on earth will this damned one come out?” Long Yuan’s originally low voice was lower because of his lust. After they came back, he only held Ye Shao once. Now he was finally able to share the same room with Ye Shao, and the latter seemed to realize his feelings for him…

Moreover, after he said that his consort would only be him and no one else, Ye Shao and him got along very well. Not only did he not reject Long Yuan’s intimacy anymore, he even showed his bashfulness, which was so cute to him. Of course, it would be better if Ye Shao could let him hold him. Long Yuan’s eyes grew darker, and a few threads of dark blue gradually appeared in them. Long Yuan’s member, boasted by his lust, was awoken as soon as he kissed Ye Shao. It was bulging under his pants and it was growing uncomfortable.

“He should be born in a dozen days.” Ye Shao’s cheeks were hot seeing Long Yuan’s fiery gaze. If he hadn’t lied to Long Yuan before, he would have been dominated by Long Yuan in bed and swallowed whole. But at the thought that after the baby was born, he would have no more reason to refuse Long Yuan. He couldn’t help but gulp and felt his waist go weak.

There were a dozen days left? Long Yuan gazed at Ye Shao, and recalled the flustered and panicky look that Ye Shao had when he refused him that day, and his avoiding eyes as he spoke. His pupils narrowed. A thought popped up into his head. Long Yuan couldn’t help raising his eyebrows and asked in a low voice, “Ye Shao, are you sure what you said before was not a lie? Hm?”

Ye Shao’s body stiffened indistinctly. “No.” He pursed the corners of his lips. His heart trembled slightly, but he still kept calm and replied.

The next second, Long Yuan’s breath appeared beside his ear, “I told you not to lie to me…If I find out that you lied to me, you should know the consequences…” As he spoke, Long Yuan leaned over to trace his lips over Ye Shao’s pale ear tip, which was turning a little pink. It caused Ye Shao to shiver, “Now… you have to help me out…” He took Ye Shao’s hand and put it on his rising member. “It’s all because of you, so it’s getting more uncomfortable. Help me make it go away…” Long Yuan’s voice got even lower, as if it contained some kind of spell, whispering in Ye Shao’s ear.

Ye Shao felt like he was bewitched. He followed the actions of the big palm that was over his hand and began to gently caress the large bulge underneath. Then he unfastened Long Yuan’s pants and pulled down his black underwear. Both his hands held the weapon that sprung out and stroked it up and down with a flushed face. It was the second time he directly looked at Long Yuan’s erect penis, he still couldn’t help but shy away when he looked at it. H-how did he insert it in him?

“What’s the matter?” As if very pleased by Ye Shao’s bashful expression, Long Yuan let out a low chuckle in his ear and kissed Ye Shao’s flushed ear tip. Then he mirrored where Ye Shao’s hands were, pulled out Ye Shao’s penis from his white underwear, and his hot palms fondled the small member. “Ye Shao, your place here is reacting too.”

“N-no…there’s no need to…” Before Ye Shao had time to refuse, Long Yuan had already pulled down his underwear, revealing the erect member, which was as delicate and as beautiful as the owner. Ye Shao’s was one girth smaller than his, and shivered shyly when he touched it.

When he was fondled by Long Yuan’s hot palm, he gasped and his hands nervously tightened a little.

Long Yuan caressed up and down in even strokes.

Ye Shao sucked in a breath, and his face turned red as he mimicked his actions. He felt that the hot thing was bigger in his hands, and then it became even harder and hotter… Finally, a stream of hot liquid burst out into his hands, some fell on his abdomen and chest, and splashed across his clothes. Ye Shao also gave a low gasp, and his own essence spurted into Long Yuan’s hands.

“Your clothes are dirty. Would you like to change into fresh ones after taking a bath with me? It’s almost time now anyways.” Long Yuan’s voice still had a trace of lust, but he suppressed himself very well and only asked in a low voice in Ye Shao’s ear.

Ye Shao’s misty eyes accidentally glanced at the thing in his hands. It still stood very impressively after releasing, “No… no, I can do it myself…” Then, Ye Shao quickly pushed Long Yuan away. Although his expression was still strong and calm, his pace was much faster than usual. He quickly entered the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

After Ye Shao left, Long Yuan didn’t put his member back. He just sat crossed legged at the edge of the bed, looked at the direction that Ye Shao fled to. A smile appeared on his face and he reached up to touch his lips.

He looked like a lion who had temporarily folded his claws and wanted to fatten up the prey that he controlled. Then, would enjoyingly take it apart and devour it into his belly.


Hundreds of boulders drifting in the universe seemed to have been manipulated by something, changing their original static state and sped towards the distance, leaping far away at once and disappearing into the vast universe.

The huge black gyroscopic steel contraption with a myriad of starlights floated in the equally dark universe.

The soldier in the monitoring room suddenly saw a red dot on the detection reactor in front of him. He immediately turned on the retrieval holographic image detector. Not long after, he had a clear picture of the place where the red dot was flickering in front of him, only to see a huge black stone breaking through the dark stillness of cosmic space in the midst of points of bright light of different sizes. It was flying quickly towards the Imperial Star.

This was only a minor situation. After the huge rock entered the firing range of the military general headquarters, he could easily use the particle beam accelerator cannon to blow up the rock. It wouldn’t even get to touch the atmosphere of the Imperial Star.

The soldier relaxed his body, then moved out the weapon interface, opened the option interface of the magnetic cannon, carefully observed the distance of the huge stones entering the firing range of the cannon, but quickly discovered that there were several more red dots on the interface. After closer detection, he realized they were all rocks flying rapidly. The soldier’s expression became grave. The time the Empire had seen a meteorite swarm was probably centuries ago. This attack… is probably really a meteorite swarm!!!

Sure enough, there were nearly ten more red dots on the interface.

The soldier immediately sounded the alarm. If it was a group of meteorites, he could not cope with it alone.

At the same time the alarm sounded, the soldier’s voice also spread out with the broadcast, “Alert! Alert!!! Meteorite group attack, requesting support! Requesting support!” He yelled as he saw the first meteorite step into the fire range of the accelerator cannon. He focused on the meteorite that was flying by and pressed the launch button.

After a while, a blue light wave shot out of the round cannon barrel of the headquarters. It was like a flash of lightning in the black universe, and it went straight to the targeted meteorite——


The author has something to say: I can’t help but want the baby to be born quickly, and then Ye Shao – Long Yuan – will finally…

After reading a lot of meaty comments1, I wanted to write that as soon as the uke pulled down the seme’s underwear, his cock would bounce out and hit the uke’s face. Originally, I wanted to try making the plot around that, but after thinking about the angle and height, well…

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Translator Notes:

  1. Meat is written as ‘肉’ and if you separate the characters it becomes ‘入内’ (to enter). It’s just a euphemism for smutty/passionate.


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November 12, 2020 1:13 pm

Aww, Ye Shao has fallen~ ……. a few happy moments before things get troublesome.

Now my basic chinese includes introducing myself, ordering food, making appointments and some smutty euphemisms ^_^

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 12, 2020 4:02 pm

Thanks again for a juicy chapter can’t wait for the baby to be born Ye Shao fallen

November 12, 2020 5:10 pm

Probably LongYuan has to wait a little bit longer ’til the fortress, YeShao, will fall completely. The timing of Baby finaly to be born and the invasion from outer space could become a little bit problematic.
Thanks a lot for your hard work.

November 12, 2020 6:48 pm

Enemy attack?🤔🤔

November 13, 2020 3:32 am

The silver haired king wants to sound out this Kingdom’s protection systems and it all starts with rocks. What would be next? Bigger rocks or some ugly monsters? And which will come sooner, the enemy attack or Ye Shao succumbing to the princes temptation?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 13, 2020 10:16 pm

thank you for the chapter!

July 8, 2021 12:39 pm

Ye Shao’s penis is always being referred to as small; not usually complimentary, or even acceptable, in most novels.
Here, it’s also far more flatteringly described as being, ‘as delicate and beautiful as the owner’.
Proportionate, in fact then, rather than frighteningly large like Long Yuan’s! Baseball bat? No thanks 😆
Thanks for translating.

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