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Chapter 44: Meteorites

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

QC: Kirio

The blue light wave collided with the black meteorite, and the meteorite stopped. Then suddenly, a brilliant red firelight burst out from the middle of the meteorite, bursting it into hundreds of pieces of gravel and powder.

When the alarm sounded, a team of more than thirty soldiers on the same floor as the detection room ran to the monitoring room.

There were more than 100,000 soldiers stationed in the general headquarters, but the alarm did not reach the soldiers on the lower floors. The remote weapons controlled by the monitoring room could be used with these more than thirty soldiers. Moreover, since the establishment of the Empire, the maximum number of meteorite swarms encountered was no more than a few hundred, so this many people were enough to cope with it.

And if the situation became serious, they could immediately call the soldiers on the other floors. When he found out about the accident, he’d already informed captain Sheryl. He also mentioned not to disturb the other floors except this floor. After that, he would come to supervise the situation.

When the soldier in the monitoring room blasted the second meteorite, more than thirty other soldiers who were reinforcements ran into the detection room. Without even needing the soldier to say any more, the others took their seat and called up the weapon interface on the flashing blue light console.

In the darkness, more than thirty round holes were opened in the upper part of the gyroscopic steel giant, from which the barrels with silver gray light were projected, aiming at the boundless space.

The red dots on the detection reactor kept flashing, showing the locations of the meteorite. All the soldiers were staring at the red spots on the reactor.

“Bearing x2365, y5674 locked.” The red dot, which had been reported, turned green immediately.

At the same time, a blue wave of light shot out of the barrel.

A tall and straight figure appeared at the door of the monitoring room. Under the wide brim of the hat, even the stray golden baby hairs were smoothened neatly, revealing a pair of beautiful and sharp eyebrows. The pair of blue eyes were like small ice balls immersed in silver, without a single ripple nor emotions. He was like the best example of a soldier, always standing upright, even his steps were calculated, the intervals in between were almost the same.

Sheryl walked into the monitoring room so calmly. Almost none of the soldiers heard him walk in. All of them were focused on the screen in front of them, dotted with red and green lights. In the wide room, only the sound of broadcasting and the shuffling of their uniforms as their hands moved.

Sheryl walked behind the soldiers who were observing the situation closely. Instead of disturbing them, he just went to a circular platform erected in the center of the monitoring room and pressed a button in the middle. The hovering screen of the detection reactor in front of each soldier and the remote holographic image detector appeared on Sheryl’s eyes screen,magnified more than ten times.

Blue light waves interweave in the hologram to form a dense net. Each giant meteorite was hit, and the orange fire and scattered debris made a spectacular scene.

No one saw that in the constant gorgeous fire, a few black shadows, by the cover of the fire, had cut open a few small black holes and slipped in.

Even Sheryl didn’t notice this subtle movement. His eyes were monitoring the damage of the meteorites on the screen and detecting the red dot changes in the reactor. In the detection reactor, the red dots that had been emerging in an endless stream and kept flashing slowly disappeared, and none of them crossed the warning line.

Sheryl reached for the brim of his hat and said nothing, but was pleased with the soldiers’ quick reaction.

The situation here had been well controlled. As long as nothing went wrong in the middle, this meteorite attack will be solved without danger.

But at this time, no one knew that as the military general headquarters was fighting against the meteorite swarm, another three wavelets of the meteorite swarms were attacking the other side of the Imperial Star. When the alarm in the monitoring room of the military headquarters sounded, Sheryl’s originally calm pupils suddenly shrank.

He ordered other soldiers to continue to eliminate the meteorite swarms in this direction, and then quickly zoomed out on the interface of the detection reactor. The red dots at the bottom right of the picture were immediately dense and almost converged into a pool of bright red. Compared with this, there were not many meteorite swarms in the other three places. 

Each place has only a few dozens of points at most, but the total number was nearly one hundred points. In addition, the movement speed of these red dots was obviously much faster. Some of them were not within the attacking range of the military general headquarters, because the range would radiate to the Imperial Star. Now they could only unite with the Imperial Star’s Land Defense Department to effectively deal with the meteorites that could not be solved by the Headquarters.

Sheryl quickly thought it over in his head, then pulled out the army communicator from the bottom of the platform and dialed the interior line of the Land Defense Department.

After negotiating with the Land Defense Department at the fastest speed, Sheryl hung up the communication and carefully observed the detection reactor. After finding no other abnormalities, he immediately called in the soldiers on the lower floor. Because the general headquarters was shaped like a spinning top, the top five floors were equivalent to the spinning handle, so the higher floors had more soldiers compared to that at the bottom of the gyroscope. Therefore, there were a lot fewer patrol soldiers on the lower floors.

Compared with the firepower of the General Headquarters of the army, the firepower of the Land Defense Department was slightly weaker. After all, the General Headquarters was equipped with the best equipment in the whole empire, not only because it undertakes the responsibility of guarding the periphery of the Imperial Star, but also because it could diffuse the protective shield that could contain the Imperial Star. However, because it needed to launch a large amount of energy to deal with the meteorite swarms, it had consumed a huge amount of energy and was temporarily shut down.

But dealing with these small meteorite clusters, which were only a few dozen left after being swept over by the Headquarters, would still be no problem at all as long as they were destroyed before they reached the atmosphere of the Imperial Star.

Although extreme efforts had been made to stop it, there was still a small number of the meteorites that was only disposed of at a short distance closer to the Imperial Star. This was due to the fact that these meteorites were flying much faster than those coming from the Headquarters.

The brilliant fire burst out outside the atmosphere of the Imperial Star, like a few brilliant fireworks blooming in the dark skies of the universe. Under the shadow of the fireworks, several small black holes quickly appeared on the edges of the meteorites, from which several black shadows crept out, and then disappeared immediately.

It was getting closer and closer to the day when the baby would be born. Ye Shao felt a bit agitated, not only because Long Yuan looked at him more and more like a fierce predator staring at a fattening prey, but also because he felt that something was going to happen in the near future.

The baby was likely to be born in a few days.

And for some reason there was also a slight stuffiness in his chest today, Ye Shao walked over to one of the round tables placed in the spacious chambers and sat down. Since Long Yuan wasn’t there, Xuan Feng dutifully followed Ye Shao to the table, then lifted his paws and crouched down by Ye Shao’s legs.

Ye Shao picked up a small round box-like object on the side and pressed the green button on it. Three meters in front of him, a virtual screen with a height of more than one person and a width of more than two meters appeared. On the right was the menu of all channels. Before he could see the channels in the menu, a pop-up screen appeared and quickly occupied the entire virtual screen.

“The latest breaking news: Imperial Star has been attacked by meteorite swarms not seen for nearly two hundred years, and both have been effectively intercepted.”

The clear screen was filled with the scene of flying meteorites and sparks exploding after being bombarded by a thunderstorm. Then the screen switched between the headquarters, which constantly emitted blue light, and the Land Defense Department, which projected white shock guns.

After the broadcast of the main points of more than a minute, the screen automatically closed in and became a thin black line, and disappeared quickly.

Ye Shao was boreds he swept over the channel names that slowly scrolled by on the right. He had been staying in Long Yuan’s chambers and couldn’t go out. He could only walk around in this place every day. Although this place was quite spacious, after staying for a long time, he thought that it could get very dull in here.

Fortunately, the baby was about to be born… Ye Shao’s mood was a little complicated. The birth of the baby meant that he no longer had to be bound in this space all day long. However, what followed was that he could no longer hide from Long Yuan’s scary penis.

In Ye Shao’s mind, he can’t help but imagine the dark blue that flashed in the deep pupils of Long Yuan when he held him every night. The possessiveness in those eyes was more terrible than before.

Ye Shao casually opened a channel. At this time, he felt his stomach begin to have a slight distension pain. Since he had this feeling from time to time, he didn’t pay much attention to it. But soon he changed his face, and suddenly some heat gushed out of his body from the place of shame, and quickly wetted the clothes he was wearing.

Ye Shao casually clicked on a channel, and it was then he felt his stomach start to feel a slight distensing pain. But he had felt this from time to time during this period of time, so he didn’t pay much attention to it, but soon his face changed, and some sort of warm liquid suddenly gushed out from deep inside his body, pouring out from that shameful place and quickly wetting the pants he was wearing.


And the pain radiating from his stomach began to increase – the baby was about to be born!

This thought flashed through Ye Shao’s blank brain.

Xuan Feng, who was lying by Ye Shao’s legs and paying attention to Ye Shao at all times, immediately noticed that something was wrong and it immediately stood up, its pitch-black eyes flickering quickly.


Long Yuan, who was having a meeting with a group of people around a long oval table in the conference room, heard a beeping sound. The sound broke the silence in the large conference room, which was originally silent because they were deep in thought about the problems reflected by the last minister.

All of them secretly searched with their eyes for the fool who dared to fathom such audacity and open the communicator’s message notification tone during this kind of meeting. But when His Royal Highness the Prince patted the table heavily and stood up, and the sound was obviously coming from him, all the ministers were flustered, and showed a unanimous look of disarray.

——In all these years, which of them had seen His Royal Highness look so nervous? Was this the real prince here? It’s the real person! Damn, this is not the real prince, is he?

——They were not dreaming, were they? What’s with all the mixed emotions of anticipation, fear, gnashing of teeth and all in the Prince’s eyes! Wait, why can he see such complicated feelings?!

No matter what the expressions were on the faces of the audience, Long Yuan stood up and patted the table, leaving behind these words, “The rest of the meeting will be held tomorrow.” Then he quickly opened the doors of the conference room and ran out, leaving everyone with a wide and flustered look before his back was quickly covered by the closed door.


——Well, since His Royal Highness already took off and said that the meeting would be held tomorrow, they should all be able to go home… But they were worried about His Royal Highness’ sudden intense reaction. What was the matter?

Only Delia sat thoughtfully in her seat, supported her chin, and looked at the direction of the door. Her green eyes flashed with a little curiosity. Seeing Long Yuan so nervous, something must have happened to little Ye Shao. A few days ago, he brought little Ye Shao to his side, but a month ago, she heard that he was sent to work. She did not believe any of that. 

According to Long Yuan’s possessive desire, he could only be at ease if he placed Ye Shao beside him. How was it possible that he would be sent out to do something?

She just didn’t know what happened to little Ye Shao. Long Yuan was so nervous and had to hide him.

Delia reached out and twirled her slender fingers with a few strands of her long golden hair draped over her chest, then narrowed her eyes. Her long lashes, which hovered over, covered the expression in her eyes.

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