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Chapter 45: Baby is Born

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA, KarateChopMonkey

QC: Kirio

Ye Shao only felt that the wet feeling under his body was getting more and more serious. He immediately stood up, but his feet felt a little soft, and the pain in his belly became worse. He could clearly feel that a round thing in his belly was moving downward.

As he was feeling very embarrassed and a little at a loss, the heavy door was hastily pushed open. A tall and straight figure quickly closed the door and ran to him. It was Long Yuan.

Long Yuan’s face was anxious, his dark eyes were firmly locked on Ye Shao’s figure standing near the edge of the table, and his thin red lips pressed tightly. When he was close to Ye Shao, he slowed down his pace, then went to him, and reached for his hand and arm. “What’s the matter?” As he spoke, he quickly glanced at Ye Shao’s slightly raised abdomen.

“It’s about to be born…” Ye Shao’s face was a little pale and a hint of unspeakable embarrassment flashed in his eyes. As he stood, he only felt that the liquid wetting his trousers was flowing down his thighs.

Long Yuan noticed the unnatural look of Ye Shao’s face and eyes. His thick eyelashes folded downward. One hand went around Ye Shao’s arm, another under his leg as he carried. Then he felt that his hand that was under the bend of his leg was a little wet.

When Long Yuan’s hand touched his thigh, he immediately turned away, and the tips of his ears turned red.

Long Yuan’s actions paused. Instead of asking Ye Shao, he moved him to the direction of the bed. Finally, he put Ye Shao on the bed gently, then he turned his head at Xuan Feng who was following him. He raised his eyebrows. “You are not needed here for the time being. You should go out and guard.”

Xuan Feng suddenly felt his face covered in tears. 1 , as if a bridge was being torn down 2 ; to throw the matchmaker over the wall after the bride has married into the family 3 , such cruelty! QAQ!!

It sadly stretched its claws on its face, wiped the nonexistent tears from the corners of its eyes, and glanced at Long Yuan’s back with its small eyes full of resentment. Then spread out its four claws and ran out of the door, squatting dutifully outside. At that moment, it remembered it was the best mecha unlike any other mechas. No matter what it did, it needed to keep a strong little heart when the master disliked it or threw it away after using it… Oh, it was moved by itself!

Ye Shao’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, but when Long Yuan began to take off his trousers, he immediately clamped his legs and glanced at him. “What are you doing?”

Long Yuan sighed, then reached out and grabbed Ye Shao’s leg. “How can it be born if you don’t take off your pants?”

Ye Shao’s face slightly crumbled, then relaxed his leg muscles. Long Yuan took off his wet pants. The transparent liquid still emerged from his back end and had already wetted his entire thigh. The cool liquid dripped down his arched leg, and his face suddenly turned redder.

Long Yuan, however, appeared calm and continued to remove the small piece of Ye Shao’s last covering, then reached out and pressed his hand above Ye Shao’s stomach, “Push downwards.”

Ye Shao was confused.

“I have especially read medical books about the way pregnant women give birth to their children, and have checked several books. It’s written in the books.” Long Yuan explained as if he was talking about the weather.

“……” Ye Shao’s face was even redder. His hands on both sides of his body gripped the sheet, then moved to his stomach, grasped Long Yuan’s hot palm there, and forced his abdomen to squeeze downward. Under the push from Ye Shao, the baby that had turned downwards slipped down faster.

He didn’t know how long it was after that but with sweat covering his face, Ye Shao finally squeezed the mass out of his body. His grip on Long Yuan’s hand loosened and it seemed that he had no strength left.

Long Yuan looked under Ye Shao’s body and saw a milky, oval, pointed egg?!

Because it was not long after it came out of Ye Shao’s body, its shell looked soft. Through the translucent eggshell, he could see a small figure curled up inside. At this time, the egg was only about the size of a goose egg, but in the blink of an eye, it quickly became more than four or five times larger, becoming the size of an ostrich egg.

Long Yuan was startled, but before he could see it carefully, the eggshell quickly hardened and turned completely opaque, shielding its interior. The round eggshell radiated a pearly white color under the light of the bedroom hall.

Ye Shao withdrew his legs, picked a blanket to cover himself, and then propped himself up with his hands. When he saw the egg rolling on the bed, he also froze for a moment.

The egg rolled a few times, and then rolled to Ye Shao’s hand happily, and a tender voice of a child said joyfully, “Daddy, is Baby very cute ~ > ▽ < ~?” If he could break the shell now, he would have been rolling over for a hug. But it didn’t matter. He would be able to break his shell tomorrow morning at the latest. His Mommy will definitely like him~

And finally he could see his mother, touch his mother, Baby was so happy~

Ye Shao was speechless for a moment. No matter what, he didn’t think he would give birth to a fat white egg.

Seeing Ye Shao ignoring him, the baby moved closer, “Daddy, you… Do you dislike Baby in this form? QAQ…”

 When Long Yuan heard the baby talk for the first time, his face was a little surprised. He thought that this was an alien species. He was still looking at the white egg that was coquettish and rolling around beside Ye Shao. Since Ye Shao had safely given birth to this egg, should he give it to the Imperial Star’s Research Department? When he saw that Ye Shao’s face was a little helpless, but still looked gentle, and his eyes also contained a hint of connivance as he touched the eggshell with his hand, Long Yuan gave up the idea.

He was confident that if this egg was really harmful to him and Ye Shao, he would be able to kill him immediately.

When Ye Shao gently stroked his shell, the baby, who rubbed the palm of Ye Shao’s hand with emotion, suddenly felt his back get cold. He trembled, and then he leaned closer to Ye Shao.

Although Ye Shao’s stomach had recovered back to his original state now, Long Yuan had no intention of letting him leave his room to sleep on his own. He still kept him in his room. He first persuaded Ye Shao by mentioning the baby’s affairs. 

When he saw that Ye Shao was nonchalant and changed into new clothes, wanting to leave with the round egg in his arms, he simply pressed Ye Shao on the bed and kissed him. When Ye Shao, who had not recovered after giving birth to the baby, became more and more soft, he raised his head and looked at Ye Shao’s eyes, “You are my consort. How can you live outside my chamber? Now that you’ve given birth to this thing, we can prepare for our wedding, hm?” Long Yuan said, caressing Ye Shao’s cheek. his expression was raw and tender. “Otherwise, you will run away from me.”

In the end, Ye Shao naturally slept in Long Yuan’s bed, and since his waist had become slender again, he was tightly fastened by an overbearing bully. 

In the middle of the night, the milky egg that Long Yuan threw aside on the carpet near the doors, moved. It was covered with several layers of white fluffy blankets Long Yuan had unwillingly given, under Ye Shao’s request. 

Lying on the side of the egg with its eyes closed, was the sleeping Xuan Feng.

On the white tough eggshell a few fine cracks gradually appeared, and then became bigger and bigger. A plump little hand pierced through the layer of eggshell, moved in the dark, and then the other hand also drilled out. Two small hands then cocked up one side of the eggshell, and stretched out a plump pink little foot, as if to climb out.

Then, due to the instability of the center of gravity, the eggshell fell to one side and rolled in a circle. Finally, when it stopped, it turned its head downward.

Soon, a pair of white and tender feet appeared. After walking a few steps, the eggshell paused in its tracks. It seemed that he had something on his mind.  The baby pushed the eggshell down on the ground, and then knelt down on his feet, pouting his fat buttocks and finally climbed out.

After shaking away from the eggshell, he became a small baby with a tail. Then he held the tail near him in his arms, looked at the couple on the bed with big eyes, then looked at Xuan Feng at his feet. The baby sniffled, squatted, and looked at Xuan Feng’s round eyes with his own big eyes, and whispered, “I want to sleep with Daddy~” and then he tugged on the tail. The hand holding his tail was trembling as if he was trying to knead dough, “OK~”

It didn’t feel a trace of malice from the little man in front of him who looked like he was carved from jade. Xuan Feng put down his guard. But looking at the round face filled with pleading, his long, small eyelashes fanned up and down a few times, and his small mouth slightly pursed. Xuan Feng couldn’t help being entranced for a while, and then shook its head firmly. It was the most loyal partner of Long Yuan. How could it be sold by a child and abandon its partner? Fuck, it was so firm and loyal, it was moved by itself again!

Seeing Xuan Feng refuse to accept his request, the baby stood up with his mouth bulging, and then walked toward the door. Xuan Feng immediately bumped to keep up with him. The baby stood on tiptoe and tried to reach for the doorknob. Xuan Feng ran to the baby’s side and said, “Do you want to go out?”

The baby nodded, “You want to follow me?”

Xuan Feng cocked its head, “Of course, Little Long Yuan wants me to watch you well. As long as I follow you, you can go anywhere.” Besides, the guards outside were sent away by Long Yuan long after Ye Shao started living in the bedroom hall. Now there was no one outside, so it didn’t have to worry that someone would find it coming out of his Royal Highness’s bedroom with a child, “You can’t reach it, can you? I’ll help you.” 

Xuan Feng lightly jumped up, opened its mouth to bite the door handle, and used its body’s weight. It opened the door, and then jumped back to the ground, proudly looking at the baby.

As expected, the baby looked at it with adoring, glittering big black eyes, “You are so good, you helped Baby. In order to repay you, you will walk in front of Baby and Baby will close the door.”

Xuan Feng walked out of the door with its tail up, but in the next second, the door closed behind it mercilessly.

Xuan Feng twisted its head and looked at the door closed behind its buttocks, and its heart was filled with tears. This child must be Long Yuan’s own child, it must be!!! This kind of action was too familiar with the way the matchmaker is thrown over the wall after the bride has married into the family!!!

The baby pushed the door, wrinkled his little nose, and then put out his tongue, “Hmph, who are you to stop me and Daddy from sleeping together?” 

After closing Xuan Feng outside the door, the baby walked to the bed and placed his hands on the edge of the bed which was as high as his chest. Then he put one foot on the edge of the bed, and the other little foot trembled and wanted to push his body up, but his tail kept getting in the way.


The author has something to say: the baby is finally born ///scatter flowers! 

★,°:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:.°★

Do you think this chapter is very happy?

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Translator Notes:

  1. Author used ‘内牛满面’ (nèi niú mǎnmiàn) which sounds like ‘泪流满面’ (lèi liú mǎnmiàn).
  2. Means to break all ties after achieving something by using the connections build by someone.
  3. In Chinese traditions, matchmakers are hired to ‘scout’ for potential husbands/wives. The matchmakers act as the ‘bridge’(refer to previous idiom), to gather and pass information about the candidates. But after the two get married, there’s no need for the matchmaker to be the middle person. So once the couple gets married, they ‘throw the matchmaker over the wall’


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November 14, 2020 11:13 am

The baby talks since in womb. And starts scheming against xuan feng after fetched. What a brilliant boy

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This baby is so cute >~<

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
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