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Chapter 22: interesting sports festival(1); looking for a single man with a beautiful cat

Translated by Anon of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kuneho, UA

The event before the opening of the games was just a trivial episode. When the marching band sounded, the athletes from all classes entered the stadium.

The biggest difference between pet and human festivals was that the pet athletes had some predispositions. For example, the birds would participate in the flight relay.

Xie King was naturally not among them. Teachers’ competitions were held at the end, in order to avoid teachers’ inability to organize students’ activities after sports.

Pet people were in dashing high spirits after shouting slogans from the runway, Xie GuanZe smiled and said:. “Feels like a military parade ha ha.”

Cao Jun also felt very amused: “Or the armed forces.”

Even pet people had strong rivalry instincts and were excited about the competition.

So, the leaders of each class were not handsome or beautiful, but beasts in their original forms.

The ostrich classmate was finally accepted by the avian class this time, because he was by far the largest bird in their class.

The crocodile classmate was originally not the largest fish, but as the only amphibious creature, he successfully defeated the shark classmate and became the leader.

As for the flying squirrel classmate, who had a fierce tiger in their heart and wanted to sleep with the golden horse, she was the most capable in the newly-opened comprehensive class for small pets. She could run fast and fly, and as the team leader, she was in her original form. The other classmates behind the mini pet looked like none of them dared to walk fast, afraid of crushing her with one foot.

In this way, the flying squirrel was impatient. When she passed the rostrum, she desperately blew a kiss to the headmaster of Golden Horse, and shouted as loud as she could: “Ah-the headmaster, I love you -” The headmaster’s ear moved, but he pretended not to hear.

The size difference was too obvious, they were incompatible.

He could kick the flying squirrel to death with a hoof, and falling in love would be fatal.

Mr. Xia, the owner of Golden Horse, turned his head and laughed wildly when he saw this scene. When Golden Horse looked helplessly at the owner, Mr. Xia put his head on his shoulder and said with laughter : “Hahahaha, I didn’t expect you to be so popular, your luck at romance is very prosperous!”

Golden Horse said lightly: “If you like it, I can give it to you.”

“No, no, I’m a family person, you’re different.” Speaking of which, Mr. Xia’s gaze suddenly turned bleak.

“Hey, hey, Xia Gale, you are an adult horse. If necessary, you can say, I am an enlightened master, do you like beautiful women or horses? Or other races, as long as you like it.”

Golden Horse looked at Mr. Xia. That elegant and calm gesture made Mr. Xia suddenly guilty, feeling as if he had blasphemed the flowers of Gaoling.

“Seriously, the race is about to start.”

Golden Horse’s sentence ended the conversation between the men, and they started looking straight ahead.

Because it was a fun sports meeting, more attention was placed on the interaction of pets with their owners. The first opening game was the 4×400 relay race, which was a relay race between pets and the owners.

The relay race specifically divided the men and women into two groups. Division by gender was mainly aimed at humans. An emergency team was also prepared, which was also mainly aimed at humans.

——Who made humans generally have poor physical strength and a dislike for sports? This is why many pet people were deeply touched by the moral integrity of their owners.

The first was the men’s relay race. Xie Guanze stretched his neck to watch. After hearing the gunshots, the frightened first athlete’s ears suddenly turned into furry animal ears, pointed and dark gray with tiger stripes.

“It’s a tabby cat!” Niu Nai was very excited to see someone of his own kind, but after speaking, he felt that he did not meet his hot and cold temperament, so he pretended to be more reserved.

“His temperament is so weak that he was shocked by a little noise, it’s a disgrace to us cats.” Seeing Niu Nai’s curiosity, Chu Jiangqing’s heart was moved and wanted to bring Niu Nai closer to watch the relay race.

“In the relay race, cats are very good at running and climbing, but that ostrich classmate is also very powerful. It seems that the competition will be fierce.” Chu Jiangqing said deliberately in a persuasive tone, “Niu Nai, do you want to go and see? “

Niu Nai rolled his eyes arrogantly: “What’s there to see, I don’t know how to run.”

Chu Jiangqing: …

The persuasion failed.

Chu Jiangqing looked at Cao Jun in a miserable way, and the frustration in his heart was simply an accumulation of tons.

Xie Guanze softened his tone and coaxed Niu Nai with the tone he used to coax King.

“Niu Nai, take a look with me. I don’t understand beasts. Since you are a cat, you know more than I do.”

Niu Nai lit up and raised his chin proudly: “That’s it, let’s go.” 

Chu Jiangqing : …

Is it supposed to be this smooth?

Xie Guanze smiled at Chu Jiangqing with the smile of a successful person and said with a hint: Understand, the cat is the master!

“Let’s go join in the excitement too.” Chu Jiangqing’s suggestion was met with the disgusted eyes of Niu Nai, so he immediately changed his tone. “No, I’m following you to watch and learn, yes, learn.”

Niu Nai barely nodded: “OK, I will speak slowly. You will not understand if you are such a stupid guy.”

“Yes, yes, Niu Nai is considerate.” Chu Jiangqing squinted his eyes at Xie Guanze, feeling deeply that he already knew how to serve the cat master.

Xie Guanze gave him a thumbs up secretly: Great!

Cao Jun watched the two men’s small actions from beginning to end and shook his head: “The best is still my Hua Hua.”

The two men and cat rolled their eyes simultaneously.

“Furry is king!” Chu Jiangqing finished, and when he saw Niu Nai, he immediately kissed-up some more, “My Niu Nai’s flourishing beauty is the best!”

Xie Guanze elegantly responded: “Truthfully, he has a high IQ; however, the IQ of the parrot is comparable to humans.” It is just like a human child.

“I must say, I can take care of myself. It should be considered that the best pet is the kind that can take care of their owner.” Cao Jun talked about his own flower, and his proud tail lifted to the sky.

“For example, Huahua also knows how to catch snakes and he gave me a big pile!”

Niu Nai fell silent, reaching out to look at his paws.

The cat’s claws seem to be faster than the snake…

Xie Guanze also touched his chin and fell into contemplation.

Birds also seem to be the natural enemies of snakes…

Only Chu Jiangqing, whose thoughts remained the same of which pet was best, smiled and made petty jabs about the shortcomings of the flower pig, and Cao Jun would have none of it!

They had arrived at the sports ground. It was just the end of the first preliminary round of the men’s 100m relay race. Several human players were panting, exhausted, and on the verge of collapsing. This time, it was their pets’ turn to take care of them. They handed out towels and provided water for comfort.

Xie Guanze walked all the way, and heard all kinds of pets nagging their masters.

Then the second preliminary round of the men’s relay started. Xie Guanze heard that Niu Nai really explained the pros and cons of each player.

“The animals are good. The most powerful ones are good at running. For example, the black sportswear in the inner circle is a Shandong fine dog. The original form of your human whistling dog is the Shandong fine dog, or your royal emperor. The royal hound is very powerful, both in terms of speed and hunting skills.”

Xie Guanze followed Niu Nai’s explanation and saw that the pet dog of Shandong fine dog was very characteristic, with long hands, long feet and a long face, feeling that his limbs were pulled. Overgrown, but it doesn’t look thin and has a lean sense of strength.

After the gunshot, the swish rushed out, only to see a black whirlwind, the speed was almost dazzling.

Xie Guanze has to admit that Niu Nai did understand animals better.

Then Niu Nai said again: “Unfortunately, his master can’t do it, heh, he’s going to drag his feet. ” The disgust in the words made several humans walk away in shame.

The second was the owner of the fine dog, a twenty-five/six year old young man, dressed up in fashion. With the appearance of fine skin and tender meat, he looked like an otaku lacking outdoor sports.

Sure enough, after taking the baton, the otaku owner was steadily surpassed by the other track people in just a few steps.

Originally the Shandong fine dog occupied the first position, and was now being dragged by the owner who was trailing behind to become the last person. The fine dog hurriedly ran along the inner circle of the track, shouting while running: “Master, you can’t do it, watch how you run! A few steps without panting, you false ah ‘

After the man of the house struggled to stick to the next stick, he was tired of choking, pets’ dislike, their eye-rolling and heard: “Damn it, you hold anything against me!”

Small dogs : “I have a male dog waist, do you have it? No wonder you humans want to eat dog meat and aphrodisiac, it turns out that you can’t do it yourself.”

Otaku owner suffocated: “I don’t eat that stuff…”

“I have ten centimeters, I remember you only…” The otaku owner resolutely covered the fine dog’s mouth, his face flushed red: “Shut up!”

Xie Guanze looked at him curiously, with a smile in his corner and gossip in his eyes. .

There were many people or pets like him who intentionally or unintentionally overheard. The otaku owner was annoyed by this gossip: “Your bones are gone today!” The fine dog was calm, “It’s okay, I’ll go to your mother to rub the rice , her craftsmanship is better than yours.”

Otaku host: Fuck, life can’t be over!

Xie Guanze looked at it for a while and smiled, the smile on his face never disappeared. The process was more interesting than the outcome of the sports.

The Fun Games did live up to its main purpose, making people very happy to play.

Xie Guanze also saw a pair of pets who had a relationship with each other. These were a curly, long-haired girl and an orange cat who he met at the barbecue stall. At that time, the orange cat sent hibiscus flowers to the hostess, which was particularly romantic. As a result, the rose flowers on the window sill of the residents were scolded, and they stole stupidly.

The orange cat and his hostess participated in the women’s relay race. After the run, the orange cat looked at the hostess who was holding the railing and gasped, looking helplessly like the instructor looking at a hopeless scum.

“Rong Rong, what should I do if this leaves you so weak; no hair, no claws, no fangs, no escape.”

Lu Rong: …The cat owner has always been very disgusted with her, it’s not an illusion.

On the other side, a girl whose four hamsters all became sperm that Xie Guanze had seen on TV was surrounded by four little cuties.

One of them brought water, one towel, one person moved the chair, and another person squeezed her shoulder, which looked particularly enjoyable.

However, the girls didn’t enjoy it at all because the hamsters pity all kinds of failures.

“Hey, the master doesn’t blame you. It’s your shoes that tied your feet. It’s not your fault that you can’t run.”

Master: This comfort, how much do you think she is incompetent?

At this time, the podium suddenly became lively, and some people went there to contribute.

Xie Guanze heard a so-called comfort letter, and just couldn’t help but laugh at the beginning. This comfort letter would only make the master more angry as he listens.

The comfort letters of the pets were like this:

“Respect my lovely master, although you are ugly and useless without hair and paws, but I still don’t dislike you.”

Xie Guanze had seen that it was the one who sent the flowers. Orange Cat quickly looked at his hostess Lu Rong, and she was helpless to see her expressionless.

Lu Rong: Thank you for not being disgusted with me.

“Although you are twenty-one years old, you are two or three years old when you switch to a cat. It doesn’t matter if you are young, you have a chance to grow.”

Lu Rong: Ha ha.

“Your only advantage is that your leg hair grows. If you shave in the future, this advantage will be gone. Love, your cat, Lord Orange.”

Lu Rong was irritable: “I don’t have leg-hair!”

“Ha ha ha ha!” The laughter drowned Lu Rong.

Thanks to Orange’s letter of condolence, the whole school knew that Lu Rong’s legs had grown.

Lu Rong was desperate: “Smelly oranges, people are still single, how can I find a boyfriend when he said this?”

Xie Guanze, who was watching, said with a smile: “It’s okay, no one knows who you are.”

Who knew that Orange Master is indeed the master The intimate kitten took the initiative to pull the microphone to add: “My hostess’s name is Lu Rong, Fang Ling is twenty-one, single to be married, good cooking skills and long hair, looking for a single man with a beautiful female cat… ” Long Rong roared with the east.

Lion: “Orange, you get me back!”

Xie Guanze: ” Pffft–“

Don’t worry about it now, your pet will take the initiative to help you solve the single problem while disgusting you.

Although it looked more like recruiting yourself…

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