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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Kirio

Ye Shao was already awake when he was brought into the room by Cang Huo, but he did not show any sign of it. He still pretended to be sleeping as he was being carried to the couch bed by Cang Huo.

When the King’s cold hands were on his face, he tried to control his instinctive reaction. Except for Long Yuan, when he was touched by the King, Ye Shao only felt the urge to resist in his heart. If he didn’t try to control himself, he might have waved his hand and slapped the cold fingers rubbing back and forth on his face.

But when he heard what the King said, he was still surprised. His mother was the King’s sister? What was he then? And the King actually wanted to have him give birth to his own son, which was really unbelievable to him.

He was clearly a man. Even if he had given birth to an alien species, it was implanted into his stomach directly from the outside world from the universe, and not conceived with someone. However, the King’s words seem to mean that he wanted to be with him in that way…

Ye Shao’s heart was filled with a strong sense of disgust. Relationship-wise, the King was his uncle, but he seemed to have wanted his mother, that is, the King’s sister, to give birth to his own son long ago. But when he failed to catch her, he was ready to replace his mother with him.

Ye Shao’s eyelashes trembled uncontrollably, and his fingers on his side tensed. Fortunately, Cang Huo was kneeling down and didn’t look up and the King just walked away with his back to him, so they didn’t notice that he was awake.

Ye Shao quickly calmed his mind down. He couldn’t let them find out that he had woken up. He was obviously on another planet now, and he needed to find time to escape back to the Empire!


In the universe, the flow of blurred brilliance, each colorful nebula was like a beautiful pattern embellished on black silk. Suddenly, there was a ripple in the darkness of the universe and an all black spaceship poked its head out of the ripples. It slowly revealed its whole body.

Long Yuan stood in the front control room of the ship, looking seriously at the scene in front of him. Ling Yun stood beside Long Yuan and looked at the scene before her. The baby tugged at the hem of Long Yuan’s clothes, and the two small fine eyebrows were wrinkled tightly. Baby wants to see Mommy soon. If only Baby knew where Mommy was, Baby would find Mommy first. Mommy was caught by bad people, will he suffer? Baby will beat whoever dares to bully Mommy to pulp…╭(╯^╰)╮

Long Yuan looked at Ling Yun standing beside him. The beautiful woman who still had no trace of age was Ye Shao’s mother.

She had to leave Ye Shao to protect him. Now she showed up to take him to her old planet for the sake of the kidnapped Ye Shao, because her brother, Ye Shao’s uncle, captured him just so Ye Shao could give birth to his best heir.

“How long before we get to the Beta planet you’re talking about?” 

It had been more than a week of wandering in the universe, surrounded by endless nebulae and various boulders floating around. When they were roaming in space, they passed through a group of meteorites glowing with fire, as well as a cosmic region where black holes appeared from time to time. If not for Ling Yun’s guide along the way, their spaceship would have already become cosmic garbage roaming the universe.

Long Yuan had to admit that with Ling Yun’s leadership, their route had become much safer.

Ling Yun was looking at the universe in front of her and said, “It will take about another week. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll get to Beta before the next new moon.” Ling Yun said no more, but continued to look in front of her.

If she went back, she must overthrow her brother. If she didn’t do so, even if she saved Shao Shao this time, there would be a next time. She and Shao Shao would not have any peace for the rest of their lives. Not only was her brother irascible and always exerted his tyranny, what made him even more intolerable was that he wanted to force her to give birth to an heir.

But in any case, her brother was still her blood brother. She couldn’t kill him, so she had only escaped from his side, and because of this, she had Shao Shao.

But now her brother had the idea to use Shao Shao… Ling Yun quietly clenched her hands and wrapped them into fists. Her nails were digging into the palms of her hands. Shao Shao was the only scale he couldn’t touch now 1. Since her brother had done this, she had no choice but to do something.


Ye Shao sat on the edge of the bed with a pale face, his lips white and miserable, with only the edges revealing a bit of red, a far cry from his previous healthy appearance. Now he was frail, and his body was terribly thin. But he still pursed his lips, and his pointed jaw was taut, because he was thinner, and now he was like an awl, sharp across every surface. The dark eyes were now darker and more translucent, and the look in them was cold, staring at the man standing not far in front of him.

The slender figure was still wrapped in a layer of white, his long silver hair trailing to the ground, gleaming in the sunlight sprinkled through the half-open window. A handsome face without a trace of expression, and golden eyes without any emotion looked at Ye Shao, who was sitting upright holding the edge of the bed but appearing very fragile, “You’d better not think about running away, no matter where you escape, I can catch you back right away.”

Seeing that Ye Shao didn’t respond to him, he simply went in front of Ye Shao, stretched out his fingers to hold Ye Shao’s thin jaw, and looked him in the eyes. “I just want to use you to give birth to my successor. If you still resist like this, I don’t mind killing you directly after, instead of letting you walk around in this room casually. Since you want to escape so much, I will directly make you lose these two legs.” The golden eyes narrowed slightly, flashing a dangerous glare. If not because the person in front of him could solve the problems that had troubled him for a long time, his patience would be even worse. No ‘person’ could disobey him like this.

Ye Shao still did not speak. His dark pupils were staring at the golden ones, and then he turned his head away abruptly. Two bright red marks appeared in the place where his jaw was held.

The King snorted and took back his hand. “You’d better not have other ideas.” With that, he turned around with a flick of his sleeve and left, his face cold as ice.

After the King left, Ye Shao looked even paler, but he still looked in the direction in which the King had disappeared to, and then clenched his hands.


“Before we get to my and Ye Shao’s real home planet Beta, I will provide you with a route that they can not detect. But this ship is still too obvious, we need to hide this on the nearby planet first, and then take the small spacecraft, to transport everyone in batches,” Ling Yun was staring at the green planet in the distance, which was emitting soft brilliance in the dark universe. A trace of nostalgia flashed through her eyes. After all, this was her home planet. For some reasons, she had to leave here. Now she finally came back. If her plans could succeed, she would not leave here again.

Long Yuan nodded.

The baby was beside Long Yuan’s leg. He raised his head and looked at planet Beta in front of him. Baby can finally see Mommy again. Baby must protect Mommy  from being bullied by bad people. Baby thought to himself and clenched his little fist.

Long Yuan’s dark pupil flashed with a hint of blue, which made his originally dark eyes seem more profound. “You said that only by overthrowing the King’s rule can we ensure Ye Shao’s safety in the future. Are you sure you can defeat the King here?”

Ling Yun looked at Beta for a while, and then turned to look at Long Yuan. Her chestnut curly hair was loosely draped over her shoulder. Her golden eyes were akin to two glasses of alcohol. Her long black eyelashes trembled. “Of course I have a certain confidence. If not because I still have an unbreakable bond with my brother, I wouldn’t have secretly fled my home planet.” Ling Yun said with a sigh. This time, if it was not for her brother who crossed her bottom line, she would not want to target him.

After listening to Ling Yun’s words, Long Yuan solemnly said, “As long as you can rescue Ye Shao, I will do everything according to your instructions, but please allow me to have certain command rights.”

“This is only natural. Without your command, I’m afraid the troops would not obey my orders. After all, I’m not their real commander.”

Long Yuan got a satisfactory reply. He picked up the baby holding his thigh, turned around and walked out of the observation room. He quickly ordered the driver in the control room to steer the warship to a yellow planet not far away.

The propelling muzzle from the rear of the huge ship emitted four blue lights, thrusting the ship to the location indicated by Long Yuan. After stabilizing itself on the surface of the planet covered with loess and rocks, the command for protective camouflage was inputted, and the original silver white ship turned to earth yellow, quickly blending in with the surrounding environment.

Long Yuan went to the large dock behind the ship, and took the lead in jumping into a small spaceship. With just one leap, the baby easily got on the spaceship and sat next to Long Yuan.

Fortunately, he could now hide his tail, otherwise because of his previous small body he would not have been able to board the spaceship without Long Yuan’s help.

The baby twisted his little butt, then turned his head and looked at Long Yuan, “Dad, can we go now?”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Reverse scale or bottom line not to be crossed.


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November 28, 2020 8:14 am

Hehehe, dad now doesn’t refuse baby’s calling him that anymore.

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 28, 2020 2:06 pm

Baby so cute can’t wait to see his mommy go Long Yuan thank you for another great chapter more please

November 28, 2020 6:30 pm

Thanks for the chapter!

November 28, 2020 7:00 pm

Hang on Ye Shao…your hubby and baby is on the way to your mama too😀😀

November 28, 2020 10:23 pm

Yesss!!! Just a bit more time and they will meet again. Hang in there Ye Shao!!!
Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 30, 2020 6:22 am

Cute Baby. Daddy and Baby are going to save Mommy! A little akward that YeShaos Ma doesn’t recognize Baby.

May 10, 2021 1:19 am

This baby is much more useful than normal babies that just lay there. I have a feeling he’s gonna get involved. One a side note. Hey lady, if your brother, the lunatic ruler wants to use you as a baby maker it is time to kill him. Sibling affection can die right there…

July 8, 2021 7:39 pm

This is weird. Baby has obviously grown, as its tail is now hidden and as it intimated before, once that happened, it would be able to protect its Mother/Ye Shao…. but Lin Young still hasn’t thought Baby’s presence odd, acknowledged it, or even asked Long Yuan about it, or been offered info!
Thank you for translating.

February 19, 2022 7:20 am

I dont know why the author make Ye Shao mother ignore the existance(?) of baby. I mean she should realize by now right? I got these stuffy feelings these 2, 3 chapters with how the author describe in seperate ways, like after YS mother talk, it was the Baby monologue(?) , idk why i got triggered like they r in da same place yet it feels like they were in different space jeez. I dislike this feelings. I feel trouble 🤣🤣

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