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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Kirio

The gentle and elegant voice paused for a moment, and then continued, “As Irene said, Shao Shao and I are not from this planet…” After simply explaining why she came to this planet and why she left Ye Shao, the elegant female voice stopped for a moment, as if to think about what to say next.

“So what you mean is that the reason why Ye Shao was abducted was because the King you spoke of wants Ye Shao to give birth to his successor?” Long Yuan frowned slightly as he said this. If he could not snatch Ye Shao back in time, would that mean that he would be touched by other people?

He would never allow such a thing!

“Shao Shao inherited my lineage, and I placed restrictions on him. Originally, as long as he didn’t get hurt and bleed, they couldn’t find out Shao Shao’s identity. I even left Shao Shao to keep him in the shadows. I didn’t expect that his identity would be found out anyway…” With a sigh, the woman continued, “My brother will act during the new moon next month to produce the most powerful successor. As long as we stop him before that, Shao Shao will be fine.”

“The next new moon?” Long Yuan couldn’t help but frown at the words, “Isn’t that in just about twenty days? The planet you are talking about is in another galaxy. Can I really get there within twenty days?” Thinking that he would not be able to make it, Long Yuan couldn’t help tightening his lips. Even before it happened, his heart began to ache at the thought of the possibility. “Besides, I don’t know how to get to the planet you’re talking about. If we don’t know the route, it will take even longer.”

“Needless to say, I will give you the most suitable route. I am getting ready to get to you now. Please wait for me and I will tell you the rest in detail.”

“Where are you now?”

“If I recall correctly, this is a small and remote planet in your empire. It is far away from the Imperial Star, so it might take me some time.”

“Maybe you can roughly tell me the route first and let me go ahead.” Long Yuan couldn’t wait, he only had less than twenty days. If he stayed to wait for Ye Shao’s mother, more time would only pass by. 

If Ye Shao’s mother really cared about him, why did she still tell him to wait for her arrival to tell him the route to the planet when she knew that she was far away from here? Therefore, Long Yuan’s tone carried a trace of dissatisfaction. If she wasn’t going to think about Ye Shao’s wellbeing at all, even if she did give birth to him, Long Yuan would not acknowledge her.

“Are you complaining about me in your heart?” Her tone sounded a little light, “If so, I can reluctantly admit that you qualify to be my son-in-law.” At the end of the sentence, her tone became serious. “I won’t make light of Shao Shao’s life. You may not know this, but our race has many advantages you would not expect. Please wait a little patiently. When I said it may take some time, I was saying it from my concept of time. And only I am familiar with the route. If you are to set out like this, you will likely get lost in the universe. Don’t say that it is to save time. You won’t even be able to save yourself.” The woman’s voice paused for a moment, “I’m going to save the talking for later. I’m ready to depart now. You should go back and get prepared too.” With that, the light on the lavender stone faded.

Grandma Irene put the lavender stone back into her collar. “Please believe in Her Highness. I know Her Highness loves Xiao Shao very much. When she left Xiao Shao, Her Highness was very sad. Even after making up her mind to leave him, she stayed for more than a month. When she had to leave, she entrusted Xiao Shao to me. Her Highness has never stopped missing Xiao Shao during these years. She never expected that even after she had placed so much effort to ward off the King, he still discovered the existence of Xiao Shao.”

“I understand.” Long Yuan’s black eyes reflected a pale blue. He took out the aircraft from his dimension necklace, then quickly jumped into the opened hood of the aircraft, placing the baby in his hands on the co-pilot seat on the other side. “If my mother-in-law has arrived, please ask her to find me at the palace.” Long Yuan said as he started the aircraft, two dazzling white lights suddenly lit up in front of the silver aircraft, and the body of the aircraft also regularly flickered with silver lights.

“I will tell Her Highness.”

At the end of Grandma Irene’s voice, the aircraft quickly hovered into the sky and merged into the thick night.


“My dearest sister’s son?” With long silver hair pooling on the ground, a slender figure wrapped in a white robe, stared at Ye Shao with his golden eyes as he was placed on the couch by Cang Huo. Then he reached out his hand and touched Ye Shao’s unconscious calm face. “Good job, Cang Huo. I just can’t wait. I didn’t expect my sister to leave me such a surprise.” The white jade finger caressed Ye Shao’s face for a moment, and his golden eyes narrowed slightly. “I want to choose the most suitable day of the month for him to conceive my heir.”

He moved his fingers away and looked at the half-kneeled Cang Huo on the ground, “Before that day, Cang Huo, you have to look at him carefully, I don’t want any slip-ups.”

“Yes, King.” Cang Huo bowed to the white figure deeply, showing his incomparable loyalty to the person in front of him.

After the white figure got a satisfactory answer, he turned around and slowly disappeared from Cang Huo’s view.

At this time, no one noticed that the thick eyelashes of the man lying on the couch bed had trembled slightly.


The deep night sky was slowly eroded by a flash of reddish light, and the sky in the East was already showing the sign of dawn. A slender and graceful figure appeared in the distance outside the palace gate, with long chestnut curly hair falling to her hips, and her moon-like delicate complexion was even emitting a soft glow.

Although she was walking, in just a few blinks of the eye, she had appeared much closer to the palace gate.


“Your Highness, there is someone looking for you outside the palace gate.” The guard outside the palace recalled the appearance of the woman standing outside the gate looking for His Royal Highness, and his mind began to wander.

Initially, after meeting Chief Guard Ye, he thought that he would never be taken aback anymore by anyone’s appearance, but the outlook of the woman waiting outside the palace gate was obviously far better than Chief Guard Ye’s.

Long Yuan’s action paused, and then anxiously asked, “Is it a woman?”

“Yes.” Seeing that His Royal Highness was acting differently from his usual calm behavior, the guard’s mind immediately played the scene of a complex triangle relationship. Plus, he hadn’t seen Ye Shao anywhere. Was His Royal Highness abandoning him to favor the more beautiful beauty outside?

Long Yuan didn’t know that this guard’s brain was reimagining his behavior to a completely different degree. When he heard the news that Ye Shao’s mother, Ling Yun, had arrived, he felt very surprised.

Didn’t she say that she was on a remote planet far away from the Imperial Star? Even if she took the latest spaceship developed by the Empire, it would take a week to get here. But it took her less than ten hours to get directly outside the palace from such a far away place.

“Let her in.” Long Yuan was eager to see Ling Yun. He wanted to set out quickly to rescue Ye Shao. He didn’t want to waste any more time.

The guard was even more certain that the woman standing outside the door was the mistress between His Royal Highness and Chief Guard Ye. He saluted Long Yuan and respectfully welcomed the woman waiting outside the palace gate.

Long Yuan looked at the woman with long chestnut hair walking towards him. She looked very young. Even if someone said she was a teenage girl, no one would doubt it. Ye Shao’s good looks were obviously inherited from her, and hers were even better.

Ling Yun went to Long Yuan and looked at him carefully. Then she looked at Long Yuan with her golden eyes, “You are very good.” Then she asked, “Is everything ready?”

“We can depart any time.” He did not sleep a wink during the past ten hours. As soon as he thought of Ye Shao’s situation, he was eager to let all the assembled people follow him. But because it was his private affair, he couldn’t muster too many people. Long Yuan was silent for a moment and then said, “But the number is not very large, only one hundred.” These were just two teams of soldiers. Originally, he only informed Delia, but Delia insisted that Sheryl take another team of soldiers, so he now had a team of a hundred.

“This many people is enough. If there are too many people, it is not conducive to sneak in.”

“Can we depart now?”

Ling Yun stopped the superfluous conversation, “We can.”

Long Yuan immediately took out his communicator, quickly operated it, then held it in his hand. “Please follow me.”

Although the number was small, Long Yuan provided them with the best equipment the Empire could offer.

Everyone was easily assigned with a class A mecha, and the spaceship for the journey transition was also the superluminal spaceship just developed by the Empire. These spaceships were improved products based on the small superluminal spaceships developed before, and their performance and stability had been greatly enhanced.

After all the people quickly assembled, Long Yuan took them to the ship without even making a half-minute stop.


An all black ship slowly rose above the imperial palace. The air flow that lifted the ship from its bottom gradually weakened. Then three jets of air were shot out from the propulsion module behind it. The ship quickly disappeared above the palace, broke through the atmosphere and entered the vast universe.

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Minnie ford
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