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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Kirio and beer #5

Without the hindrance of the guards, nearly one hundred people quickly ran into the palace’s guard range.

Ling Yun ran beside Long Yuan. She looked up at the huge dark shadow behind the tree shadows in the distance, and her delicate eyebrows slightly frowned. “Such a big movement, I’m afraid that there will be other other guards coming. I’m faster. I’ll see if I can get close to the palace quickly. You direct them here first, but you must not let those guards catch up to me.” Ling Yun said before her body moved in a flash and disappeared in front of Long Yuan.

After hearing Ling Yun’s words Long Yuan’s body slightly shook, but soon he stabilized his steps. Indeed, compared to him, who was not familiar with this place, Ling Yun had more advantage. As long as she could get into the palace, she could find Ye Shao as quickly as possible. 

If it was him, he would definitely spend more time. Moreover, because of the unfamiliar terrain, he may miss the best opportunity to save Ye Shao and let the enemy have a chance to transport Ye Shao to a different place that could be even harder to locate; or he might be taken away by the King directly into hiding and proceed to perform the ritual with Ye Shao three days later.

Either way was an unacceptable failure for him.

Long Yuan immediately weighed the pros and cons of the situation. Since he could not save Ye Shao now, he had to buy enough time for Ling Yun and clear all the obstacles behind her. Long Yuan’s lips pressed into a straight line, and his obsidian pupils were gradually covered by a dark blue light. His eyes were like the deepest night sky that engulfed all traces of light and shadow.

The guards, who were drawn away, soon discovered they had been deceived. They tried to turn around and stop Long Yuan and the others, who had broken through but they were stopped. The guards felt very angry and afraid. If they didn’t stop these intruders and allowed them to disturb the King then the only thing that awaited them was death.

But before they could move, they were blocked by those who were used to draw their attention 

Delia was holding an electromagnetic gun in both hands and wearing a pair of lightweight infrared vision glasses on her face. She was not affected by the increasingly dark environment which was covered by the shadows around her. Delia successfully hit the targets that she had locked in one by one. Different from the fragile human body, these guards, even if they were shot two or three times by the powerful electromagnetic gun were only seriously injured, but would not die. Their bodies were physically strong and scary!

On the other hand, several soldiers who followed her had their necks twisted and snapped by a few guards that went on rampage. Then, the bodies of a few of the manic guards that glared at Long Yuan and the other trespassers, who had run out of sight, began to transform.

Feng Qi, who was assigned to Delia by Ling Yun, said as his pupils shrank. “They have begun to transform. Everyone, start preparing.” Ling Yun had given them a briefing of the guards’ arrangement in the King’s palace before. The guards on the outermost defence were the weakest, and the closer they got to the inside, the more powerful the guards would be.

But in any case, these bodyguards were still tricky compared to the much more vulnerable human beings.

As these guards transformed, Delia quickly ordered all soldiers to launch their mechas, and use them to fight these guards who transformed into monsters.These monsters transformed from the guards were about the height and size of a three to four story building, similar in size with the mecha that soldiers manipulated.

And Feng Qi, who led the people of Beta, also fought with those guards.

The silence of the night was immediately broken by bursts of fighting.


Long Yuan controlled his mecha, pulled out his lightsaber, and slashed through the body of a monster. Blue blood sprayed on the jetblack mecha shining in the dark and sliding off the smooth surface of the armor and eventually nothing remained. Long Yuan lost count of how many he had slaughtered, but as long as someone was in front of him, he would kill them as quickly as possible.

He had only one thought in his mind now: to kill anything in his way.


On the bed surrounded by layers of white gauze, a man in a white robe opened his eyes and in the clear gold eyes flashed a trace of suspicion. He sat up from the bed, with his long silvery hair flowing around him and no expression on his pale face. He walked out of the bed barefoot, opened the closed window, and looked towards the place where a little strange noise was coming from. In a distant, clouds of glowing fire emergedd from the forest, stretching and spreading in this direction.

His golden eyes narrowed slightly. He had known that after he had taken Ye Shao, his dear sister Ling Yun appear soon after. From Cang Huo’s description, Ling Yun had sealed the blood of a Beta that was flowing in Ye Shao’s body in order to conceal his real identity. If Cang Huo had not stumbled upon Ye Shao by mistake and cut him, they would not have known that she had given birth outside.

The King looked in the distance a few more times before he put on some clothes, straightened his lapels, and walked out of the door.


Ye Shao stood in front of the window, his long eyelashes drooped, and the dark pupils of his eyes reflected the light of the fire that lit up from time to time in the distance. He was only clothed in a thin blue robe, his ten slender fingers grasped the window lattice, his light colored lips slightly pursed. He initially wanted sneak past these guards at the door and use the baby’s stealth ability to slip out of this heavily guarded cage this very night. But he hadn’t expected that the time chosen by Long Yuan and the others to attack would also be tonight!

“Mommy, what’s wrong with you? Are we still going?” The baby grabbed a bit of the shirt by Ye Shao’s thighs. When he noticed that Ye Shao kept looking out the window, he let go of Ye Shao’s shirt again and tiptoed to grab hold of the window sill, peeking out to see the view.

His round eyes widenned. Sigh, is Dad coming? Hmph, Baby has found Mommy anyways! No one could snatch Baby’s position in Mommy’s heart, even if he gets spanked, Baby also… Ah, I rather die than surrender! Eh, I don’t think this is right… The little head cocked to a side, and an imaginary bulb shone brightly above his head: unyielding, eh, yes, I will not yield! (o ̄ ヘ ̄ o)

Since Ye Shao was aware of the commotion coming from the distance, the King must have known too. If so, he would come here. Ye Shao didn’t have much time left now. His eyes flashed. He had to leave here as fast as possible!

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December 2, 2020 7:37 am

Ye Shao, please run away quickly.

December 2, 2020 10:48 am

YeShao pick Baby and hurry up avoiding the mad king.
Baby is so cute and …… unyielding concerning everyone who tries to snatch away his place in Mommy’s heart, in special “Dad”….. 😁
Many thanks for translating.

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
December 2, 2020 10:54 am

Baby quick take mommy out of the palace 😊thank you for the hard work I hope they succeed freeing Ye Shao. Patiently waiting for more 😊

December 2, 2020 6:31 pm

Baby single mind track🤣🤣🤣🤣

December 2, 2020 10:37 pm

This cliffhanger… I’ll hold on. Thank you for the chapter!!

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