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The Jingjing incident reminded Xie Guanze that even if the pet had a long life span, if it suffered various psychological or physical abuses, it was extremely vulnerable.

He cherished the time he spent with King. He decided to spend more time with King. He even set out a table to list the things that the two did not do. He wanted to work with King.

“Watching a movie, visiting a park, visiting a zoo, watching a concert… yo, Xie, are you in love?” Hou Fanghua passed Xie Guanze’s desk holding a thermos, and he saw the plan placed on it, and he laughed. 

“No, this is the project I plan to play with King. He doesn’t look very happy these days.” Xie Guanze scratched his head embarrassedly. Today is the weekend, and it is his turn to be on duty. Hou Fanghua intended to bring him.

“Really, I thought you were going to date me haha!” Hou Fanghua’s smiling face wrinkled together like a chrysanthemum.

“However, there are news recently that many European countries have officially implemented the “People’s Marriage Law”, including same-sex marriage. Foreigners are the trend, and always at the forefront.” The speaker had no intention, the listener had the heart.

Xie Guanze thought about it, and suddenly thought of the news he had inadvertently heard. The pair that King received was a spoiled couple.

He remembered the photo of himself photographed by King on the bed, and his thoughts moved a little, as if he understood why King was depressed.

Perhaps, he really should have a good talk with King, but not in the romantic floating restaurant, but a separate candlelit dinner…

Xie Guanze took out his mobile phone again and chose the restaurant.

But again, there was an urgent task.

Kong Qin, who was on vacation today, panicked and ran over to the police, saying that his guppy Kong Jue had run away from home.

Xie Guanze, who just set the restaurant: …

Xie Guanze said seriously: “How long has it been away from home?”

“48 hours.” Kong Qin’s tone flustered, “I thought he was going out to meet friends, and I didn’t care at first, until after 48 hours, I called and asked. All the friends found that he went missing yesterday, and he didn’t even stay overnight at the friend’s house, it felt wrong.”

“Visited one by one?”

“Yes! I listened to that tone, as if to explain the last words!” Xie Guanze silently canceled the ordered meal.

Kong Qin walked anxiously: “Say, would Kong Jue think about it? But he has a girlfriend and a child!” After Kong Jue became an adult, Kong Qin did not interfere with Kong Jue’s love anymore. Let the other person make friends and fall in love, and have also seen the girlfriend who is also a guppy.

However, they broke up in less than a month. Kong Qin asked, and Kong Jue looked at him inexplicably, saying that the guppy had no marriage, only the estrus period and reproduction period. Within a month, his girlfriend had already given birth to a little fish, and then went back to each family to find his mother.

Kong Jue can only deeply touch the huge differences in race.

After becoming a human being, somehow, with the morality of human beings, guppies that can eat small fish do not eat their children, and they will actively take care of them, although because so many small fishes are not humanized, it will not take long for two to give up. The responsible big fish lost patience and was given to the female fish owner to take care of it.

A guppy pet man with a girlfriend and a child, why did he suddenly run away from home, and why did he confess his last words?

Xie Guanze suddenly thought of the budgerigar he had seen in a pet pension center.

The budgie’s death was simply due to aging, the aging organs, and even the best medical techniques could not help him.

“Kong Qin, how long is the guppy’s life span? How old was he when you got him?”

Kong Qin suddenly froze.

Xie Guanze simply searched online, and then he understood the reason why Kong Qin froze.

The average lifespan of guppies is only 1-2 years.

“Someone who has raised a dog will know, some dogs, when they know that they are about to die, will deliberately stay away from the house and do not want to cause trouble to the owner.” Hou Fanghua exhaled quietly.

“My dad had raised an earth dog. At that time, I was young. I remember that the dog took care of me and grew up. It didn’t get angry about how I bullied it. Then he suddenly left one day and waited for my parents to find it. It was hiding in the haystack, and it was already cold.”

Kong Qin heard Hou Fanghua’s words, and the more he panicked, he immediately pulled out his phone and desperately called Kong Jue.

The phone was on, but no one answered.

“You send a message.” Xie Guanze resolutely said.

Kong Qin quickly changed to texting.

“Kong Jue, where are you? Are you coming back soon?”

After a while, Kong Jue returned the message. The short four words made Kong Qin’s heart twitch.

“I’m going to die.”

“Where are you?” Kong Qin anxiously cried, “You will come back soon, I will take you to the hospital!”

This time, he did not wait for Kong Jue’s reply.

“Fish can’t live without water, especially when the pet man will return to its original shape after death, so now he must be by the water.” Xie Guanze often went to the pension center, seeing the appearance of the death, he guessed Kong Jue’s whereabouts.

“Where did you buy Kong Jue? Was there water?”

Kong Qin shook his head: “I bought it at the Flower and Bird Market, but Kong Jue said he hated it and sold him as a good.”

“Or, is there a place of special significance?”

“I still remember, I will take you there!”

“I’ll stay on duty, you two pay attention, don’t be too impulsive, the dying guppy can’t stand the toss.” Originally, just Hou Fanghua, who came to guide the younger generation, stayed on duty to prevent accidents. Kong Qin and Xie Guanze hurried to find Kong Jue.

At the same time, half of Kong Jue’s body was lying in the water, and the scales on his body began to spread, and this was not in his control.

He was almost out of control, and was unable to maintain his human form.

Kong Jue didn’t resist, lying on the ground, turning his head to look at the cell phone next to him, watching Kong Qin’s continuous calls, and smiling.

The fins had grown between his fingers, and they were in one piece, making it impossible to type.

Wrinkles grew on his aging face, and his voice was hoarse and vicissitudes like an old man, afraid to answer the phone to reveal his voice.

In just one week, he was aging rapidly. At first, he was only weak in strength and his internal organs were weak. He knew that he was about to die and quickly went to see his friends for the last time.

Later, his appearance began to age, but he did not dare to face his master in this way.

Perhaps after becoming a human being, he better understood the master’s mind. Kong Jue knows that human beings also like the new and the old, and the beautiful and the ugly.

When Kong Qin bought guppies, he liked his beautiful tail. Now he is old, the fish’s scales are falling off, the human form is aging, and he does not want to be disgusted by his master, so he has to choose to leave alone.

Just let yourself be in the mind of Kong Qin and keep the image of the mermaid forever!

Kong Jue felt his legs become fish tails, his arms became fins completely, his clothes became very restrained, and his torso began to turn into a fish body.

Kong Jue finally looked at the bright moon that had just risen in the night sky, and his eyes were filled with gratitude.

Thanks to the double-yolk egg moon that night, after making him humanoid, he had the opportunity to spend so many good times with his master and experienced the joy that he has never experienced as a fish.

Kong Jue sighed and closed his eyes, ready to meet the final death.

And at this moment, he heard the footsteps of Cang Huang, and heard Qin Qin crying: “Kong Jue! Kong Jue!”

Kong Jue opened his eyes violently, and saw two humans running in tandem.

The former one was his master Kong Qin who was still concerned about his death.

“How did you come here? Are you stupid? I took you here for lobster fishing. You’re not afraid that you will be avenged by the lobster after death and eaten into his stomach?” Kong Qin rushed over and hugged Kong Jue in his arms, not caring about the strange appearance of Kong Jue’s half man and half fish body.

Xie Guanze stopped and stood on the bank of the river, leaving room for the two.

One second before Kong Jue was sad and excited, the next second he heard Kong Qin and thought: Yes, why am I dying here?

This is the place where Kong Jue took him out to play for the first time after Kong Jue became a human. It was a lotus pond where locals loved lobster fishing as a kid.

Originally, Kong Jue came here for good memories, but now it is said by Kong Qin that he has no feelings.

Embraced in Kong Qin’s arms, Kong Jue’s suppressed emotion suddenly broke out. What was ugly could not be ignored.

“You can raise other pets, but you must wait for me to die.”

Kong Qin scolded and cried: “You talk like a big room wife! Don’t die if you don’t want the goblin to enter the door!”

” Go! Do you think I want to die?” After the weak Kong Jue cursed, he coughed a few times, breathing like a broken bellows, and heaved a few breaths and said: “I want you to put my photos at home, it is the best look of me during this period.”

“You haven’t seen it well, you were the only one I couldn’t sell when I bought you!”

“Go! I’m the best one!”

……The two choked each other, with tears in their laughs, Xie Guanze remembered King again.

If King feels that he is aging, will he run away from home?

Xie Guanze suddenly panicked, accustomed to King’s company around him, used to the three meals a day that King prepared, he suddenly couldn’t imagine how he would spend his life when King was not around.

King never mentioned the matter of finding a girlfriend, but if he didn’t mean that to him, and he found other girlfriends and moved out of his house. What should he do?

For the first time, Xie Guanze scrutinized his feelings for King. He was surprised to find that his feelings for King had changed unknowingly.

Perhaps it was not love, but it was not the pure feelings of friends and brothers either.

What should he do?

Xie Guanze was unprecedentedly confused.

At this moment, he heard that the following two were suddenly silent.

What happened?

Xie Guanze was worried about the accident and went down a few steps.

He saw Kong Jue’s arms covered with fish scales in Kong Qin’s arms.

Kong Jue struggled, looking hard at Kong Qin’s face, exhausting his last effort to say the last words.

“The cremation is handed over to professionals, you are not allowed to do it yourself, you will not be able to bear it!”

“I will do it myself, I will bake you!” Kong Qin said, tears dripping on Kong Jue’s face.

However, Kong Jue smiled and closed his eyes, changing to the guppy in his arms.

A small one, stiff under the cover of his clothes, hard and cold.

Kong Qin carefully opened his clothes, looked at Kong Jue’s body, and finally couldn’t control it, howling to cry… Xie Guanze looked at it blankly, and unconsciously found that there were water droplets on his lips, he licked a drop, salty.

He didn’t know when he also cried…

It seemed that a button opened the most feared side of Xie Guanze. He helped Kong Qin deal with the aftermath, and he continued to work until the person who was on duty came over in the morning, then he returned home attentively, King had already gone to work.

Obviously physically and mentally exhausted, Xie Guanze didn’t want to sleep at all. He sat silently in the living room and turned on the TV to listen to the sound.

And as soon as he turned on the TV, he saw the morning news of the death of the pet man being broadcast, and the reporter interviewing the human owner.

A pastoral dog was aging. After running away from home, the owner found that he was digging a grave for himself…

“What is the use of digging a grave, modern society uses cremation, stupid dog!” The master scolded, and his emotions collapsed. Weeping in front of the camera: “You go and go, why did you cook for me? When you cook, you should remember to put salt!”

He was carrying a bowl of dark-colored egg noodles, and tears fell into the bowl without tears. Xie Guanze twitched his lips, thinking that the salt was enough.

As soon as the camera turned, he met his neighbor at the door and stood to talk to him.

“Your dog is good. My second son was still scolding me when he was dying. He said that even though he opened the harem for him, he only found a girlfriend. After learning online, he also learned to fight for as husband and wife. Wifey, I agree with the female doggy too!” The two human masters cried with a headache … Xie Guanze wept silently.

As soon as the picture changed, the scene changed, and a girl Xie Guanze had seen before appeared. The hamster, who had been taken by his neighbor’s pet cat after being turned into a human, was almost misunderstood as the hamster owner of a child trafficker.

A hamster’s life is also very short, only one or two years. When they became pet-people, they were all over a year old.

At the Pet University, the four hamsters have reached the end of their lives before the one-semester course.

Finally, at the end of life, the four hamsters rented the school hall and performed for the host the birthday present they prepared for her:

The hostess’s favorite “Snow White”, once gave them deep memories during the bedtime story.

The hostess was Snow White, the four hamsters were the four dwarfs, and after handing her over to the prince played by the hostess’s boyfriend, the four hamsters give a happy salute to the curtain. No more breathing… The reporter followed the report throughout the process, helping the hostess to take a photo, and in front of the TV, Xie Guanze held the tissue box and wiped his tears…

One by one, familiar and strange faces, funny and touching last words, the fear and sadness in Xie Guanze’s heart grew stronger and stronger.

Even if pets became humanoid, even if they could speak of their own uncomfortable illnesses, their lifespan was still limited by their creatures. There are still only a few to a dozen years.

Humans get married, there is a love period, a honeymoon period, and a running-in period. But pets generally have a short life span. After they become humans, they may have just arrived at the running-in period, arguing and arguing with each other with conflicts.

The death of the pet man reminded all the owners that the pet man is still a pet in the end, and his life is only a few decades or even a few years. He uses his life to accompany you and protect you. You should cherish it.

After the news, Xie Guanze was still crying in the living room with a lot of snot.

The door opened from the outside with a sudden “click”, Xie Guanze turned his head, facing the four eyes of King.

Looking at Xie Guanze, who was crying with watery eyes, King was dumbfounded.

Xie Guanze was dumbfounded when he saw that he was ugly.

After a long time, Xie Guanze reacted, got up and wiped his face and walked over, and said with a nasal voice: “Why are you back?”

“Today is your birthday, stupid.” Seeing that Xie Guanze could still speak, Xie King relaxed. In one breath, he deliberately ridiculed, “Isn’t it because I didn’t celebrate your birthday that you’re crying?”

Xie Guanze blew his nose. “Yes, it’s because of you.”

King’s face was hot, and there was imagination in his head. He always felt that Xie Guanze’s words seemed to have infinite implications.

“What about my present?” Xie Guanze walked in front of him and extended his hand unkindly.

“Cough, I’ll pay you off. I bought the materials especially and made cakes for you!” Then Xie King scratched his head and was embarrassed, “I thought you were sleeping and wanted to surprise you, so I ordered delivery. Come to the door, the express has not come, I’ll call to remind them.”

“No, I went to the night shift and I haven’t slept. I’m going to sleep.” Xie Guanze yawned, tears came down again, “When I wake up, you must have a gift.”

“Okay, go to bed quickly, I’ll make a cake, and make sure you like it!” Xie King smiled, rolled up his sleeves and brought the purchased materials into the kitchen.

Xie Guanze looked at King’s busy back in the kitchen, smiled slightly, and suddenly felt that today was such a good day.

As long as you are there, the years are quiet… 


 A year later.

After Xie King’s third-phase students graduated successfully, Xie King finally saved enough money and connections to open his first restaurant.

And his live broadcast popularity was getting higher and higher, and he has successfully become a web celebrity by himself and the face value of his students.

On the first day of the restaurant’s opening, Xie Guanze deliberately asked for leave to take the show, but unexpectedly, King did not take Xie Guanze to the restaurant, but said he would take him to see the sea.

Looking at the sea?

Although Xie Guanze was puzzled, he didn’t know what King was doing, but he still followed.

He set off in the early morning and drove for two hours to the nearest seaside, where there were more than ten students waiting for King.

Former students, now employees.

After introducing each other, King opened his own live broadcast room: “Good morning, comrades! Today, the anchor takes you to watch beautiful men go to sea!”

Xie Guanze was particularly interested in the barrage of netizens, and also opened the live broadcast room to start watching.

King deliberately aimed the camera at his students. Today, he chose the best-looking employees specifically to attract popularity. Then the barrage boiled.

[Beautiful man goes to the sea, hehe hehe hey! ]

[Tell me, I’m not alone. ]

[No, just you, I’m Xiaochun~]

“It’s time to start, open your eyes wide and take a good look!”

With the cry of Xie King, the students collectively returned to their original shape and plunged into the water.

Xie Guanze also realized why King took him over to see the sea.

The original forms of these students are fishing birds, cormorants, seagulls, boobies and so on. Now King was deliberately demonstrating their industrial chain to future customers.

From the source, the fish here are the freshest.

The barrage was excited again.

[It turns out to be true…I’m sorry I want to be crooked…]

[Actually, I like people who prefer to go to the sea, a group of little brothers, hehehehe…]

[Vulgar, nasty! I like this kind of sea, blue sky and sea, a group of naked swimming little brothers, thinking about it is so romantic~]

[Anchor, we don’t like to watch birds, others like to watch the little brothers, make them back to human form~]

[Anchor, we are serious people. It’s enough to watch farts/stocks without watching birds. ]

Xie Guanze smiled and shook his head, saying what serious people? These are obviously unscrupulous people.

After many trips back and forth, the cormorant seagull boobies who have sighed for a long time will naturally not eat them raw, they put the fish in a bucket on the shore, and went to sea again to continue fishing.

When the buckets were almost filled, the cormorants, seagulls, and boobies returned to human form to wear clothes. There were too many fishes in the buckets, and large birds were responsible for the transportation.

And when they went ashore and turned into people wearing clothes, King’s camera showed their backs “accidentally”… The barrage exploded again.

This time, not a fart/share, but a row of farts/shares.

Xie Guanze also felt that this kind of candid shooting was not very good, and then saw King out of the camera, giving the cormorants a “three” gesture with his hand.

Xie Guanze:? ? ?

Seeing his doubts, King took advantage of the camera to aim at the Hawk classmates who transported him. The counterpart: three plus the overtime, and he calculated the costs.

Xie Guanze: …The original so-called ‘carelessness’ was intentional…

Looking at the barrage excitement, don’t you guys know that most of these so-called “accidents” in the live broadcast are “intentional”? !

[Ah this figure! I can! ]

[Ass hehe hehe hehe ….]

[Ah for this butt, I can’t buy it! ]

[Are you buying fish or ass? ]

“Don’t sell the fish.” King finally said his goal, “My new restaurant has hundreds of birds facing the phoenix.”

[Where is the phoenix? Who is Feng? I only saw a group of birds. ]

Xie King said: “Tis’ I!”

He was proud, his white hair stood tall, looking like his crown.

Xie Guanze silently typed the subtitle: [Great White Cockatoo, there is also a phoenix in the name, no problem. ]

The beautiful man’s plan had a good start, so that the fans in the live broadcast room were very interested in the Hundred Birds Chaofeng Restaurant.

After returning to the restaurant, King continued to introduce it, and took Xie Guanze to read it one by one.

The most powerful catchers: osprey, seagull, boobies, live fishing, both authentic freshwater fish and authentic marine fish.

The fastest express delivery to ensure you eat the freshest food: eagle, by the way, you can also catch rabbits ~

Knife utilitarian fish-killing is like Ping Ding Jie Niu, and Meng Meng Da’s face still had a smile of enjoyment, and the barrage area was frightened.

The coolest chef in the white case: Hummingbird.

The speed of the wings is also suitable for cooking.

Xie Guanze looked at the pocket-sized hummingbird classmate and shook his face to throw out the technique of dropping the dragon’s palm. He silently typed: [Hummingbird is also a bird, no problem.]

The waiter with the highest face value: Cockatiel, with a lively and lovely temperament, and a high face value to attract guests. There are also owl security guards who can rotate their heads backwards, like artificial cameras, and sonic attacks. Without looking at the menu, looking at the staffing alone, it attracted many local fans to dine, and Hundred Birds and Phoenix have successfully ushered in its opening day.

On the first day of the restaurant’s opening, there were special activities, which were particularly lively.

Xie Guanze was with Xie King until the end of the first day of business.

After closing at night, King suddenly proposed that he wanted to go home, and Xie Guanze readily agreed.

In the quiet morning, the street lights were dim and there were no pedestrians on the road.

The two walked on the empty street. In silence, Xie King suddenly opened the door: “Do you know why I chose to open today?”

“Today is your birthday.”

Today’s birthday is not the day Xie King was born, it is the day he was purchased. Xie King did not remember when he hatched.

It was the day when he came to the Xie’s family, and it has always been his birthday. When King was not yet human, Xie Guanze would prepare a big meal for him on this day.

“You remembered.”

Xie Guanze smiled and took out a gold watch. It was a birthday gift he specially prepared for King. There was a parrot sketched with rhinestones on the dial.

King shook his head: “I don’t want this, I want a promise from you.”

“Promise?” Xie Guanze’s heartbeat accelerated, and he seemed to guess what King was going to say.

King looked at Xie Guanze’s eyes obsessively: “On my birthday, can you promise me any request?”

Xie Guanze’s eyes were deep, and finally nodded in Kings’s nervous eyes.


King couldn’t wait to say: “So, how about staying with me?”

Xie Guanze didn’t speak, just stuffed the gold watch in his hand into King’s hand.

King was somewhat disappointed, holding the gold watch and showing a wry smile.

Is this why he would rather send expensive gold watches to make it up to me than to be with me?


Before the self-deprecating words were spoken, King saw that Xie Guanze took out an identical gold watch and put it on his arm.

“What are you…?” King showed an incredible light in his eyes. He didn’t dare to ask aloud, fearing he would misunderstand Xie Guanze’s meaning.

Xie Guanze raised an eyebrow: “Couple’s watch, haven’t you seen it?” A roller coaster was the mood of King at this time. He quickly put his gold watch on his wrist and threw a kiss on the gold watch excitedly.

Forgive King, who is still in first love, and still afraid to kiss his new boyfriend.

Xie Guanze smiled and looked at King, who was like a hairy boy, and for the first time felt the sweetness and greenness of love.

This time, the two went home hand in hand.

While on the road, King did not shy away about the short life of pets. Fortunately, the large white cockatoo parrot is a long-living race, and the average age has been ignored for many years.

“You’ve been raising me for more than 20 years. I’ve been alone before that for forty years. I’m just sixty years old. I made a profit.”

“Okay, you’re right.”

“I’m not like that group of stupid dogs, I’m going to die in your arms, when the house is full of photos of us, and no other birds are allowed.”

“Mn, it’s up to you.”

“You have to come to pick me up every day.”

“I’ll see you every day.”


“I don’t want to sleep alone tonight. I want to go back to your room.”

“Okay… wait, that’s not good!”

“No, you have agreed!”

“No, I regret it!” 

“No, it’s too fast!” 

“My camp bed has already been bought, and you can’t return it!”

“Ah, camp bed? OK…”

Xie Guanze: I thought the bird would be asleep, and I wanted to open ‘the meat’ as soon as I was emotional, but it turns out…

Under the street lights, the two figures were getting longer and longer, meeting together, you are me, and you are in me, as if completely integrated…

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