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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Kirio

Long Yuan’s nerves that had been tense for a long time relaxed after Ye Shao was put into the mecha, but before he could say a word to Ye Shao, the King in front of him began to change his form.

The king’s body began to lengthen and grow larger, his legs were torn to reveal a black snake tail, gradually becoming thicker and thicker, and his body grew more than ten zhang tall 1,looking twice as large as Ling Yun’s changed form. His upper body was still human shaped, and his long silver hair was in sharp contrast with his black snake tail.

The golden pupils of the eyes faintly flashed a trace of scarlet. The King stared coldly in Long Yuan’s direction. His long fingernails looked like ten blackened blades, appearing cold.”Ye Shao, come and sit here next to me with the baby.” Long Yuan did not look back, his fingers quickly jumped on the operating hover screen in front of him, his eyes focused on the King who had changed his form in front of the mecha.

Ye Shao obeyed Long Yuan’s instructions, bent down to pick up the baby and sat down in the passenger seat beside him. Because Long Yuan now needed to concentrate on dealing with the formidable enemy in front of him, he didn’t make a sound to avoid disturbing Long Yuan, instead he tried to be as quiet as possible while he pulled out the seat’s safety equipment and secured himself and the baby in the seat.

The King stared at the direction of Long Yuan with his huge pupils, his long hair behind him billowed even without wind. His powerful and huge snake tail created a small shallow pit as soon as it slammed on the ground, “Human, if you hand over Ye Shao now, I will consider leaving your whole corpse intact.”

“Dangerous creature ahead, danger level: …” After the sound of beeping, Xuan Feng’s voice, which was now a deeper electronic male voice after it transformed into a mecha, reverberated in the spacious cockpit. “Unable to measure the danger level of the creature ahead. Please be careful.”

Long Yuan’s eyebrows raised, the kind of monster that was wreaking havoc on the Alpha, was only ranked B, but the danger level of the monster that the King had transformed into could not be measured at all. This could only mean that the creature in front of him was very strong. However, Long Yuan didn’t feel afraid, instead, a belligerent feeling rose in his heart.

Long Yuan pulled back his lightsaber, controlled the mecha and took out a stick-like weapon from behind him. In the hand of the mecha, the two ends of the stick began to extend, and the top quickly formed a diamond-shaped tip, turning it into a spear in an instant.

The King narrowed his huge snake pupil, “It seems you are not going to obey me.” He opened his mouth and a circular wave of light spat out of his mouth, spinning at high speed towards Long Yuan.

Long Yuan quickly maneuvered the mecha to dodge the King’s attack, the wave of light crossed over Xuan Feng, like a sharp blade, slashing across a large area of trees behind Long Yuan. The motion of the trees falling to the ground shook the ground for a long time.

The King wasn’t annoyed when he saw that it didn’t hit Long Yuan. “This time, you can easily dodge it, but next time you won’t be able to.” He continued to open his mouth, and the light in his mouth turned bright blue.

As soon as the King opened his mouth, Long Yuan held his gun in both hands and launched an attack towards the king. The mecha’s figure flashed quickly and appeared in front of the King.

The sharp head of the spear turned into an arc and swept heavily towards the King’s neck. The king stretched out his arm and, without any hint of hesitation, grabbed the head of the spear swept over from Long Yuan. His palm flashed with a flash of blue electricity that flowed along the pure steel head of the spear towards Long Yuan. Long Yuan noticed the situation, and quickly input a few commands on the operating screen in front of him.

The jetblack mecha lifted its left foot nimbly and swept a kick at the King’s waist. The King extended out his other hand to grab Xuan Feng’s leg. Xuan Feng’s body quickly tilted and rotated, breaking away from the King’s hold on one of his legs. The arm holding the spear also broke away from the King’s imprisonment. Then his foot exerted force on the King’s waist, and with the huge fuselage, the mecha’s body jumped out of the distance and landed on an empty area in the forest, swept clean by the King.

The King stepped back a distance because of Xuan Feng’s impact, and a huge grey footprint appeared on his abdomen that was covered by black snake scales. The King’s eyes became even redder. No one had ever been able to hurt him, but this human in front of him who wasn’t afraid to die had broken the record! He’s going to make him pay a heavy price!

All these happened within a few minutes, and the light in the King’s mouth became brighter and brighter. The blue glow that wrapped around a white halo was extremely dazzling in the black night.

Long Yuan controlled the mecha to lift the spear in his hand, and a soft glow emerged from the body of the spear, gathering more and more at the tip, finally forming a fist-sized light cluster on the top of it.

The King’s mouth opened wider and wider, and the light in his mouth became more and more dazzling. Finally it became a haunting blue aura, which shot straight at Long Yuan. At the same time, the light clusters on top of the spear in Xuan Feng’s hand gathered into the size of a basketball quickly detached from the head of the spear and spun towards the direction of the halo of light spat out of the King’s mouth. When they collided, it burst into a blinding light, and the air around them distorted, the air currents began to swirl non-stop as countless blades of grass were swept up and dissipated in the blinding light.

Long Yuan manipulated Xuan Feng to quickly leap away towards one side as the light was about to disappear. The moment he leapt, another ball of light wrapped in a blue bright halo that had only become a small circle rushed out of the bright light’s surroundings and shot forward. But it just flew a short distance ahead, then turned around and flew towards Xuan Feng who was hovering in mid-air on the other side.

Long Yuan was a little surprised to see the ball of light flying towards him. At the same time, the King’s mouth continued to build up for the next round of attacks, the blue light on his lips flickering powerfully.

Long Yuan controlled the mecha and swung his own spear a few times, forming a few white crescent moon-shaped energy wind blades that emitted a tearing wind sound. The blue halo hit the wind blades, its flying speed slowed down immediately.  The friction between the edge of the light and the wind blade caused sparks to burst and fall to the ground, scorching a large area of grass, and they withered.

The sharp eyes of Long Yuan watched as the power of the wind blades was quickly worn away by the halo. He manipulated Xuan Feng and quickly waved out several more blades, which could block the aura that was about to break free.

However, another wave of attack in the King’s mouth was about to take shape. Long Yuan raised his eyebrow, manipulated Xuan Feng to retrieve the long spear he held in his hand, and then drew out the cylindrical quiver on his back and loaded it on the steel arm.

“Energy loading starts, 1% 20%……” There was a flash of bright light in the cannon, and the white light constantly rolled in the muzzle. Even the surrounding air formed a whirlpool, which was attracted into the energy group formed by the accumulated white light.

But at this time, the blue light in the King’s mouth was about to burst out. Long Yuan’s eyes sank, and he drew close to the operation suspension screen in front of him. His ten fingers could only be seen as a blur on the emerald green screen, so Ye Shao could not see his hand speed clearly.

“Energy loading starts advancing, beep- energy force progress 80% …… 100%, energy loading complete!” The white cluster of light that tumbled in the cannon’s muzzle shot out from the cannon the moment the electronic voice fell.  Its speed was so fast, the shape was pulled into an oval with a long trailing tail.

A second blue aura was also ejected from the King’s mouth, quickly colliding with the light mass projected by Long Yuan, which also emitted a blinding white light, but after the white light dissipated, both the aura and the light mass all disappeared.

After the white light dissipated, the King turned to look in the direction of Long Yuan, but he found that the jetblack mecha that should have stayed there, was missing. He turned his huge head and looked in all directions, but he didn’t find Long Yuan. 

Did he escape? The King’s pupils constricted. If only Long Yuan had escaped he wouldn’t have cared. At the very least he would wait until Ye Shao had successfully conceived his offspring, then he would hunt Long Yuan down and kill him. But now that he had disappeared, taking with him the precious birthing vessel he needed, he couldn’t ignore this.

Just when the king was in a state of shock and uncertainty, a jetblack shape appeared behind him, and Long Yuan manipulated Xuan Feng to pull out his lightsaber and slashed heavily on the King’s waist that was covered in black scales. A spark burst out from the friction between the lightsaber and the smooth scales that shone with a cold light, and there was actually a ‘clang’ sound as if two metals collided.

Long Yuan knew clearly that his strike hadn’t done any damage to the King, but instead the bright light of the lightsaber had dimmed a bit. Plus, the strike caught the King’s attention, and the long bone spurs on the King’s knuckles swept towards him.

The jetblack mecha form deftly dodged the spurs that attacked it, then leaped again upwards and hid its form into the darkness.

The King looked around with his eyes vigilantly after he missed a hit himself. He wanted to avoid a sneak attack from the mecha controlled by Long Yuan. Although his defense was very strong after his transformation, it was very annoying to always be harassed by Long Yuan like this. Moreover,  by letting Long Yuan sneak up on him like this but he couldn’t catch him,it made him feel like his authority was being challenged.


The King’s pupils were like two barrels of bright red blood, the red became more and more terrifying. It looked like the middle part of the red pupil was close to black. But no matter how much he looked around, he couldn’t find any trace of the mecha operated by Long Yuan, as if it had completely faded away and blended in with the night.

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Translator Notes:

  1. 丈 unit of length, equal to 10 Chinese feet (chi). 1 zhang is roughly 3 ⅓ meters or 3.645 yards.


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