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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

Those who came to assist the King were all wiped out clean by Ling Yun.

Long Yuan ran out of all of Xuan Feng’s energy. After the last shot, Xuan Feng fell and half knelt on the ground. A white light projected from Xuan Feng’s body put Long Yuan on the ground safely. Then, another white light flashed. The originally tall dark black mecha turned into a chihuahua with golden curly hair lying on the ground.

It closed its eyes, completely without its usual mischievous strength, the body appeared soft and prone, with a hole on its back foot so large, they could see the mechanical tissue inside. Long Yuan didn’t dislike Xuan Feng for the first time. He squatted carefully and took Xuan Feng’s motionless body back into his own space necklace.

Ye Shao also left his mecha and went to Long Yuan.

Seeing this, the baby immediately ran to Ye Shao’s side, reached out and hugged Ye Shao’s thigh, looking at him with big eyes. Ye Shao laughed for a moment, squatted and picked the baby up. Then he looked at the direction of Ling Yun with some hesitation and expectation. He had heard Baby say that his mother had also come here, and had just seen Ling Yun’s figure. Although she had become that way, Ye Shao recognized her with one glance.

After knowing that Ling Yun left him because she wanted to avoid the King, he no longer resented his mother leaving him like that. But even so, she didn’t say anything at that time, so she resolutely abandoned him. Even though Ye Shao recognized Ling Yun as soon as he saw her, he still hesitated.

When Long Yuan saw Ye Shao’s expression, he knew that he was probably thinking about Ling Yun in his heart. He didn’t ask Ye Shao anything. He just went up and wrapped his arm around his shoulder, which seemed to be giving him silent encouragement.

Finally, Ling Yun’s figure appeared again in the distant horizon. She slowly flew to this side, but the speed was much slower than before. When she was flying here to descend, she also stopped for a moment, glanced at Ye Shao who was also staring in her direction, and then landed on the ground and walked towards Ye Shao.

“Shao Shao.” Ling Yun went to Ye Shao and reached out to touch his face, but she was avoided by him.

The expression on Ling Yun’s face suddenly became a little embarrassed. She turned back to her black eyes and revealed a trace of sadness. She looked at Ye Shao motionlessly.

Ye Shao’s face changed. He broke away from Long Yuan’s embrace and put the baby in his arms. Then he glanced at Ling Yun and turned to the woods.

Long Yuan immediately understood what Ye Shao meant. A blue light flashed through his black pupils. Then he looked at the still motionless Ling Yun behind Ye Shao. “Mother-in-law, Ye Shao means to ask you to speak with him alone. Maybe he can understand your pain of leaving him that year.”

After listening to Long Yuan’s words to her, Ling Yun’s originally dim eyes suddenly brightened, and then went after Ye Shao’s steps in the direction he was walking, quickly following Ye Shao.

Long Yuan touched his arms, turned to look at the back of Ye Shao’s baby’s head, and then turned his eyes to Delia and Sheryl. “How many soldiers are left this time? The list of people left behind and the soldiers who died has to be sorted out and handed over to me.” 

For those who died for the mission he had assigned, he would give orders to take good care of their families, and the other soldiers would also be rewarded according to their merits after they went back.


Ye Shao stopped after walking some distance from the place where Long Yuan and the others had gathered.

At the same time, his mother’s pace stopped even though his attention was far away from her. Ye Shao turned around, and his palm on his side tightened for a moment, then he turned to look into Ling Yun’s eyes.

“Shao Shao…” Ling Yun called Ye Shao, and she couldn’t speak more.

Although she had a lot to say to him, when she really talked to Ye Shao, she couldn’t say anything.

Ling Yun’s eyes were fixed on Ye Shao’s face. She had never seen Ye Shao again, except for the last time when she glanced at his face in a hurry. It was also because she had not seen Ye Shao for several years, so she couldn’t help looking at him in haste. Unexpectedly, she almost let the people sent by her brother find her trace.

Ling Yun couldn’t help but stretch out her hand, wanting to touch Ye Shao’s face. But when she was about to do so, her hand stopped at the side of his face, and could not move any more.

Ye Shao looked at Ling Yun for a long time. When Ling Yun hesitated and didn’t know whether to touch his face with her hand, his heart trembled. He slightly lowered his eyelids, and his long eyelashes trembled. Ye Shao slowly stretched out his hand and held Ling Yun’s hand, placing her hand on his face.

Ling Yun’s palm trembled for a moment, and her eyes could not help leaving two lines of clear tears. Then she stroked Ye Shao’s face, and held Ye Shao tightly.

“Shao Shao… My Shao Shao…”

Ye Shao took a deep breath of the familiar smell on Ling Yun, which he had been separated from for more than fifteen years, and buried his face deeply into her neck.


“Shao Shao, although this is not the place where you grew up, your mother is from here, and this is your other home. If you suffer any injustice there, you will always be welcomed by your mother.” Ling Yun reluctantly looked at Ye Shao who was standing with Long Yuan. She had not been reunited with him for a long time and Long Yuan was going to leave with him. Now she has to rectify the problems on Beta, so she couldn’t leave.

“I see, mom.” Ye Shao smiled and hugged Ling Yun.

When Ling Yun was held by Ye Shao, she tightly encircled him, “Come visit your mother.” 

Ye Shao nodded, and his heart was filled with a strange feeling. He only felt that he had never felt so satisfied in his life. Even if he had to leave his mother who he had just met again, he was left behind by Ling Yun at that time, and the feeling of hopelessness was like a distant haze, which could not be seen clearly.

“Don’t worry, I will take good care of Ye Shao, and will not let him suffer any injustice.” After Ye Shao left Ling Yun’s arms, Long Yuan stretched out his hand around Ye Shao’s waist and assured Ling Yun.

After that, Long Yuan accompanied Ye Shao and Ling Yun for a moment and then said, “We should go.”

Ye Shao turned around with Long Yuan and walked into the small spaceship with the door open behind him. After Ye Shao and Long Yuan boarded the spaceship, the open door immediately closed. Then the spaceship rocked, two jets of air were ejected from the bottom, and the spaceship flew up into the sky.

Ling Yun had been standing in the same place until she could no longer see the spaceship that Ye Shao was driving for a long time before turning around and leaving.


According to the space map left by Ling Yun who led them to Beta, it took them half a month to return to Imperial Star.

After Long Yuan got off the ship, he immediately sent Xuan Feng, which had been damaged to a certain extent, to the Research Institute of Imperial Star.

When he saw Xuan Feng again with Long Yuan, Jason, the director of the Research Institute of Xuan Feng, was so sad that he almost grabbed the corner of his clothes and wept. However, under the gaze of Long Yuan’s cold eyes, Jason quickly recovered the obvious brokenhearted expression on his face, and guaranteed that he could repair all the damaged places of Xuan Feng in half a month at most.

Long Yuan showed a satisfied look. The blue waves in his eyes slowly disappeared behind the black.

Jason wiped the cold sweat on his forehead secretly. His Royal Highness was really hard to serve. He wanted to applaud the courage of His Royal Consort in the future.

However, he did not expect that His Royal Highness, who looked very difficult to fool and get close to, would completely change in front of his future consort.


Long Yuan grabbed Ye Shao’s hand like a dying man and the baby in his other hand with a gloomy face. In this way, he went to the door of the room, threw the baby out of the room, and then closed the door neatly.

“Open the door and let Baby in! Baby wants to sleep with mother, QAQ!” Baby stared at the closed door in front of his eyes. Since returning here, he had been oppressed by Long Yuan’s power policy. Now he couldn’t even sleep with Ye Shao.

In order to keep the baby away from Ye Shao at night, Long Yuan arranged a room next to his bedroom hall, kicked the baby in, and sent Xuan Feng to sleep with him. The baby angrily used his small hand to knock on the closed door in front of his eyes, but he didn’t dare to break the door in front of him directly. Although he had this ability, if he did, Long Yuan would teach him a lesson.

The baby angrily turned around, one eye seeing the exposed mouth of snow-white dog teeth bared by Xuan Feng, as he was squatting on the ground.

“Little Long Yuan wants me to look after you. Are you going to sleep now?” Xuan Feng wagged his tail and his big black eyes were staring at Baby.

The baby puffed his cheeks, stopped in place for a moment, then hung his head and walked into the next room. He threw himself on the warm sky blue quilt and rolled hard on it for several times, turning his fluffy short hair into a mess.

Xuan Feng followed the baby. When he came into the room, he jumped up and closed the door of the baby’s room. Then he went to the bed, jumped onto it and lay down beside the baby. The baby reluctantly rolled over a few times, and his eyelids became heavier and heavier and he soon fell asleep.

In his dream, he took a sword made of many precious stones and killed the dragon which looked like Long Yuan. Then he rescued his mother who was trapped in the huge room. Finally, he lived with him in the room with a sky blue bed and lived happily together.


The baby arched his fat little butt, drooling and laughing.

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Minnie ford
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