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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

None of the residents on the Imperial Star will ever forget that day. Countless silver flying ships lined up in two rows over the Imperial Star capital. The engine room below was opened, and countless red and white petals were scattered, covering the sky of the whole capital tightly. It was like a beautiful rain of petals.

The soft music resounded all over the capital, and countless white pigeons flew from the long coastline of the capital, shuttling between the petals.

On both sides of the road leading to the palace the soldiers were standing in black and white military uniforms. When the pair of white half bodied open type airships flew by along the long road in the distance, the soldiers who saw the airship appearing in their eyes all knelt down on one knee and bowed their heads respectfully. Their right hands were placed on their left chest, sending the best wishes to the couple who were about to enjoy the highest glory of the Empire.

And the people who lived on Dixing were also lucky to meet the future supreme ruler of the Empire for the first time, but kneeling with the soldiers in front of them, none of them dared to watch the couple passing by them far away. Even if someone saw Long Yuan from a distance, they only left a vague impression, because some device was laid on the airship to avoid all the people and instruments from prying. Even if they looked hard, they could only see the vague faces of Long Yuan and Ye Shao, and could not see their appearance at all. This was also to protect the safety of the royal family.

Long Yuan’s face had a rare smile, wearing a white suit jointly customized with Ye Shao and Baby. His hand tightly wrapped Ye Shao’s palm on his side, felt the real and warm touch of his hand, and he personally brought up the silver ring for Ye Shao. The smile on Long Yuan’s deep face could not help but be more intense.

Today, he finally wanted to really get Ye Shao. After today, he would completely belong to him. Thinking that his name was about to appear in Ye Shao’s spouse column, Long Yuan’s excitement couldn’t be restrained. He turned his head and looked at Ye Shao, who was sitting by his side. He found that Ye Shao also turned his head to look at him at the same time. Long Yuan rubbed Ye Shao with the palm of his hand, his blazing eyes causing Ye Shao’s white face to be dyed with a thin layer of red.

Sitting between Long Yuan and Ye Shao, the baby with a bunch of beautifully packaged flowers twisted his fat butt and glared at Long Yuan with a pair of big round eyes and said, “Bad dad, you are not allowed to look at mother like this!” It’s so hateful, QAQ, Baby hasn’t slept with mother for months, which is bad. The bad father had forced Baby to be a flower boy, and he dared to look at his mother like this when Baby was here. Don’t think Baby didn’t see it. Hmm.

But to be honest, Baby really couldn’t beat dad. QAQ

Long Yuan glanced at the protesting baby with his eyes, and didn’t take his words to heart. He just thought in his heart that after he married Ye Shao today, he would throw this very ugly little ghost to a farther place to live, so that no one could disturb his and Ye Shao’s world.

The baby, who was swept by Long Yuan’s eyes, immediately shrunk his neck, pitifully lowered his head, and his big eyes of depression rolled around several times. The next second, he was on the top of the bouquet that he could not close his hands around in his arms. He immediately thought of it, brain wave from the edge of the bile, two small hands gathered his own bouquet, and blocked the way between Long Yuan and Ye Shao. The huge bouquet immediately obstructed the sight of Long Yuan, and he sneezed because of the precious perfume specially sprinkled on the flowers.

Long Yuan raised his eyebrows and couldn’t stop the proud baby. He reached out to grab his collar and lifted him from the seat. He threw him aside afterwards, wrapped his other hand around Ye Shao’s waist and dragged him into his arms. Under the baby’s wide eyes, he kissed Ye Shao’s lips.

Ugh! That’s disgusting, QAQ This, this was absolutely a challenge to Baby!

Baby suddenly blew up his hair and threw his bouquet in the distance. He twisted his fat butt and tried to squeeze into the space between Long Yuan and Ye Shao. However, he only stuck his small head between Long Yuan and Ye Shao, but he couldn’t separate the arm holding Ye Shao tightly.


The huge bouquet glided in a beautiful arc through the air, and fell straight to the people kneeling in the distance. After the airship Long Yuan was in was far away from them, they secretly raised their eyes to peep. When people saw the flowers flying from the sky, the whole crowd was boiling.

“This, this is the consort’s bouquet!”

“Whoever receives it will surely receive the blessing of His Highness!”

“The Royal bouquet must be different from the usual bridal bouquet…”

“This bunch of flowers must be worth a thousand dollars!”


“As long as I receive this flower, my son’s illness will be cured immediately!”

The effects after receiving the flowers became exceedingly strange. Some even said that as long as you get the flowers from His Royal Highness, you can have the ability to travel through time and space.

In any case, the bouquet finally ended up in the imperial Museum, and had been handed down in the history of the Empire.


The huge palace was also covered with red carpets, and every bodyguard and maid wore brand-new clothes and scurried back and forth among the guests filling up the palace, which was used as a wedding hall. Every detail and arrangement of the wedding banquet was designed a few months ago, showing off the luxury and delicacy of the palace everywhere.

When Long Yuan and Ye Shao entered the wedding hall, the atmosphere inside was suddenly pushed to the highest tide. All the people stood up from their seats and toasted Long Yuan and Ye Shao.

Two maidens, who walked quickly to Long Yuan and Ye Shao, held up two glasses of wine on the tray above their heads, held it in front of themselves and after bowing to the guests in all directions in the hall, they ran out.

After drinking, Ye Shao no longer exchanged greetings with the guests, as his personality did not allow him to do so. He just pursed his lips at Long Yuan and then turned to the table where Sheryl and Delia sat.

Long Yuan did not immediately let Ye Shao leave. He leaned over and gave Ye Shao a kiss on the cheek. He let go of Ye Shao after that, then got up and walked to the table in front of him.

As the successor of the Empire, it was impossible not to have a good relationship with these dignitaries. Long Yuan had learned excellent social skills since he was a child, in order for him to easily face anyone. But what he wanted most now was to finish these boring things and return to Ye Shao. Although he was with Ye Shao every day, today was obviously different.

Delia and Sheryl sat together and saw Ye Shao coming. Delia turned her high-rise hair in front of her chest and raised her eyebrows at Ye Shao with sarcasm. “I’ve been with Long Yuan for so long, yet I’ve never seen him like this. He just wants to stick with you all the time.” She said this, and then with a hint, added, “If someone did the same for me, I’d be happy to die.”

Ye Shao’s face turned slightly red, and pursed his lips, not saying anything else. Instead, Sheryl, who was sitting next to Delia, stiffened, coughed, and turned his face away in silence. His expression was obscured by his fine golden hair.

Delia’s eyes rolled as she finished, and the green pupils were rippling. She took a look at Sheryl. Then she wrapped hand around Sheryl’s arm on his side, pressing her chest to his arm, and with a smile on her face said to Ye Shao, “By the way, I have some news to tell you: Sheryl and I are going to get married next month. You and Long Yuan must come.”

Ye Shao showed a slightly surprised expression. Although he had seen that Delia’s attitude towards Sheryl was different from that towards others, he was still surprised to hear that she was going to marry Sheryl. Delia took a glance at Sheryl, whose ear tip was a little red after she held him. He must have a handsomely stiff and serious face now, she thought. She felt much better when she saw the love between Long Yuan and Ye Shao. Although she had her eye on an old-fashioned fool, he was certainly the best one anyway.

Ye Shao was shocked for a while and then recovered his original expression. He nodded to Delia, “I and Long Yuan will definitely go to your wedding.” Even if Delia didn’t mention it now, he would surely go to their wedding banquet with Long Yuan after he learnt the news about Delia and Sheryl’s wedding.

But now that he knew about it, he was going to start preparing the wedding gifts for Delia and Sheryl.

Ye Shao was thinking about it in silence.


Ye Shao was lying on the bed of Long Yuan’s newly decorated bedroom. He lay face to face with a faint smile on his face. His hand on his side was clasped around Long Yuan’s.

Long Yuan stretched out his hand and gently encircled Ye Shao’s waist. From time to time, he gently kissed Ye Shao’s smooth forehead, straight nose and red lips, but he did not move forward. He really had something that he could never fill in for Ye Shao, but today he didn’t want to possess Ye Shao, not only because he ate Ye Shao clean last night, but also because today was a very special day for both of them.

“Remember when we first met?”

Ye Shao nodded with a reddish complexion. At that time, to save his life, he had to nourish his baby with the help of a man’s essence. Maybe he would not have met Long Yuan.

“Originally, I just thought your body was very suitable for my heart, so I wanted to keep you, but then I couldn’t move my eyes away. So I’ve made up my mind that even if you couldn’t accept me all the time, I can’t let you leave me.” Long Yuan’s eyes revealed a clear dominance and focus, “I only knew, no matter what, you must belong to me.” There was a faint blue light shining in his dark pupils. “Although the ceremony master asked us this question at the wedding ceremony, I still want to ask you again: Ye Shao, would you like to spend your life with me from now on, never give up on me, and always accompany me?”

Ye Shao didn’t speak. He just took the initiative to encircle Long Yuan’s waist and raised his face to kiss him. After a long time, Long Yuan heard Ye Shao whispering in his ear, “I promised you on Beta. No matter how many times you ask me, my answer is the same. I will!”



The author has something to say: 

Minasan, this is the end of the main story! It’s a perfect ending, isn’t it!?


Keke >-< below, now I can start on the extras~~~


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December 8, 2020 9:11 am

I really liked this story… Long Yuan and Ye Shao were CUTEEEEEE… I just wished they treated Baby better….and what species is Baby anyways?!

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
December 8, 2020 12:00 pm

Thank you for the happy ending i love it

December 8, 2020 5:57 pm

😍😙😍😙thanks for the stort translation

December 8, 2020 7:24 pm

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December 8, 2020 8:27 pm

Baby still is cute. Liked this story very much. Hoping we will get some infos about Babys species in the extras.
Many thanks for your hard work.

December 9, 2020 1:31 am

Jealous Baby is so cute, but he only achieved being sent even further away from Mommy. The main story was great, now onto the extras! Let’s see if thet half-chapter teaser was true or not.

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December 9, 2020 9:38 pm

This was so cute. Baby needs more love lol

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Maybe coz he was alone, with no mother’s kindness, but YS is def a bad dad, even if his baby is alien.

December 26, 2020 5:27 am

Yeeaaaahhh I’m gonna agree with some comments here, it was a funny slapstick drama but I wish Baby was treated better and not just like the comedic relief sidekick. Like, there’s no family love here and that’s what I prefer when reading omegaverse stories, this is just kind of eternal honeymoon, which isn’t bad, but when there’s a baby involved I was disappointed that neither parent seemed to care much about that.

February 26, 2021 6:23 pm

Thanks for this(mostly but very spicy)cute story.🌟🌌🌠✨🌟

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The never ending baby neglect was tiring, not cute at all :/

July 9, 2021 12:35 am

Thank you for this story.
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August 5, 2022 10:37 pm

What do you mean you won’t meet Long Yuan? You would still meet him, weren’t you trying to be the prince’s guard at the beginning? I’m sure even without the baby both of you are still fated to meet.

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December 3, 2022 7:15 pm

Happy wedding day~ yay~🥰 🥰 🥰

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