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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

The lush forest seemed to be swaying in the sunlight, like a circle of green ripples.

The glare of the sun after being washed by the green leaves, also seemed to be dyed with a trace of green, becoming less hot. And in the forest, one after another, happy call of birds resounded, as if playing a strange symphony among the trees.

A slender figure in a light green robe, with long black hair tied into a bunch, its length drooping down to the waist. One of his hands was slightly raised over his head, and his slightly curved finger stopped a tender yellow bird bending his head to comb the fluff under his wings in his hand.

The long eyelashes under the golden eyes took on a gentle look as they looked at the small body resident on his fingers, a hand on his flat stomach, stroking it gently.

After a period of persistent demand, the man finally let him have his child, although after giving birth to this child, his life would be greatly shortened. But even so, as long as it was for the sake of that person, in order to consolidate his rule, even if it was to let him die like this now, he will not have any complaints.

The man would never talk about his troubles in front of him, but he probably guessed what he was worrying about from his recently frowned eyebrows and the occasional words he heard from other servants in the palace.

That man was the king of the planet, but under his command, there were several patriarchs who were not inferior to him coveting his throne. Moreover, after he married him, he did not give birth to an heir for such a long time. Those people seemed to have grasped this point and questioned his rule in front of the man and urged him to give birth to the next successor of the planet, otherwise they would elect a new king again.

“Su Ye.”

The long and thick black eyelashes trembled a few times when hearing the low voice coming from behind. The originally motionless fingers also shook a few times. The bird that stopped on his finger immediately opened its wings and chirped a few times. Flapping its wings, it quickly rushed to the sky and disappeared in the distance covered by the jungle.

Su Ye took back his white fingers and put his hands back into his wide sleeves. There was a honeyed smile on his delicate and elegant face. Before he turned around, his slender waist was held by the person behind him.

The warm breath puffed on his neck, which made him shrink his neck.

“You are not in good health. Don’t come out in the wind for such a long time.” The man behind him rubbed his nose on his neck, which was just as slender Su Ye. Then he carefully picked up the man in front of him and put him in his arms.

“It’s such a fine day today. I’m just going out for a little walk. It’s going to be OK.” Looking up at the face of the man who was holding him, Su Ye would never tire of seeing a face he could not get enough of.

At that moment, the lines of the handsome face carved by a knife were very soft. Those golden eyes, like his own, reflected different colors in the sunlight under the sword eyebrows like painted in ink, and were clearly extinguished. Even if he looked at this for a lifetime, he couldn’t see enough. If his body could be better… he didn’t know how long his body could last after giving birth to his son.

“What’s the matter?” The man lowered his head and looked at his face for a long time.

“It’s OK.” Su Ye shook his head, and buried his head in the man’s broad chest, “It’s you. Didn’t you say that there were many things to deal with recently? How can you come out and find me now?”

“It’s just that there’s still time to come out for a while,” The man tightened his arms around Su Ye’s slender body. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you have any problems.” Even if he can’t keep his beloved in his arms, he will go with him when he brings up their children.

Yu Qi’s arm tightened a little more. If it wasn’t for the pressure of those people, how could he have given birth to his son in spite of Su Ye’s opposition. Because of physical reasons, even as an ordinary man, he restrained himself to do it once at most and let him go. Although his desire for the man in his arms was very strong, he could not bear to hurt such a fragile Su Ye.

Su Ye stretched out his hand through Yu Qi’s armpit and hugged his back, “I believe you.”

“We can certainly watch our baby grow up, watch him marry or get married 1 , and then die hand in hand.”

“Mn.” As long as you say, I will believe everything.


Listening to the screams of panic from afar, Su Ye’s face turned white again. He hugged his knees and shrunk himself into a ball. The baby in his belly would be born in a few days. His stomach was only slightly protruding without any change.

Listening to the sound outside, his heart beat faster and faster. Not long ago, after Yu Qi hid him here, he rushed out again. He asked him to wait here, and told him he would surely come and take him out. But now his uneasiness was more and more obvious. He could hardly restrain his impulse and wanted to leave here to find Yu Qi.

Just then, suddenly, there was light in front of him. When Su Ye looked up, what appeared in front of him was not the familiar face, but the face of a stranger.

The visitor didn’t say anything. He just stretched out his strong arm and pulled him out. Then he forced him into his arms. ing vessel animal. As expected, it’s not the same as a normal female.”

“Let me go!” All of a sudden, Su Ye’s face became uglier and uglier. Except for Yu Qi, the intimate touch of other men made him feel sick. What’s more, the man who hugged him forcefully had lust hidden in his voice, which made him feel extremely nauseous.

The man holding him just laughed twice, forced him to struggle and dragged him out.

Su Ye didn’t know how many roads he walked, as the man took him to an open place. In front of him were several giant beasts fighting fiercely. In the middle, there were some small wounds on the body of the besieged giant beast, but he did not fall into the downwind when facing two equally strong giants.

“Yu Qi, can you guess who I brought?” The man pinched his chin, and lifted his face towards the fighting beasts. He pinched it a little harder, leaving several red marks on his white chin.

He couldn’t help but hum out in pain.

In the middle, the besieged beast suddenly became stiff.

“Yu Qi, if you don’t get caught now, I’ll love your sweetheart in front of you. You’ve been spoiling him all these years, and he certainly hasn’t enjoyed the real pleasure of male animals.” The man put his hand on Su Ye’s waist and caressed him slightly, “But if you change back to human form now, I’ll let him go.”

A fierce red light appeared in the eyes of the giant beast in the middle. When the man wanted to carry out the next action, his body flashed with light, and the huge animal shape suddenly shrunk into a slender man.

“Let go of him!” Yu Qi bit his teeth, and his golden pupils have turned red. He looked grimly at the man who had been holding on to Su Ye.

“Hey, you’re so arrogant when you’re about to die.” The man chuckled a few more times. He looked at Su Ye who he was holding in his hands. He felt the wonderful touch of his skin, when he just put his hand on his chin. He thought the feeling of holding up his body must be better.

In this way, the next second, his hand went into the gap between Su Ye’s coat. Just now he said that only to disturb Yu Qi’s mind, but he didn’t expect that he would really listen to him. Since he had changed back to human form, he was just a dead man in his eyes. Of course, he would not abide by his agreement.

“You dare to make a move on him again!” Yu Qi’s fingernails suddenly stretched more than ten meters, and he rushed to the man. But before he could run far, he was trampled on by the two giant beasts beside him.

Su Ye closed his eyes and opened them again. His eyes resolutely looked at Yu Qi, who was bleeding. Even if he was dead, he could not accept the defilement by others, but the child in his belly… This was the only one. He had to fight to keep it. This was the crystallization of him and Yu Qi.

Su Ye endured the man’s sliding hand on his skin and said a few words to Yu Qi. Then his whole body shone with a white light, all of which converged to a point in his abdomen. Finally, a bright white light was formed in his abdomen.

Yu Qi’s body was shivering all over. He watched Su Ye wilt like a withered tree. His long black hair instantly turned white, and his whole person became increasingly pale.

“No!” He finally called out, his red eyes dripping a drop of blood red tear, and his fingers scratched out ten deep marks on the ground.

“What’s going on?” Feeling that the skin in his hands had become colder than ice, the man holding Su Ye released his hand in surprise.

Losing support, Su Ye suddenly fell to the ground, and the long silver hair spread on the ground without luster, but the white abdomen which was scattered by the man was getting brighter. Then the bundle of light broke away from Su Ye’s abdomen, and swiftly flew up to the sky. In the twinkling of an eye, it disappeared on the horizon. At the same time, there was some bulging on his abdomen. Su Ye’s eyes, which were about to lose their divine light, looked at Yu Qi’s direction then slowly closed. A drop of crystal water flowed from the corner of his eyes, disappearing into the black ground in an instant.

“Ahh!” Yu Qi howled frantically, and then his body uncontrollably began to soar.

“How could…” The man who wanted to assault Su Ye was surprised, and those unfinished words in his mouth became the last words he ever said in his life.

Yu Qi only felt that his eyes were completely covered by a layer of blood mist, and all the injuries ailing him did not make him feel a trace of pain. He had only one desire now, and that was to kill all the people who have led to his lover’s death!

The sharp claws finally tore up the body of the last giant beast. In the explosion of meat, Yu Qi, whose whole body was stained with blood, slowly changed back to human shape. His whole body seemed to have been soaked in blood, and he could not see the original color of his clothes.

Kneeling in front of his silent lover, Yu Qi carefully picked him up and held him tightly in his arms “Su Ye, Su Ye. Don’t be afraid, no one can hurt you now,” He kissed the cold forehead of the man in his arms. “Don’t be afraid, I’ll always be with you. “

As soon as Yu Qi’s voice fell, a circle of ice blue flames appeared around him, surrounding them tightly.

“Su Ye, I promised, we will be together forever.”

The flame finally swallowed up the two men and became one.


The baby was moving uneasily. In his dream, he saw two fuzzy figures. Although he could not see their faces clearly, he felt they were warm and familiar. With his short legs, he couldn’t catch up with the two vague figures in his dream.

He could only see them gradually fade away in the fog heavy distance, finally blending with the vast white mist. For some reason, his heart was sour. Hum hum, he opened his eyes and looked at Ye Shao, who was sleeping quietly with his eyes closed. The baby twisted his body and squeezed his small body into Ye Shao’s arms. His two small hands grasped the clothes on Ye Shao’s chest, and his stuffy heart felt much better. The baby pursed his mouth, his round pupils flickering with a faint watery light.

Ye Shao was woken up when the baby came close to him. He felt the baby’s low mood in his arms. He stretched out his hand and touched the baby’s round head, “What’s the matter?”

The baby rubbed against Ye Shao’s embrace and shook his head, then buried his head deeper in Ye Shao’s bosom.

Ye Shao reached out to hold the baby’s small body and patted his back, “Sleep.”

As the baby was hugged by Ye Shao, his heart calmed down a lot. His sour mood also disappeared quickly. He rubbed at Ye Shao again, then closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep in Ye Shao’s arms.

Ye Shao patted the baby’s small head buried in his arms. After confirming that the baby was asleep, he closed his eyes again and followed the baby to sleep.


The author has something to say: 


(> ﹏<). )I’m not suitable for writing tragedies.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Marry as a ‘husband’ or marry as a ‘wife’.


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December 9, 2020 9:20 am

Is Ye Shao & Long Yuan the incarnation of Baby’s real parents..?? I wonder..

December 9, 2020 9:39 am

Baby’s parents :(….so sad.

December 9, 2020 10:12 am

Ahh.. Finally, i cried at that. So baby was sent outside even before his time to be born. That is why he need another womb to grow and be born normally

December 9, 2020 10:46 am

Did he wander off on his own on an empty space? Poor Baobei😭 At least Mama Ye Shao and Papa Long Yuan is there by his side.

December 9, 2020 4:09 pm

Aww, poor Baby! Finaly we know the tragedy of Baby’s origin. But his future surely will be good. Mommy YeShao will care for him. And even if there will surely be some fights with scary, bully Dad LongYuan, Baby is being loved.
Thanks a lot for this chapter.

December 9, 2020 10:47 pm origin😍😍😍

December 10, 2020 1:46 am

😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 so that’s what happened to Baby’s parents.

Thank you for the extra!!!

December 18, 2020 5:53 pm

Poor Baby… never got a name… 😦

December 21, 2020 7:17 am

That’s how it should be. A child is just a child after all.

May 10, 2021 2:36 am

Nooo! What a horrible way for baby’s original parents to die! Bad guys suck! Ye Shao and Long Yuan take good care of baby for them!

July 9, 2021 12:59 am

How tragic. The final scene of this chapter is treatment Baby should have received more of from the start.
I wonder if Baby’s parents were much, much earlier ancestors of Ye Shao’s species.
Thank you for translating.

May 5, 2022 7:37 pm

Thank you for the chapter.
I too am unsuitable for tragedies! 😭😭
I made a wish and it sadly was granted. Loving children everywhere who suffer through such events, and wishing them healing.

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