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Oneshot by Mijia

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Xiao Jin helplessly looked at the young person who followed behind him. For the first time, he feels helpless. He stopped, turned around, and said softly, “I’m going to the Kunlun Sect soon. Although you haven’t done any evil, you are still a demon even though you have a clear spirit. The Kunlun Sect is responsible for cutting down demons and eliminating evils. It’s inconvenient for you to go. You’d better stop here.”

The young man looked at Xiao Jin, his big black and white eyes were full of water, his white teeth were biting his red lips, and he gently pulled Xiao Jin’s thick sleeve robe, “I, I really like you. Can’t I sleep with you?”

Xiao Jin’s breath was a little disordered. Heaven knows how much self-control he had used to keep his forehead straight, and he still maintained the fairy with his hands behind him. “I’ve answered this question several times, and I’m not going to change it now.”

The young man’s eyes darkened immediately, his head bowed down dejectedly, and his desolation was like a discarded puppy.

Xiao Jin couldn’t help but reach out and rub his head to comfort him. Then he turned around without hesitation and called out his flying sword.

The young man raised his head abruptly and looked at the figure of Xiao Jin and his sword in the sky. He did not take back his sight until he disappeared at the end of the sky.

“…… Why don’t you want to sleep with me?” The teenager mumbled in confusion, “I really want to sleep with you. Obviously, it’s good for both of us, but why not…?”



Xiao Jin thought that his fate with the little demon who didn’t know who he was. Although he occasionally thought of the little guy who is soft enough to bully at midnight, Xiao Jin just laughed at the sudden miss.

Xiao Yan was the only disciple of the elder of the Kunlun Sect. Since he was a child, he was admired by the elder, who always looked higher than the top because of his unique talent. After more than ten years of careful teaching, he had been promoted rapidly. He had become the first disciple of the Kunlun Sect.

The elder was quiet and indifferent. He didn’t like to care about the world. He often doesn’t see his tail. Xiao Jin grew up beside him. He had also developed an apathetic nature and seldom spoke. Because the elder’s residence was quite a distance from the main hall of the Kunlun Sect, he didn’t have much contact with other disciples of the Kunlun Sect.

He was powerful, indifferent, and free of words and laughter. Among the immortals who were respected by the strong, few of the other Kunlun disciples dare to disturb Xiao Jin. As for his first experience down the mountain when he was an adult, he also went alone.

Then, he met the little demon who haunted him with his voice.

When he met the little demon for the first time, he was beheading a demon. With a strong evil spirit, all the creatures around him who were a little bit more intelligent were afraid to leave. Only the little demon looked at him stupidly, as if he were stunned.

Xiao Jin didn’t kill indiscriminately. He only killed the demon who was responsible for killing. This little demon was clean and fresh. The warm and soft aura made Xiao Jin’s killing intent fade. He just glanced at him casually and turned to leave.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Jin thought that the little demon, who had been stunned, had followed him in a stupefied way and fell behind him silently five or six steps away, which made him want to ignore him.

Finally, Xiao Jin had to stop and ask him why he had been following him. Then, with the purest eyes and the most innocent voice, the silly little demon asked to “sleep” with him.

For a moment, Xiao Jin almost felt that he had been running for too long, and even had a hallucination.

Confirming again and again that the “sleep” in Xiaoyao’s mouth was really offering a pillow. Xiao Jin had no reason to be angry. He had seen many demons that were charming, obscene, and evil. They were devoted to the cultivation of others’ blood essence. However, Xiao Jin’s accomplishments were so beautiful that he naturally attracted many demons.

However, Xiao Jin didn’t expect that a demon as clean as this little demon would be like that.

Xiao Jin refused, drove back the little demon with his sword, and then went away. However, he never thought that the little demon was so persistent. No matter what method he used – intimidating, Huairou, or even shamefully trying to run away day by day – the little demon still diligently found him, caught up with him, and looked at him as if he was bullied.

Xiao Jin was so powerful that he can’t help it for a while, or maybe such a powerful demon should not be called “Little Demon.” Still, every time he sees his white, soft, round and rolling face, innocent and clear expression of grievance, as well as his petite body, Xiao Jin can’t help but rebuke him.

Xiao Jin was gradually getting used to being chased by a small tail. Although the little demon had been pestering him with “sleep,” he never did anything out of line. He did not move, hook and flirt with him like other demons, or show his teeth and claws in a word. The little demon would only pick him up when he was in a good mood and look at him with full expectation, and ask for it. When he was scolded and retreated, he would show his grievances and doubts. He would hang his head and not talk. He felt like he was being bullied, which made Xiao Jin feel helpless and unable to cry and laugh, but he just can’t hate it.

——Now I want to… If the little demon was like other demons, what would he do? Turn his face and scold, or kill?

Few people cultivated to become immortals. They had a very long life span. Those who cultivated were almost the same as demons. The life of ordinary people was too short for them. Their red faces were withered, and their bones were fleeting. It was just a pity. As a result, the immortals did not like to get entangled with ordinary people, or live alone, or to get married to each other, and it was not uncommon for them to get in touch with the good demons with pure spirit.

Xiao Jin felt that if he was going to spend a thousand years with someone, then the little demon would not make him dislike it, and even his heart was a little secretly happy.

——It was a pity that Xiao Jin was too reserved and indifferent, and he didn’t like the fact that the little demon offered himself as a pillow when he meets him, so he always treated him coldly, and even got along for a long time without even asking his name. Until after one year of training, he went back to Kunlun and remembered the little thing he had been with for one year. He felt sorry that he had nothing.

——Of course, it was just a pity. Xiao Jin’s nature was cold and thin, and he didn’t spend much time on things like love and thoughts.


The woods were beautiful in the forest, and the wind would destroy it. Xiao Jin thinks highly of himself. He seldom made friends with other disciples of the Sect, but he was taken good care of by his elders. Naturally, he would attract others’ eyes and hate. Xiao Jin didn’t like to pay attention to these things, but still underestimated the evil intentions of human beings. He didn’t realize it until he was calculated against, and it was too late.

The northern mountain had very powerful demons. Xiao Jin was secretly calculated against his peers. He thought that they were just ordinary demons, so he went to the northern mountain alone to get rid of them, and naturally planted a big heel.

Xiao Jin was invincible and fell into a coma. He thought it was more dangerous than good, but he woke up in the cave. His injuries were appropriately handled. Apart from the stagnation of internal breathing, he did not suffer much damage. He couldn’t help but wonder which one of the world’s elites helped him.

When Xiao Jin looked around, the sound of hurried footsteps sounded. Xiao Jin looked back and saw that the little demon he had been thinking about came in with several fruits in his hand. He was not surprised to see that he woke up, but he just smiled shyly.

After many months of seeing this smile again, Xiao Jin’s heart suddenly softened. He suppressed the joy, and calmly took the fruit from the little demon. “How are you here?”

“I came after you.” The little demon sat beside Xiao Jin uneasily and rubbed his knees uneasily. “When you went back to Kunlun, I stayed at the foot of Kunlun, and I haven’t left. I waited until you came out of the mountain, and then followed you…” Looking up and peeping at Xiao Jin, who was not unhappy, the little demon sighed, “I, I wanted to help you, but the demon was too strong for me to fight, so I had to hideaway. I saw that you hurt the demon and fell into the water again, so I seized the opportunity to run out and save you. You… You don’t blame me, do you?”

“Why should I blame you? You have saved me in the end. I should thank you.” Xiao Yan chuckled. He was always calm and self-reliant. He knew that the choice of the little demon was the most correct. He and the little demon would have died in the hands of the demon that day. How could he ask the other party to sacrifice his life if they are not related to each other?

“You don’t blame me?” The little demon was happy at once. He was pure in nature. His emotions and sorrows were all exposed on his face without any cover. Seeing Xiao Jin’s gentle and friendly look, he was obviously in a good mood. The little demon turned his eyes and approached him carefully. He raised his right arm in a delicate and straightforward tone with a bit of coquetry and to show off. “In fact, to save you, I have been hurt for a long time. The demon was so powerful that it scratched me!”

The little demon’s skin was white and slightly fat. The arm was like a lotus root, which made him happy. But there were five scratches on the arm. The skin around was still dark blue, which was terrible.

Xiao Jin’s heart hurt involuntarily for a while, and his voice softened for several minutes. “How can I hurt so badly?” 

“All right.” The little demon chuckled. He didn’t get entangled in the injury. He just crooked his head and said, “I saved you and was hurt because of you. You should compensate me.”

Xiao Yan’s breathing was sluggish, and his heart was full of sorrow, regret, and ashes. All that remained was helplessness and laughter, “Your threat of gratitude!”

“So what? Everybody does it.” The Little demon curled his mouth, looked pure but doubtful, “Why can’t I?”

“…… How do you want me to repay you?” Xiao Yan smiled bitterly, only thinking that he knew what he had to say.

Sure enough, the little demon’s eyes brightened, “Would you like to sleep with me?”

Xiao Jin was speechless. It was true that he liked the little demon, but he really didn’t like the way he has been pestering with sex, and he owed him kindness this time, but the other side’s request was not too much. Although a cultivator’s desire was very weak, he didn’t care about this kind of thing, and he also believes that the little demon with pure demon spirit wouldn’t hurt him by sucking his blood essence too much.

——If it was just one night…

Xiao Jin didn’t want to let himself and the little demon become estranged because of the simple gratitude. He says, “I remember that when fighting with the monster, I was seriously injured. Why is it better now?”

As soon as the words came out, the bright eyes that the little demon suddenly froze. His eyes were wandering in dismay. Looking left and right, he just didn’t look at Xiao Jin.

Xiao Jin frowned and hid heart suddenly cold.

“I, I’m sorry…” Seeing Xiao Jin’s face turn cold, the little demon’s tears burst out. Crying wrongfully, his nose dripped, and his voice also brought a whimpering trill, “I… I… I slept with you…”

Xiao Yan was shocked. He just woke up. He had no memory at all. The words of the little demon hit him like a slap in the face.

“You were seriously hurt. I… I didn’t know how to treat it except sleep. You were in a coma again. I couldn’t ask for your consent if I couldn’t wake you up. So, So I took the liberty to…” The little demon shrank, tears rolled around in his eyes. He was very pitiful. “Yes, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t sleep with you without permission. I’ll never dare to…”

At last, Xiao Jin could not maintain the so-called demeanor any longer. He collapsed his shoulders with his hands and forehead and was extremely upset.

——As for what was bothering him, he didn’t seem to know for himself. Maybe it was the little demon who he was angry at for doing that by himself? Perhaps it was a pity that the so-called “first time” wasn’t felt.

Xiao Jin didn’t realize the intense feelings of desire he had since he was a cold man. Although he didn’t understand these things, he never tried to. Seeing the little demon scared, he also couldn’t bear it. His face changed a lot, and finally, he slowed down. He pulled out a smile and held out his hand. “I don’t blame you. You also saved me.”

“…… Really?” The little demon asked tentatively. He carefully put his hand on Xiao Jin’s hand. There was no coldness in his expression. Finally, he broke into tears and smiled.

Holding the small demon’s soft hand, Xiao Jin felt the upset mood finally calmed down, and his smile was also natural. His eyes were soft. “I haven’t asked your name yet.”

“My name is Jin Qin.” The little demon’s expression was shy and bashful, with a surprise, “You… You promise to sleep with me?”

“Mmn, I promise, but you can’t suck too much of my blood…” Xiao Yan hesitated a little, and the little demon who was called Jin Qin looks ignorant, so he really needed to be told well, but somehow when he speaks out, he was afraid that the Jin Qin will be hurt.

However, Xiao Yan was obviously worried for nothing. Jin Qin waved his hand without hesitation. “I won’t suck your blood essence. It’s good for me to be trapped in you. Otherwise, why would your injury get better?”

Xiao Jin was stunned for a second, then nodded his head. The last hesitation in his heart disappeared, and he was full of satisfaction and joy. The cultivation methods of demons were various. He also heard about a companion of a cultivator being a demon who couldn’t suck human blood, so he didn’t feel surprised.

Tentatively pulling Jin Qin into his arms, feeling the soft body of the other side snuggling in his arms, Xiao Jin sniffed the fragrance of his body, untied the hairband on his head, held his cheek with one hand, hugged his waist with the other hand, and kissed him carefully.

Jin Qin blinked, eyes slightly showing that he didn’t understand, but also didn’t think Xiao Jin was disgusting for the things he did. So he didn’t act, just let Xiao Jin kiss his slightly opened red lips, hook his tongue in an ambiguous entanglement.

Jin Qin’s reaction was very green and clear, even at a loss, which made Xiao Jin very surprised, also extremely joyful. He touched the soft and smooth skin that he couldn’t let go of. For the first time, Xiao Jin tasted what it was like to burn and to be impatient. He turned over and pressed Jin Qin under him.

“No, no, no!” Imprisoned under Xiao Jin, the Jin Qin, who had been kissed faintly, suddenly woke up and clapped his arm to stop it.

Xiao Yan moved, frowned with doubts, and silently asked Jin Qin.

“That’s not how it should be!” Jin Qin raised his hand and easily lifted the injured and stagnant Xiao Jin. He pressed himself on him, and his small face was very proud, “I should be on top!”

Xiao Jin was utterly frozen. Looking at the Jin Qin above him, he felt that the whole world seemed to collapse in an instant.

——Is he going to be the one below? The heart rate and breath of Xiao Jin seemed to be stagnant when he thought that Jin Qin was not inferior to his own strength.

——But didn’t Jin Qin say that they had already been like this? Then why was there no discomfort in his body? Was it because he was different from ordinary people, or was it the magic of Jin Qin?

Just at the time of Xiao Yan’s thoughts, Jin Qin had already stretched out and fell on him. Buried the head into Xiao Jin’s neck bend, Jin Qin rubbed contentedly, joyfully closed the eyes, then… There was no movement.

After waiting for a long time, Xiao Jin comforted himself that his body and skin were all different things. Since he liked Jin Qin, he shouldn’t care about such details. But after he had figured it out, he found that the person on him was still motionless, just lying quietly.

He raised his hand, clapped the shoulder of Jin Qin, but also got the other party’s discontented light hum. Xiao Jin felt that his always intelligent mind was not enough. “You… What are you doing?”

“Sleeping.” The voice of the Jin Qin was a little fuzzy, with a strong sense of weariness.

“…” Xiao Jin was silent for a moment, “so… Is that what you call sleep together?”

“If it’s not like this, then what is?” Jin Qin raised his head slightly, looked at Xiao Jin in confusion, and was puzzled. “This is our way of cultivation. Don’t you think the aura in your body is much smoother?”

Xiao Jin felt it for a moment and found that there was indeed spiritual power flowing into his body slowly from the place close to the Jin Qin, penetrating all his limbs. Xiao Yan, who had always been intelligent, suddenly realized and looked at the Jin Qin strangely, “You… What is your true form?”

“A quilt.” Jin Qin was a little shy, answered softly, then hurriedly said, “You are not allowed to laugh at me! They all laugh at me when they know my form… “

Xiao Jin’s expression became more and more strange. He didn’t know whether he should laugh or appease the wounds left by his fuss.

“You… Why are you always chasing me to sleep?” After calming down, Xiao Jin opened his mouth again.

“Because it’s easier to improve one’s accomplishments if one wants to sleep with someone who looks good to one’s eyes.” Jin Qin sighed, some grievances, “I walked many places, saw the only most agreeable person was you.”

“Then, do you want to sleep with me all the time?” Xiao Jin’s eyes flashed, and his tone unconsciously led to some temptation.

“Is that ok? Good, good!” There was no doubt about him in Jin Qin’s mind. He nodded and happily caught the big pie falling from the sky.

“But, our sleep is slightly different from yours.” Xiao Jin smiled and said slowly, “Most of the time, I can allow you to do what you call sleep, and if I need it, you should also cooperate with me to do human sleep. How about that?”

Jin Qin was blank; he frowned to think bitterly for a moment, “That, my sleepy sleep time is long, yours?”

“Naturally, the same as yours.” Xiao Yan’s answer made Jin Qin immediately give up the doubt in his heart, and he agreed.

“Then, how about we sign the contract?” Raising his hand, Xiao Jin said softly and tenderly, “After all, people and demons have different ways to trust each other. Once we sign the contract, no one can violate the promise at this time, and we can be safe together all the time.”

Jin Qin thought, nodded, “Naturally that’s good, I hear a lot of demons said that human beings are very cunning, and we can’t believe their words easily, and only after we sign a contract.” With a smile, the face of Jin Qin was full of trust. “It’s very kind of you to sign a contract with me on your own initiative!”

Xiao Jin smiled and accepted the praise from the demon without any guilt. Then he carefully customized the contents of the contract and signed it.

“Now, can you sleep?” There was a yawn on Jin Qin’s mouth, and there was tiredness in his expression. 

“Of course, but you slept your way when I was in a coma. Now it’s my way, isn’t it?” Xiao Jin was a good guide.

Jin Qin hesitated for a while, nature pure, he didn’t overthink, just thought this was the truth indeed, even if he didn’t want to, he nodded.

To fulfill his wish, Xiao Jin smiled, turned over and pressed the little demon back under him, reached out and untied his clothes. “In fact, our sleep is also very interesting. Want to try it?”

“Mmn!” The little demon nodded his head in anticipation, with pure eyes.

And then——

“They were right! Man is a liar! What a pain! I don’t want to sleep with you!! You pull out! Come on! Pull out! Come on! QAQ”

“We have already signed a contract, there is no room for repentance, Little Qin.”




Xiao Jin: the power of the little bedclothes demon is reliable, but the age is not very old. How to cultivate?

Jin Qin: Sleep, of course! I’ve slept with a lot of people and demons. Of course, they’re not as good as you.

Xiao Jin: ==###

Jin Qin: You… You… What do you want to do? Now it’s my turn to sleep! You bad guy! QAQ


T/N: In the Chinese version, Jin Qin’s name uses the characters for brocade (Jin) quilt (Qin).

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I just about feel over when the little Demon actually fell asleep. Too funny. What a cute story. Thank you for sharing and translating it.

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So cute!! This little demon is simply adorable, awwwww. This shows clearly how perverted our minds are. Until the last scene in the cave I thought exactly like Xiao Jin that the little demon means sleep=sex, how embarassing. But hey, if Jin Qin transforms into his true form, no one will know that Xiao Jin actually has a demon with him.

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