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Chapter Eleven (END)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Iceberg man’s prey special: “Ex-boyfriend”?!

East of the Yellow River for thirty years, west of the Yellow River for forty years, feng shui will eventually reverse its wheel! But why did feng shui turn so fast? Luck just arrived here for Xia Chuan in a long time and then he turned to Xu Ling!

In a love hotel, a handsome young man with a sunny face was tied up in various ways. He was stuffed incomparably in the corner of the bed. What a pity! Standing in front of him, the ‘bad man’ who tied him up was a tall, handsome, but super-beautiful cold man!

“Xu Ling, you bastard, let me go, or I’ll tell the world your secret so that everyone in the world knows you’re a bed-wetting king!” The handsome boy, who was tied up like a pig, struggled desperately to release the rope and shouted angrily at the handsome man across from him. Beast! Xu Ling dared to treat him like this. He must make Xu Ling hate it.

He was so unlucky that he thought that he had mastered Xu Ling’s secret and could finally raise his eyebrows and breathe and ride Xu Ling to show off his power. Unexpectedly, he could not fight Xu Ling!

What the hell was going on? Wasn’t Xia Chuan’s success in the cemetery a threat to Xu Ling, leaving Xu Ling helpless? How was it that Xu Ling had tied him up and made such a mess?

It turned out that Xia Chuan was so proud that even God could not see him. He was caught by Xu Ling only two minutes after he left the cemetery and then taken to the nearby love hotel. Afraid of Xia Chuan’s escape, Xu Ling tied up Xia Chuan specially, so that he could not run if he wanted to!

Anyone would know that Xia Chuan was dead and Xu Ling would not let him go. With Xu Ling’s character, it was hard to imagine how to male him repent. Poor Xia Chuan didn’t know if he could see the sun tomorrow. It was really worrying.

“Dare to scold me bastard! Looks like you really don’t have any regrets!” Xu Ling, a beautiful man, raised his lips and sneered. The chill on his body was more serious and his eyes were full of murder.

Xia Chuan hit him in the graveyard and threatened him with all his embarrassment when he was a child. He never thought he would have any regrets. He would dare to scold him as an asshole. He couldn’t make him regret anything today, or let him know who was the one on the top!

“Why should I regret? I didn’t do anything wrong! It’s true that you often wet your bed when you were a child. I said you were the king of bed-wetting. What’s wrong with that? Why are you angry? Why are you tying me up? What a cheapskate…” Xia Chuan seemed to have no idea how dangerous his situation was now. He still refused to admit his mistake and shouted angrily.

He had never seen a man more stingy than Xu Ling. He was so angry about such a trifle that he roughly tied him up in a love hotel! He was ashamed to think of how ambiguous his eyes were when people pointed at them and stared at them when they entered. No wonder he was so surprised and curious. Two big men ran into the love hotel. Of course, others would have no doubt that they were homosexuasl!

“Good! Very nice! You how you want to die!” Xu Ling almost jumped up in anger. If he hadn’t been well-educated enough, he really wanted to strangle Xia Chuan.

Originally, he also thought that if Xia Chuan could admit his mistake obediently, he would make it easier for him to ‘die.’ Unexpectedly, he would die without repentance. Good! Today, he let the pig know what really annoyed him. What would happen?

“Xu Ling, I warn you, you must not mess up! If you dare to hurt me, I will tell Big Brother Xu that you will be dead then!” Seeing that Xu Ling was really angry, Xia Chuan was afraid, but he soon comforted himself not to be afraid. He also had Xu Xie, a super powerful amulet. Xia Chuan completely forgot that Xu Xie had already returned. Xu Ling was not afraid of his threat just now. He would only make Xu Ling more angry by doing so.

“Are you a pig? I can’t be threatened by Da Mao. Do you think I will give you a chance to complain to Da Mao?” Xu Ling mocked and laughed more horribly. In his heart, he scolded: the evil wicked of Da Mao would not know what he had said to Xia Chuan, so that Xia Chuan, this stupid pig, was so arrogant!

Xia Chuan finally knew that the catastrophe was imminent and that the deadline was coming! He really regretted that he did not ask Xu Xie more about Xu Ling’s secrets when he left. Now, don’t be afraid!

Looking at Xia Chuan’s face which flashed with a trace of fear, Xu Ling had a face filled with disdain. His fear was too late!

Xu Ling grinned coldly, sat on the bed, took out a cigarette and asked leisurely, “How do you want to die?” 

“I… Xu Ling, I’m sorry! I… I know I’m wrong. Please forgive me.” Xia Chuan knew that he would die without asking Xu Ling any more and finally begged Xu Ling for forgiveness.

“Forgive you? Do you think you deserve forgiveness?” Xu Ling looked at him with amusement. It was ridiculous for the pig to dare to let him forgive him.

“Of course I deserve to be forgiven, I… I was just kidding. Please don’t get angry! I really know it’s wrong. Please forgive me this time. Please…” Xia Chuan nodded quickly as he pleaded desperately. He knew that this big man was ugly and held grudges, but he didn’t want to die yet. Saving his life was the most important thing, his face or anything else could only be ignored.

“Are you kidding? That’s a good explanation.” Xu Ling mocked. He really admired that Xia Chuan could tell such a ridiculous tale!This explanation would not be believed by a three-year-old boy. Did he think he would believe it?

“I’m kidding. Please believe me…” Xia Chuan nodded vigorously. Although he knew Xu Ling would not believe it, he had no other way. This was his only way to live.

Xu Ling kept looking at Xia Chuan and nodded at last after a long time,”Good! You’re kidding!”

Xia Chuan was stunned for a moment, but did not expect Xu Ling to believe him. Did he finally move Xu Ling by striving for mercy? Great! He didn’t expect Xu Ling, this big devil, had a soft heart. But he managed to get away with it. He was saved and he could breathe a sigh of relief.

“Thank you. Xu Ling, thank you for believing me!” Xia Chuan immediately opened his eyes and smiled, thanking Xu Ling, but thought to himself: Oh, wait for him to trick Xu Ling into letting him go. See him publish the scandal that Xu Ling is the king of bed-wetting, announce to the world and let Xu Ling see no one! He also needed to call Xu Xie immediately to inform him that Xu Xie should tidy up Xu Ling well.

As clever as Xu Ling was, he only needed to look at Xia Chuan’s expression to know what kind of idea he had. Xu Ling frowned slightly and Xia Chuan thought of these things in his head. He was really a super stupid pig who was worthy of the name. His intelligence quotient was almost the same as that of a pig. He had not been saved yet.

“I think it’s too early for you to thank me. I haven’t finished yet.” Xu Ling looked at him coldly, interrupting his joy. When he finished, could he laugh!

Xu Ling’s eyes stared at him doubtfully. Weren’t they finished? What else did Xu Ling want to say? Why did he suddenly have a very bad feeling?

“Who are you kidding? But I’m not forgiving you!” Xu Ling said slowly word by word. Suddenly he laughed, but it made Xia Chuan’s back chill!

“What? How can you change your mind?” Xia Chuan immediately shouted and his handsome face frowned again. He was so angry that Xu Ling dared to deceive him! Damn it!

“What happened? Aren’t you wrong? When did I say that I forgave you? How can you say that I was wrong?” Xu Ling twisted his eyebrows slightly.

Xia Chuan thought Xu Ling’s face was so beautiful and realized that he did not hear him say that he would forgive him. It was because he was too happy too early.

“… So what do you want?” He had the face of someone who had lost at life and was now facing something more bitter than bitter gourd.

“I will punish you! Remember, you owe me a hundred times!” Xu Ling’s smile was beautiful. The evil spirit’s elegant smile was dazzling and fascinating. The image makes Xia Chuan more and more afraid. It was really creepy.

“You couldn’t be thinking…” Xia Chuan swallowed his saliva and looked timidly at Xu Ling. Of course, he would not forget that in order to get back the teddy bear from Xu Ling, he offered Xu Ling one hundred times. Not only that, he also said he would lick Xu Ling’s second son, do SM for Xu Ling, but also willing to wear skirts, wear women’s underwear, and casually let Xu Ling play with him!

“You should pay me back the hundred times you owe me!” Xu Ling nodded and a horrible smile flashed across his face. Tonight, he would let Xia Chuan spend an unforgettable night and let Xia Chuan, this silly pig, know thoroughly what would happen when he threatened him!

Xia Chuan’s face was full of fear and his eyebrows were twisted into the word 川.1 Xu Ling was sure to get back the hundred times that he owed him. Xu Ling was so angry that he would torture him while having sex. When he finished a hundred times, he would surely die.

He didn’t want to die! What if Xu Ling wanted to play SM and wear skirts and women’s underwear?

“Is there any other choice?” Xia Chuan boldly asked, glancing at the door not far away, wondering how he could get around Xu Ling and run to open the door to escape. But Xu Ling tied him up like this. He wanted to stand up and run to the door, to think that it was a dream. Before he ran, he had to find a way to escape.

“Of course! I don’t like to bully too hard. If you really don’t want to, I won’t force you, but…” Looking at Xia Chuan, Xu Ling continued with a smile, “we’ll break up!”

Xia Chuan didn’t expect Xu Ling to force him to break up. Animal! He was too despicable to threaten him with breaking up! He said that he had no choice but to let him be crushed a hundred times and let his buttocks blossom and die!

No! Xia Chuan shook his head in his heart and somehow let Xu Ling’s trick succeed! If they break up, he would obey, he was too evil!

“Un, let’s break up! I’m not going to do it with you anyway!” Xia Chuan shook his head and said, thinking that he didn’t believe Xu Ling would really break up with him because he didn’t do it with him. This must be a trap designed by Xu Ling. This iceberg man was very insidious. Before, he often fell into his trap and was led by his nose.

“Un, let’s break up! You don’t want to do it with me. I’ll find someone else to do it! I believe that others will be willing to do it with me, whether 100 or 200 times!” Xu Ling laughed coldly.

“What? You want someone else? NO! I absolutely forbid you to go to another woman!” Xia Chuan immediately changed his face and roared loudly. Xu Ling was his! He wouldn’t allow a woman to be with him? If a woman dared to touch Xu Ling, Xia Chuan would kill them! Xu Ling could only belong to him, Xu Ling could only touch him!

“Who said I was going to find a woman?” Xu Ling was very satisfied with Xia Chuan’s reaction, flashing a faint smile in his eyes and uttering a sentence in a cold and quiet way.

“What do you mean?” Xia Chuan’s eyes were full of confusion. If Xu Ling did not go to find a woman, was he going to find a man?

“I’m going to find a man! Don’t worry, I am not interested in women!” Xu Ling took a cigarette and the smile on his lips deepened.

“Find a man? You can do other men?” Xia Chuan was even more angry when he heard the words. Don’t worry?! If Xu Ling went to find a man, he was even more worried, whether men or women, no one was allowed to touch Xu Ling, he could only touch him alone!

Damn, he thought Xu Ling was only interested in him and only wanted to touch him. But that was not the case. He was so angry!

“Nonsense! I’ve always been interested only in men! Don’t you know?” Xu Ling told Xia Chuan a secret he never knew.

“You… So you were born gay?!” Xia Chuan was shocked and screamed.

Xu Ling laughed but did not answer, which was acquiescence.

Xia Chuan was amazed. He finally understood why Xu Ling used to kiss him under the pretext of artificial respiration when he was still an enemy with Xu Ling. He also compared guns with him in the bathroom and rubbed medicine on his back acupoints. It turned out that he had a purpose! The dead iceberg man was born gay and he was interested in himnat that time! He was deliberately seducing him and he never found out…

He also thought that Xu Ling had become a homosexual because of him. He was born a homosexual! Damn it, he was deceived! The most important thing was that in the future, he should not only prevent women from approaching Xu Ling, but also guard against men, so that men can not approach Xu Ling!

“Didn’t you say that you had ever been with other men before you were with me? Did you sleep with other men?” Xia Chuan immediately looked like a jealous wife, anxiously questioning her husband’s previous love history.

He always thought that he had turned Xu Ling into a homosexual. He was complacent that he was Xu Ling’s first boyfriend. Who knows that he was not… If he knew that Xu Ling had a ‘boyfriend’ before and slept with his ‘boyfriend,’ he would never let Xu Ling go!

“I don’t remember!” Xu Ling yawned lazily.

“How could you not remember? You don’t pretend to be an idiot! Tell me if you have ever slept with other men!” Xia Chuan was going mad, staring fiercely at Xu Ling and asking. If he hadn’t been tied up now, he would have rushed up and grabbed Xu Ling’s collar and punched him.

Animal! He dared to tell him that he did not remember, it was clear that there was a ghost in his heart! It seemed that he must have had a good time with other men! Damn it! He thought he was Xu Ling’s first man… His male dignity was badly damaged!

Xu Ling was his first man. He only slept with Xu Ling. As a result, he was not Xu Ling’s first man. His heart was so dull and painful!

“Why do you ask this? Don’t you want to break up with me? These things seem to have nothing to do with you.” Xu Ling snorted impatiently and was happy. Pigs were pigs. They were fooled easily.

“Fucker, who says I’m breaking up with you? You want to dump me, find your old lover?! Answer my question quickly. Have you ever had a boyfriend before?” Xia Chuan immediately cursed, Xu Ling wanted to find a former boyfriend to do, no way!

“You want me to answer your question?!” Xu Ling was laughing and his stomach hurt. This was a good trick indeed!

Xia Chuan nodded forcefully, damn, he must know the love history of Xu Ling before today!

“One! His skill is very good!” Xu Ling finally answered honestly.

“You really had a boyfriend and you did it with him?!” Xia Chuan was so angry that he vomited blood. Xu Ling had a good time with other men. He would not forgive Xu Ling! His heart was more depressed and painful!

Xu Ling nodded generously and laughed wickedly, showing a super-nostalgic expression, “He’s super beautiful, very cute and super saucy. He’s super-good in bed. He can make a man want to die and make a man mad!” 

Xia Chuan was dying of acid. He snorted disdainfully, “Is that right? Better than me? Cuter than…me?” When he asked the last sentence, the handsome face raised a tinge of red!

He did not believe that Xu Ling’s ex-boyfriend really was so good. What super beautiful, super cute, super saucy, super service man. He must exaggerated by Xu Ling!

“Of course, better than you. He’s much cuter than you. Of course, more coquettish than you!” Xu Ling continued to stimulate Xia Chuan, not afraid that Xia Chuan would kill him, because he believed Xia Chuan had no such ability!

“Huh! I don’t believe it. Do you have photos?” Xia Chuan scolded unconvinced.

“Yes!” Xu Ling really took out a picture to show him. After Xia Chuan saw the picture, his eyes flashed with a ray of amazement.

They were so beautiful! In the photo, Xu Ling stood with a beautiful teenager, who had curly chestnut hair, shorter than Xu Ling and had very delicate and beautiful features, just like an angel. But he had a peach blossom eyes, which is charming. At first glance, he knows this was a super scoundrel! Xia Chuan scolded the last sentence in his heart.

Xia Chuan’s heart was even more uncomfortable. It seemed that Xu Ling’s words were true. The boy in the photo was really beautiful and lovely. Besides, just looking at his appearance, he knew he couldn’t complain! Comparing himself with the other, he thought ‘I am tall and strong, thick-skinned, can only say that I am very handsome, but words such as beautiful, and lovely words were completely out of touch…’

“What do you think? Isn’t he really beautiful and cute, much cuter than you?” Xu Ling deliberately asked, fearing that Xia Chuan would not die of anger.

“Lovely my ass!” Xia Chuan returned to his mind and scolded angrily. Although this boy was really cute, he looked full of spite! But he couldn’t lose. He’s Xu Ling’s current boyfriend! He must prove to Xu Ling that he was cuter and better…in bed! “You really want to do that? Then let’s do it!!” Without waiting for Xu Ling to speak, Xia Chuan, who had made up his mind, said in a low voice with a bright red face.

“You should do it quickly! Do you remember what you said when you took the teddy bear back? Didn’t you say you wanted to lick my dick?” Xu Ling scolded, with a triumphant smile in his eyes. This stupid pig can’t escape from his palm and he would make a promise to do anything with him.

“… Untie the rope! Otherwise, I can’t…” Xia Chuan hesitated and was ashamed. Damn, he must prove that he was better than Xu Ling’s ex-boyfriend, so that he would never want to go back to his ex-boyfriend!

“No! Just do it! Didn’t you say you wanted to try SM for me? That cute little boy loves SM!” Xu Ling shook his head. This stupid pig dared to threaten him. He had to trt SM to teach him well.

Xia Chuan, who had always been afraid of pain, wanted to refuse, but when he heard the latter sentence, he changed his mind immediately. Since Xu Ling had played with his ex-boyfriend, he can only try SM with Xu Ling. He could never lose!

“Fine!” Xia Chuan gritted his teeth and promised but he did not notice Xu Ling’s evil laughter flashing in his eyes. He clumsily climbed between Xu Ling’s legs.

Looking up at Xu Ling’s eyes, a touch of shame flashed across his handsome face and then he put his head into Xu Ling’s crotch and kissed Xu Ling through his trousers with his mouth outstretched…

Xu Ling gasped at once. There was a glimmer of pride in Xia Chuan’s eyes. He continued to kiss Xu Ling’s penis and licked it with his tongue across his trousers. Xia Chuan was a veteranveteran when it came to women, but he licked Xu Ling’s brother through his pants. He could make Xu Ling feel better than touching Xu Ling’s brother directly. It can also make Xu Ling want to…

Xia Chuan licked very skillfully, the action was incomparably provocative and erotic, so that Xu Ling was stirred to death as he released a breath of smoke. Although Xia Chuan was doing it through his trousers, it made him feel good. This pig could play well.

Xia Chuan kneeled on the ground, his hands tied behind him, the only active part of his whole body was gathered between Xu Ling’s legs and he obscenely kissed and licked Xu Ling’s bulging penis. The whole person looked both obscene and tantalizing, but there was also an unspeakable temptation…

Xia Chuan quickly licked Xu Ling’s pants, even his underwear was wet from his tongue. The bigger the brother hiding in his underwear, the bigger he raised his jeans to a small tent.

Xia Chuan hummed proudly in his heart: This was only the beginning, he would make Xu Ling feel more comfortable! Although he had only experience with men through Xu Ling, he used to be a super playboy. He didn’t know how many beautiful women he had had. He had rich experience in sex and knew how to make men comfortable through his own pleasure zones. How could he compare that little bitch in the picture who can only be seen by others?

Xia Chuan hated Xu Ling’s ‘ex-boyfriend’ in his heart. He vowed to compare Xu Ling’s ‘ex-boyfriend’ with him. He wanted to prove that he was the best!

Although Xia Chuan was tied up, he made Xu Ling crazy with his flexible mouth and tongue. Xu Ling’s breathing was becoming more and more urgent and chaotic. The ‘brother’ below had been fully bloodshot and erected. He wanted to insert himself into Xia Chuan’s mouth and enjoy the hot, moist and wonderful little paradise again.

“Get my little brother out and eat with your mouth. Hurry up!” Xu Ling urged anxiously as his meat stick felt like it was going to explode from Xia Chuan’s play, so he had to rush into Xia Chuan’s mouth!

Xia Chuan wanted to play longer, but he couldn’t bear to hear Xu Ling’s voice. The corners of his mouth were raised slightly. Xia Chuan finally bit Xu Ling’s trousers zipper with his teeth and pulled it down…

Xia Chuan’s action was deliberately slow and leisurely. His teeth, bit by bit, slowly pulled down the zipper, quickly killing Xu Ling. Xia Chuan wanted to make Xu Ling anxious, which would provoke and aggravate his sexual desire!

“Hurry up!” Xu Ling roared eagerly. Was this pig deliberately trying to torture him? Wait and see how he fixed him!

Seeing Xu Ling become really anxious, Xia Chuan just clenched the zipper and pulled it to the end. In fact, he had not played enough, he also wanted to torture Xu Ling, but he was afraid that Xu Ling was really angry! He was in a dangerous situation now. It was better to be ‘obedient.’

Xia Chuan sucked and licked his underwear for a few times and swelled up completely. He could see the shape of the penis clearly. Then he bit the thin underwear with his teeth and pulled the underwear down vigorously.

The huge and terrible super python immediately popped out and hit Xia Chuan in the face since he could not escape. Xia Chuan, who was hit by the hot meat stick on his nose, was stunned for a moment and then his face turned red and he was very embarrassed.

“What a fool! Lick it fast, eat it and serve it well!” Before Xia Chuan became angry, Xu Ling cursed with great impatience and the big meat stick impatiently stabbed Xia Chuan’s slightly open mouth.

Xia Chuan quickly returned to his mind and instinctively opened his mouth to welcome the invasion of his lover’s giant stick. Xu Ling’s penis was still frightening long and thick, so that he could barely eat his meat stick by opening his mouth to the maximum.

It was not the first time he had given Xu Ling oral sex. He was already familiar with Xu Ling’s big meat stick. Although he felt uncomfortable, he still swallowed all of Xu Ling’s meat stick, leaving only two big meat eggs outside his mouth.

“Your mouth is so fierce that you can eat it all at the beginning. You’re so good!” Xu Ling was so comfortable that he scolded. Although Xia Chuan was a man, his mouth was softer and hotter than a woman’s. Let his little brother just insert it and shoot it out quickly!

Being scolded by Xu Ling, Xia Chuan was not angry, on the contrary, very happy. In Xu Ling’s mind, he was not dull and boring. He just wanted Ling to feel that he was very angry. He also wanted to be more coquettish than Xu Ling’s ex-boyfriend, 10,000 times more lewd!

Xia Chuan took a deep breath through his nose. Without waiting for Xu Ling to open his mouth, he began to suck on his sweetheart’s big meat stick and engage in pornographic intercourse with his lover. In order to defeat his former rival, he worked tirelessly to serve his lover’s big meat stick and sucked on the mushroom-like turtle head. He also used his flexible tongue to lick and scrape the rough stems. If his hands weren’t tied, he wanted to play with Xu Ling’s big eggs with his hands.

“Xia Chuan, do you know how saucy you are now?” Xu Ling sat comfortably in bed enjoying his lover’s oral skills, gasping and laughing. Looking down at his tall, handsome, always lofty lover, he was now humbly kneeling on the ground, with the most humiliating gesture like a dog to work hard for oral sex and his heart could not say the satisfaction, that satisfaction made the pleasure more intense!

Xia Chuan, who couldn’t speak with a big meat stick in his mouth, could only shake his head to show that he doesn’t know. In fact, he knew very well that he must be extremely lewd now. But he wanted to make himself look very lewd, very riotous, to make Xu Ling die!

He was furious to think that Xu Ling dared to say that his ex-boyfriend was more coquettish than him. Maybe he wasn’t the ‘little bitch’ who was cute and beautiful, but he must be more likable and satisfy Xu Ling more.

“You look really lewd now, like a prostitute!” Xu Ling smoked cigarettes and the meat stick wantonly went in and out of Xia Chuan’s mouth, as he cursed vulgarly.

Normally, Xu Ling was arrogant, cold, elegant, with few words, not to mention rude words! But as long as he went to bed with Xia Chuan, he was completely changed. He liked to swear and insult Xia Chuan. Insulting Xia Chuan with rude and dirty words would make him feel more excited, especially when he saw Xia Chuan’s face showing shame when insulted by him.

“This…do…you like…it… or not…” Xia Chuan looked at Xu Ling charmingly and asked wantonly as he swallowed his meat stick.

“Fuck!” Xu Ling did not answer his question, but scolded excitedly. How could he not like it? No man would not like Xia Chuan be so saucy!

Xia Chuan laughed proudly. Although he dared not say that he would fall into the gay world, it was also fascinating Xu Ling to death.

“Fuck!” Xu Ling scolded again, suddenly pulled out the big meat stick inserted in Xia Chuan’s mouth and reached out to untie the rope around Xia Chuan, returning Xia Chuan’s freedom.

Xia Chuan looked at him doubtfully. What happened to Xu Ling? Doesn’t he want to do it?

“Don’t look at me so hungrily! Don’t worry, I’ll let you eat enough of this cock in a minute! Get up and take off your clothes first!” Xu Ling ordered as he laughed wickedly.

Although Xia Chuan did not understand what Xu Ling really wanted to do, but when he heard that Xu Ling would not leave, he immediately felt relieved, stood up and quickly stripped himself of his clothes, revealing a sturdy bronze inverted triangle figure. Xia Chuan often went to the gym to keep fit and made his figure super good. The perfect chest and abdominal muscles made people want to drool!

To tell the truth, a handsome, tall and powerful boy like Xia Chuan would not normally be gay in any way, much less lie down on the ground. If Xu Ling hadn’t seduced him, he would never have turned into a homosexual in his life.

Appreciating Xia Chuan’s perfect David like body, Xu Ling’s cold eyes became hot and filled with desire. Although Xia Chuan had a bad brain and a lot of shortcomings, his face and body were really good. Fuck him!

His sweetheart’s burning eyes were always staring at his naked self making him uncomfortable. Xia Chuan, whose sexual organ was exposed to the outside, he turned even redder. Although it was not the first time Xu Ling had been naked, it was still the first time that he had been so ‘warmly’ gazed at, feeling… like a commodity!

“Very good!” Xu Ling nodded satisfactorily and suddenly opened the bedside table drawer next to him. He looked inside and raised a horrible smile on his lips. He didn’t expect that there would be so many ‘good things’ that would make Xia Chuan’s ‘good luck’ die.

Xu Ling took out a white sailor’s suit and a woman’s pink underwear from the bedside cabinet and handed them to Xia Chuan. He ordered, “Put these on!” 

Xia Chuan was stunned and cried out in surprise, “What is this?” 

“Can’t you see with your eyes? It’s a woman’s skirt and underwear! Didn’t you say you wanted to wear a woman’s skirts and underwear for me? Put it on quickly!” Xu Ling said with a smile. This love hotel was the most famous in the city and it provided many special clothes and fun props in the room, so that the couples could have more fun making love. It was the reason why he chose to bring Xia Chuan here.

Unexpectedly, this hotel was really interesting, and even had pre-prepared sailor’s clothes from a cartoon girl fighters show. He remembered that when he was a child, he and Da Mao especially liked watching the cartoon ‘The Beautiful Girl Fighters’ and loved the sailor’s clothes of the heroine. Mama also asked Dad to make many sets of sailor clothes specially and wear them everyday with Dam Mo, pretending to be sisters everywhere! They also forced San Mao to wear them together, making San Mao crazy…

“I don’t want it. How can a big man wear such a woman’s dress?” Xia Chuan shook his head desperately and his face turned red. He did not think that Xu Ling get woman’s clothes for him to wear, but also a super cute sailor’s clothes, as well as women’s underwear… He’d be ashamed to wear it! He could not wear it even if he died!

“That’s what you said. You can’t regret it! Put it on for me quickly!” Xu Ling urged him and was waiting to see Xia Chuan in his sailor’s clothes. It must be very lewd! The big meat stick that was straight up below was even stronger and harder. It would shoot out at any time. But in order to enjoy it better later, he must hold back…

“But… I don’t want to die anyway!” Looking at Xu Ling’s Sexy Sailor clothes and lovely pink underwear, Xia Chuan really couldn’t put them on. He regretted it to death. Why did he say that he would like to wear a woman’s skirt and underwear for Xu Ling? He was really crazy. What should he do now?

“That cute little boy used to be very fond of dressing up and playing role-playing! He looks really good in women’s clothes. He’s more beautiful and lovely than girls. I know, if you don’t wear it, you dare not. You must be afraid of making a mess. You must be afraid that you don’t look cute when you wear it.” Xu Ling frowned and raised a sneer at Xia Chuan’s unwillingness to die or live. He also stimulated Xia Chuan with his ‘ex-lover.’

“Fuck! Who says I’m afraid of this… Damn it, I’ll just wear it!” Xia Chuan was so angry that he shouted abuse and immediately put on the sexy and lovely pink underwear when he lost his reason. He could bear anything except Xu Ling’s comparison with his ex-lover.

Xia Chuan did not think about Xu Ling’s radical approach, so he was so stupid again and again that people didn’t know if he would blame him for being too stupid, or praised him for being too smart!

The underwear for women was too small for the big Xia Chuan. He couldn’t wear it well, but he wore the pink bra and underwear embroidered with lace in a defiant rage. The small and thin lady bra and underwear were deformed quickly by him. Several places were stretched by him. There was a possibility of it ripping at any time.

Looking at Xia Chuan wearing the pink lingerie made of lace, Xu Ling’s nose was hot and about to bleed. A big man like Xia Chuan wearing the super lovely pink dress was naturally very strange, but somehow he just feel he was very cute and that Xia Chuan could make anyone question their sexuality…

Because the underwear was made of transparent gauze, he could clearly see the two brown nipples hidden in the bra and the big meat sticks in the underwear. The sexy parts that he was already very familiar with were set off by the pink gauze, which was more tempting and attractive. It made him want to jump on him and bite down.

Xia Chuan, who was so angry that he didn’t notice how colorful he was, continued to put on his sailor’s clothes, which were as small as the underwear and fit badly. It took Xia Chuan a lot of work to wear the sailor’s clothes reluctantly. The sailor’s clothes were heavily deformed by Xia Chuan like the underwear and could burst at any time.

The worst thing was that the original very short sailor’s clothes were even shorter on Xia Chuan, his strong waist was exposed outside, the miniskirt below was too short, even the pink underwear exposed half of his penis to the outside, it was really an indescribable color down there…

Xu Ling’s eyes were more lustful. If he hadn’t had enough self-control, he would have a nosebleed. He didn’t expect that Xia Chuan would wear a woman’s skirt like this… so lusty

Xia Chuan was gasping for breath because of his narrow and petite clothes. His whole body was strangled with pain, especially the chest with the lacey bra and the lower body with the tight underwear. His poor nipples and little brother, they were all swollen!

Xia Chuan uncomfortably reached out and pulled down the gauze underwear, which was a very common action, but in Xu Ling’s eyes he only saw the flirtation. Xu Ling quickly put his hand over his nose and took a deep breath so as not to let the nose bleed out. He must not lose face in front of Xia Chuan.

Xu Ling took several deep breaths, adjusted his breath, turned around and took out a pink electric massage dildo from the bedside cabinet, which of course was also specially prepared for the hotel guests!

“Kneel down and eat this with your ass!” Xu Ling shook the big electric massage dildo in his hands and ordered Xia Chuan again with an evil smile.

Xia Chuan didn’t refuse this time and he knelt down for Xu Ling without thinking about it. He took the electric massage dildo. Xia Chuan thought that this wasn’t the most shameful thing had been done anyway. He even wore women’s underwear and sailor’s clothes. What else could he not do? If he wanted to be super-saucy and let Xu Ling die, he must forget all his shame! He didn’t want to think about anything. He just needed to do what Xu Ling told him. He was not a virgin anyway so all he had to do was pretend to be coquettish.

Xia Chuan intentionally lay on Xu Ling’s leg, pulled down his pink underwear and raised his plump and beautiful buttocks high. He stretched out his hand and spread his two round and strong buttocks, revealing the back hole hidden inside, so that Xu Ling could see his mysterious back bud clearly…

Xu Ling immediately sent out a low grunt representing desire. Xia Chuan’s back cave was often drilled by him and had already turned a bright crimson. The beautiful chrysanthemum bud was still twitching gently, revealing a small hole, very attractive, making him want to insert himself immediately!

Xu Ling knew that Xia Chuan was seducing him by wilfully creeped back and in his heart he scolded with excitement: slut!

Instead of immediately inserting the massage dildo into his ass, Xia Chuan opened his mouth and sucked the dildo into his mouth, eating it like it was Xu Ling’s big meat stick. The small hole behind him was gently rubbed and pressed with his fingers. Although this massage dildo was not as big as Xu Ling’s meat stick, it was not small. It would be the first time inserting a dildo into his ass. He had to wet the massage stick, fully exploit his back entrance and then insert the massage dildio in order to avoid injury.

Today, Xu Ling did not know how to torture him. If Xu Ling really wanted to do it a hundred times, his back entrance must not be injured at the beginning. Otherwise, when Xu Ling really inserted it, he would be miserable! He’d die of pain!

Watching his lover lie on his leg, while sucking on the massage dildo, while stretching his finger to rub the back entrance, Xu Ling secretly swallowed saliva. He was so excited that he went mad. The painful big meat stick hit Xia Chuan’s handsome face.

“Don’t just care about yourself, rub my meat stick with your hands!”

Xia Chuan looked up at his lover who was dying in a hurry, raised a fascinating smile on his lips and held out his idle left hand to grip the huge stick full of fire. He knew that Xu Ling’s meat stick was pulled out just after being half in his mouth. Now it must be very uncomfortable and may climax at any time. Although he wanted to torture Xu Ling, who had been bullying him, his goal tonight was to praise Xu Ling’s comfort and happiness, to defeat Xu Ling’s ex-lover who he had been praising, only to find a chance to get revenge on Xu Ling later!

“Um… Ah…” Xu Ling’s persistent desire was alleviated and he naturally gave a pleasant cry.

Xu Ling’s cry was absolutely the best encouragement for Xia Chuan. He grasped the iron bar faster and more enthusiastically manipulated the big meat stick that would burst out at any time. At the same time, licking the mouth of the electric dildo and rubbing the finger of the back acupoint have not stopped, making him look more lewd and obscene, like a real male prostitute…

“Don’t lick the electric dildo. Put it in your butt. My brother wants to be in your mouth! I’m going to shoot in your mouth…” Seeing his brother, he could not resist launching, Xu Ling said this to Xia Chuan quickly that he did not want to shoot in Xia Chuan’s hand, he wanted to shoot in his mouth.

Xia Chuan nodded and pulled out the massage dildo from his mouth. The pink surface was covered with bright saliva and had been licked very wet by him and could be inserted below. And he wanted Xu Ling’s meat stick to shoot in his mouth. He wanted to eat Xu Ling’s semen…

Xia Chuan opened his mouth and ate Xu Ling’s big meat stick again. He took the massage dildo in his hand and put it into the back acupoint at the same time. Although he had been prepared for it, his eyes enlarged. Xia Chuan hummed softly. His back entrance was often bullied by Xu Ling and he had done foreplay beforehand, so the massage dildo did not hurt, but it felt very strong and exciting…

Xu Ling, who had been staring at Xia Chuan, clearly saw how the thick pink massage dildo entered the petite red chrysanthemum cave. That scene was too lustful, too beautiful and the nosebleed that he had been holding back can no longer help but flow out!

Discovering Xu Ling’s nosebleed, Xia Chuan was stunned. He just wanted to make fun of Xu Ling. Unexpectedly, Xu Ling held his head angrily and embarrassed. The big meat stick moved in his mouth, making him unable to speak.

“Dead scoundrel, use the dildo and jab your ass, I want to see!” Xu Ling wiped off the nosebleed and roared hoarsely as he roughly dried his lover’s mouth. The massage dildo was electric. It didn’t need Xia Chuan to start it by turning on the switch, but he just wanted to see Xia Chuan stabbing his butt with the massage dildo in his hand.

Xia Chuan’s mouth was hurt by Xu Ling, but he did not push Xu Ling aside. On the contrary, whenever Xu Ling’s big meat stick came in, he licked it with his tongue.

He cleverly relaxed his ass with the massage dildo in it, shoved half of the pink electric stick in obediently, pulled it out and used the big electric dildo to play with his back hole…

“Mmmn… Ah… Oh…” His mouth, which was used by the meat stick, immediately uttered a moan of ambiguity and comfort. He used the smooth massage dildo to dry the narrow back hole, so that his always promiscuous passage immediately produced pleasure, the massage dildo was clamped tightly…

“Isn’t this the first time you’ve put something else in your ass besides mine? How do you feel? You don’t have to answer. You must be crazy if you look at your moans. You’re such a slut…” Xu Ling frantically inserted himself into Xia Chuan’s narrow and hot mouth and thrusted to Xia Chuan’s throat. Xu Ling carefully appreciated how his lover manipulated his back hole with a massage dildo and could not help but humiliate and insult his lover excitedly.

“Ah, uh…mmn… I… I am… Ah… Very lewd… mmn… Hmm… It’s true. You… No… Aha… Do you like it? Mmmn…” The constant abuse and insults from his lover made Xia Chuan more excited. He inserted the massage dildo into his dry buttocks by his hand faster. He vigorously grasped the massage dildo and rammed it into his buttocks, making his buttocks shaky and the sensitive passage flowed out with transparent intestinal juice.

“Damn, you’re hopeless… You’ve run yourself down with a dildo, slut! You are a hopeless slut! I’ll fuck you, a cheap and shameless slut, fuck you…” Xu Ling was mad, grabbing Xia Chuan’s dark and thick hair, wildly wiggling his strong arms and pounding Xia Chuan’s mouth hard, hoping that Xia Chuan’s mouth would be destroyed.

That evening, Xia Chuan was so wild, so full of rage. It was even worse than that time when he took the aphrodisiac. It was unexpected that the ‘ex-boyfriend’ would make him so angry and make him react so fiercely. But…he liked Xu Ling so much. He was really…so cute! So cute that Xu Ling wanted to eat him in one bite…

Xu Ling couldn’t help shooting out, hot and fishy semen sprayed into Xia Chuan’s hot and incomparable throat and then flowed into Xia Chuan’s stomach. It was not the first time that Xia Chuan had eaten Xu Ling’s semen so he did not reject the unusual sharp taste. On the contrary, he liked it very much and accepted Xu Ling’s irrigation happily.

Men liked to shoot semen into the other’s mouth during sex, so that they could feel satisfied and feel like they had conquered the other. And if the recipient loved the other, he would be very satisfied, because he let his lover shoot out happily!

Xu Ling was shooting for the first time today, so the amount was very large. Although Xia Chuan was eating like hell, there was still some semen that couldn’t be eaten flowing out along the red corners of his mouth, dyeing Xia Chuan’s entire chin, making Xia Chuan look more lustful…

Xu Ling shot for a long time. When he reached the last point, he pulled out his meat stick and sprayed the remaining concentrated essence on Xia Chuan’s face. The masculine and handsome face was covered with the milky white semen. It was a really indescribable lewdness, which made any man full of lust when he sees it.

Xia Chuan’s mouth was burning with pain from Xu Ling, especially his throat, but he only gasped for two breaths. He looked up at his lover and shouted shamelessly, “Brother Ling, harden up quickly, I still need it! I want you to stick in my back, in my ass…”

Xu Ling normally couldn’t bear to call him brother Ling since as long as he called brother Xu Ling, he would go mad immediately. Xu Ling was crazy. Xia Chuan even called him Brother Ling while they were having sex. Does he really want to be fucked to death by him like a prostitute?

Seeing Xu Ling did not respond, Xia Chuan grabbed Xu Ling’s big meat stick and rubbed it on his handsome face. “Brother Ling, please! I really want it. I don’t like the dildo in my butt. I want to be exercised by your big meat stick. The dildo is not as good and addictive as your big meat stick.”

Xia Chuan was afraid that a real prostitute wouldn’t say such lewd words, but Xia Chuan didn’t blush at all. There was a smile in Xia Chuan’s eyes, which was more than enough to stir Xu Ling. Xia Chuan would never lose to anyone!

“Slave! Bitch! Slut! How did you get so fussy? Are you really so fond of being fucked? Just a few times by the massage stick, not only his your ass running water, even the old man in front has stood up…” Suddenly Xu Ling found a hard thing on his leg. He looked down and saw that Xia Chuan’s iron gun, which was slightly smaller than his own, was harder. He reached out and patted Xia Chuan’s upright ass, causing Xia Chuan to cry out.

“Mnn… Elder brother Ling, good elder brother, don’t bully me, come and insert into me! Didn’t you say you had to fuck me a hundred times? Hurry up…” Xia Chuan disagreed, deliberately rubbing Xu Ling’s legs with his hard meat stick and looking over with his beautiful eyes to Xu Ling, begging beautifully. Xu Ling couldn’t bear to talk to him in such a delicate voice, which would make him excited immediately.

Xu Ling could not bear the temptation of Xia Chuan again and again, the soft meat stick hardened again, Xia Chuan was immediately happy to hold the plush thick meat stick and kissed it several times. “Brother Ling is awesome. I love you so much that I can do it again so soon!”

“Fuck me! Damn it, Lao Tzu won’t be called Xu Ling if he doesn’t kill you tonight!” Xu Ling completely lost his reason and dragged Xia Chuan up and threw him on the bed.

Xu Ling frantically kissed Xia Chuan’s beautiful face covered with his semen, gnawed Xia Chuan’s lips, which had just been dried red and swollen by himself and tore Xia Chuan’s Sexy Sailor clothes. Xia Chuan’s sailor’s clothes were in danger of bursting at any time. He brutally pulled them and the poor jacket immediately became fragments and hung on to Xia Chuan. It made Xia Chuan look sexier and more tempting and Xu Ling wanted to fuck him!

Xu Ling wanted to stretch out his hand to pull Xia Chuan’s skirt off, but Xia Chuan grasped it. In the face of his lover’s indignant eyes, Xia Chuan laughed more charming and coquettish. “Brother Ling, let others serve you! “

Before Xu Ling spoke, Xia Chuan had pushed Xu Ling down, turned over to ride Xu Ling and pulled out the pink electric dildo inserted in hid buttocks. When the massage dildo completely left the chrysanthemum cave, an obscene ‘plop’ sounded immediately in the room.

Xia Chuan grabbed Xu Ling’s big meat stick and pointed it at his chrysanthemum cave, which was not completely closed. He sat down hard and ate Xu Ling’s super meat stick into his body. Xu Ling and Xia Chuan made comfortable moans at the same time. Xia Chuan, without waiting for Xu Ling’s order, began to swing his waist and rocking his arm, rubbing his own small hole against his lover’s big meat stick.

“Ah… It is really comfortable! Elder brother’s big meat stick is the most comfortable… Wow… Elder brother inserts so deep… I love your big meat stick… Ah ah… Aha…” Xia Chuan cried out with pleasure then looked at Xu Ling enchantingly. He grabbed the massage dildo dyed with his intestinal juice and put it into his mouth and licked it again.

Xu Ling had lived for so many years. He had never been so excited or so happy as he was now. Lying on a soft bed, smoking leisurely, enjoying his lover’s coquettish and lewd manner and enjoying his sweetheart’s wanton swinging, really made him happy!

Xu Ling grabbed Xia Chuan’s big meat stick and rubbed it. He watched him lick his intestinal juice on the massage dildo. He asked wickedly, “Is your pornographic water sweet or not? Does it taste good?”

“Of course it’s delicious! Sweet to death, sweeter than brother Ling’s semen! Would you like to try some, Brother Ling?” Xia Chuan nodded lewdly, took out the massage stick in his mouth and put it to Xu Ling’s lips. His butt struck the big meat stick propping up the whole hole rhythmically. The handsome face was dyed bright red, which represented desire and comfort. Xia Chuan thought in his heart: Sure enough, Xu Ling’s meat stick is the most comfortable for a dry buttock. Although the massage dido is good, but there is no real temperature when inserted into the cold body. Most importantly, the surface of the massage stick is too smooth, unlike real people’s rough veins, no pubic hair. Inserting it into the body had far less stimulation than his meat stick…

Xu Ling was completely fascinated by Xia Chuan, who was more lewd than a male prostitute. He did something he would never do before. He did not refuse Xia Chuan’s invitation. He put out his tongue to lick a massage dildo full of Xia Chuan’s saliva and intestinal juice and tasted the taste of his lover’s liquids.

Xu Ling’s action seriously stimulated Xia Chuan, Xia Chuan, wearing a white miniskirt, made his buttocks shake more fiercely, with the weight of his body eating Xu Ling’s meat stick completely, leaving only two large meat eggs outside. Xu Ling’s round turtle head reached his heart hidden deep in his chrysanthemum cave, which made Xia Chuan shudder. The meat stick raised even bigger and harder and moved faster in Xu Ling’s hand.

“Brother Ling, you’re in my heart. It’s so refreshing… Ah ah… Oh oh oh… Brother Ling, your things puts my ass into a happy place… Ah ah ah… Brother Ling, do you know? Here’s only ever had you in it… Ah ah ah… I’ve only given you my ass… Oh oh oh oh… I will only ever let you do it… Ah ah…”

Xia Chuan’s lewd words, let Xu Ling’s heart feel satisfaction and pleasure, he was Xia Chuan’s first man, he was in the body of the playboy, he was the one who changed the one who had captivated countless women into homosexuality, only he could press this man under his body to do anything!

“Your ass can only let me fuck it for the rest of your life and your mouth can only lick my meat stick. Did you hear that?” Xu Ling ordered, holding Xia Chuan’s nipple through the pink bra and rubbed Xia Chuan’s full chest with his palm.

Xia Chuan was very strong. His whole body was full of muscles, especially his two pectoral muscles. Although there was no woman’s softness, he was full of elasticity and was very touchable.

“Ah… Got it! I’ll just dry your ass and lick your dick… Ah ah… Pinch hard again. My nipples itch. Oh, ah… Like to be pinched by you, good… Ah ah ah… Ah ah… It’s hot again… Oh oh oh…” Xia Chuan nodded and shouted lewdly, holding his chest forward so that Xu Ling could more easily pinch his nipples and rub his chest. Under it, Xu Ling’s small cave like a small mouth passionately sucked and sucked the huge hot penis and strived to make Xu Ling’s turtle bump into his chrysanthemum heart under his head, making himself happy and comfortable.

“Is it comfortable to have your nipples played with? Your little brother is happy to shoot! You see, it’s all hard. It’s still running! I can’t imagine how you like to be played by men. How do you fuck women? How did you play with women before? Have you really played with many women? I really doubt it!” Xia Chuan’s little brother, under the pleasure of his chest and back acupoint, was so refreshed that he blew out the prostatic fluid and dirtied Xu Ling’s big hand. Xu Ling frowned and laughed. But Xu Ling was not angry. He pinched his nipples as hard as a pebble according to Xia Chuan’s request.

Xia Chuan’s nipples were often played with by Xu Ling and were quite different from those of ordinary men. Although Xia Chuan’s nipples were still masculine brown in color, they were much bigger than those of ordinary men and looked very different…slutty!

Xu Ling also suspected that playing with Xia Chuan’s nipples with his hands was addictive. He stopped licking the saliva and pornographic water off of the massage dildo. He took the massage dildo from Xia Chuan’s hand and rubbed it one of Xia Chuan’s another nipple. It made Xia Chuan feel as if his nipple was being struck by his man’s meat stick. It was even more refreshing.

“Ah, ah… Ah ah… Brother Ling… I love you so much… Ah ah… I love you playing with me so much… Ah ah… Uh huh… Brother Ling, play roughly with me again… Ah ah…So good! Ah ah ah…” Xia Chuan’s full chest muscles and enlarged nipples were being played with happily by Xu Ling. Xu Ling’s nipples were almost torn, but were itching in pain, he wanted his nipples to be treated more roughly by Xu Ling.

“Be rougher? Good! I’m going to brutally kill you, you super slut!” Xu Ling raised a wicked and terrible smile, beat Xia Chuan’s itchy nipples and strong pectoral muscles with the massage dildo and the hand that rubbed Xia Chuan’s penis became somewhat rough. The big meat stick that had not moved in Xia Chuan’s buttocks suddenly twitched and fiercely thrust into the small dry chrysanthemum hole.

“Ah, ah, ah… That’s how it works… Ah ah… Ah oh… Good… Um, ah… can you fuck harder… Ah ah… My cave is going to be dried up by you… Ah ah ah… Ah ah…” Xia Chuan immediately gave out a pleasant scream and shouted happily. The tall body was sitting on his lover’s meat stick and spasmodically shuddering. The pleasure ran like a flood through every cell in his body. More intestinal juice came out of the small hole, which wet Xu Ling’s pubic hair.

Xia Chuan didn’t know what he was doing either. He liked to be played roughly by Xu Ling; sometimes Xu Ling treated him gently. On the contrary, he was not used to it and felt uncomfortable. But as long as Xu Ling was rude to him, his lustful and body would be very fond of the abuse and his whole body would be full of pleasure. This may be because Xu Ling often played roughly, which made him a little bit masochistic. It was terrible!

“Slave, tell me whether it’s better to fuck a woman or to be fucked by a man?” Xu Ling asked wickedly while playing roughly with Xia Chuan. He didn’t want to be gentle with Xia Chuan, but he liked to look at Xia Chuan’s expression that showed he wanted to be fucked to death!

Maybe it was family genetics. The men in their family were a little violent and abusive but he was not very serious. San Mao was the most serious and the boy was a super violent maniac. Although San Mao looks the most like Mama, he had the worst personality and his face really didn’t match it.

“Ah, ah… Of course it’s fucked by men…My ass feels so good… mmn,.. How can fucking women be good? Ah ah ah… Good brother, do it a little harder… Ah ah ah… Ah ah… It’s great to be dried by a man… Oh oh… It’s so hot… Ah ah… It’s so hot… Um, ah… Aha…” Xia Chuan answered honestly, feeling that his whole body was hot and dead, especially his buttocks, which had been continuously tampered with by fire sticks, were almost melting!

Although it was now winter, why did he still feel so hot? Xu Ling’s meat sticks were too hot, it was almost burning him up! Even his heart was hot, as thick happiness overflowed, the sweet feeling about to rush out…

In the past, having sex with those girlfriends was mainly to pursue physical pleasure. All he wanted was naked lust and he never thought about having sex so he could feel the existence of love from the act of intercourse. But with Xu Ling, no matter how many times, he could feel the existence of love, no matter how rough Xu Ling’s behavior was, no matter how vulgar Xu Ling insulted him, he still had the feeling of love and his whole body was full of happiness and sweet pleasure!

He knew that he would be like this, all because he loved Xu Ling crazily, he loved this indifferent and treacherous man under him crazily, he loved this iceberg man to death!

“Ah, ah… Brother Ling, I love you… Ah ah… Ha ah… I forbid you to go to another man… Oh, ah… You can only do it with me… Oh, ah… Ah ah ah…” Suddenly, Xia Chuan looked at Xu Ling wildly and his charming phoenix eyes were stained with a layer of mist. He cried piteously.

He liked Xu Ling very much. He really couldn’t stand Xu Ling’s association with other boys before him, even going to bed. He was mad and sour at the thought of this solid body hugging someone else and the big stick in his butt inserting into another butt.

Although he knew that Xu Ling had not known him before, he was still angry. He knew that his idea was very stingy, very feminine, since he had been in contact with many women before, had sex, but he just couldn’t stand the thought of Xu Ling having other people!

If Xu Ling went to find someone else now, he really didn’t know what he would do. Maybe he would be crazy enough to kill! Yes! If Xu Ling dared to find people other than him, he would kill them all and then commit suicide!

“It depends on your performance. If you serve me comfortably, of course I won’t go to anyone else!” Xu Ling grinned wilfully.

“You can rest assured, I… Ah ah… I’ll be fine… Waiting for you… Oh, ah… I’ll make you go to heaven… super happy… Ah ah… I will be better than all men and women… Make you happier… Ah ah… mnn…” Xia Chuan quickly nodded, bowed his head and kissed the handsome face which made him mad in love. He caressed Xu Ling’s strong body with both hands and clamped his buttocks to make the meat stick in the chrysanthemum cave twitch.

“Ah… That’s great! That’s it… Ah… You slut, you’re so good… Damn it, my little brother is going to be broken by you. You should take it lightly. Such a prostitute…” Xu Ling was so painful and refreshed that he stretched out his hand and slapped him hard on the ass to make him relax a little.

But Xu Ling did not think that Xia Chuan was now sensitive all over his body. Among them, his butt that he had inserted his meat stick into was the most sensitive. Xia Chuan’s butt already reached the limit, he could not bear a little stimulation and just slapping his butt would drive him crazy!

Sure enough, Xia Chuan immediately screamed like mad and his butt twisted violently. “Brother Ling, don’t… Please don’t hit… Ah ah ah… I’ll come… Ah ah… It feels good… Oh, ah… Please don’t hit… Oh oh… I can’t stand it… Ah ah ah…”

Such pleasure. He did not expect to be hit by Xu Ling, how could it be so? Xu Ling hit him hard, so that his butt was a little painful, but was more fascinated by the pleasure!

“It feels like spanking. Are you masochistic?” Hearing Xia Chuan’s lewd cry, Xu Ling not only did not stop, but instead beat Xia Chuan’s strong and elastic buttocks more vigorously, making his bronze buttocks a little red. At the same time, the big meat stick inserted in the cave wildly dried the happy source, grinding into the small chrysanthemum heart twice, making it twice as swollen as before. Liquid continuously flowed out, just like a woman, making Xu Ling’s lower body dirty…

“Ah, ah… I’m going to shoot… I can’t… Ah – ah -” Xia Chuan, surrounded by multiple pleasures and swallowed up, finally could not stand his climax. Xu Ling had been playing his big meat stick and now he ejected semen, shooting on Xu Ling’s hand.

“Lao Tzu can’t hold on, either…” Xu Ling then shot into Xia Chuan’s body. They often had orgasms at the same time when they had sex. Blame Xia Chuan since his climax looked so charming, so he could not help but want to shoot out!

“That’s the second time…” Xia Chuan fell on Xu Ling, with a big soft meat stick in his butt and looked at Xu Ling gasping and laughing. Tired to death, there were still 98 times and he had to let Xu Leng shoot 98 times before he could do it again. It was a very arduous task indeed!

“What’s the second time? It’s the first time!” Xu Ling shook his head. Unlike Xia Chuan, he did not feel tired at all. On the contrary, the more he worked, the more energetic he became.

“This is the second time. You just shot me once in my mouth!” Xia Chuan frowned at once and shouted. How did Xu Ling calculate it?

“No! It’s only once!”

“Why? You shot twice!”

“I said a hundred times to shoot you in the butt, so shooting you in the mouth that time does not counted!” Xu Ling took out a cigarette and said leisurely. Smoking a cigarette after sex was the most comfortable!

“How can you do that? You’re playing tricks! I don’t care, that time also counts, out of a hundred times I have done it with you twice!” Xia Chuan was dying of anger. Xu Ling was such a despicable bastard. His mouth was still painful. He didn’t even count that oral sex. That was a waste of his hard work just now.

“I only recognize it as once. You still owe me ninety-nine times! Quickly return the remaining ninety-nine times to me, more than ten times tonight!”

Xu Ling refused to give Xia Chuan a chance to speak. He turned over and pressed Xia Chuan in his arms on the bed. The big meat stick that had rested in the cave was waved and attacked the cave which was soft and smooth as heaven. He was very excited tonight. Although he had done it twice, his little brother only rested in Xia Chuan for a minute and then became hard and competent.

“Ah ah… No, I owe you ninety-eight times… Oh, ah… Ah ah…” Xia Chuan immediately lay down under Xu Ling and groaned, but he still did not forget to argue with Xu Ling. He must let Xu Ling admit that oral sex counted! There were so many important tasks to be done, one less time was the same as one more time!

“Ninety-nine times!”

“No… Ah ah… Ninety… Eight times… Oh, ah… Hmm… You killed me… Ah ah… Friction to the heart again… Ah ah…”

“Ninety-nine times!”

“… Nine… ty… Eight… mmn… Oh oh oh… Don’t touch my nipples with a massage dildo… Ah ah ah… Oh, ah…”

The lamp in the guest room was on all night long, Xia Chuan could hear the ravings and gasps like they were from a male prostitute. There were two people arguing whether they had done it once or twice.

In the afternoon, the bright sunshine came in from the window and sprinkled on the naked Xia Chuan. Xia Chuan, who had been fucked by Xu Ling all night, was tired and sore all over.

Damn it, he was exhausted! The bones in his whole body seemed to be scattered. Every cell in his body was screaming in pain. Every place was in pain. Especially his butt which had been dry all night was no longer a simple pain that words could describe, he felt as if he was going to die!

It was Xu Ling, that bastard, who kept pressing him to do it all night. He really did it ten times and his butt was blooming! No, if he counted the oral sex it was eleven times, but Xu Ling, this dead iceberg man, firmly refused to admit that time! Abhorrent…

They should not have spent a whole night arguing about that oral sex, but Xu Ling, this bastard, refused to admit it. He was so angry!

“Wake up!” Suddenly behind him came a familiar cold male voice, waking up with his man in his arms.

“Ouch – it hurts…: Xia Chuan wanted to turn around, but he just moved his body and went mad, his eyes were wet immediately.

Xu Ling immediately sat up and looked at him and asked with some worry, “What’s wrong?” 

“It’s your fault! Who made you act like a wild animal, ruthlessly fooling with me all night without human nature, so that I can’t move now and I’ll go mad if I move!” Tear filled eyes immediately stared at Xu Ling, the culprit, as Xia Chuan complained piteously.

“How can you blame me? Who told you to seduce me?” Xu Ling retorted.

“You talk nonsense. When did I seduce you?” The handsome face flashed with a trace of bright red, Xia Chuan shook his head to deny it. In fact, Xu Ling was not wrong at all. Last night Xu Ling was so hard and he blamed him for luring him in like a slut. Only then could Xu Ling’s beastly nature grow big and make him die!

It was so embarrassing to think about the wave of last night. He was really fussy, more fussy than all his girlfriends who had sex with him. No one could tell Xu Ling that his ex-boyfriend was more fussy than him. How could he win over that hateful ex-boyfriend?

Xu Ling wanted to continue to refute, but when he saw Xia Chuan’s face crying out in pain, pity rose in his heart. His cold voice softened and he coaxed, “Don’t complain, I’ll buy you some ice cream!” 

“How many times have I said that I don’t like cream? Don’t tease me with it all the time. I’m not a kid!” Xia Chuan hummed, but a smile flashed in his eyes and his heart was sweet. Xu Ling, a fool, knew how to buy ice cream to make him happy, like a little fart boy who had never been in love! If he hadn’t been so handsome, he would have thought he hadn’t been in love before, but that was impossible! Xu Ling also once had a super beautiful and lovely, super good in bed, super perverted teenager as a boyfriend!

Remembering Xu Ling’s ex-boyfriend, Xia Chuan remembered that he hadn’t asked Xu Ling about one thing before. Looking at Xu Ling, he suddenly asked, “Did you have a good night last night?” 

“Not bad!” Xu Ling nodded.

Xia Chuan gave him a blank look. What was not bad? It was clear that he was very happy, but he was unwilling to admit it honestly. This sullen iceberg man!

“Did I beat your ex-boyfriend? Am I more coquettish than him? Am I more refreshing than him?” Xia Chuan asked anxiously, thinking that he had worked hard all night and worked so hard to serve Xu Ling that he was now suffering to death all over his body. If Xu Ling dared to say that he did not beat his ex-boyfriend…fuck…he would definitely kill Xu Ling!

“How do I know? I haven’t slept with him. How can I know that he’s good? Are you worse than him?” Xu Ling looked at Xia Chuan and said coldly.

“What?” Xia Chuan was shocked when he heard his words. He immediately sat up from bed with great pain and stared at Xu Ling and cried,”What did you say just now? I beg your pardon!” What did Xu Ling just say?

“If you didn’t hear it, I won’t say it!” Xu Ling lay back on the bed, closed his eyes and prepared to continue sleeping. He hadn’t slept enough yet!

“Don’t sleep! Hurry up and tell me what you just said. You said you hadn’t slept with that beautiful boy, but you didn’t mean that he was very angry and had a good time in bed?” Cried Xia Chuan angrily. The iceberg man said that he would go to bed half way. It was clearly intentional! He had to figure out what was going on!

Xu Ling opened his eyes impatiently and scolded, “How annoying you are! When did I tell you that I slept with him? He was very angry and was good in bed, but that was what his boyfriend told me!” 

Xia Chuan suddenly felt foolish. How could this happen? So he was fooled by Xu Ling? Damn it, he was caught by this treacherous little man again! Xia Chuan finally responded, he may have been caught in Xu Ling’s trick again!

“You really haven’t done it with the beautiful teenager in the picture? So who the hell is he?” Xia Chuan asked quickly. He always thought it was wrong. If Xu Ling deceived him, who was the beautiful boy like an angel who had not slept with him? Xu Ling would take pictures with him and his relationship was absolutely different!

“Of course not. I don’t have a perverted hobby of incest with my brother! I’m not perverted!”

“The man in the picture is your brother?!” Cried Xia Chuan. The so-called ‘ex-boyfriend’ was Xu Ling’s brother, the little uncle? Last night, he tried to seduce Xu Ling, willing to let Xu Ling do him a hundred times, and yet letting Xu Ling ruin a night was completely meaningless?

Abhorrent! Xia Chuan was so angry that he almost vomited blood. Xu Ling was so treacherous and insidious that he was deceived like a fool.

“My brother Xu San Mao! You’ve seen pictures of him with me and Da Mao before. Have you forgotten?” Xu Ling Yang raised his lips. This pig was too easy to deceive. It was easy to cheat him and make fun of him.

As Xu Ling reminded him, Xia Chuan remembered that he misunderstood Xu Xie as Xu Ling’s girlfriend the other day. Xu Ling showed him a picture proving that they were brothers in order to explain to him. In addition to Xu Xie and young Xu Ling, there was a little boy who was smaller than Xu Ling and looked very beautiful and lovely. That little man really grew up into the beautiful boy in the picture last night!?

The truth of the matter was finally clear. He was really deceived by Xu Ling. The killing iceberg man dared to deceive him. If he had known that he was deceived, he would not have done it so many times taking the initiative of an idiot. His poor ass!

Looking at Xia Chuan, whose intestines were green with regret, Xu Ling’s belly was laughing bitterly. Originally, he planned to tell him the truth after one hundred times to pay off Xia Chuan’s debt to him, but he really couldn’t wait to see Xia Chuan’s expression of regret for knowing the truth!

“Xu Ling, you bastard, I’m going to kill you…” Xia Chuan roared furiously, trying to punch Xu Ling with his hand, but when his hand was raised, he was in tears. There was no way to beat him and make him more angry!

“Okay, stop shouting and crying! Lest you hurt yourself, it’s you who will suffer… Don’t be angry. I’ll buy you some ice cream!” Xu Ling sat up and hugged him awkwardly as he watched Xia Chuan cry again. He had never seen a boy who liked crying more than Xia Chuan. He was obviously a big man but he liked crying more than the youngest two brothers in his family.

If Xia Chuan knew Xu Ling’s thoughts, he would blow up in anger and scold Xu Ling for being heartless. He would not be harmed by Xu Ling in this way! Xu Ling’s character was so bad that he didn’t know what to say about him.

“I said I don’t eat ice cream! I asked you, you said last night that you had a boyfriend, who is it?” Xia Chuan raised his tear filled face and look at Xu Ling. Xu Ling had said every word, he remembered it all clearly. This beautiful young man was clear on many things, but who Xu Ling’s boyfriend was had not been clear. He must know who it is!

“Isn’t that you?” Xu Ling rolled his eyes.

“I’m your boyfriend?” Xia Chuan was stunned for a moment. Why didn’t he think that Xu Ling’s boyfriend was him? Wasn’t he the first boyfriend he ever had? Angry and annoyed, his heart immediately became extremely happy and excited, Xia Chuan smiled happily and asked, “Am I the first boyfriend you ever had?”

“I’ll tell you when you let me finish the remaining ninety times!” In the sunshine, the handsome man with the dark skin lifted a charming smile on his lips.

—— End of the book——

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Translator Notes:

  1. Xia Chuan’s name is 夏川 in Chinese.


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October 12, 2019 10:05 am

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Wow! I was exhausted just from reading their acts, no wonder they needed to recuperate for a long time. And, aren’t they college students?! When do they actually go to classes and study? Nonetheless, this CP is so fun to read about. Never read about this type of CP before. So fun! Thank you so much for the translation! I’m sure this short story was very difficult. But you guys are awesome! 👍🏻😁

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This two are just like me and my husband. I can relate perfectly.

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Firstly thank you for your time in translating this novel. At 1st I felt sorry for XL then I realized as I kept reading that XL was cunning and manipulative. XC ended up sounding more and more like a girl and from a woman’s point it annoyed me. Overall I found that I was captivated by the story which made me want find out what was next for these 2 young men and what would happen to the 2 girl’s. I did enjoy reading the novel and I look forward to reading more from this site. Thank you again 😊… Read more »

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