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Chapter Two

Translated by Addis and Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The snakes were not very venomous, Xia Chuan was not in any major danger, but his lower body was swollen and painful. The doctor said that it would take several days for him to recover. Xia Chuan was afraid people would learn about his condition so He stayed in the dormitory every day and did not dare to go out at all.

Xia Chuan did not tell the school about the snake bite. He had a very high pride. He would rather die than let people know about this issue. His “little brother” had been bitten by a snake. After this incident, Xia Chuan was even more eager to cut Xu Ling with a thousand knives. He swore in his heart that he must give him a lesson of a lifetime won’t let him die with an intact body…

After a week’s rest, his lower body finally recovered to its original state. He was relieved at last, but one thing he was still not sure of was whether his “lil bro” could “sweep through thousands of troops” as before.

Since it was Saturday, a day without classes, Xia Chuan got up early in the morning and grabbed brand-name casual clothes he had recently bought and put them on then combed a super handsome hairstyle. Looking in the mirror, Xia Chuan showed a satisfied smile.

He really was a super handsome man. Even he couldn’t help being fascinated by himself. Who could resist his charm?

While Xia Chuan was intoxicated with himself, the door of the bathroom was suddenly pushed open. Seeing the visitor, Xia Chuan immediately changed his face and stared at Xu Ling while gnashing his teeth, hoping to cut Xu Ling into eight pieces.

Xu Ling simply ignored him, went to the next sink over to wash his face and brush his teeth. He had no guilt at all about the incident. He felt that it was Xia Chuan’s fault. He had only punished him slightly.

Xia Chuan took a deep breath in and forced himself to calm down. The most important thing is to do now was to quickly “check” whether his little brother had any problems in that respect. He would do a good job of tidying up the dead boy later.

With a snort toward Xu Ling, Xia Chuan left the bathroom. Dai Xiao Qiang and Luo Shuai, who had just gotten up, saw him and shouted at the same time:

“Chuan, what are you doing dressed so handsomely?” 

“Chuan, are you going on a blind date?” 

“Ha-ha! Almost. I’m going on a date!” Xia Chuan changed his slippers and put on the famous brand sports shoes that the average person could only buy using a month’s salary.

“Oh! It was a date with Lin YaTing. No wonder you all dressed up!” Luo Shuai suddenly realized.

“I don’t think it’s a simple date.” Dai Xiao Qiang hugged Xia Chuan’s neck and laughed vaguely. “Chuan, are you going to eat that valley’s orchid today?” 

“How did you know?” Xia Chuan did not deny it, but just laughed instead.

“Who would bring this to a simple date?” Dai Xiao Qiang took out several condoms from Xia Chuan’s pants pocket.

“Chuan, you are such a big bad wolf that want to eat our pure and lovely little princess!” Luo Shuai had a dirty look on his face.

“Lust is part of a man’s nature and what makes a man! And we are in love as a men and women. It’s natural for us to have sex.” Xia Chuan grabbed the condom. He had to find someone to have sex with to see if his little brother was okay and he had been thinking about Lin YaTing’s body for a long time.

“Lin YaTing’s figure is very striking. Someone is going to have a blast today! Jealousy kills a brother…” 

“When you come back, you must remember to report to us the body and taste of Lin YaTing.”

Dai Xiao Qiang and Luo Shuai were more excited than each other. Men were always most interested in this kind of thing.

“Rest assured! I’ll tell you how many times we do it!” Xia Chuan sent an Ok gesture. He had always been very open in this respect and often exchanged his experiences with his two buddies.

“Princess Lin should still be a virgin. You should be gentle to her.” Luo Shuai laughed indecently.

“Yes! I’m leaving, bye bye!” After getting everything ready, Xia Chuan waved goodbye to his friends and left the dormitory.

Having always been in the bathroom, Xu Ling listened to their conversation clearly, without a word missing. He raised his lips strangely, showing a horrible smile of unidentified meaning…

“Xia Chuan, is your leg better?” At a remote lake near the school, a beautiful girl looked at the bright and handsome boy beside her, her eyes full of concern.

“Much better already! Baby, do you know how much I missed you because I couldn’t see you these last few days?” Xia Chuan embraced Lin YaTing’s shoulder and caressed her beautiful black hair. His affectionate expression could charm all women. After these days of leave, Xia Chuan’s explanation was that he had accidentally twisted his foot!

“Didn’t you call every day?” Pure Lin YaTing blushed.

“Baby, how cute you look when you blush!” Lin YaTing’s shy appearance made the wolf more lustful and he couldn’t help kissing her red lips.

“Ngh… Don’t… Uh huh…” Lin YaTing pretended to refuse him a few times before she  shyly lay in his arms and let him kiss.

Lin YaTing’s gentleness and cleverness made Xia Chuan want to plunder her wantonly on the grass. Xia Chuan had planned to give Lin YaTing a beautiful first night and take her virginity from within the hotel’s luxury suite, but now, he changed his mind…

Lin YaTing was so charming that he couldn’t wait to go to the hotel. He decided to eat her now. This small lake was located in the most remote corner of the campus. Generally, no one would come. It was a good place to do bad things. Heh, heh…

Xia Chuan’s eyes glittered with evil laughter, using more effort to provoke Lin YaTing. He put his tongue passed her lips to absorb the honey in her mouth, wickedly stroking and rubbing her full and attractive body.

Lin YaTing was totally immersed in Xia Chuan’s kiss. It seemed that she did not sense any evil intentions until Xia Chuan reached into her dress and rubbed his hands across her breasts, she woke up…

“What are you doing?” Lin YaTing pushed Xia Chuan aside and looked at him with some fear.

“Baby, I love you. I can’t wait. Will you give it to me?” Xia Chuan embraced her and coaxed softly.

“No! We can’t do this, we…” 

Having listened to her refusal patiently, Xia Chuan once again blocked her mouth, ripped off her clothes, took off her bra and stroked her plump breast.

“No… Don’t… Please don’t do that… Ah…” Lin YaTing wanted to struggle, but she was naive and weak, not Xia Chuan’s opponent. With his veteran hand, Xia Chuan quickly aroused the desire in her body, so that she could only moan helplessly.

“Don’t be afraid! Baby, I will be very gentle and give you the best experience of your life…” Xia Chuan comforted her, took off her skirt and was trying to pull down her lace underwear. 

Suddenly there was an enthralling man voice behind him, “How noisy you are!” 

Xia Chuan and Lin YaTing were shocked. They turned around and found Xu Ling standing behind them silently.

“Ahh!!” Lin YaTing was so ashamed that she immediately picked up the clothes thrown aside and put them on. She pushed Xia Chuan away so she could run.

“Don’t go!” Xia Chuan hurriedly grabbed her. His little brother had hardened up, how could he let her go?!

“What are you doing here? Get out of here!” Xia Chuan stared at Xu Ling fiercely and his eyes were about to burst into flames. Damn, how did this bastard get here?

Xu Ling did not move. He leisurely walked toward them and lay down, closed his eyes and prepared to sleep, he didn’t care how his action left those two in disheveled clothes in how much embarrassment.

“Damn it, son of a bitch, are you deaf?! Can’t you hear me say to get the fuck out of here?” Xia Chuan wanted to vomit blood, this stinky boy was intentionally destroying his good deeds.

“Quickly let me go…” Lin YaTing shamefully shook off Xia Chuan’s hand, cried, climbed up and ran. She and Xia Chuan were caught doing that. She was so ashamed that she didn’t want to live.

“YaTing, don’t run!” Xia Chuan got up to chase her. He knew that if he didn’t catch up with Lin YaTing to comfort her, with Lin YaTing’s shy personality, between them would be so over.

Looking at Xia Chuan’s running, while sorting out his clothes, Xu Ling drew up his lips and lay flat in the grass, bathed in the warm sunshine, squinting slightly. Xia Chuan wanted to have sex with a woman? In his dreams!

It turned out that Xu Ling, with a strange personality, had fallen in love with Xia Chuan since he was bitten by the snake. This time, he was intentionally destroying everything…

(Ra: Sadist worry)

Xia Chuan soon caught up with Lin YaTing, who cried and threw away his hand. “Let me go! I blame you! How can I meet people in the future? I hate you!” The more Lin YaTing thought about it, the more shameful she felt. She pounded on Xia Chuan’s chest angrily a few times.

“Baby, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! It’s my fault! You’re so beautiful that I couldn’t help myself for a moment, so…” Xia Chuan embraced her and quietly soothed her.

“Asshole! Lecher! Shameless!” Lin YaTing scolded a few more words, but apparently, she had forgiven Xia Chuan. “What if Xu Ling tells others? We’ll be expelled.” That’s what Lin YaTing feared the most.

“Don’t worry, he won’t say anything. I’ll make sure.” Xia Chuan comforted her while a fierce glow flashed through his eyes. That dead boy had better not, otherwise,…Hum! I will pretty you up…

“Really?” Lin YaTing was still not reassured. Xu Ling looked so strange and his personality was also very strange. Could Xia Chuan really handle him?

“Ok! You can rest assured that I will fix everything.” Xia Chuan clapped his chest and assured Lin YaTing with a few words.

After repeated assurances from Xia Chuan, Lin YaTing was a little relieved. After Xia Chuan sent Lin YaTing back to her dormitory and he immediately returned to the remote lake where Xu Ling was still relaxing in the sun.

“Son of a bitch, get the hell out of here!” Xia Chuan ran over angrily and scolded.

Xu Ling sat up and looked up at him coldly.

“Lemme asked you, you did it intentionally, didn’t you?” When Xia Chuan remembered how the fat sheep fled away thanks to Xu Ling, he nearly wanted to kill someone.

“Psycho!” The cold voice was full of disdain.

“What did you say?” Xia Chuan did not expect Xu Ling to dare to scold him.

Xu Ling ignored him, stood up and patted the grass scraps on his body and left.

Xia Chuan jumped like thunder and ran after him angrily, shouting, “Damn it! You better say it again. Who do you think you are, you cheap country bumpkin? Let me tell you, just because I give you a free pass doesn’t mean you can open a whole free passway…”

(Ra: the pun doesn’t work well in english so I improvise…)

“How annoying you are! Are you a woman? Blabbing nonsense.” Xu Ling turned his head and was impatient.

How dare Xu Ling call him a woman? Xia Chuan was even more furious and rushed up to give Xu Ling a punch, but was lightly pushed by Xu Ling. Xu Ling turned around and stretched his long legs, kicked Xia Chuan’s buttocks and immediately Xia Chuan fall into the lake…

“Help!” Xia Chuan was frightened to death. He shouted for help. As a young master, he could do almost anything except swimming. 

Xu Ling, standing on the shore, had a smile in his eyes. So he can’t swim ah.

“Save me…” Xia Chuan struggled desperately in the water.

Xu Ling ignored him and enjoyed his tragedy leisurely. He had no intention of saving him at all. His prey must have not feared death to even dare fooling around with women.

Xia Chuan regretted not being able to eat him alive, this guy was not human, he unexpectedly wanted him to die! Seeing that Xia Chuan was about to die as a water ghost, Xu Ling finally opened his mouth, but what he said made Xia Chuan want to kill him…

“Learn to bark a few times and I’ll save you!” 

What? Xia Chuan wondered if he had misheard him. This bastard dared to tell him bark like a dog?

“Get othe fuck out of here then. You want to see me bark? dream on!” Xia Chuan scolded angrily.

“Forget it then!” Xu Ling shrugged and turned to leave.

See Xu Ling really intended not to save him! Xia Chuan was anxious, he was only eighteen years old, life had not begun, he did not want to die! A real man must have the ability to bend and stretch, remembered how that year Han Xin also had to suffer the humiliation of crawling through between a man’s leg! The first and foremost thing to do was to compromise. He could beat this son of bitch later after he got out.

T/n: Han Xin:

“Don’t go, I will do it…” Afraid of death, Xia Chuan finally compromised, put down his dignity and gritted his teeth to bark, “Woof woof woof…” 

Xu Ling smiled satisfactorily, but did not immediately go into the water to save Xia Chuan, but slowly appreciated the humiliating barking of the noble and arrogant young master Xia.

Seeing Xu Ling did not come to save him, Xia Chuan thought that Xu Ling was playing with him and angrily wanted to greet Xu Ling’s ancestors for all the eighteenth generations, but he had reached the limit and sank before he opened his mouth…

Seeing that Xia Chuan was really drowning, Xu Ling finally lazily jumped down into the lake and rescued Xia Chuan. Xia Chuan had breathed in several mouthfuls of water and was already unconscious. Xu Ling pressed several times on his stomach and thought about it. He pulled down his mask and lowered his head to do CPR for him.

Xia Chuan vaguely saw a face full of red rashes, like a monster, slowly approaching him and he was stunned. It turned out that Xu Ling’s face was so nauseous! And what was he going to do?

Xia Chuan wanted to push Xu Ling away, but he had no strength at all. He could only watch as Xu Ling’s mouth pressed on his. Xu Ling breathed a few breaths into Xia Chuan, so that he could breathe soon. The first thing Xia Chuan did after he could move was to push Xu Ling aside and slap him severely.

“Shit, pervert, what are you doing?” Xia Chuan was going crazy. He was kissed by an ugly man!

“You react as if you were a woman being molested.” Xu Ling was not angry when he was beaten and laughed sarcastically.

“You…” Xia Chuan was so angry that he couldn’t speak. He struggled to get up and rushed to Xu Ling, but he was easily handled.

“You’re not my opponent. Next time you want to fight, call a few more people.” Xu Ling pushed him to the ground, put on his mask again, stood up and left.

“Damn it!” Xia Chuan hit the grass beside him severely. He had never been humiliated so many times in his whole lifetime. He really wanted to rush over and slice Xu Ling into pieces at once.

“Right! “Xu Ling took two steps and turned to laugh again. “Your mouth tastes really good. It’s better than a woman’s!”

Hearing so, Xia Chuan was even angrier and his stomach almost exploded. How dare this guy compare him to a woman?! Bastard! Today’s revenge must be repaid and one day he must have this deadass country bumpkin kowtow to him to admit his mistakes!

If Xia Chuan knew that Xu Ling had come here deliberately to destroy his deeds, he would surely be angrier.

“Chuan, what happened to you?”  When Xia Chuan returned to his dormitory, Xu Ling was still not back. Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang were shocked to see him wet and miserable as a drowned chicken.

“I fell into the lake carelessly.” Xia Chuan answered lightly as he did not want anyone to know what was happening today, even his best brother. It was so shameful!

“Didn’t you go out with Lin YaTing? How did you fall into the lake?” Luo Shuai was puzzled.

“Did you get kicked into the lake by Princess Lin?” Dai Xiao Qiang laughed and laughed.

“Fat chance!” Xia Chuan immediately jumped like a fire-breathing dragon. When they talked about Lin YaTing, he was full of fire. He thought that today she could be eaten one hundred percent, but he didn’t expect that… “Fuck it!” With a low curse, Xia Chuan angrily took off his wet clothes and climbed into bed.

“What happened to Chuan? He was so angry that I couldn’t ask!” Dai Xiao Qiang whispered to Luo Shuai next to him.

“Something!” Luo Shuai nodded.

“Shall we go and ask him what’s going on?” Dai Xiao Qiang was worried.

“You’re dying! You don’t know about Chuan-zi’s temper. It’s better not to annoy him at this time, so as not to be cannon fodder.” As a buddy who grew up with him, Luo Shuai knew everything about Xia Chuan’s bad temper.

Dai Xiao Qiang nodded and their voices were very small. Xia Chuan, who was lying in bed sulking, did not hear it. He soon fell asleep tiredly in a restless mood.

Beautiful wind and sunshine, green grass, clear brook, a couple, a man and woman were doing the most primitive action, ambiguous moans and groans intertwined into a most beautiful movement. When the man was so excited that he was about to climb into the clouds, the woman’s beautiful face suddenly turned into a face full of red pimples; ugly and disgusting.

[Baby, your mouth tastes good. Let me kiss it!] A grim smile came from the horrible face and his disgusting lips attacked him.

“No! Dead pervert, get out of here…” Xia Chuan cried out in horror, but opened his eyes and found that it was a dream. He sat up, finding it was late at night and everyone had already gone to bed. With the help of the moonlight, he found his mobile phone and looked at the time. It was almost four o’clock in the morning. He slept heavily for more than ten hours.

Xia Chuan turned his head to Xu Ling’s bed with a lingering palpitation, but only saw the white mosquito net. He cursed in his heart, ‘Damn, it’s terrifying!’ He must have been too frightened by him in the daytime that he dreamed of this dead boy. That was why he dreamed of it in the evening. Remembering Xu Ling’s face, Xia Chuan shivered and did not know what kind of monster his parents were. They even gave birth to that kind of creature.

Xia Chuan muttered a curse, reached out and touched his neck. His body was covered with sweat. It was very uncomfortable! It was the dead kid who did it, son of a bitch…

Xia Chuan stared at Xu Ling’s bed bitterly, then got out of bed and went to the bathroom to bathe. Then the other man quietly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Xia Chuan took off his shirt and pants, stood naked under the water to cool with his strong bronze inverted triangle figure that absolutely made all women drool.

Bang! Suddenly the door was pushed open and Xia Chuan turned his head to see and immediately his face turned pale. What was this guy doing? He thought he was asleep when he suddenly ran in in the middle of the night.

“Get out of here!” Xia Chuan gnashed his teeth and growled, looking at Xu Ling’s ugly face without a mask. He was going to vomit!

Xu Ling turned a deaf ear, took off his clothes and went toward Xia Chuan to squeeze in next to him.

“What are you doing? Didn’t you hear Lao Tzu tell you to let go?” Xia Chuan pushed him away in disgust.

“Let me take a shower! I paid the accommodation fee and have the right to bathe here!” Xu Ling went to the shower again and returned plainly.

“Can you wait for me to wash before you come in?” Xia Chuan was going mad.

“Why? Are you ashamed?” Xu Ling looked at him and raised his lips ironically.

“Fat chance!” Xia Chuan roared at once. There was nothing wrong with two big men bathing together. He often bathed with handsome young men, but if he wanted him to bathe with this disgusting fellow, he would rather die! Xu Ling’s body was covered with nauseous rashes like his face and he died of terror.

“Then wash together! I’m not a woman. What are you so shy about it?” Xu Ling grinned icily.

When Xu Ling compared himself with the women, Xia Chuan burst into a rage and clenched his fist tightly. He must not let this kid look down on him and let them wash together! Who was afraid of who?!

Xia Chuan began to take a shower with Xu Ling. He looked down at Xu Ling’s figure and immediately raised his lips disdainfully. Although Xu Ling was a little taller than him, his figure was really… Not enough to see, there were no abdominal muscles, unlike him who had regular gym exercise. His six lower abdominal muscles were perfect ah!

“Hey, can a white chopped chicken your size like you do it?” Xia Chuan sneered harshly.

Size was not referring to the size of his body, but to the size of his penis. Xu Ling was not angry at all. Suddenly he reached out and grasped Xia Chuan’s little one.

“What are you doing? Let go!” Xia Chuan was shocked and wanted to open Xu Ling’s hand, but Xu Ling firmly grasped his lifeline.

“What a small thing you have!” Xu Ling looked down and shook his head.

It was the first time that Xia Chuan heard about his small size. He was so angry that he almost punched Xu Ling. His was very big compared to other men and all the girls he’s dealt with praised him for being big enough to be driven to death by him!

“You say mine is little? Let’s see how big you are!” Xia Chuan was unconvinced and went to grasp Xu Ling’s for comparison. It did not look good. At a glance, his eyes almost fell out. Xu Ling’s was about twenty centimeters longer and bigger than his and utterly frightening!

Xia Chuan let Xu Ling go and scolded reluctantly, “The key is to see how the firepower works.” 

The hoarse bass voice laughed disdainfully, “I am not only big, but also full of fire! At least better than you!” 

“Fuck! You’re better than Lao Tzu?” Every man cared about this very much, especially Playboy Xia Chuan. He felt humiliated and insulted. This insult was worse than Xu Ling’s learning to bark in the daytime.

“Believe it or not, we can compare!” 

“Compare? How do you want to compare?” It was about a man’s face. Without considering it, Xia Chuan immediately agreed.

“Let’s shoot pistols at each other to see who has the most endurance!” 

“Ok!” Xia Chuan did not notice Xu Ling’s eyes flashing as he let out a ripe laugh and nodded happily.

Xu Ling began to rub Xia Chuan’s length, Xia Chuan also dared not to show weakness and grabbed Xu Ling’s to get him up. Unexpectedly, Xu Ling’s skill was very good, a few times he had Xia Chuan feeling as though a hot current was rushing down his abdomen…

“Ah…mn… Ah…” Xia Chuan could not help whimpering, Xu Ling’s face raised with a wicked smile.

Hearing Xu Ling’s low laughter, Xia Chuan became angry. He pushed Xu Ling onto the wall, tightened his hands on Xu Ling’s body with both hands, moved up and down vigorously and made Xu Ling tighten like a woman’s virgin flower hole.

Humph! How could he lose to this ugly in sexual skills? He was a master in this area when he was only fifteen years old…

Xu Ling did not moan, but Xia Chuan could see from his eyes that he also felt it. Xu Ling drew up his lips and tried hard to rub Xia Chuan’s length. At the same time, he also played with Xia Chuan’s eggs, which made Xia Chuan comfortably gasp for breath.

In this way, two boys over 1.8 meters huddled in the narrow bathroom to shoot pistols at each other, completely forgetting that this was the dormitory and that there were two students outside the wall who could wake up at any time to find them.

Finally, Xia Chuan couldn’t resist shooting first. He sat on the floor powerlessly, his lower abdomen was full of muddy, white fishy liquid, which made him look indescribable and attractive!

Xu Ling’s eyes looked at Xia Chuan profoundly for a while before washing the semen off his hands. He laughed at Xia Chuan who was still immersed in the aftereffects of his climax. “You lost! You shot first!” 

Xu Ling laughed and walked out of the bathroom. Xia Chuan woke up from his big dream. He wanted to die when he thought he had shot in the hand of a man who was his most hated opponent. Abhorrent! What a shame!

Xia Chuan hit the wall angrily. Bastard!

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