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Chapter 35: I Only Eat the Food You Make.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Early in the morning, in the forest on the outskirts of the city, somewhere by an unknown lake. The surrounding area was quiet, occasionally two leaves fell and fell silently into the wide lake. The clear water of the lake shimmered in the morning sun, and every now and then a silvery fish leapt out of the water.

However, this quiet and beautiful morning was shattered by a low roar of anger: “E—va—ns!”

Miquel, who was furious, walked quickly to the man who was lounging on a fishing chair, and lifted off the man’s fisherman’s hat that was blocking his face with a clatter.

Evans opened his eyes and looked at the angel whose face was red in the golden morning sun, and the corners of his mouth slowly curled up. He changed his sitting position; his two long legs touched the ground, and his Martin boots on the leaves clicked straight. He didn’t stand up, but just stretched his back and asked idly, “Yo, Angel, how come you’re willing to come to me again today? Didn’t you say before—tell me to get as far away as I can and never appear before you again?”

“Evans, you liar!” Miquel gritted his teeth and popped out a few words.

“Oh?” Evans’ face changed slightly, and then he smiled again. “Angel, you have wronged me—I have cheated many people. But in front of you, I have never told a lie.”

“Huh? Oh.” Miquel laughed in anger. “First, the information you gave me earlier said that Qiao Xi was ‘undifferentiated’, so the type was unknown. But, according to your latest statement, the demon must differentiate before entering the earthly realm!”

“Mn.” Evans turned sideways and examined the fishing rod and line set aside, showing a regretful expression. “It’s a pity, how the fish hasn’t been hooked yet.”

Being ignored like this, Miquel’s anger increased. “Secondly! What the hell is that graduation project of yours?! Why haven’t the other students of the Demon Academy heard of this requirement?”

Evans then met Miquel’s eyes squarely and without a smile on his face, he said, “Angel, I repeat, from the first day I met you, the information I gave you was not false in any way. As for the secret of Qiao Xi’s identity—I gave you the opportunity to get the information before, didn’t you—at the last moment—refuse me?”

At this point, Evans slowly stood up and took a step forward, forcing Miquel to subconsciously back up a bit, so much so that his back hit an ancient tree.

Evans stretched out his hand and propped it up on the tree. Staring at Miquel,he said, with a bit of aggression in his tone, “I really didn’t expect you to be so good at ‘taking advantage’, Angel!”

Miquel’s hand subconsciously gouged on the bark of the tree, his body stiffened, and he asked back, “What… What taking advantage! I… I didn’t promise you anything at all!”

Evans’ eyes curved, almost in a scornful tone, sighing, “You, you’ve tasted all the sweetness yourself, you’re so comfortable you’re crying, and finally you tell me—no. Tsk, I did my best for so long, but I didn’t get anything, so you took advantage of me.”

Miquel’s face was so red that it was about to bleed, and he wanted to retort, but he didn’t know how to, after all, it seemed, this man’s words were not false?

He could only push Evans away and said, “Evans! You can ask for anything else, and I’ll consider it if I can!”

Evans glanced at him and sat back in his fishing chair with an expression of indifference. “I have only one request. It won’t change. Whether you want to accept it or not is up to you.”

Miquel’s clean-cut face was contorted. In the end, he gritted his teeth and turned to leave without saying a word.

“All demons,”

He had just taken a few steps, Evans’ voice sounded behind him, unhurried. “All demons in the Demon World feed on ‘demonic energy’. However, after arriving at the earthly world, without the source of demon energy, they will inevitably need to replenish it with new energy drawn from their own natural skills.”

Miquel stopped and stood motionless in the morning light, listening with full attention.

“And the awakening of this natural skill is what is called ‘differentiation’. Some demons, destined to feed on human blood, his skills must be related to ‘blood-sucking’, and he becomes what you call ‘blood demon’. Others may draw energy from human sleep, then his skill, perhaps, is to rush people to sleep, which is the ‘Sandman’.” Evans spoke slowly.

Miquel turned and stared at Evans and spoke hesitantly, “Is that… Really? Why have we never heard of it before…?”

Evans rested one long leg on top of the other, leaned back on his arms, closed his eyes and said, “Angel, sir, please think about it, for a demon, his natural skill is actually his greatest weakness, for example, if you don’t let the Sandman touch a sleeping human then he will soon wither and even turn into dust. In that case, why do we need to expose this?”

Miquel grunted. “According to you, Qiao Xi has been in the earth realm for so long, if he is not differentiated, then what is he relying on to draw energy from?”

Evans grabbed the fisherman’s hat that Miquel had put on the ground, put it back on his face and said, “Angel, I have already said that the information I gave you is all true. As for how Qiao Xi could stay in the earthly world for so long… Oh, I can only say that he drew energy even without unleashing his skills. “

“Are you saying that Qiao Xi could draw energy even though he didn’t differentiate?!” Miquel’s eyebrows twisted together. “Then what is Qiao Xi’s natural skill, exactly?”

Evans lifted the corner of his hat, swept a glance at Miquel, and said, “Your Excellency, as an honest counterpart, I have provided you with a ‘trial product’. As for the ‘genuine article’, you have not yet fulfilled the deal, and you are asking me to provide the whole lot, is that not too greedy?”

Miquel again—his cheeks hot and ears rolling—unwilling to listen to this demon say one more word, pulled out his legs and ran away.

Evans moved his fisherman’s hat and sat up again, looking at the suddenly taut fishing line with a smile of determination.

Half an hour later, Han Tian’s apartment.

“So, Sir Seraph, please pay attention to how exactly that little demon is drawing energy! The sooner we determine his species, the more targeted we can be against him, as well as against the conspiracy behind him!” Miquel said worriedly.

Han Tian replied without changing his face, “I will pay attention if there is a suitable opportunity. However, so far he has never shown a strong need for any energy in front of me.”

Han Tian, who had turned off his communicator, paced out of the study and walked thoughtfully into the kitchen.

Not long after, he heard the door of the master bedroom ring, and it seemed Qiao Xi was also up.

To Han Tian’s left was a tightly wrapped bowl of white porridge that had just been delivered by the city’s top restaurant.

He looked at the bowl of congee, and his right hand slightly stored power, and then let go; in an empty bowl, a bowl of congee appeared out of thin air.

This was the “food” he imitated with the power of the angels. He could imitate any food that he had seen, and there was no limit to the amount—such a skill was probably intended to provide maximum relief to the poor people who did not have enough to eat.

Only, in the affluent Haicheng, this skill was no longer so practical.

Therefore, Han Tian simply consumed this skill in a different way—the reason why Angel’s Feather never had a cook was because all the desserts, which were directly imitated by Han Tian with the power of angels, were made this way.

He also used this skill to turn out a chocolate for Qiao Xi when he first passed out from “low blood sugar”.

Every meal he cooked for Qiao Xi after that, he used Angel Power more or less, even unconsciously. Because he found that Qiao Xi would like the food made in this way extraordinarily and would eat it with extra satisfaction.

He only thought it was a very interesting phenomenon before, after all, he didn’t think that the little bit of angel power would really do anything. But now, he needed to do a test.

He put on his insulated gloves and put the bowl of top quality porridge into the tray, then put the porridge he had just “made” next to it.

Qiao Xi, dressed in his loungewear, sat obediently at the table, eyeing the kitchen and waiting for Han Tian’s feeding.

This was his third day of moving in.

To be honest, he was comfortable. Except for the “accident” on the first night, he slept extremely well.

Moreover, for the first time, he realized that it was so pleasant to have someone to eat breakfast with every day.

Everything went well except for Han Tian’s sudden death sentence that day, which left him confused, and Capture Value, which went nowhere.

Now he was looking forward to what Han Tian had prepared.

Sure enough, Han Tian brought out a selection of noodles, dumplings, and shrimp dumplings, each of which Qiao Xi had only ever seen and eaten, and each of which he was eager to try.

Finally, Han Tian carried a tray and brought up two bowls of congee.

“The weather is cold, have a sip of congee to warm up first.” Han Tian pushed the tray forward.

“Mm-hmm.” Qiao Xi took out the nearest bowl of congee from the tray, served a spoonful, nuzzled his mouth and blew on it, and brought it into his mouth.

“Huh uh…” Qiao Xi’s brow furrowed and his mouth turned down.

This congee, why is it so hard to drink?

Bitter and astringent, sticky, simply can not swallow.

Han Tian’s face showed some apologies. “Not good?”

Qiao Xi struggled to swallow the congee into his belly, although he did not say “not good”, refused to drink any more.

Han Tian looked at Qiao Xi’s wrinkled face and gave him another bowl, saying, “This is made in a different way, try this again?”

Qiao Xi looked at the almost identical bowl of congee, and with palpitations, he dipped a little bit into it with a spoon and then licked it in his mouth—eh, this is good!

“Mmmmm, this bowl is good,” Qiao Xi praised. “This congee is the same as the one you made for me before, it’s good.”

Han Tian’s eyes flashed; he didn’t say anything, just took the bowl of congee that was disliked by Qiao Xi, which was pricey, and served himself a spoonful.

“Huh… Wait…” Seeing Han Tian ready to drink the bowl of congee, Qiao Xi panicked a little. “That, that, that bowl of congee I just drank, you, you…”

Han Tian put the congee into his mouth while raising his head naturally. “So?”

Qiao Xi’s ears reddened a bit and he whispered, “No, it’s nothing.”

Well, Han Tian was such a good baby who didn’t waste any food!

“By the way, Han Tian,” Qiao Xi said when he was satisfied with his meal, “I talked to Sang Sang yesterday, and until she gets better, I want to open the cafe myself—even if there are no customers.”

“Oh?” Han Tian was a little surprised. “Yourself?”

Qiao Xi nodded. “Mn, I still want to learn how to make a good black tea. And…”

His ears got even redder and he whispered, “I also want to learn how to make the coffee you like.”

Han Tian didn’t seem to hear him, just stood up and started to clean up the cups and dishes, then put them all in the dishwasher.

However, Qiao Xi thought that the tips of Han Tian’s ears were also a little red.

When the dishwasher started working, Han Tian came back and said, as if nothing had happened, “Tomorrow is Saturday. If it’s just you, will the dessert auction continue?”

Qiao Xi thought for a moment and said, “I would like to go on to see Tong Tong and the others. However, without Sang Sang, we will not do the auction first?”

Han Tian nodded. “Mn, that’s fine. Actually, you can bring them something else besides dessert.”

He paused, looked out the window at the gradually overcast sky, and said, “The weather is getting cooler, we can send some clothes to the children.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes lit up. “Yes, yes! Then I’ll go to the cafe during the day, you go to the hospital, and then, when you’re free, we’ll go buy clothes for the kids together?”

Looking at the excited Qiao Xi, Han Tian himself smiled, and with an extremely gentle smile, he said, “Okay.”

While Qiao Xi was following Han Tian’s “tutorial”, trying to make a not-so-bad black tea again and again, he probably didn’t realize that he was being cursed by a human being in the most vicious language.


A hospital in the middle of town with simple facilities.

Zheng Tong, with all his bones broken, was lying on his back in a multi-person ward, unable to move.

He could only move his cloudy eyes and stare at the dim sky outside.

It was horrible… So horrible…

So hateful… So hateful…

A nurse girl came over and adjusted the speed of his drip, looking at Zheng Tong’s distorted face with some vague intolerance.

At this time, another nurse sister, who was a little older, pulled her away directly.

“I tell you oh, bed 9 that, you can not see him now poor, that person deserved it.” The nurse sister whispered, “He ah, on the basis of a little money, made several girlfriends, and then at first all pretend to be particularly good, and then, began to give girls brainwashing, and then scolded them, and even beat them, and even one, he scolded until she slit her wrists and we had to send here to resuscitation for a long time, alas.”

The young girl looked horrified and contemptuous. “This kind of scum! Then how come he was not taken away by the police!”

The nurse was a bit helpless. “Why, the investigation said it is a love dispute, at most he needs education, and then there is nothing.” She paused for a moment, and the eyes above the mask curved. “But ah, this time, I heard that the woman’s friends beat him up, completely beaten into a cripple, so he can no longer come out to harm people.”

The young girl let out a long breath. “That’s more like it! Deserved!”

She spoke not very loudly, but since Zheng Tong was disabled, his hearing was extraordinarily good.

Therefore, these words all entered his ears word for word.

Disabled… Deserve…

Ahhh! I hate it so much! I’m resentful! What did I do, didn’t I just discipline my own women? Where did I go wrong!

Unfortunately, he couldn’t even move a finger now, and his throat could only make whimpering sounds.

Just as he was hating and fearing, the originally noisy multi-person ward suddenly quieted down.

This kind of quietness, he had witnessed before.

It was the quiet that the monster, the monster that had injured him like this, had summoned before striking.

Could it be him again? Is he coming to take my life completely?

Zheng Tong closed his eyes in despair.

“Mr. Zheng.” Unexpectedly, an extremely polite feminine voice called his name.

Zheng Tong opened his eyes, only to see a luxuriously dressed man standing beside the hospital bed, but because of the backlight, he could not see his face.

The man asked. “Mr. Zheng, you were actually injured like this… Don’t you ever think about it, to take revenge?” Zheng Tong opened his mouth and was surprised to find that he could actually speak again.

He said in a thick, hateful voice, “I want to! I want to!” But, remembering that last scene, that monster called Han Tian, that overwhelming power…

There was fear in his voice again. “I… I can’t. He, he’s not even human… I can’t move him…”

“Huh.” The man laughed. “Han Tian? You can’t touch him. He’s really not a human being either.”

“But that little white boy, the one who could hook up with your girlfriend, don’t you think, he’s the one you should get back at the most?” The man whispered.

“… Yes… He deserves to die…” Tong Zheng gritted his teeth and said, “But, what can I do now, what can I do…”

His bones were broken, he was crippled for life, his bank account was inexplicably frozen, and his property was seized…

After he gets out of the hospital, he’ll probably just have to go to the aid station.

“Heh…” The man said with a smile, “You can’t do much with this body now. But if you want, I can make your soul, ruthlessly, revenge that little white boy, make him a thousand times more painful than you are now, oh ten thousand times?”

“My… soul…?” Zheng Tong’s eyes gradually straightened, and all that echoed in his ears was the man’s eerie laughter.


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August 13, 2023 11:41 am

Zheng Tong is so hateful!! Who is this person that keeps causing trouble for Qiao Xi, he was the person who appeared in front of Gu Yuanxin right?

August 13, 2023 5:30 pm

Ooooo….he’s being converted to the good side with Angel food 🥘 I would love to have such magical ability 👍🏻💕

August 14, 2023 4:58 am

Maybe Evans is there to help & protect QX, but not openly and has strict boundaries. Perhaps this other entity is an escaped prisoner from hell.
Does it not realise QX is an Incubus and Demon, with his own strength, though? Couldn’t QX beat ZT? It’s odd.
Should QX even be able to feed off a seraph’s energy? Shouldn’t it be too pure and kill him?
So many questions!
I wish Miquel would just give in and get us the info from Evans!
Thanks Addis & Kiramekineko.

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