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Chapter 134: Netizen’s revelry

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Carefree Farmstead V: [Good evening dear players. Carefree Farmstead will be upgraded on March 1, and will be down for maintenance from 6:00 to 18:00 on that day. After the maintenance is over, 800,000 game spots will be issued on the game’s official website, and netizens who want to enter the game to experience farming life shouldn’t miss it. The following is the update content:

1. Increase the higher level of crop types and livestock species, a variety of fruit saplings for purchase. Details can be viewed in the village chief’s kiosk.

2. Increase the appearance of the house upgrade play. Players can collect the materials needed to upgrade, feel free to match, then let their yard become a unique existence.

3. Due to the increase in the total number of players, a new village will be formed for every 5,000 players, and players can go to other villages via the transportation facilities at the entrance of the village after their character level is 30.

4. Each new village will reopen the task of ‘village chief’s residence’, and the player with the first contribution will get the title of the village.

5. 5 new NPCs will be added: A fisherman, flower lady, naughty boy, old king at the village entrance and a fortune teller. Players can explore their related functions in the game by themselves.

6. March’s monthly event preview: Vegetable Battle, starting March 15th. Players look forward to it.

7. In addition to the 199 new villages, there will also be a mysterious map area called the Ancient City. The specific method to go there is up to the players to find on their own.

8. The game store will have a new appearance: Men and women’s clothing will have 10 new sets each. There is also an increase in the Clothing Surprise Box where it can open accessories and clothing. Players please see the other new items for themselves.

9. More changes after the upgrade, please explore by yourself…]

The announcement was sent out at 20:00, and the netizens started going crazy at 20:01.

Apu: [Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Thank the heavens, thank the earth, I’ve finally waited for the day when Carefree Farmstead is upgraded again! The whole 800,000 game quota, ah, how to say I can also grab a bar TAT!”

Li fisher: [Wait! The situation seems a bit wrong, even if it is a C-level virtual reality game builder, the number of players that can be accommodated is one million people, right? Why did LiLi only release 800,000 slots? Where did the other 195,000 slots go? It’s not like someone has already taken the lead, right?]

Shengge: [Don’t get tangled upstairs. It’s good to have a grab, and compared to the last grab of less than five thousand, this time is already considered a lot. It should still open tomorrow at 18:00 to grab it. Wait, I will now go to bathe and burn incense, take a fragrant bath waiting for the choice of fate…]

0v0: [the game is finally going to have new NPCs! It feels like they will all have hidden tasks on them, and when the update is over, I must go find the new NPCs and nag them properly!]

Mu: [After the upgrade, the game feels like the liver level has gone up another level! My little hut is finally saved. I want to collect more materials to make it the biggest and best looking house in the game. Oooooh, I’m going to have new clothes to wear again. I’m really happy, so excited, I want to cry a lot! Wallet empty.jpg]

Flocculent rain: [Suspected that upstairs lives in Versailles, but unfortunately there is no evidence. There are so many of us, and none of us have gone into the game yet! I hope there will be a place for me in the 800,000 quota, and then I will go overnight to see Big Brother Demon Xing’s seeding strategy!]


In just a few minutes, this just dropped starblog had several million comments, likes and retweets. This situation made the “true fans” of the game proud and at the same time, they more or less have a sense of foreboding. The news of the game’s upcoming update had only been released for a few minutes, so why are so many people paying attention to it? Wait for the fermentation of the matter overnight and a whole day. Won’t there not be more people to compete for a place in the game after a period of fermentation?

Even so, they didn’t dare leave at this time again. Last month’s miserable experience was still fresh in their mind. Originally the 4,500 places of the competition didn’t need to be so fierce, so they couldn’t help but to spread the “game is not fun” rumors on the forum and the Starblog, but it only provoked those people’s backbone.

The first posts were still being made from time to time, thanking the owners for their kindness and enthusiasm. The posters were angry. Because of last month’s painful lesson, this time everyone instead hunkered down and waited patiently for the next day to grab the number time.

At this time, Lin Wenhuan, who lived on Sauerkraut Big Bone Star, was a bit restless. She was nicknamed “To Be Warm and Happy” in the game forum, and had helped hold a Carefree Farmstead event. The game’s designer found her suggestion and adopted it, so she’d got in touch with the game’s producer, Bai Li. She still remembered it. He’d promised to send her a game slot directly after the game was upgraded.

The game’s update announcement came out today, but Bai Li hadn’t contacted her again.

This made Lin Wenhuan feel more or less lost, as she thought the other party was too busy and had forgotten about the matter.

It was normal to think that the game maker had many things to do every day, just working on increasing the gameplay or optimization of content was enough to make people bald, so if he forgot about her, an ordinary Starnet friend who had only exchanged a few words wasn’t something unreasonable.

It was the fact that she couldn’t get a game slot that had such a special meaning that made her feel sad. The good thing was that the number of game slots available was large enough this time, a whole 800,000 of them, so she should have a good chance of getting one if she went to grab them herself. With that in mind, she agreed with her buddies on Starnet to go together to grab a Carefree Farmstead game slot.

As for the shortcomings of entering the game but not playing together in the same village, if they all got in, they could overcome it. The big deal was that they would meet again in the game when they reached level 30! When the time came, they could also compare who was developing well in the game miles!

By this time, Lin Wenhuan had almost given up, but just then a red dot appeared on the icon of her private messages, so she clicked on it to see what it was. Her eyes went red on the spot, she covered her mouth to hold in a few whimpers, and the corners of her mouth began to rise wildly.

Great! It turns out that LiLi hadn’t forgotten her! There was no contact before no contact  because it wasn’t time yet. When the update announcement was issued, he came to tell her to wait for tomorrow when the virtual reality game builder upgrade was completed, and he would send the game slot to her.

The world was so great! How could there be such a thoughtful game maker! Lin Wenhuan’s face was flushed with excitement. She covered her face and bounced in place several times before she calmed down and vowed to be Bai Li’s little fangirl for life.

But…Before she had also made an appointment with her buddies to grab a game slot together. Although she had already nailed the game, she still decided to participate in the activity of grabbing a slot, maybe when the time comes if a pie falls from the sky, couldn’t she grab another one?

Bai Li was in the starblog and the official website after the release of the update announcement, then he contacted the previous children to whom agreed to send game slots, but that day’s tasks weren’t over.

He’d withheld 5,000 game quotas, only one of which had now been used, and the rest weren’t yet available. He already had some ideas, so he continued to sit on the sofa in the living room, as he edited the relevant content.

This day was destined to be a carnival for the followers of Carefree Farmstead.

The netizens hadn’t yet recovered from the joy of the 800,000 game slots to be distributed tomorrow, when they refreshed the Carefree Farmstead V blog, and saw more newly released content.

Carefree FarmsteadV: [The game has been online for two months, but no benefits have been given to everyone who loves Carefree Farmstead, so retweet this blog and follow @Carefree FarmsteadV @Bai LiV to draw 2,000 eligible users on March 2 at 00:00. Each person will be given a game quota. [picture]]

The picture was a warm photo of Wen XingYao’s golden koi and the baby lion playing together.

Bai Li also had his first conversation with an official staff member of the Holographic Game Design Competition, who had already added him as a friend, and asked if he could post in the game’s forum as the game’s creator and do a “raffle” or “giveaway.”

The official staff member assigned to Bai Li was a young male named Zhuo Rui, and after he was beat up by his colleagues during the day, he turned his head and saw the friend request sent by Bai Li. His heart went “thump and he chose to accept it. After he successfully added friends, probably because Bai Li was busy, the two hadn’t said hello to each other, which made Zhuo Rui anxious for a good half day.

When he saw the question sent by Bai Li, he quickly answered it, [Of course! Mr. Bai Li. If you want to post on the forum to do activities, we can also add a special logo after your forum nickname. If you have any needs, we can just alert our technical department colleagues to help you out. If you have any ideas, you can put them forward to us. We try to help you achieve!]

Such a warm service attitude was hard for Bai Li to get used to, but he was satisfied with the reply. What he wanted to do wasn’t complicated, and after discussing the relevant details with Zhuo Rui, he proceeded to write up the content of a post.

The netizens who kept an eye on the dynamics of Carefree Farmstead at all times found that the whole day was like New Year, as good news came one after another. The game maker made a retweet on the Starnet for a draw for game slots, not to mention that even the game forum didn’t get left out. As long as they blew a few lines of rainbow farts to Carefree Farmstead in the post, then followers of the post would be in another draw for 2,000 lucky people, who would each get a game slot reward.

Of course, that wasn’t what Bai Li’s main page said, it just said that users should express their love for Carefree Farmstead. Somehow it turned into a rainbow fart for the game spot, but the difference between the two wasn’t that much, So after a few laughs Bai Li stopped paying attention for the time being.

The netizens were extraordinarily busy that day, first they shared the good news with their buddies that Carefree Farmstead was going to be upgraded again, then they went to the starblog to follow, comment, retweet, and like the game all in one, and finally they turned to the game forum and picked their brains to write a 500-word mini-essay that expressed their love and anticipation for the game.

After all that was done, the last day of February wasn’t over yet, and they entered an empty state again. Suddenly, someone had a flash of inspiration and remembered that this was Bai Li’s first official appearance in the game forum, so maybe he was still on the webpage checking the responses from the netizens.

Whatever the purpose of this post was, they just wanted to get up close and personal with LiLi now!


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