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Chapter 34: Delivery Question

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Qiao Xi, with heavy dark circles under his eyes, holding his chin and holding his glass of milk, stared blankly at the scrambled eggs and bacon in front of him.

“More milk?” Han Tian asked.

“No.” Qiao Xi yawned.

So sleepy.

He had been up all night last night, fighting his “instincts”.

The culprit who triggered his “instincts” was sitting across from him, sipping his coffee in a graceful manner.

The morning sun shone in through the large floor-to-ceiling windows and fell on Han Tian’s face, pure as an angel, where there was no trace of the lazy and sexy look of last night?


This person who had pushed the door in, actually, did nothing.

His hair was dripping wet, his body was covered with shiny water droplets, his waist and belly mermaid line was perfect—but, unfortunately, the bottom part was covered by that obstructive bath towel. I guess it should be perfect too.

When Qiao Xi saw this view, he felt his scalp explode.

He took several deep breaths and stammered, “…you…you…well…well… Ah no, what are you doing? “

Han Tian wiped his hair with another towel, his posture casual and relaxed. “Sorry, I forgot to take my pajamas out.”

With that, he turned around and pushed open the closet door.

As he moved, his back was also visible. The smooth skin and the tight waistline made Qiao Xi’s throat dry and his eyes straight.

After Han Tian got his pajamas, he turned around and smiled at Qiao Xi. “Okay, good night.”

Then, the man left as if nothing had happened, not forgetting to close the door for Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi, who was clinging to his quilt and shark, only felt that he needed another shower—a cold one.

For the next whole night, as soon as he closed his eyes, Han Tian’s waist, Han Tian’s chest, and other parts that he did not see would come to mind.

He couldn’t stop warning himself that he must not think about it anymore! If you think about it again, your tail will be exposed! If it really shows, how will he explain to Han Tian if he can’t take it back in the morning? I have nothing to do but to cosplay a little demon, what do you think it looks like?

In this way, he tried desperately to suppress his desire, finally safe and sound until early morning.

Until the light of day, Qiao Xi gave up on sleeping completely, and gave up on himself to get up.

At that time, he heard a slight noise from outside.

When he went out, Han Tian was already up and making scrambled eggs in the kitchen.

Looking at Han Tian’s back in his apron, a terrible thought suddenly exploded: Hey, if Han Tian wore nothing else but an apron…

What the hell am I thinking? Calm down Qiao Xi! You must not lose control at this time! Are you really going to perform a little demon cosplay on the spot?

Just as Qiao Xi’s face was changing, Han Tian stopped moving and turned his head with a slightly apologetic look on his face. “You’re awake? Why don’t you sleep more? Did I wake you up?”

Qiao Xi shook his head dully. “No, you didn’t disturb me.”

Well, what did bother me was my strange instinct to do this and that.

Han Tian put the scrambled eggs from the skillet on a plate and set them aside. “So, do you want to join me for breakfast? Would you like some fried bacon?”

Qiao Xi nodded mechanically. “Yes. Sure.”

Strangely enough, Qiao Xi thought he would be too sleepy to open his eyes all day, but after he ate Han Tian’s breakfast, he felt that his energy was restored.

So what was the magic power of Han Tian’s food?

He took a bite of scrambled egg into his mouth with his fork and looked at the person across from him with his cheeks in his hands.

Han Tian was holding a coffee cup in one hand and sliding it on his pad with the other. After noticing Qiao Xi’s gaze, he gently put his coffee cup on the table, looked up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

After Qiao Xi swallowed the scrambled eggs, he asked vaguely, “Are you going to the hospital later?”

Han Tian turned off his pad and said, “No. Today’s schedule is to give a lecture at school. There will be other doctors at the hospital.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes lit up. “Lecture? The kind of lecture where you speak from above and many people are listening below?”

Han Tian smiled faintly. “Of course. What else could it be?”

Qiao Xi’s eyes got brighter. “Oh yeah, I’ve never been to an event like this before… I always thought it would be fun…” At this point, he gazed at Han Tian with unblinking eyes, his lips pursed together.

Han Tian did not answer, but took a tissue and pressed it on the corner of his mouth, which was already clean.

Seeing that Han Tian was not paying attention to himself, Qiao Xi got a little anxious and grunted. “Well… . Sang Sang continues to rest today, and the cafe is empty, I’m bored…” At the same time, he looked at Han Tian more eagerly.

This time, Han Tian finally did not hold back and the corners of his lips rose. He shook his head and said, “If you are really bored, do you want to come to school with me? —It’s just that I’m afraid this lecture is boring for you too.”

“No, no, no, I’m a hard worker! I don’t think it’s boring!” Qiao Xi hurriedly clarified, while snickering.

Looking at the little guy’s gleeful face, Han Tian tapped his finger on the table and said with a smile, “You know, it would be appropriate if you suddenly appeared with a little tail wagging behind you.”

Qiao Xi’s face went white with a swish.

He just felt his heart rush to his throat, faked a couple of laughs, his throat tightened and his voice was dry as he asked, “Hmm? Tail? What does that mean?”

“Oh, it means, you see, when a puppy wants to express joy or something, it will wag its tail desperately, right? When I look at you, you’re so happy but you don’t want to say it, I think, ‘Well, if you have a tail, you must be wagging it all the time.'” Han Tian’s tone was light, and at the end he added, “I’ve always thought that a puppy wagging its tail is a particularly cute act.”

After hearing these words, Qiao Xi’s heart slowly dropped and his face gradually turned red, whispering, “That’s only cute if the dog has a tail! I’m… I’m a human! People don’t have tails!”

Han Tian stood up, stroked the top of his head and said, “You’re cute with or without a tail.”

After saying that, Han Tian put away his coffee cup and sent it to the kitchen.

Half a minute later, Han Tian came back with a plate of lettuce salad in his hand.

He put the salad in front of Qiao Xi and sat down across the table, seemingly not noticing Qiao Xi’s suddenly red and white face, and casually said, “By the way, why did you want to help Sang Sang yesterday, to see her, protect her, and almost get beaten up?”

From just now, Qiao Xi felt that he seemed to have been struggling with the “death sentence”. Now that there was easily a “send-off question”, he was a little more relieved and his tone was a lot lighter, “I didn’t really think about it that much—if anything, I think it was probably that if it was you, you would have helped her, right?”

Han Tian’s fingers slid back and forth along the polished desk, his eyes staring straight at Qiao Xi. “If it were me?”

Qiao Xi nodded with certainty. “Of course. You are the kind of person who will try to take care of and help your friends.”

“Oh…” Han Tian thought for a moment, casually picked up the butter knife and flipped it between his fingers. “So, you consider Sang Sang a friend?”

Qiao Xi blinked. “Of course.”

“Well…” Han Tian looked at the empty glass in front of Qiao Xi, lifted the milk jug and poured him another glass, while saying, “What kind of existence do you think a friend is?”

Qiao Xi raised the glass of milk and took another big sip, then answered, “I think friends are probably, someone who will care about each other, help each other. If one person is in trouble, the other will be anxious for him, and want to help him solve it, such an existence, right?”

Qiao Xi thought to himself, I’ve learned a lot about human emotions, and I have a deep understanding of friendship.

“Well… I see.” Han Tian sighed, stood up again, and said softly, “So, what am I to you?”

Han Tian’s voice was so soft, so soft that Qiao Xi didn’t know if he was really asking a question or talking to himself.

You are mine, what?



Someone who needs to be ensnared?

Or… something else?

Qiao Xi found that, what tail or not, this is the real send-off question, okay!

He tilted his head, looking at Han Tian in the morning sun, his lips slightly open and closed, wanting to speak, but not a single syllable could come out.

Han Tian didn’t ask any more questions, instead, he stretched out his fingers and gently wiped the white milk foam off Qiao Xi’s lips with his fingertips and said softly, “Finish your salad. After you change your clothes, let’s go. By the way, you don’t need to wear such a formal three-piece suit.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked towards the study.

Qiao Xi, who was sitting alone at the table, stiffened up, unknowingly stuffed his mouth with lettuce, and then gobbled down the leaves like a rabbit.

Medical College where Han Tian lives was not built long ago, but it was renovated from an old manor house. The interior of the building was renovated to retain the classical style of a century ago, with green bricks and red tiles and domed pillars everywhere.

It was just the beginning of October, the day when the climbing vine met the frost and grew red. Almost the whole campus was occupied by this unusually vigorous plant. A large swath of deep and light red spread unrestrainedly under the early autumn sunlight, blocking even the windows.

Qiao Xi walked around the campus, looking at the gorgeous red leaves, and exclaimed softly, “It’s so beautiful! Autumn is so beautiful!”

Han Tian, who was walking alongside him, just smiled at him and didn’t say anything.

Han Tian’s lecture was held in the central auditorium, which was the most central building of the school. The avenue leading to the auditorium was lined with ginkgos.

The breeze caused the golden ginkgo leaves to fall; it was so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off.

Qiao Xi, who was already dumbfounded, held his breath and walked into the rain of golden leaves, slowly bending down and picking up a fan-shaped leaf from the ground.

“What’s wrong?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi, somewhat dumbfounded, held the leaf and brought it to Han Tian. “The leaf, I want to give it to you.”

Han Tian breathed a sigh of surprise and asked rhetorically, “For me?”

Qiao Xi nodded. “It’s so beautiful, it feels very suitable for you.”

Han Tian slowly reached out his hand, took the leaf, opened the folder he was carrying, carefully put the beautiful and fragile leaf inside, and whispered, “Thank you. I like it very much.”

Han Tian naturally went to the podium, while Qiao Xi found an empty seat in the last row and sat down.

Then, he found that the lecture itself was really boring.

All the cases projected on the big screen were all surgical cases, and the text was so difficult to understand that he didn’t even know what it meant.

He finally decided to give up after a few minutes of listening, and secretly took out his phone and started to browse, thinking: Well, I should have known, I would have been outside watching the red leaves.

After spending some time on his phone, he heard the heavy wooden door behind him rattle, presumably from a student who arrived late.

He subconsciously glanced back, but made the same expression as the person who had just entered—dumbfounded.

“Qiao Xi?”

“Su Rui?”

The “person” who was called Su Rui was small, with a head of small curly hair and small shiny earrings on his earlobes.

Su Rui sat down carefully in the empty seat next to Qiao Xi with a surprised face. “Why are you here?”

Qiao Xi, who never thought he would meet a “classmate” in the earthly realm, lowered his voice. “I’m doing my graduation project. Are you here too?”

“Graduation… project?” Su Rui looked at him suspiciously, as if he didn’t understand what he was talking about.

At this moment, Han Tian, who had been lecturing, suddenly stopped.

Both of them, or rather, the two little demons, could not help but look up in the direction of the lectern.

“My great demon! How could this happen!” Su Rui’s face instantly became a miserable white, and he almost immediately had to bounce up from his seat.

“Shhh! Don’t make any noise! What’s wrong with you?!” Qiao Xi whispered to stop it.

Su Rui looked at Qiao Xi with shock and fear and whispered, “Didn’t you recognize it?”

“Recognize what?” Qiao Xi asked with a frown.

At this moment, the light of the whole auditorium suddenly dimmed.

“Now, my assistant teacher Xiao Ke will show you a new video, please pay attention to it.” Han Tian’s voice echoed in all corners of the auditorium.

When Qiao Xi, who was distracted by the sudden light switch, looked back again, he found that Su Rui, who was just next to him, was already gone.

Huh, what’s wrong with him? He ran so fast? He didn’t even leave his personal contact information?

However, when he was at the Demon Academy, Su Rui was often confused and lost his way, so maybe he’s still like that now?

Wonder what his graduation project will be, I hope he will do as well as I did!

Outside the auditorium, Su Rui, who was almost scared out of his wits, was running towards the entrance of the school at an alarming speed.

Horrible, horrible, horrible, why did I run into Seraph here? —I hope he didn’t notice me!

Suddenly, the surrounding scenery all disappeared.

The surroundings were shrouded in white light.

Su Rui feared that he was finished.

Sure enough, the legendary Seraph, who had captured an unknown number of demons, slowly descended in front of his eyes.

Su Rui only felt his knees weak, and simply wanted to immediately kneel down.

No, can’t just give up! He has only just become a real demon, how can he be sent back so easily!

With the mindset of “it can’t be worse than now”, Su Rui spoke with a shudder, “I, I, I didn’t hurt humans! According to the agreement, you, you, you can’t take me away at will!”

“Oh?” Seraph’s voice, cold and piercing, emotionless.

“I, I, am just a, a Sandman. I appear here, just, just to make the students sleepy—as long as they are sleepy, I can gain power, that’s my only skill! So, so, I’m really not hurting humans!” Su Rui struggled stubbornly.

“Sandman? You’re done differentiating?” Seraph asked.

Su Rui nodded with a shudder, while wondering why Seraph actually asked this question.

“You know that demon beside you just now?” Seraph continued to ask.

“He, he is my classmate, the Demon Academy’s classmate,” Su Rui answered in a small voice, while calculating, Should he sell Qiao Xi to this Seraph in front of him, maybe he can exchange him for a way out?

“Did he also differentiate?”

“Him? Definitely differentiated! But I don’t know what type he is, I haven’t seen him for a long time.” Su Rui, who could not think of the most appropriate position to betray Qiao Xi, could only answer honestly.

“You finished your graduation project before you differentiated?”

“… What graduation project ah, we do not have that kind of thing ah.” Su Rui was confused. However, he vaguely felt that this Seraph in front of him did not seem to have the intention of necessarily taking himself away for trial.

After understanding this, he bravely added, “We will definitely differentiate before we are qualified to enter the earth realm, otherwise how to master the natural skills, how to seduce… Ah shucks, otherwise how to live in harmony with humans and build a better home?”

Seraph did not speak.

“That… Angel Sir, I, I, I really did not harm anyone, so, you can let me go today, can’t you?” Su Rui, who felt that he had a chance of survival, pleaded in a small voice.

“You can go.” Seraph’s voice was cold, but the content was already enough to make Su Rui’s heart blossom.


Once he heard this “but”, Su Rui almost kneeled again.

“The conversation today, I do not want you to mention it to anyone. Do you understand?” Seraph’s question was accompanied by a huge pressure, and Su Rui felt that he could hardly even breathe.

He clasped his hand around his throat and nodded his head desperately.


The surrounding scenery was restored all of a sudden.

Su Rui fell to sit on a pile of golden ginkgo leaves, panting with residual fear, while deciding never to come to this school for energy again.

Not far behind him, there was a figure wearing a dark gray colored windbreaker, leaning on the trunk of a ginkgo tree.

“I can’t believe you’d let such a trashy little Sandman live…. Seraph, is this what you claim to be, never be soft? Oh…”

This person sighed while stepping on the extremely delicate handmade leather shoes and crushed the beautiful fallen leaves into crumbs.


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August 12, 2023 10:53 am

Only Qiao Xi has a graduation project? I wonder why the dean assigned him that!

August 14, 2023 4:03 am

What QX said, when he gave the leaf to HT, was just lovely. It really made me smile.
I love the writing style; referring to spicy thoughts as “this and that” is funny.
There is more and more intrigue unfolding. QX seems to have been tricked and I think is being used, but to what end? To tarnish and get rid of HT from earth? That QX cannot detect what HT is and is not affected by him (well, not in the way he should be 😉) is also odd.
Thanks for translating & editing.

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