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Chapter 55: Great Demon

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

The snow gradually stopped. The sky was cloudy. Han Tian, carrying a man in his arms, swept through the snowy landscape. He was moving so fast that he could see that he had left the whole city behind him.

Until the swish of a gray arrow of light struck straight in front of him.

Han Tian seemed to freeze for a moment, and then stood still, his face showing impatience. “Luo Lin, what else do you want to do?”

The trees on the side swayed twice.

Luo Lin fell from the branch to the ground, looked at the person in Han Tian’s arms, and snickered. “Brother, you are now in a hurry to send that demon to the heavenly realm and pray for them to restore your angelic power, it is a little late.”

The person in Han Tian’s arms, although the cloak covered his face, and one could not see the eyebrows, but the horns on his head were clearly visible.

Han Tian said indifferently, “I have to try it to know.”

Luo Lin looked at Han Tian’s tired look, smiled cheekily, and said, “What, are you planning to run straight to headquarters?”

Han Tian did not answer.

Luo Lin just took him to be acquiescent and continued, “It seems that this Incubus has absorbed a lot of your angelic power. You’re so weak that you can’t even summon a teleportation array.”

Han Tian didn’t pay any attention to him and continued to walk forward.

Luo Lin flicked his hand and a thin light stopped Han Tian in front of him.

“Brother,” Luo Lin sighed, “you have the demon’s corpse, you are going to hand it over anyway, why not give it to me?”

Han Tian glanced at him, and said in a cold voice, “How do you know that he’s dead?”

“Huh.” Luo Lin said with a smile, “His death was inevitable from the moment the egg was delivered to you. On the surface, the egg drew on the angelic power as sustenance, but it was only a demon’s egg after all. These represent the power of holiness and light, for the young ecological demon, is like a chronic poison, as long as the time is up, will always attack. As of today, it’s just his second decade out of the egg—he’s destined to die today. But well,” Luo Lin smiled, even his eyes narrowed, “the reason I am sure he is dead is because of your attitude. You are so sober and calm now, neither sad nor angry—tsk tsk, the only way you can return to your normal self is if he is dead and the charm technique has completely failed.”

Han Tian gave him a cold look and simply said, “This is none of your business. Get out of the way.”

Luo Lin grinned and said, “None of my business, Seraph! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for for twenty years!”

As he said, he grabbed a gray chain from the air and threw it at Han Tian.

Han Tian’s face changed, immediately staggered his body, leaping back, trying to avoid the chain. However, perhaps because he was holding the “corpse” in his hands, his speed was slow and his movements were sluggish, but he was still caught by the chain.

In the extreme excitement, Luo Lin’s face twisted up. He smiled fiercely, summoned the teleportation formation, carried the chains, and jumped in.

In an instant, the figures on the snow disappeared cleanly.

Only the branches of the trees on both sides shook from time to time, puffing and dropping some snow powder, scattering on the thick snow.

On the outskirts of the city, in the old castle, the basement was lit up—even the floor was covered with candles.

The candles outlined a huge formation on the floor, and in the middle of this formation, a soundly sleeping black cat was lying.

“All right.” Luo Lin threw Han Tian to the ground, pulled the chains that bound him, and ordered, “Go over and throw the demon’s corpse to the black cat.”

Han Tian’s face showed some reluctance, but still raised his hand—he looked at his hand with some horror, and then looked at Luo Lin, as if asking, “Why would I do what you say?”

Luo Lin laughed morosely and said, “O Seraph, this chain is a treasure that I have taken great pains to create successfully. It is infused with the power of the fallen angels and is designed to bind and dominate them. Now, for every word I say, you can only obey and cannot resist.”

Luo Lin gave a new order: “Stop there and don’t move another step.” Han Tian stood there, clutching the “corpse” in his arms.

Han Tian stood there, clenching his fists and looking at Luo Lin with indignation.

He seemed to be fighting hard, all his muscles were tense, trying to break free from the chains. However, the chains did not move at all.

Luo Lin sneered and began to walk around the formation uncontrollably, mumbling the words in his mouth.

“This is!” Han Tian turned blue and asked in a trembling voice, “This is the art of soul separation! It has been banned by the Heavenly Realm and the Demon World! How do you know this?”

Luo Lin did not pay attention to him, but stopped at a certain position, hands folded and raised to his chest, staring intently at the corpses of the black cat and Qiao Xi, his lips turning faster and faster.

Finally, the black cat slowly spread its belly, a gray ball of light, slowly separated from its body, floating back in the air.

Luo Lin pushed outward with both hands, veins bulging on his face, and made a “split” gesture with all his might, the gray ball of light, unexpectedly split into two halves.

However, the two halves of the ball of light had an extremely strong gravitational force between each other; after being forcibly separated, they began to keep approaching, as if at any time to merge into one again.

Large drops of sweat oozed from Luo Lin’s head, and countless bloodshot eyes burst out from under his eyes.

His fingers flipped up and down, and finally, he sent one half of the ball of light into the corpse.

The remaining half of the ball of light suddenly dimmed, and even the speed of drifting became slower.

Luo Lin looked at the faint ball of light with a complicated expression, and even the lips speaking the incantation were trembling a little.

When he closed his eyes, he slashed both hands in the air and sent the half-light ball into Han Tian’s body.

A low sound came from Han Tian’s throat, his body was trembling, and gradually he couldn’t support himself and half knelt down.

He clenched his hands into fists, his voice was hoarse, and he spoke with a gasp, “You… what have you…done…”

Luo Lin let out a long breath and said, “Huh. Your consciousness is still there? But it doesn’t matter, this body of yours will soon be taken over by Sozeur, and your soul, too, will be completely devoured.”

Han Tian broke off and asked, “Sozeur? He… Isn’t he your… Supervisor? I heard that twenty years ago, he died in the battle to drive out the demons…”

Luo Lin took a step forward, and there was endless resentment in his voice. “Heh, yes. He was supposed to return to the Heavenly Realm with me, but unexpectedly, he was captured by a thousand-year-old Incubus. This despicable Incubus managed to drag him to the Demon World to completely erode his soul! Luckily, I felt it in time and killed this Incubus, only barely surviving Sozeur’s soul.”

“But!” Luo Lin’s face deepened with hatred and said, “That Incubus, to think that it had shamelessly clung to Sozeur’s soul with all its lust! Even if I separate them, they will be fused together again!”

“The only way I can find two more suitable containers, one to hold Sozeur’s soul, and the other, to imprison the Incubus’ lust.”

“Such a container, it is not easy to find—ordinary angels and ordinary demons, both simply can not withstand. I need an angel that has been eroded by the power of the demon, a weak angel; I also need an Incubus that has been infused with the power of the angel. Such a container, in the heavenly world, in the Demon World simply does not exist.”

“Fortunately,” Luo Lin had a wry smile on his face, “fortunately, just at that moment, I heard that another Incubus egg, which had not been seen for a thousand years, had been born in the Demon World. I immediately decided that I would personally shape a vessel suitable for my Sozeur, and then build a coffin for that hateful Incubus, to imprison him permanently.”

“And you,” Luo Lin looked at Han Tian, who was kneeling on the ground, with a smile that was surprisingly odd and dauntingly warm, “and you, my dear brother, the brother who trusted me unconditionally and worshiped me, the Seraph chosen by the Holy Light, could there be a better vessel?”

“So, I brought that Incubus egg from the Demon World and gave it to you again. Oh, you didn’t let me down! When you were young, you treated that egg like a treasure and unknowingly poured countless angelic powers into it; after you came to the earth realm, you were seduced by this charm technique and allowed the other party to suck your angelic powers. Even after I exposed his original form to you, you still tolerated him to stay by your side—this just proves that his charm technique has taken full effect!”

Luo Lin looked at Han Tian with a mixture of contempt and a slightly eerie pity. “O brother, you, as a child, used the power of light to burn this little Incubus to death; and now you, too, have been corrupted by the power of demons and have become a complete waste!”

“Now, Han Tian, you have to say goodbye to me completely! When you open your eyes again, you will be my beloved, Sozeur…” Luo Lin tilted his head and laughed almost crazily.

“Oh… Your Excellency the Fallen Angel, you rambled so much, it was really hard work.” A voice with a few sneers rang out.

Luo Lin’s laughter came to an abrupt halt.

He looked around with bloodshot eyes and yelled, “Who is it, Miquel? He can’t break through the magic barrier of this castle!”

“Oh, Lord Fallen Angel, first time to meet you.” The corpse on the ground, surprisingly, sat up on its own, tore off the cloak covering its face, and smiled brightly at Luo Lin.

“My name is Evans,” the demon introduced with a smile, while pulling out a black crystal with his right hand, saying, “Thank you for letting me watch a long lost soul separation technique, and also returning the ‘soul’ of the last Incubus was returned to us.”

“This is not possible! Where is Qiao Xi? He was bound to die by this day! And only his corpse can lock up the lust of that Incubus!” Luo Lin growled.

“Oh, Qiao Xi, he’s alive and well now, don’t bother your Excellency.” Evans smiled and shook the black crystal in his hand, saying, “As for this crystal, it was made from the eggshell of Qiao Xi’s birth twenty years ago, and it came in handy.”

“You! You have set me up! Sozeur!” Luo Lin shouted almost frantically. He didn’t care about Evans and directly pounced on Han Tian.

Unexpectedly, Han Tian, who was weak beyond measure, now fished up the black cat and flipped backwards in a smooth motion, lightly jumping out of the formation and standing on the ground.

Then, Han Tian let go of the hand he had been holding tightly: the half gray ball of light, which had been in his hand!

Now, the gray ball of light circled around, “swish”, immediately reappeared in the black cat body.

“Sozeur!” Luo Lin screamed heartily, while gray wings suddenly appeared on his back, leaping into the air and rushing straight at Han Tian.

“You traitor of the heavenly realm! Scum of the angels!” Luo Lin hissed and waved the chain at Han Tian’s face.

However, a black barrier blocked the chain and even emitted a black light, bouncing Luo Lin away.

Luo Lin, who had landed on the ground, was shocked and shouted, “Impossible! You can’t resist these chains now! Even if you weren’t injured, you couldn’t possibly fight against the Fallen Angel!”

“Ah, yes.” Han Tian finally spoke up. “Even an unharmed angel can’t defeat a real fallen angel. What’s more, it’s an already weak angel.”

“But what if it’s a newly formed, newborn great demon?” Han Tian half-squinted his eyes and said unhurriedly.

During the words, on his head, slowly grew coiled horns. On his back, two pure black wings were born.

“You!” Luo Lin fell to the ground in shock.

“You! This can’t be! You actually! Made a deal with the Demon World!!! You even degenerated yourself into a demon!” Luo Lin hissed.

Han Tian grunted, and with a flick of his hand, countless black rays of light spilled out from his hand, then swarmed at Luo Lin, instantly binding the fallen angel.

“Alas, Lord Fallen Angel, if Lord Seraph does not make a deal with us, how can he possibly save his beloved one?” Evans walked over and slammed his foot, stomping hard on Luo Lin’s hand and said with a smirk.

Luo Lin yelled hysterically, “What beloved one! You heartless and loveless devils! You shouldn’t even exist in this world!”

“Oh?” Evans’ face changed slightly, the corners of his mouth quirked up and he hummed, “Luo Lin, you just said that it was our Incubus who killed Sozeur. This—how is it that this is completely different from the version I heard?”

“I did hear that twenty years ago, an angel named Sozeur fell in love with an Incubus and even went so far as to give up his angelic status to return to the Demon World with him; however, Sozeur’s partner, however, would never allow him to do so. The two had an argument, and in the end—Sozeur was killed by his own partner.”

“Incubus, who rushed to meet Sozeur, saw only the corpse of his beloved one. He was determined to take Sozeur back to the Demon World and bring back Sozeur’s soul at the cost of his own life. However, Incubus, who was in great grief and shock, did not realize that Sozeur’s partner, the cruel angel, had also secretly followed them to the Demon World.”

“Seeing that the soul summoning was about to succeed, and Sozeur was about to be resurrected, this angel jumped out again, stabbed Incubus, destroyed Sozeur’s body, and also took away Sozeur’s soul. However, without a suitable vessel, the soul would soon dissipate.”

“With no choice, Incubus used his last strength to turn his body into a black cat and wrapped it around Sozeur’s depleting soul. In order to provide energy to his weak lover, Incubus condensed his soul with Sozeur’s, which could protect him forever and ever.”

Evans finished, stepping on Luo Lin’s foot even harder and looking at him grimly. “Only, I didn’t expect that you actually took the opportunity to steal Qiao Xi to achieve your despicable purpose. So, Luo Lin, who is it that is heartless and loveless? And who, in order to imprison his lover, is willing to take his life?!”

Luo Lin gasped and sneered, “Incubus’ soul? Bullshit! That demon is just forcing its own lust to be tied to Sozeur’s soul! A demon wouldn’t have a soul!”

Evans frowned and was about to speak when Han Tian had already moved his fingers slightly, tightening the layers of that black light.

Luo Lin first bit his lips and held back, but finally couldn’t hold back and let out a horrible scream.

“What is a soul?” Han Tian’s face looked indifferent. “Learn to love, know how to give, understand what is forbearance and sacrifice—those who can do this, why can they not have a soul?”

“And you—all you have is pure possessiveness and destructiveness.” Han Tian’s black wings twitched slightly as he looked down at Luo Lin.

“Bullshit! Bullshit! No one loves him more than I do! He belonged to me from the time he was born! Even if he dies, he can only be for me…” Luo Lin’s rant did not continue.

Because, Han Tian’s right hand retracted, the light like a fine woven net, cutting deep down.

Luo Lin, the fallen angel who could not be defeated by angelic power, was instantly reduced to pieces by this great demon.

“Yo, as expected of a newborn great demon, it’s even more ruthless than me.” Evans tsked and sighed.

Han Tian gave him a look and said, “Let’s go. Take this cat and the soul of that Incubus and go back to the Demon World.”

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