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Chapter 62: AU Extra 4: Fresh Mint Scent

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

Since Han Tian said that the bar would be chaotic, Qiao Xi prepared himself according to what he had read online. For example, the shifting lights, the crowd, the meaningless howling, the loud music, and maybe the smell of smoke and alcohol? However, this bar, Devil’s Kiss, was nothing like what Qiao Xi expected, except for the slightly dimmer lights.

The bar had no strong stimulating smells and the background music was soothing. There were not many people, and most of them just gathered quietly, sipping drinks and talking softly.

Han Tian and Evans were obviously regulars here. Immediately after entering, a waiter came to greet them and led them to a sofa at the innermost end of the bar. This sofa seat was different from the others in terms of location and design, and even the floor was significantly higher than the surrounding area, requiring several steps to get up. Originally Qiao Xi just followed Han Tian in silence, but when he arrived here, Han Tian suddenly turned around and said, “Watch your step.” Then he took Qiao Xi’s hand and walked up the steps.

Before Qiao Xi had time to express his objection or surprise, he had already confusedly stepped on it. Then, Han Tian let go of his hand as if nothing had happened and sat down on the sofa casually and naturally.

Qiao Xi looked at Han Tian sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed and licked his lips slightly.

Han Tian was not wearing a jacket, but was still wearing the white shirt Qiao Xi had chosen for him, only the cuffs were rolled up and the collar was open. As for the lower body attire, at some point it was changed to jeans and Martin boots. In this outfit, the demon emitted a “pleasure-seeking” flavor all over the body.

Evans, sitting next to him, simply spread his silver hair all over, so leisurely hanging in front of his chest, the whole person looked lazy.

Perhaps noticing Qiao Xi’s gaze, Evans smiled low, turned his head sideways and whispered something to Han Tian.

Looking at the overly harmonious exchange scene between the two, as well as some similar temperament, Qiao Xi suddenly had a strange thought: This Evans could also be a demon, right?

If Evans is also a demon, then could it be that there are two demons gathered at the same time in this place of Haicheng?

Qiao Xi, who was already a bit uncomfortable, was now even more nervous. His right hand involuntarily rubbed back and forth on his watch, as he thought, I don’t have any attack power yet, if this Evans is also a great demon, then how can I beat two of them?

Whoops, no, I can’t be afraid! I must watch their actions carefully and keep evidence! Even if I can’t tie them up, some other angel will take over!

With this in mind, Qiao Xi pretended to study the drinks on the table, but in fact, he kept his eyes on them to see what these two demons were up to.

The two demons were in fact looking at each other to see what they were up to.

This! This is the crime scene of selling ecstasy in the bar, which he had learned from the textbook before?

Qiao Xi, who was sitting across from the two of them, jumped up and pointed at Han Tian’s hand, saying loudly, “What are you doing? What’s in your hand!”

Han Tian seemed to be taken aback and grabbed the small bag with his right hand, clasping it tightly on the sofa seat, denying it with his mouth. “Hmm? There’s nothing there.”

Han Tian’s obviously flustered expression and unnatural behavior made Qiao Xi even more certain that they must be passing something contraband!

He was angry and sad, thinking, Tsk, I thought you might be a reasonable demon this morning, but I didn’t expect you to be so bad as to pull a stunt like this in a human bar? All of you demons, you really should be arrested!

Qiao Xi directly rushed over and pounced on Han Tian on the sofa seat, wrenching his hand and snatching the object from his hand—Huh?  

Small, transparent plastic bags, mints? And also the kind with a circle in the middle.

Qiao Xi grabbed the mints, a little confused.

“Evans handed me a candy, what’s wrong with that?” Han Tian, who was pinned down by him, asked in a low voice.

“No… Nothing…” Qiao Xi was so embarrassed that he wanted to go back to three minutes ago and strangle himself.

Han Tian took the candy from his hand and shook it. “What, did you take this candy for something else?”

“Neither… No…” Qiao Xi, who is really not good at talking nonsense, could only say, “It just looks like one of those messy pills or something… You were in such a suspicious position, and this is a particularly accident-prone bar, so I… I thought… You… You…”

Han Tian sighed, put the tiny plastic bag to his lips, tore the package with his teeth, and with a gentle roll of his tongue, he took the tiny mint candy into his mouth.

Then, his right hand clasped the back of Qiao Xi’s head and pressed it downward, blocking the mouth that was still confused and talking nonsense.

Before Qiao Xi could react, his lips were pried open and a soft object pushed a sweet candy into his mouth.

Then Han Tian slowly let go of his hand, without any intention of going any further.

Qiao Xi popped up and sat on his knees on the sofa, pointing at Han Tian in a panic. “You, you, you…”

What was that just now? Why did he use his mouth to send mint candy into my mouth? This is too weird! Is this some kind of demon’s weird skill?

In Qiao Xi’s knowledge, the only situation that requires touching another creature with your lips is to activate the “Angel’s Kiss”. According to the textbook, the so-called “angel’s kiss” is a protective skill that can make the target feel good and restore strength.

Qiao Xi thought in horror, But even this skill is just touching the target’s forehead with your lips! No need for mouth-to-mouth!

So what the hell was this demon doing? Is this some kind of powerful curse skill?

Han Tian just spread his hands and said, “I just want to prove that it was indeed a mint.”

At this point, Evans came over and tapped Qiao Xi on the shoulder and said, “Cutie, if Han Tian doesn’t do this, should you suspect that he switched the candy again?”

Huh? Although, I wouldn’t have suspected if you brought in the candy with your mouth? But, it’s true that you can switch the candy with your hands when I’m not looking, but with your mouth… I don’t think you can do that, right? He can’t have a big handful of candy in his mouth all the time, right?

So… Did Han Tian really just want to prove his innocence?

At this moment, Han Tian also sat up, with a slightly aggrieved expression on his face. “Qiao Xi, what exactly do you take me for? Are you… Doubting me? Do you suspect me of doing something illegal?”

Qiao Xi sucked in a cold breath—I take you as a demon!

But why did I feel a little sad when I heard Han Tian ask this question?

Moreover, what made him sadder was the despondent expression on Han Tian’s face.

“Could it be that, like those people, you also think that I rely on drugs to paint?” Han Tian asked.

“Eh? Painting?” Qiao Xi asked rhetorically, completely bewildered.

Han Tian bit his lower lip, his face saddened and aggrieved. He stood up and whispered, “I’m going out for a cigarette.”

After saying that, he stepped down the steps and walked towards the back door of the bar.

Qiao Xi could only stand at a loss, looking at Han Tian’s back, wanting to call out to him, but not knowing what to say.

Evans came over and patted Han Tian’s shoulder, whispering, “Cutie, don’t blame him for overreacting. He’s been framed for this before, so he’s extra concerned.”

“Framed?” Qiao Xi asked back in surprise.

“Yes.” Evans pulled Qiao Xi back to the sofa and continued, “Han Tian, don’t look at him now, he’s doing well, his paintings are very popular, and the media is hailing him, but when he first started out, he was very miserable.”

“Miserable?” Qiao Xi frowned, really could not associate this person with “miserable”.

“Look at his paintings, they’re all very flamboyant, very dreamy, right?” Evans asked.

Qiao Xi nodded.

“And then, at that time, some people said Han Tian must be on drugs to paint such works.” Evans shrugged.

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened. “Eh? Just because he’s a good painter, he’s being suspected like this?” How could a demon need to resort to drugs!

Evans sighed and said, “He’s a good painter, he’s not a student of any famous artist, and he’s not very old, so it’s easy to get suspicious. But that’s not the worst of it…”

Qiao Xi held his breath. “Eh? There is more serious…?”

“Yes. About six or seven years ago, those who were jealous of him made a game of asking him out and then asked Han Tian to pick up something in the name of the ‘senior in the painting world’. As a result, the bottle, which looked like a vitamin tablet, was filled with contraband drugs. As soon as he got it, he was immediately reported and directly detained by the police.”

“The next day, Han Tian’s photo of him and the man ‘meeting’, taking the drugs out of the bag, and then being arrested, immediately hit the news. Overnight, all his solo exhibitions, publications, endorsements, all gone, a bunch of people began to question, every day on the internet cursing him, saying that his paintings are the product of drug addiction, should not be in the world at all, that he is a person who tainted painting, why not quickly go to death. Huh?”

Evans, who had been speaking with great emotion, suddenly stopped talking and looked at Qiao Xi in surprise. “Why are you crying?”

Qiao Xi wiped his tears while saying, “No, nothing, I’m just so angry! He wasn’t even on drugs, was he? He just drew very well!”

“Uh, it’s okay, you don’t have to be too angry. Anyway, in the end, his tests all came back clean, and the people who set him up are all locked up and can’t do any more harm—so, hey, really, you should stop crying?” Evans quickly ended the story and then handed Qiao Xi a tissue.

Qiao Xi grabbed the tissue and wiped it off haphazardly, saying, “Mn, I see, that’s why Han Tian especially hates people wronging him, right? That’s why he was so upset when I misunderstood him just now!”

Evans nodded after a moment of silence.

Qiao Xi stood up and said righteously, “Then I’m going to find him now! I want to apologize to him.”

Evans said, “Oh,” and pointed to the back door of the bar. “He should be there.”

Qiao Xi stomped off.

Evans took out his phone and sent a message: [This little cutie is too easy to fool, right? I can’t even stand it anymore.]

[What did you say?] The other party replied.

[I told you about the idiots who set you up when you first came to earth, as I had planned to do. Only, he surely wouldn’t have thought that you were pretending to be fooled in the first place.]

[Oh. What, he reacted violently?]

[Uh… You’ll find out soon enough.]

Han Tian had just put his phone away when he saw Qiao Xi push open the door and poke his head out to look at him.

The back door of the bar opened onto a dark alley, very quiet, with only the dim street lights shining down.

Despite the misty light, Han Tian saw at once that the soft young man was like a bunny, with red eyes.

“Han Tian…” Qiao Xi moved to his side step by step and whispered, “That, just now, I’m sorry…”

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September 10, 2023 12:33 pm

Tsk, tsk, Han Tian.. Fooling Qiao Xi from the start! 😔

September 11, 2023 3:28 am

Was there a meaning for onlookers, in HT leading QX by the hand, or am I reading too much into it?
I’m not finding tricking QX this way, as amusing as other times. This feels more like he’s being humiliated & his soft nature under the feisty exterior is being made fun of, in an unpleasant, not affectionate, way.
HT, shame on you; you should be better than that.
Whilst powerful & high ranking, Evans always feels like a wing man!
Thanks Addis and Kiramekineko, for the chapter.

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