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Chapter 61: AU Extra 3: I Can Adapt to Anything!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

In the back garden of Angel Academy, there are quite a few sculptures.

It has been said that these sculptures were made according to the most perfect proportions and lines. In the real world, there wouldn’t be any other creatures with such outstanding appearance except for the higher angels.

However, now Qiao Xi felt that the demon in front of him, his body, he’s afraid, was even better than these sculptures.

There was not a trace of fat, every line was so smooth, every bunch of muscles were so tense.

Looking at such a body, Qiao Xi subconsciously swallowed saliva, an absurd thought floated out: Wow, so in addition to the face, his body is also so good-looking! Since it is such a good-looking body, then let me, an angel, “condescend” to help him change clothes, as if there is nothing wrong…? Of course, if I can also touch…

Ah pooh, what are you thinking?

Just 5 minutes ago, when he heard about this “changing clothes” job, he immediately changed his face: What? What kind of job is this? I refuse!

Then Han Tian calmly said, “Well? This is a reasonable job request, you can’t refuse it.”

Qiao Xi strained her neck and argued, “What’s reasonable? I am…! You, you, you, why can’t you change it yourself?”

Han Tian looked at him a little strangely. “Why, didn’t you read the ‘instructions and explanations’ at the end carefully? Whether a request is reasonable or not, it is the hirer, that is, me, who makes the determination. I think it is reasonable to make you familiar with my dressing style as soon as possible, so this request is reasonable.”

Qiao Xi’s face turned red and he was too choked to say anything.

Perhaps seeing his anger, Han Tian shook his head helplessly. “Alas, never mind, considering that you are a novice, just help me pick out the right clothes and then I will change myself.”

Hearing Han Tian say so, Qiao Xi suddenly felt a lot more comfortable, thinking that this demon was still very reasonable, and not so bad.

So, he followed Han Tian’s request to “find clothes suitable for the exhibition” and chose a white shirt with a dark pattern and a tailored suit for Han Tian.

Han Tian then unbuttoned his clothes in front of him, as if no one was watching.

As Han Tian’s clothes were removed piece by piece and left casually on the floor, leaving only a thin black fabric to cover a certain area, Qiao Xi found it difficult to breathe.

No, not because I was too involved and nervous, but, but, hum, but this demon’s body, there is a dizzying sweet smell! I heard that demons are good at using spices to confuse humans, this smell, this demon must also be used to tempt people with!

Han Tian didn’t seem to care about Qiao Xi’s drifting eyes and slightly red face, he calmly put on the clothes Qiao Xi had prepared, one by one.

Finally, while fixing the cuffs, the man looked at the dressing mirror carelessly and said, “Mn, the eyes are good, it fits well.”

Then the man looked at Qiao Xi and said, with a smile, “Good job. When I go to the exhibition, you can wait for me at home, or you can go out on your own.”

Qiao Xi froze and thought, Is this what he means by not taking me with him? What if this demon does something harmful at the exhibition? No, I must go along.

So, despite his blushing, he tried to look calm and said boldly, “Uh, as an assistant, can I also go to the exhibition you’re going to…?”

Han Tian glanced at him and didn’t say anything.

Qiao Xi got a little anxious and turned to Han Tian, saying eagerly, “I, I really want to go see your paintings…”

Han Tian gave a nasal “hmm” and asked indifferently, “Are you so eager to get to know me ‘better’?”

Despite the fact that it sounded very strange, Qiao Xi gritted his teeth and said viciously, “Yes, of course.”

“Well… It’s not impossible.” The corner of Han Tian’s mouth rose slightly and he said, “Only, do you have the right clothes? Since you’re my assistant, shouldn’t you dress similarly to me?”

“It’s… This…” Qiao Xi was speechless again, thinking that the only clothes I had were thrown away by the bellhop, and the pajamas were not even my own.

“So, you can wear my old clothes,” Han Tian suggested slowly and methodically.

“Eh? Your old clothes?” Qiao Xi was shocked.

“Yeah, you’re a little shorter than me, about the same as me 7 or 8 years ago. I think those clothes fit you just right.” Han Tian walked to the deepest part of the checkroom, took out a suit, and handed it to Qiao Xi.

“Try it on?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi held the suit, looked at Han Tian’s face, and blurted out, “Here?”

As soon as the words were finished, he regretted it: Ahhhh what was I thinking? Why should I change my clothes in front of the demon?

Han Tian laughed lightly. “I don’t care. But you can also go to your own room, or, use the checkroom here.”

Qiao Xi, with a black face, carried his clothes out the door.

When he returned to his room, he suddenly realized: Why didn’t Han Tian change in the checkroom just now? He had to undress in front of me? Tsk! You’re really a demon! No shame!

He muttered as he took off his pajamas and put on his shirt, pants, false identity, and jacket in turn.

Well, the size actually did fit perfectly.

But… Shouldn’t these clothes have been cleaned? Why is it that when you wear it, there is still a… There’s an illusion of being haunted by this demon’s scent? Yes, it is that kind of sweet, like a strange scent to haunt people.

It’s not uncomfortable, it’s just that I feel as if this person is standing close to me…

It must be an illusion.

Qiao Xi thought while changing his clothes and hanging them in the closet.

The opening time of the exhibition was in the afternoon.

When they got down from the car, looking at the red carpet in front of the exhibition hall and the reporters beside the red carpet, Qiao Xi hesitantly asked Han Tian if he could just go through the staff channel.

As a result, Han Tian looked at him laughingly. “What are you talking about? Since you’re here as an assistant, you should stay by my side at all times.”

That’s… That’s right.

So, Qiao Xi, in a dumbfounded state, dressed in a fancy three-piece suit, accompanied Han Tian and walked down the red carpet into the showroom under the flashing lights.

According to the procedure, Han Tian had to give a short speech and then be interviewed by two media outlets. During this period, Qiao Xi, the newly appointed assistant, was of little use.

But Han Tian didn’t need him to do anything either. Instead, he came up to him after the speech and said, “Take a look at your own. If there is a painting you particularly like, make sure you tell me.”

There was nothing special about these words, yet Han Tian was so close to him when he spoke that his warm breath blew directly into his ear, and even his hair touched his cheek.

After saying that, Han Tian went off with a svelte smile and went to surround himself with the media.

Qiao Xi, who had nothing else to do, could only wander around the exhibition hall and “identify” Han Tian’s paintings one by one.

Well… They were all very beautiful, with strong color contrasts, extremely strong lines, and each painting had a kind of life force that wanted to come out. These paintings, and his impression of the demon that could do the work, was completely different.

In other words, in each painting here, he did not feel half of the “demon’s breath”.

Could it be that… Is it possible that this person’s tool for evil is not a painting? But something else?

Qiao Xi clutched his chest with one hand and held his cheeks with the other, pondering.

At that moment, the crowd around him made a slight exclamation, and many people began to whisper or ask each other “Who is that?”.

Looking around him, Qiao Xi spotted a silver-haired young man.

This person should have just entered the exhibition hall, wearing a designer, but not at all abrupt, casual clothing, wearing sunglasses, with his long silver hair loosely tied behind his head.

The silver-haired youth stood in the middle of the exhibition hall, took off his sunglasses and looked around, as if he was looking for someone.

After seeing the other person’s face, Qiao Xi’s first reaction was, Oh, this person’s face is also very good-looking, although not as good-looking as that demon’s.

His second reaction was, Tsk, why do I always think this demon’s face looks good?

His first response was, Actually, it’s not just his face, he has a great body too, didn’t you just see it this morning?

Finally, he slapped his head in despair, forcing himself to stop these messy thoughts.

When he put down his hand and was ready to turn around to continue looking at the painting, he was surprised to find that the silver-haired youth, with watchful eyes and a somewhat intimidating expression, was walking towards him step by step.

He… What does he want?

At that moment, Han Tian, who was surrounded by reporters, suddenly said sorry, then pushed the crowd away and walked quickly toward the two.

As the silver-haired youth reached Qiao Xi, Han Tian had already rushed over and smiled, saying, “Evans!”

Evans glanced at Han Tian and then at Qiao Xi with a look of doubt and disbelief on his face, “Han Tian, what is…?”

Han Tian took Qiao Xi’s shoulder and continued to say with a smile, “This is my new assistant, Qiao Xi, whom I hired just this morning.”

Then he turned to Qiao Xi and said, “This is my friend, Evans, he’s a photographer.”

Evans stared at Qiao Xi’s face, then looked at Han Tian’s hand on Qiao Xi’s shoulder, and said thoughtfully, “Oh… Your assistant…” 

“Greetings. I’m Mr. Han’s assistant, please tell me more.” Meeting Evans’ not-so-friendly gaze, Qiao Xi still stiffened his head and greeted politely.

“Wow… Very obedient.” Evans, who had a gloomy face, suddenly smiled, and smiled happily. “Hello. Don’t be so polite, I know your teacher Han very well.”

Qiao Xi pulled the corner of his mouth and forced a smile out as a reply.

For some reason, even though this person’s attitude was friendly, he still felt that he wanted to hide away when he saw this person.

Looking at the smile on Qiao Xi’s face, which was worse than crying, Evans seemed more excited. With his eyes shining, he went to Han Tian’s side and whispered.

After the two said something, Han Tian patted Evans’ shoulder and went back to the interview.

Evans, on the other hand, simply stayed by Qiao Xi’s side and acted as an “interpreter”, starting to introduce Han Tian’s paintings one by one.

When Han Tian finally finished the interview, Qiao Xi had already seen all the exhibits under Evans’ “guidance.

“Is there anything you like in particular?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi scratched his head and said, “The one of the sea in the evening?”

It was a pure landscape painting. Compared with the other works in the exhibition, the style was relatively calm and more relaxed.

Han Tian smiled and asked, “That one? It’s very bland, isn’t it? Do you like it?”

Qiao Xi nodded. “Mn, maybe because I’ve never been to the sea… When I see the sea, I think it’s beautiful.” The color of the sea, like the sky, was a clear and transparent blue, making Qiao Xi feel more or less close.

“Understood.” Han Tian nodded and didn’t say anything else. But Evans came over and said with a smile, “Teacher Han, your work is done, so we can start today’s ‘game time’, right?”

Game time, demon’s game time? This is a keyword that requires a lot of attention!

Qiao Xi, who had heard a sensitive word, immediately perked up and stared at Han Tian with extreme nervousness.

Han Tian glanced at him and calmly explained, “Don’t think too much, Evans is just asking me to go to a bar.”

Hearing Han Tian’s words, Evans winked at Qiao Xi. “How about it, little cutie, want to join us?”

Little… Cutie?

What kind of name is that!

Out of anger, Qiao Xi’s face turned red again. He denied it fiercely while saying, “What’s cute! Don’t talk nonsense!” While looking at Han Tian anxiously, he asked, “That, I, I can also go with you, right?”

He had heard that there were demons who used bars and other crowded places as their base to do strange things!

If Han Tian’s painting was okay, then maybe he should go to the bar and see if there were any other clues?

Han Tian stared into his eyes for a few seconds and finally answered, “Yes. Only, the place is a bit chaotic, you may not be too comfortable.”

“It’s okay, I can adapt to anything!” Qiao Xi only felt that he had succeeded in his plan and was so excited that he was beating his chest, not noticing the tsk-tsk expression of Evans standing by the side and the deep smile hidden under Han Tian’s eyes.

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I love HT’s subtle seductions; I have all the way through this novel; and QX’s naive innocence, always looking for the good, and reasonable explanations, whilst berating his ‘inappropriate’ thoughts 🤯
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