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Chapter 68: AU Extra 10: “I’m coming to take you home.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

It’s been a week since Qiao Xi returned to the heavenly realm.

The first thing he did after he came back was to find Miquel and say that in his judgment, Han Tian was not a demon that needed to be interrogated, so there was no need to bring him to the heavenly realm.

Miquel looked at him with a complicated expression and said, “Qiao Xi, you should know that with your current qualifications, you are not qualified to make this judgment alone.”

Qiao Xi nodded and gave Miquel the communicator that had recorded the image. “I know, so please watch the image and give it to the seniors and ask them to make a judgment.”

Miquel held the communicator, wanting to say something, but finally said, “Even if your judgment is right, you are still in violation of the Code. According to the rules, you will lose your eligibility to travel to the earthly realm.”

Qiao Xi hung his head, and his voice low, replied, “I know.”

When he made this decision, he already knew.

As long as he returned to the heavenly realm alone, he would never be able to go to the earthly realm again, never get to see Han Tian again.

However, it didn’t matter.

Even so, it was better than bringing Han Tian in for interrogation.

Miquel sighed and pressed the communicator.

After Miquel finished reading it, Qiao Xi looked at Miquel blearily and said, “Look, he has already made an oath that he will never harm humans again. Therefore, there is really no need to interrogate him anymore.”

Miquel turned off the communicator and looked at him in dismay, saying, “Qiao Xi, that’s a demon! Do you even believe in the devil’s oath?”

Qiao Xi argued, “No, it’s not just an oath, but more like a contract.”

Miquel said suspiciously, “A pact? What contract did you make? You can’t have been tricked by that big demon, right?”

Qiao Xi’s face reddened a little and he whispered: “It’s, uh, a contract that he will ‘do whatever I say’.”

Miquel’s face changed and his voice rose. “What kind of contract is that? What skill did you use to activate it?!”

Qiao Xi originally did not want to say anything, but once he was yelled at by Miquel, he became so nervous that he began to sweat, and involuntarily leaked out the truth.

The truth came out: “Based on the Angel’s Kiss, it was slightly enhanced…”

It is not “slightly” strengthened, but strengthened a lot.

“How is it enhanced?” Miquel’s face had gone all black.

“Just… It went from touching your forehead to touching your mouth… and then… Uh, touching other parts… And that’s it…” Qiao Xi finished vaguely.

Qiao Xi’s obscurity did not prevent Miquel from understanding what he meant.

The young blond’s eyes were red, his hands were clenched into fists, and he said through clenched teeth, “This shameless devil! You are completely deceived! Listen, ‘Angel’s Kiss’ can only be used to repair basic damage, it can’t be enhanced into a contract skill at all!”

Qiao Xi’s face turned red as he argued unconvincingly, “But! I’ve verified it myself!”

Miquel wanted to punch himself in the temple. He said word for word, “How did you verify? Who did you ask to verify it?”

Qiao Xi scratched his head and said, “He said that only people who trust each other can use this skill to be effective. From the very beginning, after he kissed me, we both became in a good mood, so that proves that the skill is effective? Likewise, it can also be deduced that he trusts me?”

“Since he trusts me, then, then, what he said after that… …I think it is… …true?” Qiao Xi’s voice was getting lower and lower, and his face was getting more and more confused.

Miquel held his forehead, sighing in despair. “Qiao Xi, listen to what you just said…your logic, are you thrown into the lake of mirrors to feed the fish? Your so-called verification, all based on this demon’s words above, is a circular argument! You assume that this demon’s words are true, and then verify that this demon is not lying to you!”

Qiao Xi’s head dropped completely.

He had now discovered that Miquel was right.

Could it be that Han Tian was really lying to himself?

Those conversations about painting, the despondent look on his face, and those intimate hugs and sweet touches, were all fake?

Miquel looked at Qiao Xi’s increasingly pale face, could not bear to say anything more, only said, “You have a good rest in the dormitory. I’m going to find the patriarch. I’ll let you know if anything happens.”

After saying that, Miquel took the communicator and left.

Qiao Xi stood there, not feeling angry, but just thinking, Han Tian’s last vow, will it be true?

As long as this vow is true… …Even if he has lied to me, so be it…

Didn’t the patriarch say that the angels would work to bring all things back to the path of “goodness”?

As long as Han Tian can promise not to do evil, even if I was cheated… …Even if I have been cheated! But I like you so much, why on earth did you lie to me!

Qiao Xi lowered his head, endless grievances came up, all turned into tears falling down.

After that, Miquel didn’t come to him for several days.

Qiao Xi wanted to take the initiative to ask to see what the patriarch’s opinion was, and whether Han Tian’s last vow was valid.

However, he did not dare to do so.

He was afraid that the patriarch would finally tell him in a serious way that Han Tian was really lying to him, and that the last vow was useless.

Tormented by such thoughts, he could not stay in the dormitory by himself.

But he didn’t want to go to too many places, and he was afraid that his classmates would ask him, “Qiao Xi, how is your first mission going?

So, as he often did in his early childhood, he walked down the path to the Lake of Mirrors by himself.

The lake was blue, as blue as in his dream.

“So this is the color, I thought it would be difficult to paint.” He had just sat down on the grass at the edge of the lake when he heard a voice that made his heart tremble.

He turned his head back with a swish, but saw nothing.

Sure enough, it was a hallucination, right?

Qiao Xi smiled bitterly.

It seems that this is not the first time to hear it, he seems to always hear, the devil is still talking in his own ears.

Even in those shallow dreams, the demon would kiss him and tell him to take it easy and wait a little longer.

However, even if the dream is beautiful, it is only a dream after all.

Qiao Xi hugged his knees and buried his head in them.

“Qiao Xi, so you are here.” This voice was Miquel.

Qiao Xi jumped up and looked back at Miquel nervously. “Senior, you’re looking for me?”

Miquel’s face was still very bad. ” Yeah. The patriarch wants to see you, so come with me.”

Looking at Miquel’s face, Qiao Xi, who was already anxious, didn’t dare to ask anything.

With his head shrinking, he was led by Miquel like a quail through several special passages to the council chamber where the patriarch was located.

However, as soon as he entered the chamber, he suspected that his eyes were broken, or that he was hallucinating after hearing—the person sitting on the sofa chair opposite the patriarch, why did he look exactly the same as Han Tian?

And, the eyes that looked at him intently, and the curve of his mouth that turned upward slightly, were also the same as Han Tian’s?

Hallucination. It must be a hallucination.

He forced himself not to look at the illusion, but toward the patriarch, he respectfully saluted.

As a result, the patriarch nodded at him slightly and said with a smile, “I think you and this honor already know each other.”

“His Excellency?” Qiao Xi looked at the patriarch in confusion, and then looked at the “phantom” in the direction of the patriarch’s sight.

As a result, the “phantom” moved.

The “phantom” stood up, smiled at Qiao Xi and said, “Angel, long time no see.”

“Talking? The phantom spoke?” Qiao Xi stood dumbfounded and subconsciously said what was in his mind.

“Qiao Xi.” The patriarch frowned and said, “Mind your manners.”

“Ah?” Qiao Xi turned his head blankly, thinking, Maybe the whole scene was a dream?

“Qiao Xi, if you don’t follow the Code of Etiquette, you will be punished by copying it 10 times,” Miquel said in a good-natured way.

“!!!” Qiao Xi now confirmed that this was definitely not a dream. In a dream, there is no need to copy the Code.

So, what’s this all about? Why did Han Tian, who was a demon, appear in the Heavenly Realm?

Probably seeing Qiao Xi’s surprise, the patriarch stood up and spoke in a kind tone: “This Han Tian is a messenger from the demon world. Over the years, we have been exploring ways to reduce unnecessary friction with the demon world and promote cooperation between the two sides. But in this process, we have encountered a little problem.

We and the demon world, by nature, do not trust each other, so we do not have any angels willing to negotiate with the demon world, let alone sign a valid document.

Unexpectedly, a week ago, the demon world took the initiative to contact us, saying there is an angel, as a representative, and a great demon that signed a cooperation agreement.

I read the content of the agreement, and although individual terms need to be adjusted, in general, it has been our desire to show sincerity, no doubt expressed. Therefore, I and the demon world consultant, decided on the basis of this agreement, to try to do some cooperation projects. For example, is it possible for certain demons and angels to partner together to guard the earthly realm—a project that we both find very meaningful.

And then, according to this agreement, we have selected the first group of partners for this project. On the Devil’s side, it is naturally the messenger, His Excellency Han Tian. And on our side, it’s you.”

“…Me…?” Qiao Xi pointed at himself as if he was sleepwalking.

“Right.” The patriarch smiled approvingly at him.

Miquel averted his eyes in good humor.

Han Tian, on the other hand, was still looking at him with such a smile.

“What kind of agreement? I only remember, I, I signed one, as an assistant…?” Qiao Xi was in a trance, very confused.

Han Tian pointed to a pile of papers on the table and politely explained, “Your Excellency, this is the agreement. However, in the ‘Description and Interpretation’ section of this agreement, it is specifically agreed that by signing this agreement, the appointee has obtained the full approval and consent of his organization, and will not violate any rules or orders of his organization. From this article, you are not only representing yourself, but the whole heavenly world.”

“…This? That’s… That’s okay?…” Qiao Xi’s face turned white as a sheet of paper.

The patriarch nodded. “I’ve already posthumously admitted that it’s perfectly fine.”

“So,” Han Tian bent down and saluted Qiao Xi, “so, my dear assistant, my angel, I’m here to take you home.”

An hour later.

Qiao Xi stood in Han Tian’s apartment, looking at his entire family’s belongings that had been brought from the heavenly realm, and still did not wake up.

When he said “all his belongings”, it was just the books he collected, the fallen leaves he secretly stuck in his books as bookmarks, the pebbles he picked up from the Lake of Mirrors, the feathers he dropped during his first flight…and so on.

Qiao Xi was standing still, while Han Tian had already started to put one of these books on the shelf.

“Han Tian?” Qiao Xi finally spoke up.

“Yes?” The demon turned his head and smiled at him.

“Did you already know who I am?” Qiao Xi bowed his head and asked the question he had been holding in his heart.

“Yes.” Han Tian came over and put his arm around the stiff man.

Qiao Xi was still motionless and did not respond to Han Tian’s hug.

“Then you, then you, are you, have you been, have you been lying to me?” Qiao Xi held back and held back, but still couldn’t hold back, his nose was so sore that he couldn’t stop the tears.

He felt that he was really stupid.

“Qiao Xi,” Han Tian stepped back and pressed his hand on his shoulder, “I admit that I was lying to you at first.

“For me, it is my nature to deceive and hide—the first minute I recognized you, I was already planning to deceive the angel in front of me…”

“But I don’t know when I started—stopped—lying to you.”

“Do you remember the day before you left? When we were sitting on the couch?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi originally cried with a lot of aggression, heard the words “sitting on the sofa”, and suddenly did not cry out, but held his red face, as if remembering—what a great scene.

“I originally wanted to tell you all the truth, including my identity, including the agreement, and, including my thoughts about you.” Han Tian wiped Qiao Xi’s tears with his fingertips and spoke carefully.

“What do you think of me?” Qiao Xi asked rhetorically.

“Qiao Xi, what do you think now, what is our relationship?” Han Tian asked.

“…Partner?” Qiao Xi said.

Han Tian smiled bitterly and said, “What else?

Qiao Xi asked in a low voice, “What about… Kissed someone?”

“Anything else?”

“…Sleeping, sleeping together?”

“…Anything else?”

Under Han Tian’s continuous questioning, Qiao Xi became aggrieved again.

This time, he changed to bawling. “What! All you know is to ask me! I don’t know what we are! I only know, I only know, even if I know you cheated, I also hope that you can live well! I only know that when I think that I will never see you again, I feel so scared! I only know that I see you every day in my dreams! But I don’t know what I am to you! You were lying to me from the beginning!”

Han Tian did not wipe Qiao Xi’s tears this time, but kneeled on one leg in front of Qiao Xi with great devotion and solemnity. “Qiao Xi, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you what I thought first that night. I’m also sorry that I didn’t go to you first after I found out you ran back to the heavenly realm. I spent a lot of effort to get the support of the other great demons so that I could go to the heavenly realm.

“But, for me, the only person I will go to kiss, will go to embrace, will embrace to sleep, will only be my lover, my beloved.”

His hand shook, grabbed a crimson box from the air, and he solemnly opened it toward Qiao Xi.

 Inside was a ring.

The strange thing is that this ring was a silvery white metal, but it gave off a crystal clear light.

“This is?” Qiao Xi could not care less about crying, and he wiped his own red eyes.

“This is what I wanted to give you that morning. It’s… …Uh, you know we come from the devil’s egg, right?” A very rare blush appeared on Han Tian’s face.

Qiao Xi nodded.

“The eggshell of the demon’s egg, after we are born, will be refined into crystals. Unlike humans and angels, this crystal is directly connected to our souls,” Han Tian explained, “and then, I changed this crystal into the shape of a ring.”

“Ah?” Qiao Xi asked rhetorically, dumbfounded.

“So…Qiao Xi, will you, as my only lover, now and in the future, forever, take my soul, and watch over it with me?” Han Tian tilted his head, and his voice trembled a little.

Qiao Xi did not reply, but also knelt in front of Han Tian, looking at him levelly.

Qiao Xi’s voice was muffled again.

“You’re a big liar,” Qiao Xi said.

Han Tian’s body trembled and his face turned pale.

“I won’t take your soul.”

Han Tian almost couldn’t hold himself up.

“Your soul belongs to you.”

Qiao Xi held Han Tian’s shoulders and said word for word, “But you, you belong to me.”

Han Tian looked at Qiao Xi’s face, and Qiao Xi’s eyes with a slightly teasing and vengeful look, gave a fierce tug, and the whole person was in his arms.

He said with anger and laughter, “Did you just lie to me? Do you know how scary this is?”

Qiao Xi bit the man’s chin and whispered, “Well, I learned it from you. Can’t I?”

Han Tian decided to cut the crap. He grabbed Qiao Xi’s face and after a rampage, he simply picked him up and threw him onto the couch.

“Want to learn from me, right?” Han Tian slowly loosened his collar and cuffs, and with a smile unique to the devil, said, “Yes, I will teach you well.”

Qiao Xi instinctively shivered and wanted to roll over and escape from the sofa.

Mr. Han’s teaching course officially began. It is expected that the first lesson is only five, six, seven, or eight hours.

Qiao Xi may not have the strength to finish this first lesson.

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