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Chapter 168: Image ah image.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“…This is the situation.” It took almost half an hour for Fox One to explain and Fox Two to add in the details, before his current state was finally explained clearly to Zhu MoLing.

After he listened to the explanation of his two subordinates, Zhu MoLing was silent for a long time. It took a while before he accepted the reality that he was in an infantile state where he knew nothing. Instead of what he expected, he was sent into a special healing apparatus by Fox One and Fox Two to be treated in a game.

What was even more unexpected for Zhu MoLing was that he was actually picked up by the youth who accidentally tangled with him while he was transformed into a huge beast form before he returned home. Now he was taking good care of him while also possessing the magical ability to make him recover. Only since the recovery would be a long process before he knows anything other than the game he was swimming in. At an initial thought, Zhu MoLing had some trouble remembering Bai Li’s appearance. He only knew that the man hadn’t given him a bad feeling, so he was torn for a moment over accepting the facts.

“He helped take care of me. Have you compensated him accordingly?” Zhu MoLing quickly regained the sanity belonging to the Patriarch, and opened his mouth to bring up the topic about compensation.

Fox One and Fox Two shook their heads together. “No, Mr. Bai refused no matter what we said, and so did Admiral Wen, who was with him. They said that they were all acquaintances, so there was no need to mention compensation.”

Fox Two also added, “Not only did they not ask for payment, but the food at Mr. Bai Li’s house seems to be good. We went to his house yesterday to see the Patriarch and your juvenile body seems to have rounded a lot…”

Fox One and Fox Two were more or less greedy for a taste of Bai Li’s family’s food. When they contacted Bai Li earlier, Bai Li invited the two to his house for lunch at noon, and said that he wanted to thank them for their help yesterday. The two did not resist the temptation to agree.

When he heard the description of Fox Two, Zhu MoLing’s face darkened and he gave him a sharp look without good grace. The word ‘rounded’ had never appeared in association with him before!

When he heard that the young man named Bai Li actually had an Imperial Admiral beside him, Zhu MoLing was really surprised for a few seconds. He was unable to figure out how these two were connected. Later, after he heard Fox One say that Wen XingYao was also restored to human form through Bai Li’s help, it made sense. He was soon relieved, and no longer dwelt on the issue of payment.

However, there was one more issue that he still cared about.

“Ahem. You guys also went to Bai Li’s house to see me. Besides my…Well, the size change, was there anything else you found? For example, how did I get along with Bai Li and Wen XingYao in my infant form?”

Zhu MoLing actually knows his own nature. He could be more cool and reserved than Wen XingYao in front of outsiders (Wen XingYao: what’s it to me?) In addition, some basic details of life had also reached the point of fault finding. At the same time, he also had very high requirements for his own quality of life. Once they were not up to standard, he would lose his temper or release cold aura on those around him. He had always been a rather capricious and egotistical person, and what little gentleness he had left was reserved for his family, especially his brother. When he thought of his brother, who was still missing, Zhu MoLing’s eyes dimmed.

However, to return to the previous subject, Zhu MoLing’s temper and personality could be controlled when he was grown up, but when he was very young, according to his mother’s description, he was simply the most difficult fox cub she had ever seen in her little life.

Zhu MoLing was a little worried that his cub form would be of this annoying nature, or simply not happy to be touched by strangers, and maybe even reach out its paws to attack the people who come near it. In that case, it would be too much trouble for Bai Li, and he would have to ask Fox One and Fox Two to take him back into their care.

Fox One and Fox Two did not notice their Patriarch’s inner concern and replied smilingly, “Don’t worry, Patriarch, you and Mr. Bai Li are getting along quite well. Your infant form was still asking for pampering when we were there. As for Admiral Wen, as you know, he does not seem to be a patient person, but you are getting along well with each other. We have seen that with Mr. Bai covering you, you will not suffer any loss.”

Zhu MoLing, “?”

Lai Lai? Pouting? He still needs someone to pet him?

Such words clearly shouldn’t appear in context with his body, ah. The words that stunned him just jumped out one by one!

Zhu MoLing couldn’t believe that the juvenile described by Fox One and Fox Two would be the same person (fox) as him. It was impossible. Absolutely impossible. He couldn’t believe it! The little black fox in Zhu MoLing’s mind whimpered and cried, as it mourned his lost image. The sadness in reality was set aside for now. It was better to talk about the situation in the game to divert attention.

Then, after Zhu MoLing’s questioning, he learned that Fox One and Fox Two entered the game in the early hours of the morning, and the reason he didn’t get on the game earlier was perhaps because Bai Li and Wen XingYao both chose to sleep.

“Hey, if I had known that you were also in this village, we would have chosen a place to live that is closer to you, but now, it is one in the east end of the village, one in the west end of the village. We have to come over to you, and we still have to walk a long way,” Fox One said without regret.

Zhu MoLing did not think it mattered. It was still better than the three people being assigned to three different villages. He looked at the men in front of him who were eager to explore the game, and Zhu MoLing suddenly remembered the great difficulty in front of him and immediately asked the two what life skills they had learned.

Fox One, “I learned cooking and gathering.”

Fox Two, “I learned mining and carpentry.”

Zhu MoLing learned fishing and mining, the three of them have learned all the life skills.

“What Village chief’s Residence task did you take? This village chose the most difficult design, the fourth, and the number of materials needed is very large. You’ve come to this village quite well. I want the title of this village, so after you collect the materials, give me 70% of it.” Zhu MoLing immediately stated his goal, and so it was arranged.

Fox One and Fox Two not only didn’t feel that Zhu MoLing’s decision was extremely unfair to them, but instead asked if 70% would be too little. How about 90%? They just need to turn in a little to the village chief to get a “participation award” from it.

Zhu MoLing thought it through. It was better to be safe, so he happily agreed to the two suggestions, and began to think about what kind of name to give the village when the time came.

Why don’t we just call it “Heavenly Fox Village”?

If at that time Bai Li was at the scene and heard the three’s discussion, he was afraid he would directly shout “666” 1. They were really full of loving foxes. In an ordinary farming game you could establish a “family.” Although this family was only three people.

However, as the saying went, the crowd picked up the fire, and in the case of other players who were fighting alone, Zhu MoLing, who had three resources at the same time, was undoubtedly able to walk in the forefront. As long as the three of them work together, there was a good chance that they could pocket the title of this village.

Once he understood his current situation and added Fox One and Fox Two as friends in the game, Zhu MoLing rushed the two back to farm and collect materials, not forgetting to ask them to give Bai Li a message for him before they left, to express his desire to have more game time.

He also had to make an effort for the title of the village.

After the two left, Zhu MoLing didn’t rush to harvest the ripe crops. First he temporarily went offline and transferred a sum of money to Fox One and Fox Two respectively through his account, and left a message that the money was for them to spend in the game and to talk to him when they were done and before coming back online then reminded the two once more to remember to check their personal accounts so they could go about their business without distraction.

This time, with a clearer perception of his situation, Zhu MoLing has a greater impetus to do his work. Even if he couldn’t see the reality of his specific situation, his two subordinates in there, which for him was undoubtedly much more convenient. They could at least help him pass the word out.

On the other end, Fox One and Fox Two received Zhu MoLing’s message, then very obediently ran out to take a look, and soon pounded their hearts back into action. Amazed…a, ten, a hundred, a thousand…The Patriarch actually gave them each 500,000 star coins to spend as they please in the game! This was too extravagant, ah!

The two didn’t hesitate, and went hard kryptonite. They buy several of their own long-established goods, especially the 100 star coin Dress Surprise Box, but also bought 100 in a breath, to open for fun.

Whether there was a good suit or not, they could experience a local tyrant’s addiction…

In Mushroom Village, Tang Ying finally woke up from his hangover, only to feel dizzy and vaguely pained in the head. He drank a few sips of tea to suppress the discomfort. He looked at the empty bowl and the sealed jar on the table, and he felt a sense of sadness, and thought that this “wine” was really a horrible thing. With how much he drank, he actually slept the whole night!

But…The taste was not bad. From now on I have to use a smaller cup to drink, not like today to drink into such a drunken state.

After he’d woken up for a while, Tang Ying remembered the question he asked in the discussion group yesterday and hurried to take a look, but was stopped by 999+ chat messages at the very beginning, and did not turn to the top to see what they actually said.

Tang Ying confidently thought, I don’t care what other people have opened from the gift bag, mine was definitely the best!

Ni Jiang also got up early. She finished the morning practice with her comrades, and then rushed to the game, and looked for the Flower Lady near the Village Chief’s House. Ni Jiang was still a few points away from reaching the “passionate” good feeling, so Ni Jiang has been thinking about it all night long. She even dreamt about the Flower Lady who gave her a big reward of beautiful dreams.

This time, Ni Jiang received from the hands of the Flower Lady the task of weaving garlands. She needed to weave five successful garlands and submit them to her, to complete the task.

The task of weaving a wreath might be a bit difficult for others, but for Ni Jiang, it was easily achievable. As early as a month ago, she and Small Butterfly and others had studied the weaving of the wreath. At that time, they just thought it was fun, but she didn’t expect that now it could be directly used.

The flowers she needed to make the garlands were available in her yard, and it took Ni Jiang less than half an hour to finish knitting five garlands of different shapes in no time at all. As she held the wreaths, Ni Jiang rushed to the Flower Lady to hand in the task.

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Translator Notes:

  1. from the glossary, 666 is internet slang to describe someone doing something really cool.


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