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Chapter 67: AU Extra 9: The Angel’s Decision

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

“Right… I’m sorry!”

Qiao Xi looked at Han Tian, who was getting dressed, with a face of shame.

“Why are you sorry?” Han Tian bent down and touched Qiao Xi’s face with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Looking at Han Tian’s extraordinarily red lips and the corners of his eyes that were still wet, what he had done a few minutes ago immediately came back to Qiao Xi’s mind.

He never thought that he could have such a “tyrannical” part of himself.

He had already noticed that Han Tian’s beautiful face had been forced into shape, and Han Tian’s brows were furrowed together, but he still didn’t want to stop, didn’t want to stop.

Until Han Tian let him see a brilliant, gorgeous, and boundless sky of fireworks.

Looking at Han Tian’s smiling face, Qiao Xi reached out and cupped the back of Han Tian’s head as he had just done, and whispered, “I…I can do what you just did, like you did to me, to your…”

Han Tian lowered his eyes, smiled, rubbed his fingers on Qiao Xi’s lips twice, and said, “No, there’s no hurry.”

Qiao Xi blurted out, “In a hurry!”

However, he immediately regretted it.

Why was he in a hurry? It was because, according to Han Tian, both sides need to “share” equally before the other side can achieve the effect of “obedience”.

Han Tian trailed off with a “hmm” and leaned over to Qiao Xi’s ear, saying slowly, “Qiao Xi, I don’t need you to do the exact same thing to me, this sharing can be achieved in other ways…”

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened. “Hmm? What’s that way?”

Han Tian took him by the shoulders, leaned into his ear, and said it.

Qiao Xi’s body involuntarily trembled.

“This, this…can’t be done…” His voice was filled with panic.

Even if he could do it, it would still be painful, right?

Thinking about it, Qiao Xi shivered again.

Han Tian let go of his hand, smiled, stood up, continued buttoning, and said, “It can be done. If you are willing to trust me 100 percent, it will be very easy. And it will be more memorable than all the ‘sharing’ you’ve had so far.”

Qiao Xi lowered his head, not daring to answer.

One hundred percent trust?

Han Tian said that the person he trusts most is me. However, I do not trust him completely, right?

I didn’t even plan to tell him what my identity really was.

So… No, no, no.

It’s too scary to think about. Don’t.

Looking at the hesitant Qiao Xi, Han Tian smiled faintly and didn’t say anything more, but took the socks, half-kneeled on the ground, and put them on for Qiao Xi.

During the days after that, Han Tian took Qiao Xi to various painting exhibitions, saw lively and bright dances, and even went out to sea on a sailboat.

At night, or early in the morning, Han Tian would try his best to please him.

Whenever Qiao Xi thought that he could not satisfy Han Tian’s wishes, he felt guilty and wanted to stop—but of course, before he could, his willpower had already collapsed.

In this way, the two of them spent a fantastic week.

It wasn’t until the last day that Han Tian and he went to the artisanal store that sold all kinds of ducklings.

It turned out that the store was located in an alley not far from the apartment, hidden at the end of a long, somewhat steep slope.

On the display shelves of the store, there were various shapes and sizes of ducklings in various costumes.

Among these ducks, Qiao Xi immediately spotted the one with a brush in one wing and a sketchbook in the other, and decided to take it home to match with the family one.

But that’s actually Han Tian’s house, right?

What should I do with my mission after I return this time?

Although I do not have any evidence against Han Tian. I don’t even want to talk about harming humans, Han Tian didn’t even use his demonic power once when I was with him, so where do I get the evidence?

That… …Can we say that because there is really no evidence, I do not want to carry out an invalid arrest, so I actively give up?

In fact, think about it, this way also seems good?

In this way, you do not have to force Han Tian to make any promises, as long as everything is maintained as it is, will it not be okay?

“What are you thinking about? You are starting to giggle?” Han Tian asked with a smile, stroking his head.

“Nothing, nothing,” Qiao Xi replied quickly, holding the duckling and leaving the store.

Just as he stepped outside, he heard a heartbreaking cry from the top of the slope: “My child! My child!”

Looking up, he was stunned: a baby carriage, probably with a broken brake, was speeding down the slope. Behind the stroller was a crippled woman, presumably the baby’s mother, who was rolling and crawling after it.

Qiao Xi didn’t even think about it, and ran with his feet up, ready to stop the baby carriage.

However, something more terrible happened—because the sliding speed was too fast, the slope was too shaky, the whole stroller flipped over, and the little baby inside cried out and fell down from the air.

Qiao Xi jumped up and tried to jump over to the baby, but he saw the baby freeze in the air.

At the same time, the communication device on his wrist, which had not been used for a long time, began to flash red light constantly.

Qiao Xi froze, but he did not make a full stop, still rushing over as fast as possible, and ran to the little baby below.

Then, the baby began to slowly fall a little, and finally landed steadily in Qiao Xi’s arms.

All this happened very fast, so fast that ordinary people simply could not see it clearly.

Everyone around, including the mother who finally arrived, thought that Qiao Xi ran fast enough, and was responsive enough, to catch the child.

They gathered around Qiao Xi, admiring and thanking him.

Qiao Xi just silently handed the child to the panic-stricken mother, and then stood pale in place, deaf to the chatter of the people around him, and dared not turn around.

He knew very well why just now the little baby was fixed in the air, and then floated into his arms—that is Han Tian activated the demonic power ah.

This was the proof he had been looking for, a proof that the demon was still active, still using the demon power, and that it had been recorded in full by the communicator.

But all demons whose activities were recorded by the communicator needed to be brought back to the heavenly realm and then interrogated closely.

He had never heard of any demon that could return to the earthly realm unscathed after being severely interrogated.

The best result would be to let the demon return to the demon realm, but forbid him to go to the earthly realm.

If Han Tian is also forbidden to go to the earthly realm, what about his paintings?

He couldn’t continue painting in the demon world, could he?

With a trembling hand, he pressed off the flashing communicator.

What should I do?

At this moment, Han Tian had already picked up the duckling that had fallen on the ground and walked up to him, saying in a calm voice, “Let’s go. The car to take us to the airport has arrived.”

On the plane back to Haicheng, Qiao Xi did not have the heart to look at the sky, nor did he have the heart to watch the movie.

No matter how Han Tian teased him and teased him with various words, he could not respond.

In the end, he simply shrank under the covers and slept until the plane landed.

When he arrived home, it was already dusk, the lights in the distance lit up a little, and the broad-leaved potted plants in the living room were shaking their leaves slightly.

He watched Han Tian put the ducklings into the bathroom, and then put out the strange souvenirs they bought from various small stores.

He still remembered that when he bought these little things, he and Han Tian were happily discussing how to put this on the fridge and that in his room—and then Han Tian said, “Shouldn’t you share a room with me anymore?”

Qiao Xi took a deep breath and did not say anything, nor did he make a sound, just looked at Han Tian’s back and silently held back the tears in his eyes.

Until Han Tian turned around, took his hand and sat down on the sofa with him.

“Qiao Xi,” Han Tian’s voice was calm, “about what happened in that alley, I have something to tell you.”

Qiao Xi suddenly felt that the air had become thin, and even breathing was unusually difficult.

He vaguely realized that Han Tian was going to say something.

No, don’t. If Han Tian had told him, then he had to take him back no matter what!

“You do not say!” Qiao Xi shouted out, and at the same time lunged forward and sealed Han Tian’s lips.

Han Tian looked at him in dismay, stepped back a bit, and tried to open his mouth again.

“No, no, you listen to me!” Qiao Xi desperately shook his head, and even reached out his hand to block Han Tian’s mouth.

He stared into Han Tian’s eyes and poured out all the words he had just thought of: “I, I, I am willing to trust you 100%, and then, I am also willing to do what you said before. But, you have to promise me one thing—”

“Well?” Han Tian frowned, the look on his face was extremely complicated.

Qiao Xi pressed open the communicator and asked urgently, “That is, you promise me that you will never hurt humans, can you do that?” 

Han Tian looked at him with deep eyes, while gently pressing his hand to his heart, and said, “If this is your wish, I can promise you that I will never hurt humans for no reason.”

Qiao Xi let out a long breath and turned off the communicator.

Then, holding back his tears, he pinned Han Tian down on the sofa.

Early the next morning—

Qiao Xi thought he had passed out last night, or lost consciousness in the middle of the night.

If he didn’t pass out, if he didn’t lose consciousness, how could he agree to such and such a strange request?

Han Tian, this liar!!! This demon did not make his words clear last time! This matter, where was it easy!

Although… …This incident was indeed, as Han Tian said, more memorable than all the previous “sharing”.

However, there were parts that he wished he could forget.

Like how he went from the living room to the bedroom, and from the bedroom to the bathroom.

He didn’t want to think about it at all.

Qiao Xi struggled to get out from under the covers and tried to find the communicator on the floor, which had been thrown away somewhere.

His movement apparently alerted the other person under the covers.

Han Tian sat up, wrapped his arms around him from behind, kissed him gently on the neck, and said softly, “You’re awake so early? Not sleeping for a while?”

Qiao Xi was so nervous that he said in a shaky voice, “…I, I’m a little hungry,” but his voice was already completely hoarse, so he couldn’t say anything else for a while.

Han Tian laughed, kissed his messy short hair, and said in his ear, “I’m going to make breakfast. You wait for me.”

After saying that, the devil casually put on a pair of pants and went out of the bedroom.

Qiao Xi let out a light breath, closed his eyes, and rummaged through his clothes to find the communicator.

He endured the soreness around his body, dressed as quickly as possible, and then pressed the “transmit” button on the communicator.

Ten minutes later, when Han Tian returned to the master bedroom with a simple breakfast on a tray and a small box of delicate crimson velvet, the room was empty.

On the messy bed sheet, there was a hastily written note: “Sorry. I know who you are. I lied to you. Remember what you promised me, and no other angel will come back to you. Paint well. I love you.”

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