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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu sat with his arms around his legs. The room was quiet, so small movements could be heard. The sound of Cyno’s clothes rubbing together caused his whole body to tense up.

The room was quiet again, making him wonder what Cyno was doing, to be so silent.

Once Guy Yu’s thoughts calmed down, Gu Yu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and a light fragrance filled his nose. This fragrance resembled jasmine, but was a little different, with a seductive quality. He tilted his head in confusion. The scent was very close, as if from his body, but he remembered very clearly, the guest room bath gel was scented like grass, very light, very refreshing, not like this.

Maybe it was the scent of the shower gel Cyno used!

Cyno’s voice sounded close to his left ear, “Do you want me to help you?”

Gu Yu was shocked and his body reflexively jumped away, but his back was blocked by Cyno’s strong body, pressed against Cyno’s  chest, and he could not move any further.

Turning his head in panic, Gu Yu’s lips brushed Cyno’s chin, he widened his eyes as his head shrunk back. His heart instantly began to beat wildly and his face stiffened as Cyno stared at him.

Cyno’s eyes darkened in reaction to the touch which was very light and soft, a softness he had never felt before. He steadied himself and patted Gu Yu’s right shoulder, sweeping his eyes down in front of him, “Can you handle it yourself? I can help you.”

Gu Yu realized what he meant and shook his head in extreme embarrassment, twisting his head and resting his chin against his knees to shrink himself tighter.

He moved Cyno’s right wrist off his right shoulder, then quickly let go and hugged his legs.

Cyno stared at his hand that had been pushed away and then at Gu Yu who resumed his posture.

Rejected again? Coaxed in the wrong way?

His eyes narrowed slightly, something was wrong!

The official website had said that the artificial female would not refuse when he wanted to get close again. This was easy to understand, after all, it was an entertainment product, repeatedly rejecting the owner would be defeating.

Cyno pondered for a moment, recalling the movie clip he had inadvertently watched at his lieutenant’s, and a brilliant light flashed in his eyes. He once again pressed against Gu Yu’s back, his hand once again gently rested on Gu Yu’s right shoulder, leaned to Gu Yu’s left side and whispered, “Are you angry? Where did I do wrong? You tell me, I’ll change.”

Gu Yu turned his head in shock to stare at Cyno in confusion, then shook his head.

Cyno was very nice, buying him clothes and letting him eat even though he thought he was a robot.

Cyno surveyed his expression and smiled, “No, it’s not good?” He moved his hand down from his shoulder, “Then why don’t you let me help you?”

Gu Yu grabbed the hand that slid down his abdomen and flung it aside. He drew his legs under him so he was kneeling. His face flushed crimson as he crawled forward.

Cyno used strength to stop him from moving away, his eyes changed slightly, “Nine o’clock has not yet arrived, stop moving.”

Gu Yu bit his lip, he didn’t make a scene at all! He just wanted to stay quiet for a while!

He stopped crawling, keeping his left hand intertwined with Cyno’s, but his body as far away from him as possible.

Cyno stretched out his left hand and held him as he lay flat on the bed, reaching for a pillow to put behind his head. After staring at Gu Yu for a while, he opened his terminal again and entered an artificial female owner forum.

The posts in the forum could be summed up in two words: showing off.

The forum threads were all about showing off how good looking, understanding, smart and charming their artificial females were…

Cyno clicked on the hot posts in turn and quickly scanned through them- beautiful, smart, and likable, exactly like his mate.

[Oh my God, I’ve never heard such a beautiful voice, he doesn’t have to do anything, just open his mouth and I climax instantly. Green Source technology is so awesome, I often suspect that Green Source gave me a natural female!]

[Dream on! Green Source can not sell natural females, but the sound is really good. Green Source’s sound set department is very powerful. I guess the artificial female voice is from natural female voice samples.]

Cyno saw the end and made a post, ‘Boss’: [Does anyone have an artificial female that doesn’t speak?]

Immediately, someone replied, [Brother, you’re not cheap and were tricked into buying a fake product, right? Sound is one of the main selling points of artificial females, so if you’re sure it’s genuine, hurry up and find an official to repair it, then ask for compensation.]

[How pathetic, an artificial female that can’t speak? I guess the IQ is not high, right?]

Cyno eyebrows wrinkled, ‘Boss’: [No, he is very smart, even if he can not speak, he can still use gestures to express the meaning. He’s very cute!]

[Boss brother, don’t tease, okay? Nodding head, shaking head, waving hands…these are such simple actions. If there is no language to match, how can it express the meaning?]

[Brother is not stimulated, want to comfort yourself? If you are cheap and cheated, you can only resign yourself to fate. When you pay the IQ tax, if it is genuine, find the official!]

[I’m sure you definitely bought a counterfeit product: @GreenSourceCustomerService. If your artificial female can not speak, you might be forced to return it to the factory for repair. How was it sold?]

Green Source Customer Service: [Thank you for your trust in our company. Our company guarantees not to sell any artificial females that can not speak. If there is a malfunction after purchase, please come to the store to get it repaired. If it is within the warranty period, it will be free of charge.]

Cyno’s gaze fell on Gu Yu, who resumed his leg-holding posture. What if he talked?

He originally thought that the quiet was pleasing, but after reading the comments of the other owners, he was a bit excited. If his artificial female could talk, what kind of voice would he have?

No, he came back to his senses, what he should consider now is whether his artificial female is really an artificial female or not!

He thought about it and replied again, [Will the artificial female refuse to let you get close?]

[This issue has been discussed in a special thread where the owners shared the different reactions of different types of artificial females when the owner is close. There are a few that will refuse, but not as long as you coax- soon they will get mushy with you.]

[Brother looks like a novice owner. Do not be afraid. You spent a lot of money to buy it, so how is coaxing it wrong? His reaction will make you feel more sweet, ah!]

[This design is really too humane, I tell myself every day, my family AI is a natural female!]

[Green Source technology is really powerful, I hope you continue to work hard. I wish for a little more natural expressions. If there is a more humane move, it would be better. As a first generation artificial female owner, I have to say, the more time I spend with it, the heavier the false sense.]

[This is normal, after all, replication is a fixed program. This causes the reaction to be exactly the same for almost everything. Unlike people who can accurately analyze the situation and make different reactions. Brothers, do not fall too deep.]

[Fuck! Why say something so realistic? Did you forget our slogan? No matter what, they are a natural female!]

Cyno raised an eyebrow and replied to the first generation artificial female owner, [Haven’t you had your program updated? Honestly, if I didn’t know he was an artificial female, I wouldn’t be able to tell he was artificial from his actions.]

[Brother, my program is always up-to-date. I can only say that you are too young if you can’t discern it.]

[Perhaps because they are a novice, their mood is too excited to overlook many details. Just enjoy such times. When awake, it is so sweet. There is not a natural female in that moment and they will not do anything you don’t ask.]

Cyno recalled the scenes with Gu Yu: [No, all the details I remember clearly, not long ago, he thought I had a fever, tiptoed to fetch a towel and put it on my forehead.]

[How come I don’t believe it?]

[Disbelief +1.]

[I’m suddenly a little curious, what other actions make you feel it is real?]

Cyno thought as he typed out a row of words, [Blushing when touched, releasing the scent of female glands, picking fish spines out of fish for dinner, rubbing my fur, changing clothes and taking a bath. When he was asking the butler bot to buy underwear, he couldn’t talk, so he gestured the shape of his underwear…]

He sent the reply out, his eyes narrowing slightly as all the things were laid out together, and the suspicion grew even greater.

[This is too fake!]

[It’s late, wash up and go to sleep, everything is just a dream.]

[If this is true, tell me which one you bought, I’m going to buy it too.]

[[Yes, although I do not believe it, I still hold a glimmer of hope, begging for such a model!]

[Absolutely fake, currently only the latest model G series of artificial females use food conversion energy. Coincidentally, I just bought one. The movement is very smooth, but there is no way it can be delicate enough to pick fish bones from fish. He would just eat all the fish bones without changing his face.]

[Haha, true. After all, it is artificial, and not afraid of fish bones being stuck in its throat.]

[Green Source can instead consider the words of the boss, so that the production of artificial females, will seem more real, ah!]

[Wake up, it’s a very small thing to say, but actually requires a very high degree for such a machine.]

Cyno looked at the reply and pondered for a while before closing the terminal.

He looked at Gu Yu, only to find that Gu Yu had fallen asleep at some point, maintaining a huddled position and breathing very lightly.

If it was before, he would have thought that Gu Yu had gone into standby, but now, he somehow felt that Gu Yu was actually sleeping.

He subconsciously gentled his movements, looked at the time and saw that it was past nine o’clock. He let go of his left hand, and moved Gu Yu so that he was lying flat on the bed in a comfortable position.

Gu Yu frowned and rolled over on his side, facing Cyno’s direction. His hand retracted to the side of his face, and his frown soon relaxed again.

How cute, Cyno thought to himself.

He gave up on the idea of taking a shower and lay down next to Gu Yu, thinking about it for a long time in his head, and gradually fell asleep.

Gu Yu woke up in a daze. When he saw Cyno, his thoughts cleared for a moment, so he didn’t have time to think about it, and walked quickly into the bathroom.

He flushed the toilet, washed his hands and came out of the bathroom. Once he was out, he met Cyno’s eyes.

He subconsciously smiled at Cyno as a sign of good morning, but the scene from last night suddenly came to his mind and he blushed, looking away in embarrassment.


The doubt in Cyno’s heart grew heavier. Artificial females also need to go to the toilet? Isn’t all the food and water converted into energy?


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May 2, 2021 8:33 am

Congratulations Cyno! You are on the right track and finally realizing that he’s real. If Cyno goes on like this, other people could also realize that Gu Yu is a Natural female and then we will see if Cyno is powerful enough to protect his wife

Thank you for the chapter!

May 2, 2021 8:39 am

Cyno is getting suspicious. Yeay! Gu Yu is so cute. Can’t wait for him to get his voice. 😊

May 2, 2021 8:52 am

Cyno how long will it take for you to realize! It better not take 40 chapters or something!
Thanks for the chapter! ^^

May 2, 2021 12:02 pm

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The light bulb over Cyno’s head is finally lighting up! 😉 I really hope he sticks by Gu Yu. I’d like these 2 to be happy together.
Thank you for the chapter.

May 2, 2021 5:02 pm

I m just wondering if he is real why the 003 system keep popping in his mind, like in his system. And will he get a voice? I think he wasnt mute since birth in his previous life?

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May 2, 2021 11:36 pm

Yes go on, you are going the right way, Cyno. Your family’s female is special, very special. As for protecting him, the Marshal can always say that his female was custom made and is one of a kind. Who’d dare to question that? Thank you for the chapter!!!

Sue R
Sue R
May 4, 2021 7:00 pm

the truth must be revealed soon.😆😆😆😆

May 9, 2021 9:08 pm

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Ahhh Cyno getting advice from the forum is opening his eyes hehehehe.

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