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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


KiKi looked away from the light screen and turned his head to Gu Yu, his eyes glowing, “Does Yu want to play a song?”

Gu Yu nodded, “Yes, I will also play the recordings.”

KiKi immediately said, “I want to hear it.”

Gu Yu smiled and asked, “Will you watch it on the terminal or will you come upstairs with me?”

KiKi stood up, “Upstairs, I have watched your live broadcast with Sheng,” he tilted his head to think of how to describe it, “It’s not as comfortable as listening in the lounge area.”

Gu Yu thought about it, which meant the live effect was better.

He held KiKi, not bothering MoMo and Roald, “Then let’s go upstairs.”

KiKi waved his hand, “I can walk by myself.”

Gu Yu let go of his hand, “That’s fine, walk to the stairs and I’ll help you. It’s not the same when taking the stairs and walking the flat ground.”

When they got to the bedroom, KiKi and Gu Yu sat side by side on the double sofa and after asking Gu Yu about it, KiKi curiously held the flute.

“It’s amazing. Is this bamboo?” KiKi marveled.

Gu Yu nodded, “Mn, do you like it? If you like it, I can make one for you.”

KiKi hugged him excitedly, “Yu is so nice, I want a flute.”

“I’ll make it for you later.” He called up the live stream interface, two minutes to ten. He pursed his lips and subconsciously looked at the ring, the conference was at ten o’clock.

Cyno had already told him the general content of the day, and that he had better not watch, probably because he was worried that he was affected by bad comments. He was not going to watch it, but now he wanted to.

After thinking about it, he turned on the live stream.

[Wow! The anchor is finally here, waited for a long time!]

[I’ve been waiting for a long time.]

[I also said that I’ll make up the length of time today, but I didn’t say the exact time, so I’m afraid I’ll miss it.]

[The anchor is not going to watch the conference? I thought he would not be broadcasting in the morning.]

The people on both sides of the squat have no fear.

Gu Yu saw the pop-ups before he remembered he didn’t say the exact time, he opened the microphone, “Sorry, I didn’t say the time, it was an oversight on my part.”

KiKi took the flute and surveyed it, recalling Gu Yu’s movements in the lounge area, covering the holes with his fingers one by one. His fingers lifted and dropped haphazardly, the holes following the changes, and he found it amusing, his eyebrows arched.

Hearing Gu Yu’s voice, he turned his head in confusion, “Why is Yu apologizing?”

His voice is soft, and it was very cute.

Gu Yu laughed, “No…” Suddenly thinking of something, he turned off the microphone, “I was just saying that to the live viewers.”

KiKi handed him the flute with an expectant look, “Are you going to start playing?”

Gu Yu took the flute, scanned the pop-ups, and pinched the bridge of his nose, “You spoke and were heard by the live viewers.”

KiKi blinked, “It’s okay. Should I say hello to them?”

Gu Yu shook his head, “No,” he pointed to the microphone button, “Off, which means you can talk when we are in this state now.”

KiKi nodded, “Okay.”

Gu Yu smoothed his long hair that had fallen to the front, behind his shoulders, “Sit comfortably and relax.”

KiKi leaned back against the couch as Gu Yu scanned the pop-ups.

[Wow! Where’s the little cutie? So soft~]

[Definitely a natural female, I guess it’s KiKi! I know Feather knows KiKi.]

[Little Feather, turn on the camera and let me see KiKi!]

After this comment, they were all begging for KiKi’s photos. Last night KiKi’s identity was revealed, but no photos were taken. Last night’s dinner was off-limits to anyone but the delegations. The news department received the first order that KiKi’s photos were forbidden to be released.

Gu Yu turned on the microphone, “Sorry, no cameras on in the live room.”

He finished explaining, briefly introduced the tune he was going to play, and then took the flute and began to play it. Some people on the pop-up screen were not very satisfied.

[You don’t want to show your face, so say something else!]

[Yeah, yeah, yeah!]

However, soon, these pop-ups were gone, immersed in the music. Near the end of the song, there was a knock on the door, and Gu Yu looked over at the door without stopping.

KiKi’s closed eyes opened, pointed at Gu Yu, and got up to open the door.

“KiKi,” once the door opened, MoMo heard the sound of a flute coming from inside the room and his eyes lit up, “Is Yu playing it himself?”

“Shh~” KiKi held his finger against his lips, with a breathy sound, “No talking, Yu is live.”

MoMo pursed his lips and closed the door and together with KiKi, gently walked over to Gu Yu and huddled together on the couch.

Gu Yu finished the song and turned off the microphone.

KiKi immediately said, “That sounded good, I just felt so comfortable!”

Gu Yu laughed and MoMo whispered, “Can we talk now?”

KiKi pointed to the microphone icon and quickly repeated what Gu Yu had told him earlier about when he could talk.

MoMo looked at Gu Yu, “I just spoke, no one heard me, right?”

Gu Yu looked at the pop-ups and smiled with relief, “No.”

He also thought it would not be noticed, MoMo’s normal speaking volume was not high, and the volume of the flute was very high, and the flute was very close to the microphone. The sound of the flute should be able to drown out MoMo’s voice.

After playing a song, Gu Yu saw that MoMo was looking forward to another and played one more song, then started to play the recording. He turned off the microphone and opened the live stream of the Ministry of Information.

“Sheng!” KiKi saw Qin Sheng wearing white clothes on the right hand side at a glance.

Gu Yu zoomed in the light screen and the three of them watched the press conference like a movie. The conference venue was large, with a long table on the stage. From left to right, Duke Joop, Kona, Cyno and Qin Sheng were seated in order.

The main speaker was Kona, who was talking at the moment, while his hands kept operating the terminal. Along with his words, the screen behind him kept showing different information.

“At that time, they were in a bad condition, their bodies were trembling while their temperature was too high. They were promptly taken to the hospital and quickly transferred to our association. This is the data of their arrival at the hospital and our association and there is a clear time on it.”

He paused as if to let the media reporters present and the viewers watching the live broadcast to see clearly, “During this period there were subtle changes in their physical data, the next day they were physically stable, although their temperature continued to be high, and this is the data for the days after that.”

He still paused, looked up at the reporters on stage, and switched to the final data, “This is the data now, and the line graph next to it is more obvious to see.”

He finished showing the information, his face serious, his eyes extremely bright, “I deeply understand the feelings of the general public, so I’ll share with you. We are currently eliminating possibilities one by one to find what caused their conversion.”

His voice was steady, “Once the cause is found, the Protection Association will be the first to release it publicly, this is the happy news belonging to all and should be celebrated by us together.”

His voice was full of emotion, especially infectious, and it was very moving and convincing to listen to. Especially the content of what he said, which was completely to the public heart.

Official live room was suddenly filled with [President is really handsome!] and [Support!]

Gu Yu chose intelligent settings, cleared repeat pop-ups, the live room refreshing some. The next section was to ask the reporters questions, mostly around the change of KiKi and Merlin.

Qin Sheng did not hide, “Before yesterday, every day he was getting smarter and smarter. He could understand everything, and he could express ideas through various ways, although he couldn’t speak.” He said, the corners of his mouth overflowed with smiles.

[Ahhhhh! This is definitely a smug smile!]

[This single dog who saw this smile is greatly hurt and needs to be kissed by a natural female to get better!]

[Wake up, that’s a good relationship!]

Joop Grand Duke and Qin Sheng’s statements were the same, Merlin’s change was also that he had become smarter. His tone was exaggerated, his eyebrows were flying, and his whole body was bubbling with joy.

It made people believe even more that he did not know Merlin would transform before and was completely surprised. This made the malicious speculation that the official method of conversion was hidden and only available to nobles even more untenable.

Grand Duke Joop was clearly not prepared for this. Why say more, because before His Majesty himself came down and commented in the common theme.

“Heh, if there was a definite way, would my mate still be a beast female now?”

The answer obtained from the reporter’s question corroborated Kona’s words, and the answer was very natural without any traces of performance. Viewers had sent pop-ups, cheering for the Conservancy and hoping for an early result.

At this point, another reporter asked, “Marshal Cyno, the beast females that went to your villa yesterday afternoon, were there only two of them?”

Cyno’s mouth curled up, “Three.”

The photo of Merlin with KiKi and MoMo on his back had been on the internet for a long time, so he was set up with this question?

Reporter, “May I ask who the other female beast is? Has his body data been collected? Has he changed too?”

Cyno looked at Kona, and Kona stated, “I should answer this question. Three beast females left from the association, I know the situation better, he is a Tira.” He paused, “His body did change too,” he said and smiled, “Any day now there could be one more natural female! I just didn’t tell everyone the good news because I wasn’t sure.”

MoMo’s identity could not be concealed for long, so he simply said it openly, in case it was discovered, and saved himself the trouble. The atmosphere of the launch party was excellent, the attendees had questions and answers, a press conference that started with a question, and ended successfully.

While Cyno escorted people from the conference room, Kona received a message from his assistant, the tone was very excited. The amount of attention to the Guild Association’s purpose statement had risen sharply and was still growing. There were also several fundraisers, and people from all sides expressed their strong support for their work, hoping to get results sooner rather than later.

Kona saw the fundraising and started thinking of where to use it and soon had ideas.

“I’ll go back to the association first.” Kona said. The caretakers were selected, now it depended on KiKi and MoMo whether they were satisfied.

Cyno and Duke Joop also left soon after.

Cyno came to His Majesty’s office, which in addition to His Majesty, included the top managers of the various departments of Brilliant Splendor. The military department had the most people, all of them above Lieutenant General.

His Majesty looked at him, “Tell us about your arrangements.”

Cyno: “Foreign Ministry, ask the alien guests to leave as quickly as possible. Special Brigade, arrange people to follow their movements. Transportation Department, assist them. Lieutenant General level officers from all major corps, go to each district station. The rest of the departments cooperate fully to make sure that Brilliant Splendor is ready to deal with any sudden attack from any planet. The Information Department, select some of the top talents. And the entire military is on alert.”

The faces of those present grew more and more serious with his words.

When he finished, one of the military department’s impatient lieutenant general’s couldn’t help but ask, “Marshal, what happened? Did you receive a message that a planet is going to attack Brilliant Splendor?”

Cyno shook his head, “Probably not one planet.”

“What?!” The crowd lost their voices.

Not which one? More than one?

An admiral in the military department said, “How could it be? All parts of the border are safe, and the news from the planets is that everything is normal and there are no major military movements.” 

Cyno: “It’s safe now, but what if we have a way to get the natural females to transform?”

The crowd paled slightly.

Foreign Affairs, “If we do have it, it would be good for Brilliant Splendor, just trade what we need for the method, there is no need for war.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Many people echoed.

Cyno’s face sank slightly, “Exchange? Impossible!”

“Why?” Someone disagreed, “Brilliant Splendor has many allied stars, we should be friendly, and if only Brilliant Splendor has natural females, they will be in danger.”

“Right, the most stable and safest solution is when the number of natural females in each star is back to normal.”

Cyno swept a glance at those present, “Before I say the reason, just in case, everyone has to be monitored, and His Majesty and I are no exception in case the news leaks out early. If anyone doesn’t want to know, they can leave now, but the arrangements I just mentioned will still have to be followed.”

His Majesty said, “The Secretary’s Department is preparing the official documents, and you will receive the news soon.”

No one left, and the people from the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Military Affairs, downloaded the terminals of everyone present, with monitoring devices. Any voice or text, would be recorded.

“Marshal, what the hell is this for?” Someone was impatient.

Cyno swept his gaze over everyone, knowing the acute nature of the military, and without whetting anyone’s appetite, answered directly. “Merlin and the two others were transformed because of my mate Gu Yu, not by any potion nor medical means.”

The crowd stared at him with shocked faces.

Cyno continued, “His voice can influence the beast females, but it needs to be within a certain range and requires cumulative listening to him for a certain amount of time. This is the answer that President Kona found by eliminating all causes. Before they went to the association, every morning, they went to my villa, and listened to my partner practice singing.

“It was tested and confirmed.” He said and then asked, “Now, are you still prepared to exchange?”

“Of course not!” someone exclaimed.

Medicines or medical treatments can be copied, and exchanged, but there was only one mate for the marshal! The crowd suddenly understood. No wonder the marshal had to make those arrangements.

After the other planets knew the news, they would definitely try to kidnap the Marshal’s mate. Brilliant Splendor was not willing to let the marshal’s mate go, and it was very possible that the other planets would come up with the threat of force.

At this moment there were still many planets that needed the natural female transformation and their attraction was greater.

Cyno was satisfied, “Then do as I say.”

His Majesty spoke at this time, looking at those present with a gentle expression, “Brilliant Splendor will not be threatened by any planet. Our army is strong and will be able to guard the people we want to guard!”


His Majesty smiled, “All of you have worked hard. The exact plan has not yet been determined, but it is certain that there will be more and more natural females. The families of everyone present will be given priority, especially those of you in the military, so you can choose the beast females you want to transform and have them board at the Protection Association before heading to the station.”

When these words fell, everyone present could not help but get excited. The temptation was too powerful! What does this mean? It meant that they would soon have natural females in their homes.

The Military Department’s generals were not very old, the most mature was not more than one hundred and twenty years old. Those greater than this age, basically retired to the background, or went to the military school to teach. This also made the Military Department full of a lot of bachelors.

Several people in the Military Department laughed happily, but after being swept by Cyno’s gaze, they quickly turned serious.

“Marshal, do not worry, we’re bound to guard Brilliant Splendor. No matter who comes to attack, we will send them back home!” 

The rest of the departments had people on the older side, but that didn’t affect them in the same way. Natural females conceived at a higher rate than beast females, and had a better chance of conceiving a natural female!

This was good for the whole family.

After the meeting was adjourned, everyone hid their emotional excitement and returned to their posts with their faces sternly maintaining their usual majestic appearance.

Only His Majesty and Cyno were left in the meeting room. His Majesty slapped Cyno on the shoulder and said through clenched teeth, “Bastard, did you forget that you have a brother?”

Cyno’s shoulders drew up, “No.”

His Majesty lightly grunted, “No, it’s best. Your sister-in-law has not yet met Gu Yu. He likes Gu Yu’s playing, I will send him to your villa later.”

Cyno, “Not now.”

The release did not disclose Gu Yu’s ability, just to delay the time in order to prepare. Gu Yu’s ability would only be made public when all parties were ready and capable of responding to the various reactions from the other planets.

The preparation time also had to be completed as soon as possible. There were many smart people on the Internet, and there would always be people who found the smallest details to deduce the truth. Before it was made public, if His Majesty’s partner went to the villa, it would be too noticeable.

His Majesty soon figured this out as well, “Okay, at least there is something to look forward to. I can only dream of talking to your sister-in-law. You remember, the next natural female, has to be your sister-in-law.”

Cyno nodded, “I’ll go to the military headquarters.”


After watching the press conference, MoMo wondered, “Didn’t they say they were going to hide the news of my transformation?”

“It can’t stay hidden.” Gu Yu gave him a detailed explanation of the reasons why it was not good to hide it, and explained the consequences if it was discovered at the conference.

MoMo pondered for a while, “So that’s how it is. So think about things- think a lot!”

KiKi blinked at Gu Yu’s side, “I wouldn’t have thought of that if Yu hadn’t said it.”

Gu Yu said, “Because you do not have experience and have not learned how to think. Read more books, study more.”

The two people’s eyes shone and they did not listen to the song, “I’m going to study, I’ll listen to your song when I’m tired.”

Gu Yu nodded, sent them to the second floor, and returned to the second floor to continue the live broadcast. He paid attention to the system panel, Goodwill negative points brushed by and increased faster.

He wrinkled his brow as Goodwill positive and negative points offset each other, increasing the total points much less than the usual live stream. He now had a total value of over seventy million, which had collected much faster than he first thought, but the rate of increase had gone down.

In the last two hours, his total value had increased by just over six hundred thousand.

A lot on its own, but before that, he increased by millions in a single live episode.

He turned off the live stream, jumped to the last page of Goodwill Points, thought about it, and entered the names of people online, checking them one by one. To his surprise, they all checked out, and ten people in a row, and they were all on one list.

Transgender females.

At the top of the list was a line explaining, [Transgender females are treated by the Ministry of Health in a uniform manner, and when the people on the list have not recovered, they are not allowed to do any work related to females in order to ensure their health. When fully recovered, they will be crossed off the list and the Ministry of Employment will assist in finding work.]

This was an official broadside from the Ministry of Health, and Gu Yu looked at the time published, the day after he left Shu Xin. He looked to the comments and saw his name at a glance.

[Heh, originally sympathetic to their sufferings, I didn’t expect them to actually attack Gu Yu, garbage.]

[They all have mental illnesses, right? Please keep an eye on them, don’t let them come out to harm people.]

[And treat them? They were exposed as artificial females, and I don’t know how many of them volunteered to make money.]

[Yeah, maybe there are people from other stars who deliberately were planted to steal information from important people.]

Gu Yu pursed his lips, the comments were almost all unfriendly, only a few people expressed sympathy. And many of the comments carried his name, expressing anger for him.

He probably understood why so many transgender females hated him. Before what happened with Zolei, transgender females received more sympathy, but now, there was more sarcastic skepticism.

It had a lot to do with the fact that he was a natural female.

Of course, it was probably Zolei they hated the most.

The malicious speculation in the comments may well have been right, but definitely not all transgender females were like that. He remembered well that Kevin had mentioned a case where an artificial female had stabbed his colleague in connection with a number of disappearances.

This suggested that many artificial females were forced. He pondered for a moment, switched the Goodwill Points screen to the first page where negative values appeared, and then looked up the names of people.

The names of people with the same value were arranged in the order before and after the new value. This means that all of these people were just watching live when they became nasty to him.

After checking several in a row, all of them were beast females. He compared them carefully and found that they were all married beast females.

He had a guess in his mind, and because of this guess, his face kept changing.

He remembered the scene when he used to work in a restaurant during his school days, during his lunch break and evening time. The owner always looked sleepy at noon, and the owner’s wife would then curse and toss around insults.

He had been working there for two days before he learned that the person the boss’s wife was cursing was a female anchor, and the boss would stay up late to watch her live every night. He only worked at that job for half a month, the boss’s wife’s cursing words became more and more vicious, until finally she and the boss fought, and smashed their own store.

The boss’s wife was quite nice and gave him money for his work and let him change his job.

He rubbed his face, he felt that he might have become the same character as the anchor that the boss’s wife scolded.

The door of the room was pushed open, he looked over and saw Cyno walk in. On seeing his complicated expression, Cyno raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu shook his head and said after some thought, “I don’t want to go live anymore.”

He initially wanted to make money through live streaming, but now there was no shortage of money, so he didn’t really need to live stream anymore. He should learn to sing as soon as possible, compose songs, sing songs, and use his strength to get Goodwill.

This would be a better way to get Goodwill Points, because whether female or male, they could appreciate his singing.

The Goodwill gained by virtue of his status was only momentary, and he couldn’t keep going by virtue of his status when there were more and more natural females in the future. His desire was to become a singer, not a popular anchor.

Cyno smiled, “Then you do not need to go live.”

The idea of his little mate was fantastic!

He came closer and touched Gu Yu’s cheek, “Do you know what time it is? Aren’t you hungry?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips in embarrassment, “I was just thinking about something.”

Cyno pulled him to his feet and the two of them walked outside, “What were you thinking about?”

Gu Yu said, “About the live broadcast, and… I want to find a music teacher.”

He had thought about it. If he wanted to progress fast, someone to guide him was necessary.

“A music teacher?” Cyno knew that Gu Yu loved to sing and he inquired, “Do you want to be a singer or a creator?”

“Singer,” he said, his fingers trembling slightly, “I want to do concerts.”

Cyno mused, “There is a suitable candidate who is going to give a concert in Splendor City in half a month.”

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I do enjoy this story very much but the way they paint transgender people in this universe is very ill, I hope that they’ll be spoken in a better light later in the story…

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