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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Cyno closed the door and went to his study, passing on the message Luther had given him to the Admiral at the border. The Admiral was half-hearted, informing the entire army to be on alert, they were already prepared and ready to fight. Cyno sat in a wide sofa chair, keeping in communication and informed of the situation.

An hour later, the scout team sent back word that the Black Nether insect army had been spotted. In the military office at the border, generals of all ranks gathered to discuss tactics.

Cyno tapped his finger on the desk, “Still waiting for them to attack? Send a commando unit and surprise them.”

Someone had doubts, “They haven’t entered Brilliant Splendor’s range yet, taking the initiative might be counterintuitive.”

Cyno raised an eyebrow, “They are approaching Brilliant Splendor at night, what other justification could they have?” He paused, “Nighttime is perfect for commando maneuvers.”

The Admiral immediately understood what he meant and smiled bashfully, “Yes, Marshal, I’ll arrange it right away.”


The insect army was approaching fast. Haini was a large planet, half of it was a harsh environment that only the insects could adapt to, and there were many precious minerals. Their technology for building warships was very advanced.

In the calm, a small group of warships suddenly appeared in front of the insect army, and the next moment, the warships fired missiles at their army. The front battleship was hit on the right wing and slowed down for a moment.

The Duke of Insects looked at the screen with an ugly face, in addition to the front, there were also a number of small warships on the left and right side.

“Your Excellency, our action has been exposed.”

Duke: “It’s normal, after all, it’s very close to Brilliant Splendor. But they must have made preparations in advance if they can initiate an attack so quickly.”

At this time, the insect scouts reported the situation, “Duke, the Bluewood Star army has been spotted, and will find us in about ten minutes.”

At the same time, the Bluewood Star army and the Brilliant Splendor command room, each received the news.

In the command room of the Bluewood army, the tall man with the beast tattoo was angry: “The insects also want to fight for Gu Yu?”

The subordinate said, “I’m afraid it’s not just the insects.”

The beastly man stared at the screen, “What then? There hasn’t been a natural female on Bluewood for a long time.”

Someone suggested, “For now, trying to fight by force won’t work, I think we should work with Brilliant Splendor.”

The raiding party caught the insects by surprise and did not stay, quickly withdrawing. Soon the scouts sent word that the Black Nether army and the Bluewood army had run into each other and were facing off, neither side continuing to approach Brilliant Splendor.

Cyno raised his eyebrows, the speed of conflict between the alien planets was much faster than he had thought. Half an hour later, there were more armies facing each other, and the rest of the planets, who were a little late, were all converging together. Each star army occupied a place, each other on guard, the atmosphere stagnant instead of particularly peaceful.

No one was willing to make a move.

Bluewood was the first to react, and contacted Brilliant Splendor’s Foreign Ministry to propose cooperation.

The Bluewood people spoke very directly: “We have no malicious intent, we just want to ask Gu Yu’s help to convert the Bluemoon beast females. We want natural females very much.

“This is also for the sake of natural females, if only Brilliant Splendor has natural females, We are afraid that many of the planet’s people will have less friendly thoughts.

“The military department we can control, but it is impossible to restrain every person, this is after all the interstellar era, it is impossible to lock the stars and keep people out.”

There were quite a few people who thought the same as Bluewood, and the Military Ministry relaxed for a time, while the Foreign Ministry was busy again.


In the morning, when Gu Yu woke up, he found that Cyno was not there. Thinking of the scene the night before, he could not help but feel a little worried. It must have been a big deal to receive the news so late.

He washed up and went downstairs. When he took the last step, he received a message from Cyno. “I’m going to the military headquarters, eat well, don’t worry.”

Gu Yu went to the dining room alone and turned on the morning news.

“The Black Nether and Bluewood armies have returned without entering the range of Brilliant Splendor, leaving only planet representatives and their escorts for Brilliant Splendor.”

“The representatives of planet Rath and planet Yas, who made a statement last night in support of Brilliant Splendor, will also come to Brilliant Splendor again.”

Gu Yu froze, the army?

When he finished his meal and looked through the news, he realized that the armies of the stars ‘ran into each other’ last night outside of Brilliant Splendor’s jurisdiction.

The military department was on tight alert, however, the stars were suspicious of each other, no one dared to take action, all parties retreated and turned to diplomatic means to contact Brilliant Splendor.

After the agreement of the stars, the beast female transformation would be the topic of cooperation negotiations tomorrow.

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief, this kind of result was really the best.


Although the planet where the army came from would be depressed. Blackney Star Delegation, the Duke of Insects, with an unpleasant face, was meeting with various important people in Blackney to discuss the most appropriate method of cooperation. After the discussion, he went back to the lounge and looked at the female insects guarding the door, very unhappy.

If Gu Yu had been on Blackney, there would have been a constant supply of natural females. He felt very sorry, but knew in his heart that friendly cooperation was the best solution now. Unless he could take charge of Brilliant Splendor quickly, it would be impossible to get Gu Yu.

Now, however, it seemed impossible, and even if they did get it, the rest of the planets would then wage war on Blackney. There was only one Gu Yu, and there were too many planets eyeing him.

He now regretted a little that he should have taken a friendly approach from the beginning. With his move, he gave Rattus and Yasstar the chance to boost Brilliant Splendor’s Goodwill Points.

This time, for sure, he would be slaughtered by Brilliant Splendor.


Gu Yu finished his morning practice and was escorted by Roald to meet the beast females at the drop off. The first to come down was Cilo, who was so fast that he scurried to Gu Yu’s side in a flash. Gu Yu rubbed the side of his neck, and after his neck was rubbed, Cilo headed for the garden.

Cilo did not come on the first day, waiting to join the second day, so that way he would have exactly the same progress as the large group. Otherwise, on the sixth day of the large group, Cilo would be on the seventh day, and midway through, the evolutionary energy would have reached one thousand too early.

In case Gu Yu didn’t notice in time, something could happen, and it would also be easy to bring panic to the rest of the beast females. With 180 evolutionary energy per day, he could actually reach 1000 in six days, but with Merlin’s example of their late physical discomfort, he decided to be more prudent.

The first five days would yield 900 energy, and the remaining 100 energy he was going to pass on to the beast females over two days, with the extra time spent blowing tunes to help them consume energy. The beast females were getting smarter and better behaved, and the morning passed quickly.

Gu Yu looked at their total evolutionary energy, waited for the beast females to get on the shuttle back to the association, and reminded Kona, “Play more of my flute tunes to them afterwards.”

The later it was, the slower the rate of evolutionary energy consumption, and music was good for consumption. Although listening to the recording was not as effective as him playing in person, the recording could be played all the time, but he could not sing all the time.

Kona nodded, “Okay, originally at lunch break we were using your flute music. In the afternoon, when they play, we will play your songs for them to listen to as an accompaniment. By the way, the natural female school is almost ready, I will send you a copy of the information this afternoon. When you have time to look at it, you can make some comments.”

Gu Yu answered and Kona left with the beast females except for Cilo. Cilo was escorted back to the palace every day at noon. But today was an exception, Gu Yu received a message from Cyno, asking him to have lunch with Cilo at noon.

Gu Yu knew after reading the news that His Majesty and Cyno would be busy for the next two days, and after replying to Cyno, he informed Orson. When Gu Yu and Cilo returned to the villa, lunch was ready for both of them. After lunch, Gu Yu took Cilo for a walk in the garden. Cilo looked very leisurely with his graceful gait.

Gu Yu’s hand occasionally touched his head, and the touch under his hand was very smooth. He tilted his head to look at Cilo, with a smile in his eyes.

This feeling was really amazing. He never thought that one day he would walk side by side with a leopard. And the relationship between him and the leopard was that of sisters-in-law.

Thinking about it that way, he froze, suddenly feeling a little strange.

Cilo looked up at him, and Gu Yu smiled at him and continued on, talking to him about school as he went, “I have three other friends who are also natural females, Merlin, KiKi and MoMo, have you heard of them?”

Cilo nodded and walked very calmly.

Gu Yu: “You guys can go to school together then and not get bored.”

After the walk, Gu Yu opened the group video and introduced the three to Cilo.

Merlin waved his hand, “I’ve known brother Cilo for a long time.”

Cilo nodded at the screen.

KiKi looked at Cilo with big eyes, and then looked at Gu Yu, “Yu, when can Cilo be converted?”

Gu Yu said, “In three days, besides Cilo, there are almost three thousand natural females.”

The three men’s eyes glowed, “So much to look forward to!”

Gu Yu smiled, “You guys can come to the villa to see me this afternoon when you are free, the school has been arranged. President Kona asked my opinion, but you are the first students, your opinion is more important than mine.”

He felt that the reason Kona asked his opinion was actually to know the opinion of the natural females. However, he was not indigenous and had differences in preferences and thinking from the true natural females. He would also be influenced by modern education, which may not be suitable for natural females.

The three hastily agreed and ended the video chat before going to their respective guardians.

Gu Yu and Cilo were just about to end their lunch break when the trio arrived, so Gu Yu took them with him. The three were excited, similar to the kind of excitement you get when you go to elementary school and go to middle school and live in a school, and have someone to do everything with.

In the afternoon, Kona passed the school’s information to Gu Yu.

Gu Yu expanded the screen and the four natural females joined the leopard in the living room to watch. Gu Yu read the text while the rest listened and looked at the pictures.

The school, not far from the villa area, was a former arsenal that had been converted with comprehensive security facilities. In order to make the natural females like it, the exterior walls were all painted in light blue and light pink, which looked light and refreshing.

The information focused on the teaching area and the accommodation area. The dormitory was a four-room dormitory with a very good environment, four rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom, all the furniture was brand new.

Even the kitchen facilities were extraordinarily complete, and each dormitory was also equipped with a home robot. Gu Yu thought of his previous dormitory, when he first entered the university. He had been especially excited and thought it was so nice to live there and have a small locker of his own.

After seeing this dormitory, he couldn’t help but sigh that he still saw less.

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