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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


In his surprise, Gu Yu suddenly thought of the movie he had watched with MoMo the day before. MoMo was not feeling well at that time, which was probably related to his heat. When he first went to work at Shu Xin, he met Merlin in heat, and he played the wrong music, causing Merlin to rush into the recreation room, very irritable and uncomfortable.

Females in heat seem to be very sensitive and emotionally susceptible.

Gu Yu guessed that MoMo was now releasing glandular scent, which were related to the emotional ups and downs he had just experienced. He opened the terminal and typed, [MoMo, you’re in heat.]

MoMo froze, then pursed his lips heavily, “No.”

His glands had been injured a long time ago, and his activity was low after he recovered. The reason he had been abandoned was because of this physical issue. He had been an adult for two years, and had never experienced an estrus.

His lips were tightly pursed. Because of this, he was afraid Roald would regret agreeing to marry him. The pregnancy rate was highest during estrus, and he had no estrus, so his chances of getting pregnant were slim.

But he couldn’t care less! He was terrified, he didn’t want to miss Roald, even if Roald regretted it later.

Gu Yu didn’t understand why he was so sure of his denial, and quickly typed, [It’s true, you can’t stay at the school.]

The school’s caretakers, guards and teachers were all males, and the female heat pheromones would affect them.

It would likely cause chaos and could be dangerous.

MoMo stared at him with a straight face, his expression blank for a moment, then his eyes lit up extremely brightly.

Yu said for sure, he was so smart, and should not be wrong. 

MoMo was in an excited mood and subconsciously stroked the back of his neck. Yes, he was not the same as before, he was already a natural female, his body had become better.

Gu Yu shrugged his nose, and the scent got even stronger.

He typed, [Your mood ups and downs affect the glandular hormones, and the scent is already evident on you.]

He thought for a moment and continued typing, [We’re not going to class. Go back to the dorm, and I’ll contact Orson. He has an inhibitor.]

MoMo read his words and shook his head, “I don’t need one. I want to go home.”

Frequent use of inhibitors was not good for the glands, especially for married females. His dark green eyes glowed with anticipation of the rut.

How could he possibly want to use an inhibitor?

He looked at Gu Yu and apologized, “Sorry, I can’t leave you alone at school. Will you come back with me?”

Gu Yu didn’t know why he refused and was a little anxious, [We can’t go back like this. We have to let Roald pick you up if we want to go back.]

MoMo’s face gradually turned red because of his emotions, and the fragrance on his body became stronger and stronger.

He himself smelled it and his eyes got brighter.

He calmed his emotions and gently stroked Gu Yu’s back, “Okay, I’ll contact Roald now.”

Gu Yu typed again as MoMo dialed the communication, [Let’s go back to the dormitory first. It’s not safe outside.]

This was the road between the school buildings, with guards and escorts passing by from time to time. MoMo nodded and walked while waiting for Roald to connect.

“Oh my! What an aromatic pheromone.” A passing caretaker looked at MoMo in surprise. He ran up to MoMo, “Student, you need an inhibitor.”

Roald was not connected to the communication and he was a little anxious. He smiled at the caretaker, “I’ll go back to my dormitory now.”

Caretaker: “I have an inhibitor here.”

MoMo shook his head and refused, “I don’t need it.”

He hugged Gu Yu and left quickly. The caretaker was a little anxious, but he had been given the task to go to the school building to see a student who was accidentally injured.

He contacted the escort team and asked the escort to protect MoMo.

The escort soon found MoMo, but their faces changed instantly.

The scent, it was too strong.

MoMo was now very uncomfortable. Once the scent started to come out, the glandular hormone seemed to have opened a valve, and was more and more raging. His face was getting redder and redder, and his heart was beating faster and faster.

Seeing the guards’ expressions, Gu Yu silently said No!, and roared fiercely toward the two.

The two guards hurriedly returned to their senses, apologizing with sweat on their foreheads, and quickly took out tranquilizers to inject themselves.

“Students, which building are you from. I will help you contact your caretaker.” An escort tried to calm down.

MoMo said the dormitory building, as he walked quickly toward the dormitory, once again dialing the communication.

Luckily, this time Roald picked up quickly, and when he saw MoMo’s face, he asked worriedly, “MoMo, are you sick?”

As he asked, he looked at the expressions of the guards behind MoMo and of the caretakers on the far side of the road. His expression changed slightly.

MoMo blushed and said, “I’m in heat and I want to go home.”

Roald immediately said, “Wait for me in the dormitory. I’ll pick you up right away.”

MoMo’s eyes shone brightly as he nodded his head.


Roald turned off his private communication, lightly swept his gaze over his subordinates who were looking at him in shock, and jumped on the military shuttle, “All the people are captured. Go back.”


MoMo had not yet returned to the dormitory building. Orson and the infirmary nurses were on the way to meet them, but far from the smell of the strong fragrance, all changed their faces.

Orson had the best composure and looked cautious: “You need an inhibitor, or you’ll lose control.”

MoMo shook his head and walked away very quickly, “I don’t need it, Roald will be here soon.”

Orson and the caretakers were still calm. However, the guards guarding the dormitory area, unlike those who had frequent contact with females, were less disciplined. Their faces were red and their breaths were coming in short bursts.

The caretakers put on masks and the guards chose to use tranquilizers.

MoMo was so self-conscious that he ran faster on his feet.

Gu Yu glanced around nervously, and as he passed the caretakers, he did a double take.

In the crowd of positive Goodwill Points, the white negative was very obvious, and it was a caretaker standing in the back of the center.

The caretaker, who had short flaxen hair, froze as his eyes met his. His eyes were vaguely fiery, as his hand unobtrusively flicked out a transparent water droplet.

The water droplet silently crumbled on the ground and a strange smell emanated from it in the air.

“Mn…” MoMo muffled a grunt and suddenly turned into beast form.

Gu Yu began to fall from mid-air, his heart beating wildly. MoMo anxiously called out, “La!”

The chubby body scurried to the spot where Gu Yu was falling and spread its wings.

Orson, who had been following MoMo, reacted very quickly and reached out and caught Gu Yu.

Before Gu Yu had time to breathe a sigh of relief, he heard Orson muffle a grunt.

Orson’s heart sank. Realizing that something was wrong, he gritted his teeth, and bent down to put Gu Yu on the ground, “Little…”

Before he could finish the word ‘Yu’, he turned into a tall golden retriever.

Gu Yu’s sight swept, and he saw that all the people nearby had turned into beast forms, except for the caretaker with negative Goodwill Points.

All the beast-shaped males turned their red tinted eyes to stare straight at MoMo.

Gu Yu’s heart thudded. They were beast-shaped, more bestial, instinct-driven, and lacked reason.

He hurriedly opened the terminal and contacted Cyno.

Cyno connected quickly, and before Gu Yu had time to type, the caretaker who remained in human form ran towards him, “How are you?”

The man sounded very anxious and had a nervous look.

Gu Yu hurriedly ran to the side to avoid the man’s hand.

However, the man was fast and reached towards him again, “You have a special status, their situation is not right, I have to take you away.”

Cyno’s face changed dramatically, the communication screen had a low field of view as Gu Yu’s size changed.

He couldn’t see the speaker’s face clearly, but he could see the hand reaching for Gu Yu, which was holding an empty syringe.

He got up abruptly, striding quickly outside, and ordered Gu Yu, “Xiao Yu, run!”

At the same time, he switched screens and contacted the school’s head of escort.

Gu Yu had been exercising every day, and the little white tiger was very nimble, however the man was faster. Fortunately the golden retriever still had his sanity and bit the man’s leg.

The man’s face was angry and desperate for a moment, but then a small syringe appeared in his hand, and he stuck it directly into the golden retriever’s neck.

“Ao!” Gu Yu growled in anger and scurried towards the man.

The golden retriever, before passing out, moved his body to block Gu Yu, twisted his head and sharply barked.

Gu Yu’s footsteps stopped and he ran backwards.

At this point the males who had turned into beastly forms drew closer to MoMo, who was trembling and very pitiful.

When Gu Yu saw this, he stopped and called out to MoMo.

MoMo blinked and quickly scurried towards him.

The flaxen-haired caretaker raised his foot as MoMo passed by, and Gu Yu’s whole body hair stood up, “Ao!”

He subconsciously ran towards MoMo, and the flaxen-haired caretaker took the opportunity to scurry towards Gu Yu, reaching towards him, “If you run again, your friend will be torn apart by this group of males.”

Gu Yu didn’t stop, urging loudly towards MoMo, who was extremely fast, and scampered to his side.

Gu Yu also accelerated, and the two raced towards the school entrance.

The out-of-control beastly males blocked the way of the flaxen-haired caretaker so he did not catch up for a while.

The entrance to the dormitory was most heavily guarded, but the guards at the entrance were now turned into beast-shaped. Gu Yu and MoMo running towards the dormitory was like a wolf going into the tiger’s mouth.

The two in the front were running, and were chased by a group of beast-shaped males.

The flaxen caretaker frowned heavily and looked at the golden retriever with an unkind gaze.

He was too careless to miss such a good opportunity!

A frenzied look appeared in his eyes, the Son of the Beast God had actually not been stimulated by the potion!

Just now the little white tiger dodging him was clearly not affected in any way.

What a great research body!

He thought for a moment, decisively injected himself with a dose of the same potion as the golden retriever, turned into his original form and fell beside the golden retriever.

When Roald arrived, MoMo was like a fish out of the water. He and the little white tiger were blocked by a group of beastly males in the corner.

The little white tiger was panting and looked particularly wretched, blocked in front of the Tira, and whose terminal was playing soft music.

Roald’s face changed abruptly. His foot kicked away the males, and he was followed by his men who had taken a tranquilizer in advance and remained quite calm.

He quickly subdued the beastly males who had regained their senses a little.

Roald picked up MoMo with one hand and held the little white tiger with the other.

MoMo smelled Roald, and his wings immediately hugged him. His head pressed hard on Roald’s shoulder and rubbed.

Gu Yu blushed and twisted his head away.

Roald’s face was tight, as he held the two, and in a short while he ran into Cyno and Kona.

Cyno picked up the little white tiger, who relaxed its whole body and rested his head on his chest.

They all got on Cyno’s shuttle with serious faces.

Cyno first gave MoMo, who was in poor condition, a check and said with a heavy frown, “Stimulant.”

The potion that forced the human form to turn into the beast form was a forbidden medicine.


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